Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has Encountered a Problem and Need to Close

Yesterday night while working on my computer I saw the error message "Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a Problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." My computer froze when I pressed 'don't send report' button. Since I couldn't work anymore, I restarted it but again the same Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger came up with a sorry message. I was unable to do anything on the desktop PC and I started browse on my Laptop. First thing I did was a search using the error message and found many people were facing the same issue. There are different opinions about the error message varies from system error to possible malware attack. While surfing more, I found it was not a malware but a built in Windows debugger program. Microsoft is using Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger to collect error reports from devices which use their Operating systems.

How to Fix Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger Error Message

As I expected, it is not an essential tool for a user. We can either delete or disable it without affecting the functionality of our computers. So I decided to disable this program to make my desktop PC work again. I tried to log on to my Desktop computer and successfully log on to the Windows account after a few unsuccessful attempts. Then I followed the steps below.

How to disable Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger
  1. Click on start

  2. Click on Run and type drwtsn32 on run window and Click on OK. Now the Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger options window will open. It look like the image below.

  3. Uncheck all the check boxes under options and click OK.

Where Can I read Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger Log Files ?

As I explained before, it is a default unnecessary program installed by Microsoft to collect information regarding software errors or bugs. It keeps a log file which stores all software errors happened and send it to Microsoft. Log file crated by Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger records all kinds of software errors that occurs and to read this log file, you may navigate to following location.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\DrWatson

It is saved in the name drwtsn32 and can be opened in a notepad. This log file contains Application exception occurred, System Information, Task List etc... We can change the log file path of Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger by accessing it by following the steps below.
  1. Click Start,and go to Run.

  2. Type drwtsn32 on Run and press OK.

    What is

    In this window, you can change current settings including log file location. You can specify a different address for log file if you want to change the current path.

Since it is an error reporting tool from Microsoft, you will get the error message "Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a Problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" when a program crash. It is not because of virus infection but a feature (unnecessary though) is doing its duty only in an annoying way. Now let us check some other interesting Microsoft tutorials below.
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Communication between two APIPA computers without DHCP Server

On the last Saturday Me and my friend are trying to connect two computers directly using a USB cable and start communication between these two computers without the help of any external DHCP server. As I mentioned in my previous post we cannot use ordinary USB cable to connect two computers directly. It may burn the USB port.

[ To know more about it please follow the link below.

http://www.corenetworkz.com/2009/10/can-i-connect-two-computers-using-usb.html ]

In this project we avoid using router or any other DHCP servers. As we are not using the Ethernet adapters we cannot set any static IP address. So without the presence of external DHCP server and static IP address our both computers will get APIPA from Windows Operating System.

[ To know more about APIPA please click on the link below.

http://www.corenetworkz.com/2008/02/how-to-resolve-issue-when-ip-getting-is.html ]

So the IP address our computers got was 169.254.X.X range. Fortunately the IP address gained by our computers were in the range 169.254.1.X and it started to communicate with each other.

It is sure that APIPA computers can communicate each other as their subnet mask is (Class B address). So as the subnet rules says the network address of APIPA is and the broadcast address is Any address comes in between these range can communicate each other. Because it is a private IP address we cannot use APIPA to get Internet connection to our computers. For Local networks and Intranet APIPA is enough.


When to Charge Laptop Battery & Increase Battery life and Efficiency

When it comes to laptop battery charging, there are different opinions about the right way and time to do it. This tutorial explains how to manage a laptop battery with right time to recharge and steps to keep remaining charge more efficiently. Lithium based battery is used for laptops and it is better wait till its charge comes between 20% to 10% to plug it back to power. Most of the experts recommend, never let the battery charge drops below 10% before connecting it back to power supply. In addition to the level of power left, temperature has a major role in the efficiency of  lithium battery.

The better ways to Charge Laptop Battery

Now a days we are using lithium-ion batteries for Laptops and they are having a rapid-charging option. It is important to note that when we start using the Laptop for the first time, it is advised to charge it for a long time (attain 100%). To know the exact time period, better refer the Laptop user manual. Never operate your Laptop at higher as well as lower temperature and keep it in room temperature. So the major points to remember while charging laptop batteries are provided below.
  1. Connect to power when charge falls below 20%

  2. Stop avoiding overheating and better keep in room temperature

  3. For first time use, recharge the battery to 100%

It is better remove the battery from the Laptop if you are not going to use it for a long time. Another important point we need to remember is never short circuit terminals to discharge battery charge. You can configure the time when the power left falls below 20% from power options. To perform it, visit the link below.
How to Change Critical Level And Get Informed

Use Laptop Battery Efficiently

Now we know the right time to connect a laptop back to power. This section covers how to utilize the  battery charge in a better and efficient way. Think of a situation where you are in no position to find a power outlet to connect but wants to continue your work. So the only option left is to manage the existing charge more efficiently. In such a scenario, the following tips will help you.
  1. Turn off Wireless and Bluetooth

    If the WiFi button is on, it will take additional power to scan available wireless networks present in that area. If it fails to find any wireless network, it will continue the scanning. It is same for Bluetooth also. To avoid such a wastage of energy, I recommend you to turn off Wireless button.

  2. Avoid playing computer games

    High end PC games costs too much energy and it not not recommended to play them when you have no chance to find a power supply. Playing games on your Laptop drain laptop battery fast.

  3. Reduce the Laptop Speaker Volume and don't play any movies

  4. Reduce screen brightness

  5. Avoid using external devices like external mouse, DVD drive, USB adapters etc

  6. Avoid using multimedia applications

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Can I connect two Computers using USB cable

There are so many methods to connect two different computers and share data between them. Ethernet cables and wireless (IEE802.11 standards) are the most popular modes to connect two devices. However, you can use USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable to connect two computers and use the same connection to share files between them. Though, for this you must use a special type of cable called Bridged USB cable. If you use normal USB cord to connect two computers, it may damage the ports. This guide explains the difference between bridged and normal USB cables.

Connecting Two PCs Using Bridged USB Cable

The type of Universal Serial Bus cable which is used to connect two computers directly is called Bridged USB cable. It is available in two different standards. They are USB 1.1 and 2.0. The difference of standard is based on the speed of data transfer. In 1.1 version, the data transfer speed is 12 Mbps and that in version 2.0 is 480 Mbps. It is very important to note that no other Universal Serial Bus cords are designed for the purpose of connecting two PCs directly. Using wrong cords may harm the USB ports of your computers.

Modes of working of Bridge Cord

The bridged Universal Serial Bus cord works in two different modes. They are:
  1. Link mode

  2. Network Mode

In link mode, two laptops are connected through the bridged Universal Serial Bus cord and the file sharing is enabled. In network mode multiple PCs are connected and Internet too shared in addition to the file sharing. This is the basic difference between link mode and network mode.

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How to change system date and time in Ubuntu Linux

This week end was very interesting for me as me and my friends established a Local Area Network in their home. They have total six computers and two of them is running on Ubuntu Linux. After establishing the Local Area Network we implemented one propitiatory real time simulation software on this LAN by installing the software on all this computers. But the software works fine with the integrated data of from 5 computers and one computer is not connecting to it or connection rejects. So the techie in our mind got up and we start troubleshoot the issue.

At first we thought the issue is with the compatibility issue of Ubuntu and the software. But the first Ubuntu computer is working fine with the software and in careful analysis it is found that that computer is functioning more efficiently than other Windows based computers. So it is not the issue with Ubuntu. Then we confused what is the actual cause of the issue. Then I just checked the connection manager of the software and the error message was some thing like unpredictable date with many hexa decimal codes. So it has some thing with system date. We went to the non-functional computer and checked the system date. It was the default system date set when they installed Ubuntu in this. So we just set the system date and time with current date and time . The result was great the issue fixed. So here I am presenting steps to change computer date and time in Ubuntu linux when there is no date and time displays on system tray.

How to change system date and time in Ubuntu Linux

To change the system date and time in Ubuntu Linux from Administration is:

1. Click on system

2. Select Administration and go to Time and Date

3. Unlock Time and Date and enter password.

Now you can change the system time and date by changing the default settings there.

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