How to Open Recently Closed Google Chrome Browser Tabs

Google Chrome has crossed the popularity of Firefox and becomes the number one web browser. The skinny design and fast loading speed helps it to beat other browsers. Though this skinny light design is very helpful, it does have its own negatives too. This skinny design may sometimes make us close tabs accidentally. This tutorial explains how to recover the recently closed Google Chrome browser tabs on your computer. We can recover the last terminated tabs by multiple methods.

Different ways to Restore Recently Closed Google Chrome Tabs
  1. Keyboard Shortcut

    Use the combination [CTRL] + [Shift] + [T] to open most recently closed Chrome tab in your computer. If you want to recover second last terminated tab, you may need to press the same keyboard combination. If you press the same set of keys again, third last closed tab will open. In my personal experience it is the fasted way to recover closed Chrome browser pages on a PC.

  2. Thumbnail

    Start a new tab and look at the thumbnails displayed there. It shows a list of recently terminated tabs and we can restart anyone of them from the list.
    top most

    Just click on any on the thumbnail will open that specific tab. Major advantage of this method is the control over the specific tab reopening. You can select the right page you want to reopen without repeating the process from the most recent to last.

  3. From History

    You can go to Chrome history and open any previously closed page. To do this either press [CTRL] + [H] or type chrome://history/ on address bar. It will show complete list of previously closed Chrome pages. You can restore any pages listed there by simply clicking on them. This trick also gives the freedom to select the right page you want recover from the list without repeating same process.

  4. Right Click on Chrome and Reopen Recently Closed Tab

    You can right click on the top of the browser and select the option to reopen recently closed tab.

By these four methods you will not find any difficulties to recover recently terminated pages. My personal favorites to start most recently terminated page are method one and four. These two methods doesn't bother to give an option from which we must select the right page to reopen. However, if you want to reopen specific web page from the list of terminated pages, methods 2 and 3 and fine.

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ID of Simon D'souza - an IT based Short Film Review

Today I would like to take a break from my normal tech related articles and introduce an awesome work of a promising young director Sanal Mohana Marar. He and his team released an IT based short film, ID of Simon D'souza. He succeed to tell a touching story in a fixed time frame with perfect shots. ID of Simon D'souza is directed, edited and released by a group of young talented people under the banner Film Fanatic Engineers. Story of this short film is by Arun Dominic and Cinematography is by Narendhiran Elangovan. Music is by Ashwin Renju.

Story of the Short Film -ID of Simon D'souza

This movie is about finding the exact reason for not collecting lost ID card by its owner though it is listed on Lost and Found board for a long term. This movie started with showing the daily life of a lazy young man (named Roy) employed in an IT firm in a big city very long from his native place. This young man (Acted by Arun Dominic) has nothing to do in his life other than his regular repeated activities except taking some photos by his Mobile Phone. He is leading a lonely life as he is new to the city. Once he forgot his Mobile Charger in his office and that changed the entire things.

When Roy returned to his office he found his charger lost. From next day onwards checking lost and found board became a part of his daily life. Then he noticed information about one lost ID card (of Simon Dsouza). This entry was there on the board for weeks and it started give a strange idea to Roy. Why Simon is not collecting his ID card ? Roy then started to find the answer to this question. Here comes the major twist of the story. I really recommend you to watch this movie and find the reason for Simon not collecting his ID card. I am sure you will like this short film and my special congrats to Film Fanatic Engineers for creating such a nice work.


Not able to Access Router's Web-Based Setup Page

Some times you may face issues with accessing the web based setup page of your wireless router. Your router may be from Linksys, Belkin, Netgear etc. The troubleshooting steps to fix issues with accessing your router setup page is same for all this SOPHO wireless routers. The major difference with Belkin Wireless router and Linksys Wireless router is its router default IP address. Otherwise, both routers have same procedure to login the setup page.

Cannot Access Setup Page of my Wireless Router- Reasons

There might be many reasons which prevent access to router setup page. Some of them are:

1. Connection issues

2. Faulty Router

3. Browser Issues

4. Using wrong router IP address to login

If your Wireless Router is not connected (in order to access router setup page, it is advised to connect your wireless router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. ) to your computer properly, you cannot access router setup page. In addition to this, if your router or the port of your router is faulty you cannot login to your router setup page.

Sometimes browser cache may prevent you from login to your router setup page. Another change is the usage of wrong IP address to login. In order to find the right login IP address of your router, follow the steps in the below post.

How to Find login IP address of a Router

Steps to fix Issues with Login to Router Setup Page

To troubleshoot the issues with accessing router setup page, follow the steps below.

1. Check Router Lights and make sure connections are proper

To get more help about checking connection issues follow the guide below.

How to check my Local Network Connection and fix the issue

2. Clear Browser cache

3. Power Cycle your router

4. Reset your Wireless Router

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Set Maximum Download and Upload Speed of BitTorrent in Opera Browser

In Opera browser, you have the option to set maximum download speed and maximum upload speed of BitTorrent file transfer. In addition to this you can set Bandwidth Restriction Mode for BitTorrent in Opera Browser. This option is available in Opera Configuration page where you can change the behavior of Opera. In order to access this place, follow the steps below.

Change BitTorrent settings in Opera Browser

1. Open Opera browser

2. On address bar type opera:config and press enter

3. On Preferences Editor click on BitTorrent

How Increase BitTorrent download speed in Opera Browser

4. Set your maximum BitTorrent Download rate here

Improve BitTorrent download rate in opera

After changing the settings, don't forget to save it. After saving the new values close your Opera Window.

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How to Solve Oops! Firefox Could not Find HTTP

For the past few days I was getting the error message Oops! Firefox could not find HTTP, when ever I tried to open a link in new tab. Instead of showing the webpage, Firefox start showing a Google page with the alert "Oops! Firefox could not find HTTP". Only after refreshing the page multiple times, I could access the webpage. At first, I thought it was the issue with the web address but later I realized the truth. I was getting the same error with many websites and those websites work fine with other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome etc. I read some interesting discussions about this issue on  popular discussion forums and they have listed some common reasons for getting this message instead of opening the destination website after clicked a link.

Reasons for Oops! Firefox could not find HTTP

Some of the reasons I found from various discussion forums and portals are:
  • Lower Memory and high number of Tabs opened

  • Malicious Program ( I read it as Google Virus )

  • May be DNS(Domain Name System) resolving issues

  • Security Programs stop Firefox from accessing website details

As I noticed, I was getting this error message mostly when multiple tabs were opened. It is because if we try to open a new tab, it may prevent Mozilla browser from loading the details of the new webpage due to low memory. So Firefox shows this error message instead of displaying the link. Another possibility I read is the presence of some malicious programs which affect browsers installed on the PC. Malicious programs stop Firefox from displaying websites and redirect to Google Search with this message.

If the firewall installed on a PC blocks Firefox from accessing website details, it can cause this issue. Last possible reason is DNS failure. If your computer failed to resolve the Domain Name System queries, Firefox can't find the web page. So Domain Name System issue is also a possible reason.


We can solve this issue without much difficult. Possible steps to fix this issue are:

  1. Close unwanted tabs

  2. Make sure Firefox is white listed in Firewall settings

  3. Assign Open DNS or Google DNS

    To get more details about assigning Open DNS in your computer follow the links below.

  4. It is better perform a virus scan

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Prevent Displaying Recently Opened Programs in Windows Start Menu

One of the coolest feature of Windows 7 is its ability to store recently opened programs in start menu without any external help. This facility is very much helpful for users who often use a set of applications on his PC. All those applications he uses regularly will be placed here and he will find no issues with finding these applications. However, certain users hate to see the recently used applications in Start menu and want to prevent the recently executed programs from showing here. This tutorial explains how to stop this automatically storing of recently executed applications here.

Prevent Windows 7 from Storing Recently Opened Programs in Start Menu

  1. Right Click on Start button and click properties

  2. Click on Start menu and uncheck both boxes

    After this you should click on Apply and OK.

How does It Work

Now let us check how does this procedure work ? As we know, Microsoft Operating systems display the recently opened programs on Start menu by default, we have to change its properties and uncheck the option to Store and Display. Once we have unchecked the check box near this and save settings, you will not see the automatic inclusion of recently executed applications in the list.

For example I have started a Microsoft game Chess Titans on my laptop and closed it. Before changing the Menu properties, once I closed this Microsoft game, it will start showing there. However, after unckecking the check box near "Store and Display recently opened programs", there is no display of "Chess Titans" in the menu.

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Get your Free 1 year License Key for Latest Kaspersky Internet Security

There is a golden opportunity from leading Internet Security company Kaspersky to get one year free license for their latest Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS). They offer free license key for Kaspersky Internet Security on a promotional base. The only issue with this offer is, it is valid for Chinese version of Kaspersky Internet Security. You are not allowed to use this one year free license key for English version. Though the restriction is there, we can simply convert Chinese version of KIS to English version. So this offer is a boon for everyone. If you want to convert the Chinese product in to English product, follow the instructions carefully.

Get free license key for Kaspersky Internet Security
  1. In order to get your free license key for KIS2011, you may go to the link below.

  2. Enter your email address to get link.
    Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2014

  3. Now you need to enter the numbers shown in captcha and click on the button.
    no payment
Now your will get your 20 digit Free 1 year License Key for Latest KIS version. This free license key works only on Chinese version and if you try it on English version, it will not work. However, there are provisions to change Chinese version in to English version after activating the trial product using the license key.

Download & Install
  1. To download Kaspersky Internet Security, follow the link below.

  2. If you face issues with understanding the instructions, follow the guide below.
    Chinese KIS

  3. Click on the button.

    As in the pictures click on the second buttons in the following installation pages.

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Tools To Check Safety Of a Website

There are so many fraudulent websites now a days whose only intention is to sell crappy products or installing malware applications on visitors computers. First type websites alert the visitor about the presence of virus and strongly recommend them to perform an online scan to detect them. Once the scan is finished, visitor will be forced to pay a fee to remove the virus. Second types websites directly install malicious applications on visitors laptop. Some are intentionally created to host malware programs while others are hijacked by third party person. Anyway, it is important to avoid visiting any infected websites to protect our computer. Fortunately we have some tools to check whether a website is safe to browse.

Tools To Check Safety Of a Website

There are certain free tools to check whether a website is safe to browse or not. Most of these tools are free to use.
  1. Norton Safe Web

    Norton Safe Web is a free tools to check the possible threats posed by a website.
    Norton Safe Browse to Check any website

    To go to Norton Safe browse, follow the link below.

  2. McAfee SiteAdvisor - Check Search Result Links

    McAfee SiteAdvisor gives a little bit more assistance to check whether a site is free from malicious issues or not. They also check each outbound links on a webpage and tell you if they are safe to click.

    It is a free software and you can download it from the following location.

    McAfee SiteAdvisor shows malicious websites even from Google Search Results page. So I really recommend you to download and install this free software on your computer.

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Increase Google Spider Crawl Rate Of a Website

Search Engines automatically assign a specific rate of crawling for websites in their index. This rate depends on factors like how fast the webmaster update his site, the popularity of the pages etc. Though we cannot control the indexing pattern of Search Engine Spiders, there is a method to change the speed of crawling at least for Google spiders. This tutorial explains one method to change the current spider crawling rate if you feel the Google spiders crawl rate of your website is very low. To assign a specific crawling speed for Google spiders, you must have a verified webmaster tools account.

Steps to Manually Change Google Crawling rate Of Websites

First step to perform this action is to verify your webmaster tools account with the domain name for which you are going to change the spider crawling rate. In order to set custom crawling rate for your domain, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools Account. Use the link to logon

  2. Click on Settings (on left hand side of the page)

  3. Select set custom crawl rate

    Use the slider to change the automatic speed. If you move the slider left, spiders will visit your website in less frequency. If you want them very often on your webpages, you should move the slider to right. Do not forget to save the current changes you have made.

New custom made crawl rate is valid for 90 days only. Please note that if Google sets a default crawling speed for your website, you cannot change it by yourself. For a domain with default indexing speed assigned by Google, you will not see the slider to alter the current crawling speed. So this tutorial will work for those lucky webmasters whose domains are still having freedom to change the current indexing speed. So don't waste your time thinking because you must start quickly before big G assign automatic value.

If you set the slider to slower side, big G robots will reduce its frequency to visit your site and there is a risk of loosing the recent updates from their attention. It is OK for site having very rare content update like a static website but for a dynamic web portal I recommend you to move the slider to faster side. though robots will visit your site very often and consume server bandwidth, they will not miss any recent updates.

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