How to Change ISP DNS Settings On Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

DNS (Domain Name System) Server resolves domain name you type on the browser address bar into respective IP address. While configuring a Linksys router, it takes the default DNS server information provided by your Internet Service Provider. It usually works fine but if your ISP owned DNS server is slow, you can edit the Domain Name System entry set on Linksys router by yourself and change it with better server details  you want to enter. This tutorial explains how to change the current DNS settings on Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

Change Current DNS Details On Linksys WRT54G Router
  1. Connect WRT54G to PC

    Connect your PC and WRT54G using an Ethernet cable and then power on both devices.

  2. Login

    Type on browser address bar and press enter. Now enter the details below.

    User Name: --- [No user name]
    Password : admin

  3. Change Domain Name System Server

    On the basic setup page under Setup you can see two lines for DNS1 and DNS2. By default these details are provided by your ISP. If you want you can use other server address like Open or Google DNS. Click the link below to learn more about these two free services.
    Change the Belkin Default DNS Settings

    If your ISP give you another set of addresses, you can enter them here. After entering the entries click on Save Settings.

One of the common reason a user to change the default ISP provided DNS server information saved on Linksys Router is its under performance.  Now a days there are many organizations offer better free Domain Name System Server faster than the servers of most of the Internet Service Providers.

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Redirect Namecheap Non-WWW Domain to WWW Version Blogger Custom Domain Address

Today I have added a custom domain name ( purchased from Namecheap for my blogspot blog ( I have successfully completed the steps to set custom domain name in blogger account and everything seems fine. Google successfully redirects blogspot address to custom domain name. Though everything looks fine, I am not able to access my blog using the non-WWW version of the domain name. Whenever I type naked domain, it doesn't show my blog but with WWW version, it works fine. There is some kind of redirection issues either with blogspot or with Namecheape. I must say, I couldn't find enough tutorials to solve this issue and I had to spent a lot of time to identify and rectify the problem. This tutorial explains how to do correct 301 redirection from naked domain to WWW version.

301 Redirection Of Naked NameCheap Domain to WWW Version
  1. Login to namecheap account

    Click on to access their website and Sign In using the username and password you have created.

  2. In My Account page Click on Manage domains or you can click on view link near number of domains in your account.

  3. Click on the domain name which shows redirection problems

  4. Click on URL Forwarding under Host Management

    Here we must enter the CNAME details (Alias), Type of URL redirect (301 redirection), DNS details insertions etc.

  5. Enter the following details

    Under IP Address/URL, @ is http://www.your and www is If you are prompted to enter a manual TTL value, it is 1800. The URL Redirect should be 301 and select CNAME (Alias) as below.

    After entering the details, click on Save Changes.

  6. If your site is hosted with blogger, I recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Complete Blogger Custom URL Configuration

Now if you type your blog address without WWW (naked version of the custom web address), it will be directed to the WWW version of custom domain. Redirecting non-WWW version of blog address to WWW version helps to retain visitors who use the naked address of your website. So you will not loose your visitors who are not using WWW prefix. 301 redirection ensures the permanent redirection of nonWWW version of your URL to WWW version and avoid duplicate content issues in Google.

Now visitors using naked and WWW version of blog address will reach your blog without having any redirection issues. Since any changes with CNAME details may take time to show, you may need to wait a few more hours. If the issue persists even after waiting for more than five hours (though recommended to wait 12 hours), I suggest you to cross check the settings you have made in NameCheap account and rectify any deviations.

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How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog

For a professional blogger, custom domain name for his blog is must and this tutorial explains step by step procedure to add it for a blogspot blog. It also explains how to redirect root page and other posts successfully to the respective pages in new address. This tutorial shows a practical example by redirecting a blogspot address to custom address. I am redirecting to It is a two step procedure. First step is to enter CNAME and a-records in domain (registrar website) control panel and second step is to enter the new address which you want to point to your blogspot blog.

1. How to Enter CNAME and A-Records For Your Blogger Blog

Before set domain name pointing to your blogger site from blogger account, you must enter the CNAME and A-records in the domain registrar's control panel.To do this step, you must log on to registrar's website. Under domain management, you can find DNS (Domain Name System) settings. In that page, you can enter following information. For more information, I recommend you to refer the steps mentioned in the link below.
Redirect Naked Namecheap URL to WWW Version

CNAME should point to
A-records should point following 4 IP addresses.

It may take hours to activate the DNS settings you entered in registrars website. After this you should make following changes in blogger account.

2. Add Custom Domain in Blogger Account for Your Blog
  1. Sig in to Your blogger account and click on your blog listed here

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Settings and click Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link under Publishing

  4. Now enter the address you have purchased

  5. You must enter WWW version of the name

  6. Now the address looks like

  7. If you haven't added CNAME details at domain control panel, you will see following error.

    If you are seeing the alert, "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12", you must crosscheck the CNAME details entered under DNS settings in domain registrar's control panel.

Now the custom address for your blogspot site is configured and you can access your blog through the new address. Now onwards redirects to All the published posts too will be redirected to respective pages.

  1. 301 redirection from old URL to new URL:

    Backlinks, bookmarks, PR etc gained by your Posts URLs will be transferred to the new URLs.

  2. Post wise redirection:

    Each blog posts will be redirected to the respective new URLs.

  3. It is easy to promote a custom name rather than .blogspot address

Last point is also very important as first two points because .blogspot or WordPress addresses are difficult to promote and look unprofessional. There is not much financial troubles associated with buying a new domain name because all you have to spent is around $10 per year as the registration fee. I bet, any serious blogger can earn more than $10 per year from AdSense through this site. I have been blogging since my college days but after two years from the starting day only I recognized the importance of having a domain name. Once I bought the address, I understood its importance. It gave a professional touch and gradually helped me to increase the visitors count. One advantage of starting with blogspot is the facility to use custom name even if you are hosting your site in their server. So you can avoid the expenses of buying a server space. Definitely a custom domain name can make your blog promotion easier. To learn about the promotion, click on the link below.
How to Optimize blogger Template for better Search Engine Result

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The Connection Has Limited or No Connectivity

If your computer fails to make proper connection to a network, you may receive an error message Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources. In some cases it might be a false error report and your computer may access Internet. But in most cases when you see this error message, your computer will not go online. Though this "Limited or no connectivity" error message is common with wireless connection, you can expect the same even with wired connection.

Fix Limited or No Connectivity On a Wireless Computer

In order to resolve limited or no connectivity issue, follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Refresh the network list and try to reconnect:

    On the task bar you can see a wireless icon. Open it and click on view available WiFi broadcasts. Click on refresh and then connect to the available WiFi connections. Make sure you have the correct wireless key in case if it is secured.

  2. Delete preferred wireless profiles and refresh the list:

    In this step we should clear all previously saved wireless networks on your computer. After removing the saved profiles, click on view available wireless network button to see the currently available WiFi connections. Now try to connect to the available network.

    To get more instructions on how to perform step 1 and step 2, click on the link below.
    My Computer Is Not Detecting Any SSID Broadcasts

  3. Shift to WZC:

    If your computer is using any third party wireless utilities like Dell wireless utility, Linksys WLAN monitor etc, you should disable that program and enable WZC to control WiFi networks.
    Steps to Start Wireless Zero Configuration On Your Computer

  4. Adapter side troubleshooting:

    If you are receiving the error message, Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources, even after following the above steps, there might be some issues with WiFi adapter. Follow the steps mentioned in the link below to troubleshoot it.
    How to Troubleshoot Adapter Related Issues

  5. Router/ Access Point side troubleshooting:

    In this step we should change SSID, WiFi encryption type and the key and try to connect our laptop to the new connection. Make sure MAC address filtering is disabled.

Solve Limited or no connectivity on Wired Connection

If you see the error message Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources on a wired PC, follow the steps below.

  1. Power Cycle the network:

    To power cycle the entire network follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
    How to Do Power Cycle

  2. Disable Security software:

    The next possible step we can do is disable all security software products with firewall feature running on your computer.

  3. Re-seat Connection

    If you have access to the entire network, I suggest you to unplug each and every Ethernet cables and reconnect them. It will fix any loose connection problems and fix the issue.

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Computer is Online with USB Cable but Cannot with Modem LAN Port

Today I received a call from one of my friends to discuss a strange network issue. He can access Internet on his computer using USB cable connected to his modem but it is not working when he tried to use Ethernet cable to connect his computer to the modem. His modem has router feature with 4 LAN ports and he decided to use them to connect his second computer. So he removed the USB connection and connected his computer to the LAN port with Ethernet cable. However, his computer failed to access Internet and he has no clue. This tutorial explains how to deal with such a situation and I tried my best to make it easy to understand and follow.

Online With uSB Port But Not With LAN Port

In case if you have troubles to go online when connecting your computer to the LAN port (Ethernet Port) but can go online with USB port of the modem, follow the procedure below.

  1. Check the LED on your modem And at Computer LAN Port

    If there is no light on your modem (LED near the LAN Port) or at Ethernet port on computer, it shows no active connection between your computer and modem. Possible reasons can be;

    • Loose connection- Unplug the cable from both ends and connect back
    • Modem LAN Port issue - connect cable to another LAN Port
    • Faulty Ethernet Cable - Try a different cable
    • Faulty Computer LAN card

  2. Check Computer IP Address

    If Static IP address is assigned to your computer, you must use obtain an IP address automatically option. It is because if your computer static IP address does not match the network address of the modem DHCP, your computer will not go online.
    How to Set Your Computer to Receive IP Address From Modem DHCP Server

  3. Power cycle the modem

    In this step you need to disconnect power cable from the modem and wait for 1 minute. After one minute power on the modem and wait still all the lights are steady.
    How to perform Power Cycle

  4. Uninstall LAN Card Driver and Reinstall

    Corrupted LAN card adapter prevents you from accessing Internet. You may uninstall the current adapter driver and install latest version of adapter driver.
    How to Update Adapter Driver

  5. Disable Firewall and check for the issue

    It is advised to disable the firewall protection on your computer and check for the issue.

  6. Connect your computer to another modem

    To rectify the issues with the LAN port of your computer/LAN port of your modem
    either connect a different computer or Laptop to the modem, or connect your computer to another modem.

Last step isolates the culprit port. If the issue is with modem port, you need to contact your ISP. If your computer LAN port is defective, contact your hardware vendor.

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Steps to add Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

Today I faced some DNS issues with my new computer after installing Ubuntu in it. After some basic troubleshooting steps I assigned Open DNS address to my network adapter and the issue is resolved. Open DNS is a smart way to make our browsing fast and reliable. As the name suggests this DNS service is absolutely free and worth a try. Before go to open DNS we need to know a little bit about DNS. As we know DNS is used to convert the domain name of of website to its IP address. For any communication your computer should know the mac address and IP address of the destination (Here web server). MAC address can be obtained from ARP table and if the user type the IP address of the web server computer knows both. If the user type the domain name of the website your computer don't know the IP address of the destination and the communication will not happen. Here the DNS server helps. DNS helps to resolve the domain name to IP convertion issue and send the destination IP address to the computer.

So it is understood that every computer which connects to the Internet should know the DNS server address. There are many DNS servers available including your ISP's DNS server. Here I am presenting the steps to assign Open DNS in Ubuntu linux.

To know the stpes to assign DNS address in Windows computer click on the link below.

How to configure DNS address in Windows computer

Assign Open DNS in Ubuntu

The steps to set open DNS in Ubuntu are:

1. Right click on the network symbol

You can see the network icon on the right hand top of the screen.
Enable Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

2. Click on the Edit Connection

3. Now the active network connection window will be opened.

Set Open DNS in Ubuntu

If your computer is connected with an ethernet cable you will get the standard name eth0.

4. Select the connection and click on Edit button

5. On the Edit window click on IPv4 Settings tab

Edit the connection to set DNS address in Ubuntu

Now on DNS Server enter the Open DNS addresses.

The Open DNS addresses are :


Now click Apply and reboot your computer.

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Ping Request Could not Find Host
Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer

List Of Working AMI & AWARD BIOS Backdoor Passwords For Laptops

It is not uncommon that you may forget BIOS login password of your laptop and PC. As long as you do not want to change any settings from Basic Input/Output System on your computer, it doesn't bother you. However, for some tasks like changing the boot priority order, you must login to BIOS and if you do not want to go through the time consuming process to reset this details (very difficult for a laptop compared to desktop computer), you can use backdoor information set by the Basic Input/Output System manufacturers themselves. Here I have a list of working BIOS backdoor passwords which may help you to reclaim the access.

BIOS Backdoor Passwords by Laptop Vendors

1. VOBIS & IBM ----> merlin

2. Dell ----> Dell

3. Biostar ----> Biostar

4. Compaq ----> Compaq

5. Enox ----> xo11nE

6. Epox ----> central

7. Freetech ----> Posterie

8. IWill ----> iwill

9. Jetway ----> spooml

10. Packard Bell ----> bell9

11. QDI ----> QDI

12. Siemens ----> SKY_FOX

13. TMC ----> BIGO

14. Toshiba Laptops ----> Toshiba

When you go for vendor specific laptop Basic Input/Output System backdoor passwords, it is important to note the model number of your laptop. For example for a Dell laptop, they might have different BIOS backdoor password for different models of Dell laptops. The same goes with HP laptops, Toshiba etc. To get the updated list of latest models of laptops, I recommend you to contact respective technical support.

List of AMI BIOS Backdoor Passwords

Here is a list of latest Basic Input/Output System backdoor passwords reported for AMI.
  1. AMI


  3. BIOS



  6. AMI?SW

  7. AMI_SW


  9. A.M.I.

  10. CONDO

The other possible AMI BIOS passwords are:


2. lkwpeter


4. biostar


6. biosstar


8. Syxz

9. wodj

List of AWARD BIOS Backdoor Passwords

Here is a set of working AWARD Basic Input/Output System passwords.

  • ALLy
  • aLLy
  • aLLY
  • ALLY
  • aPAf
  • _award
  • awkward BIOSTAR
  • Condo
  • d8on
  • djonet
  • HLT
  • J64
  • J256
  • J262
  • j332
  • j322 KDD
  • Lkwpeter
  • PINT
  • pint
  • SER
  • SYXZ
  • syxz
  • shift + syxz
  • 01322222
  • 589589
  • 589721
  • 595595
  • 598598

Rarely, none of these backdoor passwords works and you may need to go for alternate methods to bypass the BIOS password. To learn a few alternate methods to BIOS backdoor passwords are listed on another tutorial. Click the link below to read that tutorial.
A Complete Guide to Reset BIOS Password Configured

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How to Reset or Bypass Forgotten BIOS Password

It is important to prevent others from accessing BIOS(Basic Input Output System) settings on a computer if you want to make it secure. By settings a password for logon to BIOS, we can add one more layer of security for our PC. However, one possible issue is you may forget the password you set and prevented from accessing the Basic Input Output System settings. This tutorial explains how to reset BIOS password configured on a computer. There are three methods to reset the data you set for it and they are given below.
  1. Using BIOS backdoor passwords set by the manufacturer

  2. Using BIOS password breakers (Third party Software )

  3. Hardware reset

BIOS Backdoor Passwords

This is the easiest method to reset Basic Input/Output System information set on a computer. You can use the dummy or preset backdoor login code provided by manufactures to bypass the BIOS login code you set on your computer. It is important to know that, you must be patient enough to find the correct backdoor code suited for your PC. One of my earlier post has a huge list of such information and I hope you will find it helpful. To see a list of backdoor details, visit the link below.
Common Basic Input/Output System Default Backdoor Code Set by Manufacturers

Third Party Tools to Break BIOS Password

If the first method failed, you can use reputed third party software tools to break the password you set. Here you can see a list of widely using tools to break Basic Input/Output System password of any models of computers.





Hardware Reset to Bypass BIOS Password

The one of the good and dirty way to reset Basic Input/Output System login is hardware reset. To perform hardware reset, follow the steps below.
  • Power off your PC

  • Open Computer cabinet

  • Disconnect CMOS battery from motherboard

  • Wait at least one minute and reconnect the CMOS battery

  • Reboot your computer to login BIOS
Basic Input/Output System information is stored in CMOS memory and when the power to CMOS is disconnected, stored information will be erased. So on next system boot, BIOS will not ask you password. So be happy because forgotten BIOS password cannot deny your entry to Basic Input/Output System settings on your PC any more.

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How to Disable or Enable USB Ports from Registry & BIOS On a Computer

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the important method to send or receive information from a computer. In order to improve the safety of information stored on a PC, it is good to disable Universal Serial Bus for unauthorized users and it is a simple task if you have admin rights. In this tutorial I would like to share one method to disable and enable them on a PC from registry. Since registry editing is a sensitive task, I would like you to follow the steps carefully and strongly recommend you to take a registry backup before proceeding. If you are not the only admin of your computer, I recommend you to follow the BIOS method to block Universal Serial Bus on your computer. Steps to block them from BIOS are listed at the end of this tutorial.

Steps to Disable USB Ports from Registry

Steps to deactivate them on a PC from Windows registry are:
  1. Click on start
  2. Type regedit on Run window or Search and press enter. Now the registry editor opens
  3. Navigate to following registry path
  4. Click on UsbStor and a list of attributes will be displayed on the right panel

    Disable USB Port on your computer
  5. Double click on start and set the hexadecimal value to 4 and click OK

Now the Universal Serial Bus on your PC are disabled. If you connect any USB device, your computer will not recognize them.

How to Enable USB Ports On Your Computer from Registry

To do this you need to follow the steps 1 to 4 and set 3 as the hexadecimal value for start.This will reverse the effect.

Disable USB Ports From BIOS for Other admins

As I explained before, to block Universal Serial Bus for other admins on your PC, you must deactivate it from BIOS. Disable the USB ports from BIOS and set a password for BIOS to prevent other admins to reverse the restriction. Here I assume other admins cannot remove and replace the CMOS battery to reset BIOS password.

To block Universal Serial Bus for other users with administrative privilege follow the steps below.

  1. Reboot your computer

  2. Press [F2] or [Del] as told in the mother board manual while booting your PC

  3. Enter BIOS by entering BIOS password

  4. Select Advanced

  5. Select USB Configuration and press enter

  6. Select the option to disable

Enable USB Ports From BIOS

To enable Universal Serial Bus on your PC you need to enter BIOS and enable the USB Ports. The steps are the same except the last step. We need to enable them from disabled state.

The above tip completely disable Universal Serial Bus on your PC but if you want to disable only writing files to devices connected to the USB ports of your computer, follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Disable Writing files to USB Drives Connected to Your Computer

Sometimes due to various reasons registry editor may be disabled on your laptop. In that scenario you cannot disable Universal Serial Bus on your laptop unless you need to unlock registry editor. To perform this follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Enable Disabled Registry Editor on Your Computer

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Check Frequency of RAM Module On Your PC With Specifications

While counting the performance of a personal computer, Random Access Memory (RAM) has very important place. It helps to improve the data transfer rate between hard disk and processor by acting as a buffer. Major portions of processes and files required for a software while running on a computer are stored in it and provides them when ever processor asks for it. So it reduces the time taken to fetch data from slower hard disk to processor while running a program. Speed of Random Access Memory depends on frequency and memory size. This guide explains how to check the frequency of a RAM module installed in a PC.

How to Check the speed/Frequency of RAM

If you do not know the speed of RAM module installed on your PC, you can find it by any one of the methods given below.
  • From the label

  • From BIOS

First place I recommend you to look for this information is the label attached on it. You will get most of the necessary information like RAM manufacturer, frequency etc. If you are unable to get information from the label, you can get the details from the BIOS. To log on to BIOS press [F2] or [Del] { Depends on the computer manufacturers, the key to enter BIOS may change} while booting your computer. On the main page of BIOS itself you can get the Random Access Memory details like the slot where it is inserted, Size of the module, Frequency /Speed etc. To get all information related to the RAM module inserted on your laptop from BIOS settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Reboot your laptop

  2. Press [F2] or [Del] as told in the motherboard manual

  3. Enter BIOS

  4. Get the necessary details from the main page itself

Different Types of RAM Modules
  1. SD

  2. DDR1

  3. DDR2

  4. DDR3

Points to Remember While Buying Random Access Memory Modules

  1. Certain motherboards do not recognize certain RAM modules. So check the compatibility before buying it

  2. If you want to add extra module to your PC, make sure the new Random Accessory Memory module has same frequency of the existing module.

  3. After all it is important to know the warranty period of RAM. Some vendors offer one year warranty while others offer three year. It is better go with products offer higher warranty period.

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Save a Webpage On Google Chrome Browser

Bookmarking helps to save the interesting webpages on our computer for future reference. This feature is very helpful because users can comeback  later and continue reading the interesting page by opening previously saved bookmarks if they don't have enough time to read right now. You can bookmark an interesting webpage either on browser itself or on a third party websites which supports this facility. This tutorial explains the bookmarking feature on Google Chrome browser and the different methods to remove any unwanted previous entries.

How to Save a Webpage On Chrome

To save an interesting webpage on Chrome browser, you may follow the steps below.
  1. From 'Customize and Control'

    • Click on 'Customize and Control' Button

      Once you are on the page which is needed to be saved, click on 'Customize and Control' button on the right hand top. It is important to make sure while pressing this button, you are on the right page to save.

    • Click on 'Bookmark this page' from the menu
      save a page

  2. Shortcut Keys

    You can also save a specific webpage on Google Chrome by pressing the two buttons at the same time. The shortcut keys to press are: [Ctrl] and [D]. In my personal opinion, I prefer to use this keyboard shortcut to save a preferred page.

View Saved Bookmarks

You can view all saved webpages on your Google browser by either GUI method or by shortcut keys.
  1. Key shortcut

    To view the bookmark manager, press [Ctrl] [Shift] and [O] buttons together. It will open a new window where you can manage and view all saved bookmarks.

  2. GUI

    Click on 'Customize and Control' Button and open Bookmark Manager. Here all the saved entries are listed.

Delete Saved Bookmarks

People loose interest over time. In case if you want to remove some of the previously saved webpages from Google chrome browser, it is very easy to do. Following steps explain how to delete saved bookmarks from Chrome browser.
  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Click Customize and Control button

  3. Open Bookmark Manager

    You can directly access the same book mark manager by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [B] keys together. In the book manager window you can see all the saved book marks on Chrome.

    To delete an entry, select the item and press delete button on your keyboard. If you want to delete the all entries you may press [Ctrl] and [A] button together and press delete button. Then all the saved bookmarks will be removed from Google Chrome browser.

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View and Delete Saved Username and Passwords From Google Chrome

By default Google Chrome will ask you a question "Do you want Chrome to save your password" immediately after you enter the username and password to login to a website. If you want to use the autofill feature to enter user logon details next time,you should click save password. If it is not your personal computer, you should click on the button never for this site. This article is not about the autofill feature but about how to retrieve previously saved usernames and passwords from Chrome browser. In case if you do not want to keep the user details, you can delete them by yourself. This tutorial explains how to view or delete the auto saved passwords on Google Chrome browser.

Auto saving of Logon Details

When you enter logon details, you may see a message from the browser. The message looks like below.
Hack Google Chrome Browser master password

If anyone click on the button "Save password", his username and password will be stored. So to avoid the accidental saving of our important user details by Google Chrome we need to click on the button " Never for this site". It is possible others might accidentally allowed Chrome to save their private details. The below section will guide you to view them.

View Saved Username and Password From Google Chrome Browser
  1. Start Chrome browser

  2. Click on "Customize and Control" button
    Google Chrome password hack guide

  3. Click on Settings
    steps to view saved logon id of others

  4. Click on Show Advanced Settings link on the bottom of settings page
    Crack others passwords

  5. Click on Manage Saved Passwords link

  6. Select the saved password and click on Show button
    read stored

  7. To hide the saved password on Chrome, click hide button

Steps to See Saved username and password from Chrome Older Versions

To view the saved username and passwords from older versions of Chrome, follow the steps below.
  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Click on settings button. It is on the right hand top of the window and looks like below.
    Tweak stored username

  3. Now you will get a drop down menu. From the menu click on Options. Now you will get a window like this.

  4. To view the saved passwords and usernames in Google Chrome, click on the button Show saved passwords.

Delete Saved Passwords and Username From Chrome Browser

Autofill feature of web browsers are useful for a common Internet user to avoid repeating same manual data filling multiple times. However, it can create some security issues too. For example Google Chrome asks the permission to save typed username and password while logging in to a website. If it is a personal computer you can let it to save the password but if it is a shared computer you cannot let it happen. It is because anyone can steal the saved passwords. So you do not want to take a chance. What if you already let Chrome to save your password (for example email username and password ) and want to delete it before someone else access it ? You can delete them before someone else view it. For that all you have to do is follow the instructions below.
  1. Open Browser

  2. Access the Saved passwords:

    To access the saved passwords on Chrome follow the steps mentioned above depends on the version.

  3. Press the delete button (X) on the top of the specific password you need to delete
    How to remove

  4. After removing the password and username you should verify the deletion and click on done.
    deletion steps

In this tutorial you have learned the steps to view saved usernames and passwords from Google Chrome browser. If you are looking for steps to retrieve passwords from Firefox, click on the link below
Steps to View Saved Username and Password From Mozilla Firefox

Chrome is a very useful browser and you can perform various tasks other than browsing on it. If you want to take a high quality full page screen shot, Chrome can help you on this. To learn it, follow the link below.
How to Take Full Page Screenshot Using Browser

According to Google, Chrome is the fastest browser available now. If you want to install it on your computer, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to complete the installation process. However, there are alternate installers available for who doesn't like Internet access while installation. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Download Alternate Offline Installer

You can use the above steps for the password recovery on Chrome browser if the username you are looking for are already saved. Similarly we can perform password recovery steps in Opera browser also. To learn how to perform password recovery on Opera browser follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Perform Logon Information Recovery on Opera Browser

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Change Default Windows Logon Background Color from Registry

Which background color your computer uses for the Windows Logon screen ? If you are not happy to see the default one set on your computer for the Windows logon background screen, you can change it with any color you prefer. There is a registry tweak to change the background color of Windows logon screen and that is explained in this tutorial. To continue the steps provided in this tutorial, you must logon to your computer using administrator account. If you are using different User profile without administrative privilege, you cannot change the settings mentioned in this tutorial.

Edit Windows Logon Screen Color

  1. Open Run Window

    Press [Windows] and [R] button together to start Run window. On run window, type regedit and press enter button.

  2. Backup Current Settings

    Before changing any reg settings for the logon screen, it is better taking backup of the current registry settings as a precaution to counter any possible mistakes while editing registry. To learn how to perform it, visit the link below.
    How to Backup Current Microsoft OS Registry Settings

  3. Go to Registry Windows Color Settings

    Navigate to following registry value

    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors Now you can see a lot of attributes here.

  4. Double click on Background
    How to change Logon backGround

  5. Enter the Code of Your Desired Color

    Under value data, you can see the current color set for the Windows Logon screen. It is in the format X X X and where X can be any number between 0 and 255. These numbers show the pixels to determine the color. The basic code is like:

    Red : 255 0 0
    Green : 0 255 0
    Blue : 0 0 255
    Black : 0 0 0
    White : 255 255 255

    You can get any color by changing the pixel count.

After saving the registry settings with the custom color code for Windows logon background screen you may need to reboot your computer to check the result. If you do not like the changes you have made, you can reverse the changes by following the same procedure.

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  4. Configure Same Default User Logon Picture to all users On Windows 7

New Topics

My Laptop is Not Getting Wireless Signals and Internet

Today one of my clients called me while I was waiting online for him. He informed he couldn't come online because there is some issues with WiFi connection. He was sitting at a Hotspot but his Laptop failed to get wireless signals and mot online. He knows I am a network engineer and asked me to help him to resolve the issue. It was not a big issue and I fixed that without taking much time. Then I realized, for a non technology person, even smaller issues can be big and ruin his day. So I would like to share some tips to troubleshoot your laptop if you are facing troubles with getting signals or Internet connectivity.

No WiFi or Internet On Laptop

You do not need to go for assistance from expert or hardware vendor in case if your laptop stops receiving  signal. You may just go through the guide below and I am sure in 99 percent cases you can fix it by yourself.
  1. Wireless Button should be turned on

    Make sure wireless button on your Laptop is turned on. If it is off, your laptop will not receive signal from Access Point. The wireless button can be present on the top or side panel based on the models. For different vendors like Dell, Toshiba, Samsung etc. WiFi button might be placed on different location. It can be distinguished with the WiFi symbol. For more details I recommend you to refer the user manual of the Laptop.

  2. Make sure WZC is started

    Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) is a service which is essential to receive wireless signals on your computer. To know how to check the status of WZC and how to turn on click on the link below.
    How to start WZC on your Computer

    WZC is on Windows XP but for higher versions you must check for Wlan AutoConfig in services page. To get instructions to start this service, I recommend you to go through the link below.
    How to Start WLAN AutoConfig

  3. Clear All Previous Network Details

    You may clear the previously saved network lists from your PC and refresh the network. Your computer may start receiving signals from Access Point. to learn more about it I recommend you to click the link below.
    My computer is not detecting any WiFi signals - Part 1

  4. If the issue persists even after performing the steps provided in the above link, you need to disable the Firewall on your Laptop. After disabling the firewall check for the issue. Even if you are not able to detect any wireless signals I suggest you to follow the steps provided in the given link.
    I am not getting WiFi even after I disabled the Firewall

Some users may find issues with following step 2 because vendor provided wireless utilities might be running on their computers. For example, Dell WiFi utility. Sometimes this tool acts strange and shows issues with receiving signals from access point and routers. In that case, you may disable or uninstall that tool and try the Microsoft Windows utility (WZC for Windows XP and WLAN AutoConfig for Vista , Windows 8 and 7).

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Disable iPod Service On Windows Computer

The iPod Service is a third party service which is supplied by apple to run iPod on your Windows computer. When you connect an iPod to your PC, it will be detected using it. Its description itself says "iPod hardware management services". It is installed on your computer automatically while you install QuickTime or any other apple products. Another chance is the installation of Apple's iTunes music software. If you don't use this apple device, it is advisable to disable it as it consumes a lot of start up time.

Path of iPod Service on Windows Computer is "C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe" but it is highly recommended to don't uninstall it as it is used for the smooth working of other apple products on a PC.

Steps to disable iPode Service On Windows Computer

Since the installation is not recommended, you may disable it to fasten the start-up time of your laptop. Steps to disable it are provided below. It is important to note that the procedure is different for Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP computers.

  1. Windows 8

    • Type Services on Search box

    • Click "View local services"

    • Choose iPod Service, and click "Stop the service."
    • Vista and 7

      • Type services on Search box

      • Go to Services and select select iPod Service

      • Double click on it and click stop button

    • XP Computer

      • Click on start

      • Go to Control panel and open administrative Tools

      • Click on Services

      • Find iPod Service and right click on it

      • Click on Stop to disable the service in your computer.

    After effects

    After completing the procedure, you may not be able to watch *.mov files or other video on web sites that need QuickTime to run. Another issue is the problem to connect iPod to your PC without restarting the service by following all the steps provided. Once it is restarted, you will not find any issues with playing QuickTime videos on your PC.

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    How to View & Clear Saved Username and Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

    By default when a user enters username and password to login to his online account, Mozilla Firefox prompts the user to remember the details for autofill use. If he press the Remember Password button, it saves the username and password he entered. It is very easy for anyone to find out the username and password he used to login to that online account from Firefox settings. This tutorial tells how to view the saved username and password stored in Firefox web browser and steps to remove them easily. First part of this tutorial is dedicated to explain the reasons to store passwords in Firefox browser and the second part explains different methods to delete them.
    Hack user account Passwords from Mozilla Firefox browser

    If you press the button Remember Password, the username and password you have entered will be stored. Now let us check how to view the stored username and password you have entered.

    How to See The Saved username & Password From Firefox Settings
    1. Start Tools menu by pressing [Alt] and [T] buttons together

    2. Click Options
      Crack saved passwords in Firefox

    3. Click Security tab

    4. Click Saved Passwords
      Password hacker

    5. Now you can see all stored usernames. Just right click on any username to copy the password.
      how to copy password from firefox

    In latest version of Firefox, we cannot see the user information stored in it. However, it offers an option to copy the password by right click on the showing usernames. In older versions, there is no need to do this extra step (copying password), you could see all stored passwords with respective usernames in the same row. If you are still using older versions, follow the instructions below to fetch the stored username.

    Steps to view the saved usernames and passwords in Older Versions Of Firefox

    1. Go to top menu and click on Tools

    2. On the Tools click on Options

      Now options window will be opened. Click on Security tab.

    3. To see the saved passwords click on the button "Saved Passwords". You may be prompted with one more alert and it needs your confirmation. After confirmation, you will be able to see the saved usernames and passwords.

    How to Prevent Auto Saving Of login details by Firefox

    If you are using a public computer like in Internet cafe, you must ensure that none of your online account's logon details are saved on the computer. If your Facebook or email account username and password are saved in a public PC, anyone knows how to pick saved details from browser can get them. So I recommend you to either delete the default prompt to store account's logon details or configure the browser to never ask this.
    1. Never Remember Password for This Site

      When the browser prompts you to save the details, you can either choose the option Never Remember Password for This Site or Not Now.
      never remember password

    2. Disable Remember Password feature Of Firefox Browser

      • Go to Tools Menu

      • Click Security tab

      • unchecked the option Remember Passwords for Sites

      • Click OK

    How to Remove saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox Browser 3.5 and above

    In the older versions(Firefox version 3 and below) we were able to remove the saved passwords from the Tools menu itself. After the release of Firefox 3.5 and above, we need to remove the saved online account's logon details by some manual works. Steps to Delete /remove already saved usernames and passwords in Firefox 3.5 and above versions are explained here.

    1. Start the browser

    2. Click on Tools in Tool menu
      Tool to flush stored details

    3. Click on options and the options window will appear.

    4. Click on Security tab
      remove stored cookies

    5. Click on Saved Passwords button

      Now you can select the saved passwords in Firefox from the saved passwords list and click on Remove to clear them. If you want to remove all saved passwords in the list, just click on the Remove All button.

    6. Click on Close button to close this window

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    New Topics

    Some crazy DNS issue by My ISP

    Today I faced an interesting DNS issue with my Internet Service Provider. The issue is very simple I can go online but ping request to open dns server returns request timed out. It is very interesting right?

    The complete story is like below. While browsing I suddenly went offline and as usual to check the connectivity I ping to glogal DNS address. I got Request Timed Out message. So desperately I tried other open DNS addresses like and but they too failed to get valid reply. Then I just ping and it gave me reply and my browser can go to

    Screen shot of my ping operation is attached below.

    Crazy DNS issue by my ISP where I am online but cannot ping global dns

    After the result I again ping and got Request Timed Out message. Mean time I can browse to any website without any issue. I called the ISP and asked what is the actual reason for this issue. After some escalation (Normal procedure :-) )
    they told me it was their server mistake and it is corrected now.

    Solution to DNS issues from ISP

    In case if your ISP's DNS server is not working or not up to full satisfaction we can use open DNS address on your computer. The open DNS addresses are

    Steps to assign open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

    New Topics

    RPC Server is Unavailable While trying to Renew IP Address

    Yesterday I faced a stranger issue while trying to access Internet and I failed to go online. There was no connection to the wireless network and I started troubleshooting the issue. When I type ipconfig on command prompt as the first step in every network troubleshooting, I received the IP address instead of a valid IP address. I tried to renew the IP address by typing ipconfig/renew but failed with the following error message...

    "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has media disconnected. An error occured while renewing interface wireless network connection. The RPC server is unavailable ".

    So the process was like this

    1. Check the IP address on command prompt by typing ipconfig

    Result. IP address ---->

    2. Renew the IP address by ipconfig/renew

    Got the error message which says RPC server is unavailable.

    The steps to fix the issue RPC server is unavailable

    The reason for this error message "The RPC server is unavailable is the Remote Procedure Call server can't be located. It means the server service is not yet started and to fix the error we need to start the RPC server.

    Steps to start RPC server

    The steps to start Remote Procedure Call server are:

    1. Click on start and go to Run window

    2. On Run type services.msc

    Now the services window will be opened.

    Solution to the issue RPC server unavailable

    3. Start Remote procedure Call service

    We do it by right click on the service and click on start.

    4. After starting the RPC server service we need to restart the computer. After restarting the computer the issue will be fixed.


    If the issue persists, you should perform a system restore and check for the issue.

    PS: Recommended by a reader (Farhan)

    To read more about RPC server and RPC authentication, follow the link below.

    What is RPC (Remote Procedure Call ) and RPC Authentications

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