I don't like Rapid Firefox Updates, Why ?

According to the new policy of Mozilla team, in every 6 weeks they release new version of Firefox. Mozilla team claims, this rapid release helps to bring more capabilities to the browser. They say, Internet is very fast and they cannot allow Firefox development moves at a speed of traditional desktop software development. Success of Google Chrome browser may also motivated Mozilla team to take such a decision. However, many people find this new Mozilla policy a little bit awkward. First of all, Chrome and Firefox are not equal. Chrome has a set of users who like the features of the that browser but most of the Firefox users are the traditional users who like the traditional look and features. By trying to imitate Chrome, they make traditional Mozilla users disappointed. It is better to stay Firefox as Firefox and Chrome as Chrome. Here I list some of the common issues with rapid release are:

  1. Add-on compatibility issues

    One of the major issue with rapid Firefox browser release is the add-on compatibility. When I downloaded Firefox V5, I was surprised to see even Google toolbar was not compatible with it. Many of my add-ons were useless including in-house tools. Anyway, Mozilla team is about to find a solution to fix the add-on compatibility issue by following a bunch of new policies. You can read it by following the link below.

  2. Loosing customization

    This is the another major problem, every techie users face. After installing newer version, we need to customize it again from scratch.

  3. Conflicts with Enterprises IT policy

    Fast release of a widely using browser may create additional burden for IT departments. IT staff need to test the new version with all internal web based tools they use. Some times they may need to update the in-house tools to make it compatible with latest version.

  4. Problems for web designers

    Though they are adding interesting features for web developers, it is difficult to check the compatibility of web design with multiple versions.

In my opinion they should try to make the program more stable with minor updates instead of rapid major releases. However, for me Firefox is my first choice due to its high stability. If you want to block it asking to download latest version of the software, click on the link below.
Disable Mozilla Automatic Update Check

Even though you can disable it, it is advised to go with the latest version of Firefox browser because of the added security and functionality. It is risky running obsolete version of tools on your PC as their known vulnerabilities may be used by hackers to attack your computer system.

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Error 619: A Connection to the Remote Computer Could not be Established

Today morning while trying to connect to Internet using my Photon Plus connection, I received following error message "Error 619: A Connection to the Remote Computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed. " According to Microsoft support, error 619 can occur if your computer has any third party programs that is not releasing the Winsock stack after any type of Internet activity. Some examples of this kind of programs are Download Accelerator Plus and Zone Alarm. Some support forums tell another possibility which causes error 619. It is the registry error caused by improper uninstallation of previously installed programs in our computer. They recommend registry cleaning to fix this error.

Error 619: A Connection to the Remote Computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed

How to Solve Error 619

To fix "Error 619: A Connection to the Remote Computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed", follow the steps below.

1. Reset Winsock

In order to reset winsock, click on the link below.

How to Reset Winsock

2. Disable Firewall and network utility programs installed

By turn off any Internet related programs in your computer, you can avoid port related issues. Examples of Internet related programs are download accelerator, Firewall, torrent etc.

3. Check COM Ports

We should make sure the COM ports are used by the dialer (Internet Access Manager). To check this follow the steps below.

i. Right click on My Computer and Click on Properties

ii. Go to Device Manager

iii. Check Ports (COM & LPT)

How to fix error 619

4. Reboot Computer

After performing the above steps restart your computer.

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Subscribe Other's Updates in Facebook Using Subscribe Button

May be due to the continues efforts to keep Facebook on top due to the competition from Google plus, Facebook team added a new feature which allows a user to subscribe updates of other profiles. They introduce new subscribe button which let a user to receive the public postings of any specific profile. It is not like welcoming all junk posts of the subscribed user, but you can specify which type of updates you want to receive. There are 3 options "all updates, most updates and only important" are available. You can select either one of the option at the time of subscribing to a profile. Many believe the new feature resembles the Twitter. It is because the new Facebook subscribe option performs the same duty of tweets from a followed user.

We cannot see the "Allow Subscribers" button for all Facebook profiles. Users should enable this option first to show subscribe button on their profile. It is to protect the privacy of a user if he doesn't like other receive his public postings. It is also important to note that any uncontrollable information outflow may risk our privacy. A good marketer or hacker can gather sensitive information by constantly analyzing our activities by subscribing to our daily updates. They can use those information for their benefits. That is the reason by default no one can subscribe button displayed for our account updates. If you like to enable subscribe button for your Facebook profile, follow the steps below.

1. Click on Subscribe option below your Facebook profile picture

2. Click on Allow Subscribers

3. Click on OK (Edit Subscriber settings)

To view updates from subscribed users, click on subscriptions below friends.

To read more about this new feature click on the link below.


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How to Fix DNS Issues in Tata Photon Plus USB Modem

I have been using Tata Photon Plus for more than one and a half year. Though I am satisfied in over all performance, I faced DNS related issues many times. Many occasions I lost access to Internet due to the issues of default Tata Photon Plus DNS server. I am sure many Photon plus users face the same issuesand looking for a solution to fix it. Here I present one practical solution to fix the normal Photon Plus DNS issues.

Change Default DNS of Tata Photon Plus

One of the best solution to fix any DNS related issues is to change the default Tata Photon Plus DNS address to one of the more reliable DNS service. Both Open DNS and Google DNS are better than most of the default ISP owned DNS. In order to change the default DNS configured in Tata Photon Plus follow the steps below.

1. Open Huawei Access Manager

How to Fix dns related problems in Tata Photon Plus

2. Click on Tools and Options

Click on Tools and then select Options.

Create new Tata Photon Plus connection with new DNS

3. Click on Network Settings

Tata Photon Plus Network Settings

To create a new Photon Plus connection profile, click on New.

4. Create new Photon Plus Profile with new DNS

Enter the following details.

Access Number: #777

User Name : Internet

Password : Internet

Create new Tata Photon Plus network settings with new DNS

Click on Advanced button to change the DNS Information.

Add Open DNS or Google DNS in Photon Plus network settings

You can use either one of the following DNS addresses as primary and secondary DNS address.

OpenDNS addresses are:

Primary OpenDNS :
Secondary OpenDNS:

Google Public DNS Addresses are:

Primary Google DNS :
Secondary Google DNS:

Do not forget to save the settings after entering the details. Next time you should select the new Photon Plus profile before connecting to the Internet. After selecting new customized Photon plus profile, click on connect button.

Tata Photon Plus new connection profile

Here you can see, we are connected to the Internet by the new profile we have created. This new profile is not using default Tata Photon Plus DNS address. So any DNS related issues caused by Photon Plus server is resolved automatically. If you are using a Linux PC, follow the link below.

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