How to Backup Blogspot Blog Using Blogger Export Feature

Have you ever worried about the safety of your blogger blog ? As long as you write your blog with the right spirit, it is safe in Google server. They delete a blog from their server only if the blogger team find it is spamming. So theoretically every useful blogs are safe with Google. However, it is better you have the backup of your work on your computer to make sure it is cent percent safe. Though Google (Google owns blogger ) is a reliable company, it cannot guarantee cent percent safety for your content and hard work. So I highly recommend to take backups often to counter any unexpected deletion of blogs from their server. Blogger has a feature to export the blog saved in their server. We can use this  feature to take the backup.

How to Export Your Blogspot Blog From Blogger
  1. Logon to blogger account

  2. Click on Settings
    Export database

  3. Click on Other
    backup your blogspot site

  4. Click on Export blog link
    Blogger backup

It is very easy to take entire backup of a blogspot blog to a computer. I strongly recommend you to export blogspot site often including images to your computer. So you won't need to worry in case if Google changes its policy in future. You are safe with your content because you have the backup. It is important to have a backup of all images you have uploaded to a server. I learned it from my experience because I had been using imageshack to upload pictures but later they discontinued their service. Unless I pay for the service offered by them, they won't keep the pictures I had uploaded to imageshack server. I lost some of my pictures but couldn't hit me hard because I have the backup.

Steps to Backup a Classic Blogspot blog

Now let us check how to export blogspot site from server if you are using classic template. The method is similar to the process we did on new interface but the export option is in different page.
  1. Logon to blogger account

  2. Click on Settings
    save to PC

  3. Click on Export blog
  4. Click on Download blog

Now you can save Blogspot backup on your computer. This downloaded file is in XML format. In case if you want to migrate to WordPress, you can use the same file.

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Blogger Blog With Custom Domain is Not Opening in My Country

Right now I am having issues with opening in India and it is the same story for all blogger blogs with custom domains. I noticed this problem on yesterday night but I thought it was just a temporary phenomenon and never cared much about it. Sometimes my Internet Service Provider shows strange issues. I have been using BSNL and Bharti Airtel for my home.

Today morning some of my friends called and informed me about the issue. They too are not able to open my blog on their computers. Seems a serious problem, so I have started working with it. I tried to open my blog on my desktop computer but failed. On both my desktop and laptop, browser seems waiting for my blog and it is not coming to an end. Once I faced such an issue with my BSNL connection; so decided to check with different Internet Service Provider. I tried different Internet Service Providers but the result is same.
I Cannot Access Certain Websites With BSNL Internet Connection

Blogger Blogs are Not Opening In My Country

I decided to check whether it is just my issue or others are also facing it. I found following Google support thread  and the issue is allover in India. No blogger blogs with custom domain are opening in India. Link to the thread is given below.

It is a country specific issue. I have verified it with proxy and my blog is opening in all other countries. So I think there is nothing I can do at my side because it is a blogspot problem.  Perhaps any firewall settings on the Indian Internet gateway prevents the blogspot or any changes in blogger server privilege prevents it from showing in India. They must come with a solution to this problem and I am eagerly waiting for it.

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Configuration Of Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router With Cisco Connect Setup

E1000 is one of the popular E series router from Linksys which uses Cisco Connect to perform auto configuration. By running Cisco Connect, you can setup Linksys E1000 wireless N router without any troubles. It offers wireless transfer speed up to 300 Mbps and have 4 Ethernet ports. This router does not offer dual band feature and works only in 2.4GHz frequency. It is compatible with 802.11b, g and n devices. This tutorial deals with manual configuration of this device with solution to fix the Moon worm infection which bypasses router authentication.

Configuration Of Linksys E1000 With Cisco Connect

Since configuring E1000 with Cisco Connect is very simple, I am not going write detailed steps. Though this device has WiFi feature, you must connect it with modem and computer using Ethernet cables while configuring it. All you have to consider while configuring this device with Cisco Connect are provided below.
  1. Connect WAN Port(Internet Port) Of E1000 to Modem

  2. Connect PC to LAN Port of E1000 and run Setup CD

  3. Follow the instructions and click next to continue the process.
    E1000 router with Cisco Connect

    Click OK when you see the completion screen

Linksys E1000 Manual Setup Guide

If you do not want to use Cisco Connect, you can configure this device manually.

  1. Connect LAN port to your PC using an Ethernet cable

  2. Type on the address bar of your web browser (router is on)

    Now you will be prompted for login details.
    How to login Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router

  3. Enter login details Of Linksys E1000 Router

    Username: (it should be blank)
    Password : admin

    After entering the details click OK. Now you will be in on the web based setup page.
    Setup Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router via browser based

  4. Configure Internet Connection On E1000

    Following options are available to configure Internet access.
    1. Automatic Configuration -DHCP
    2. Static IP
    3. PPPoE
    4. PPTP
    5. L2TP
    6. Telstra Cable

    You can select the appropriate option from the drop down menu depends on the Internet connection you have. To learn more about this, visit the link below.
    Advanced Guide to Configure Linksys Router Manually

  5. Wireless Security

    It supports RADIUS, WPA/WPA2 and WEP

Moon Worm Infection On E1000 Router

It is widely reported that a malicious worm named Moon worm infected many routers in E-series having the Remote Management Access feature enabled. One of the best precautions to protect this device from Moon Worm infection is to turn off Remote Management Access feature in it. Linksys has solution for login vulnerability (vulnerability Moon Worm exploited) and updated it with latest versions of Firmware. So it is important to have latest version of firmware on E1000 router. Another step is to disable Filter Anonymous Internet Request on the router. To learn more about these steps, visit the link below and refer the end of the tutorial.
Solution For Moon Worm Infection On Linksys E Series Routers

Common Problems With Linksys E1000 Router
  • Need to Reset E1000

    If you want to reset the current configuration and reconfigure it, visit the link below.
    How to Reset Linksys Router to Factory Default

  • Wireless Connection Freeze With E1000

    If you see wireless disconnection issues with this device, check the following details.
    1. Make sure Network mode is mixed and have channel with 20 Mhz only
    2. Set MTU size as 1400 and enable Keep Alive option
    3. Avoid any wireless devices using 2.4 GHz near the router
    4. Update to latest firmware
    5. Change wireless channels from 1 to 6 or 11 to stop loosing signal

    Also you can follow the steps provided in the link below.
    Wireless Network Keep Connecting and Disconnecting

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Check Reading Level of a Blog in Google Search

Google has introduced a new Search filter named Reading Level. This feature helps us to filter search results based on the standard of the content. There are three categories of reading level; basic, intermediate and advanced. We can choose the desired reading level from the advanced search page. These three classifications are based on the level of expertise in the articles. For example if you are looking for tutorials to start learning a new subject, it is better you choose basic and intermediate. However, for a researcher, 'advanced' is preferred. So for a researcher who are looking for in depth knowledge in particular topic must choose advanced rather than basic or intermediate. The same feature helps to classify the quality of a website in case of the level of knowledge.

Let us check the reading level of this blog. Here I enabled the option annotate results with reading level from advanced search page.
Find reading level of a blog

According to Google, reading level of is intermediate.

Enable Reading Level

If you want to see search results with reading level, you can simply do it from advanced page. You can annotate the reading standard with the web pages displayed on Google by following the steps below.
  1. Advanced Search

    To go to Google advanced search, visit the link below.

  2. Select Annotate results with reading Standard
    find high quality websites

  3. Click Advanced Search button

How to Check Content Standard  Of a Website

If you want to check the reading level of a website or blog, you can do it very simply. You should go to Google advanced search with the filter Annotate results with the standard of content and type site:blog address. For example if you want to check the reading standard of this blog, use the command on advanced search and press enter. This will show all the indexed pages of this blog with the content standard. If you just want to check the home page only, you do not need to add the prefix 'site:' before the domain name.

Display Advanced Search Results Only

If you are already master in a particular topic and do not want basic information, you should select the filter show only advanced results from Google advanced search page. If you are not an expert in a topic and plan to learn it, better choose basic or intermediate filter.

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Granding Access By Controling Another Gmail Account

How many of you are managing more than one Gmail accounts ? I am having more than one accounts and I often think it would be nice if I can logon to all by a single login. Google has a solution for those who are struggling to handle multiple email accounts. That solution is called Email Delegation and this feature authorizes any other gmail accounts to access your gmail account without typing or knowing your password. Don't worry, nobody can access your email without your authorization. The 'grant access request' must sent from your Gmail account and the second user should accept it. After the verification, he can login to your mail account without typing your password via his account. You can block the user at any time if you are not willing to grant entry for him anymore.

Allow Access To Another Gmail

In order to enable Email Delegation for your Gmail ID, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Settings (On Top right of the window)

  2. Click on Accounts and Import

  3. Click Add Another Account
    hack in to another

    Once you click the link "Add Another Account" you will get a popup where you can type the email address of the desired ID using which the entire emails coming to you cab be read. Now a confirmation mail will send to the email ID typed here.

  4. Once after he verified it, he will be able to access and read mails on your behalf at anytime. The confirmation mail looks like one below. He can either confirm or reject the offer.
    no third party access my mail id

How to Block The same user from Accessing my Google mail

You don't need to worry if you are no longer interested to give access to your Google mail. You can always end it by your own. Once after the email delegation feature is activated you will see an alert like one for seven days. Look at the image below to see how the warning looks like.
someone enter your g mail

It is important to note that, this alert will come to an end after seven days. So how you stop someone from access your Google email ? It is very easy. You may logon to Gmail settings page and check whether, is there any ID which has access to this id. You can see one like shown below.
unauthorized entry

All you have to do is to click delete button. Once you delete the ID, that ID will never again see or read mails comes to you.

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Enable Google SafeSearch Lock Permanently On Firefox, Chrome etc

If you are a responsible parent, you cannot allow your kids to view websites which are not appreciated at their age. Google provides SafeSearch options for you to protect your kids from watching unwanted websites and domains. However, most kids know how to disable SafeSearch feature and access restricted websites by Google Search. Here I suggest a method to set permanent Google safesearch lock on a computer which cannot be disabled by simply choosing turn off protection option. It is a browser level lock to stop showing unwanted search results and can be done on major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.

Permanently Set Google SafeSearch On a Browser

In order to set permanent SafeSearch lock on a browser, you should login to your Google account. After configuring this lock, it will work on that browser even if you have logged out from your account. Since it is a browser level block, you must perform the same steps on all browsers installed on your laptop. For example, the lock you set on Chrome doesn't mean Firefox has same block unless you set it on Firefox too.

  1. Click on Settings on Search Result page
    Safe Search

  2. Click on Search Settings from the drop down menu

  3. Click on Lock SafeSearch
    Permanent Safe Search lock

    It is under SafeSearch Filters and you will be prompted to login to your Google account.

  4. Login to your Account
    logical block

  5. Click on Lock SafeSearch

    Now it will show you a message "Locking SafeSearch across all Google domains". When the process is  finished you will see the following message.

    "SafeSearch is locked across all Google domains"

    Safe is locked across all domains

How Would I Know Safe Search is On ?

You can easily find out whether Safe Search is on by checking the following symbol.

You can verify the status of safesearch on your browser by seeing the above symbol. This lock works on the browser even if you logged out.

How to Unlock Permanent Google Safe Search Lock

The browser lock method we explained here is not literally permanent. One can easily break this lock by simply clearing the cookies and browser cache. It is because after deleting the cookies, Google SafeSearch settings will be back to default. So this trick is not as safe like installing parental control programs on your computer to prevent users browse unwanted search on Google. One method to prevent children from clearing the cache and cookies of a browser is to set master password. Once a master password is set, kids cannot remove cookies without typing the secret password.

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