Tell Google to Index My Website Manually From Webmaster Tools Account

Are you facing any indexing problem with your website or blog ? Sometimes Google spiders may not index our web pages and blog posts irrespective of whatever efforts we do. Without indexing, Google will not show a web page in their search results. So it is very important to ensure that every pages on our website and blogs are indexed by Search Engines. What we can do if a website is not crawled by them properly ? This is one of the unfortunate state where Google shows no interest to a blog where already done most of the normal SEO steps to ensure the indexing. Is there any manual steps or procedure to force Google to index webpages on a website ? There is a way to submit webpages which are not yet indexed  from Webmaster Tools. If a specific page or post in our website is not yet indexed by them, we can submit that web page URL to Google directly and their spiders will come to index that URL after it is submitted. Manual procedure to submit a URL to index in Google from Webmaster tools is explained below.

How to Submit a URL to Index in Google Manually
  1. Sign in to Webmaster Tools account

  2. Click on Fetch as Google under Health

  3. Enter the URL and click on Fetch
    My blog post is not indexing in Bing

    Here I have submitted one of my blog posts which is not yet indexed.

  4. Click on Submit to index
    submit url
After a successful submission we will see it as URL submitted to index with a success tick. You must understand that by submitting one URL to index by using this procedure does not guarantee indexing. You have seen how to start a manual indexing by submitting URLs from Webmaster tools account. Similarly webmaster tool helps to optimize the spiders crawling rate on our websites and blogs. We can specify the exact rate of crawling by settings the crawling rate from webmaster tools. To learn more about setting the indexing speed, click on the link below.
Manually Set Spiders Crawl Rate On My Website

As we see, Webmaster tools account helps to learn how Google sees our websites. Also webmaster tools provides facility to change the default settings about indexing rate, Spider visits, submit sitemaps etc. Another facility in webmaster tools account like submitting a webpage to index is to check the indexed links pointing to our websites. To learn more about it click on the link below.
A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Webmaster Tools

If you have added a custom domain name for your blog, Google may take time to index all the pages on it with new address. In this case you can use the facility offered in Webmaster tools to index URLs even though Google is not indexing it automatically. Though the result is not guaranteed, it is the one of the best manual procedure to submit a post link and ask to start indexing process. To learn more about the procedure to add custom domain to a blogger blog, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog

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USB Tethering Error Showing On My Android Phone

While traveling I use my Android phone to get Internet connection on my laptop. Using the tethering feature I can use my Android phone as a wireless modem and my laptop access Internet through it. If anyone does not know what tethering stands for, it is a feature which allows share android phone's mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Yesterday while traveling I got in to a strange error. My mobile handset failed to tether. After connecting Android handset to laptop it showed the message USB connected, check to tether as usual. When I clicked tether, it fade out and showed an error message USB tethering error.

Then I received a pop up to turn on USB storage. I clicked on the button to turn on USB storage and then it displayed another message you cannot tether while USB storage is on. I turned off the USB storage and then it showed "USB connected, check to tether". Again when I clicked on tether, it said USB tethering error. I disconnected phone from the laptop and  reconnected. Unfortunately this also came to the same error. So finally in order to resolve the USB tethering error I switched off the handset and turn on back. Tethering feature worked perfectly after this step.

How to Check Tethering in Your Android Phone
  1. Go to Home screen

  2. Click on Applications

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Wireless & networks

  5. Click on Tethering & Portable hotspot

  6. Check USB tethering

I use Samsung Galaxy to connect my Laptop to access Internet while traveling. Samsung Kies installed on my laptop makes it easy to tether. However, the problem with Samsung Kies in my laptop is it hangs sometimes. So I prefer to use the tethering option provided in the phone itself. In order to learn how to enable Internet on Android phone with various service providers, click on the link below.
How to Configure Idea GPRS & 3G on Your Android Phone

If you have tethering issues, you cannot access Internet on your computer through Android phone. It is because Android phone will not be able to act as a modem for your PC if it is not tethered properly. To learn the use of another mobile data service provider and activate Internet on your computer click on the link below.
How to Configure BSNL GPRS Connection For an Android Handset

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Do You Use Nofollow For Internal Links in Your Website?

This article is about analyzing the usage of nofollow attribute while dealing with internal pages on a website. We can still see websites using this attribute for their internal links. I even see supporters of using it for internal linking. Personally I do not like the idea of adding rel="nofollow" to them. While discussing in webmaster forums, supporters of using nofollow attribute while pointing internal pages argue there is no need to pass PR juice to less important pages like contact us page, FAQ etc. So to avoid passing PR juice to the less important pages they add this attribute whenever pointing to those pages. Let us check how much truth in their arguments who support the usage of rel="nofollow" to internal webpages.

Concept of Page Rank Sculpting

When I started doing SEO for my websites, the concept of Page Rank sculpting was ruling. According to Page Rank Sculpting, we can channel the PR juice of one webpage to certain links on that page including internal and external links. In those days, Google was treating nofollow attribute as a barrier which stops the flow of PR juice through a link. By using this facility, webmasters prevented the flow of PR juice to unwanted pages and channel all the PR value to important pages.

Let us consider a webpage having 10 links (both internal and external). Each of them passes 1/10 of the total PR juice. According to PR Sculpting if we add nofollow to 5 links, PR flow through them are blocked. No more link juice passing through them with this attribute. Only 5 other links without nofollow tag passes the total Page Rank juice from the webpage. The PR juice passing through each one is now reduced to 1/5.

PR Flow through a link = 1/(Number of Links without nofollow attribute)

See, by Page Rank sculpting we can decide how much value passes through a link. But those days are over. Now the concept of Page Rank Sculpting no longer works. Google realized the misuse of nofollow attribute and they have changed the way Page trust flows between pages. Now irrespective of this attribute, link juice passing though links from on webpage follows the following equation.

PR juice passing through one link =1/(total number of links on the web page )

Now we can see even if we add nofollow to certain links on a web page, it does not affect the amount of PR juice passing through each one on the web page. So I recommend my fellow webmasters to do not use nofollow to internal pages for passing more link juice through certain links on that page. It does not work any more. The best SEO internal linking strategy is to avoid adding nofollow attribute while pointing internal pages.

Internal links have a vital role in total Search Engine rank of your website. The free flow of Page Rank through out your website helps internal pages to rank higher in Search Engine results. You can see some internal pages as backlinks while checking backlinks in Google or Bing. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Check Backlinks To Your Website In Google and Bing

If you are a blogger, you know the importance of having a custom domain name for your blog. It can help you to promote your blog among your audience and in Social Media. Unique domain name helps backlink building process too. To learn about adding custom domain follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Benefits and Steps to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog

We know the best source to check the backlinks pointing to our website is Google webmaster tools. Recently I lost a huge number of backlinks to my website in my Webmaster tools account but they are actually there. Those links which disappeared were not spam. To investigate more about this type of issues click on the link below.
A Lot Of External Links to My Website Suddenly Disappeared From Google Webmaster Tools

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How to Change Blogspot Blog Address from Blogger Settings

So if you have a blog in blogspot domain and have an address  not much related to the topics you write, you can change it always from the blogger dashboard. There is no restriction from blogger about the number of times you can change the URL of your blog. So if you think the URL is not an easily recognizable one or it does not tell the real niche of your writing, you have the full freedom to change it. The point we should remember is this facility depends on the availability of blog URLs. It means if the URL you are seeking for is already taken, you cannot use that. Blogspot serves first comes basis and it is better you register the one you want sooner.

Steps to Change Blogger Blog Address
  1. Log in to Blogger account

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Under basic settings you can see an edit button near blog address.
    how to change the URL of a blogger site

  4. Click edit and change the current URL with the new one. Click on Save after completing the process.

Change Blogspot URL With Registered Domain Name

Now let us come to another scenario. You want to alter the site's sub-domain name not with another blogspot sub-domain but with a proper custom domain. In this case you can use your custom domain name by redirecting current blogspot site address to the new domain. To learn how to setup custom domain name and redirect your blogspot address to the new domain name, follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
How to Set up a Custom Domain Name For My Blogspot Site

Points to Remember While Changing the URL

There are some points you should remember while changing the URL of your blogger site. First of all you must understand what is the meaning of changing the address. After changing the URL, the old address will not show your blog. So any bookmarks linking to URL will get a message blog doesn't exist. Similarly your readers will not be able to reach it using the old address. The same goes for the feed subscribers too. So if your blog is a popular one I cannot recommend you to change your blogspot  address (unless you go for custom domain name). After changing your blog's address it is your duty to inform your readers about the URL change. Otherwise they will never find your blog again.

This article is about changing the public address of your blogspot blog. What if you want to change the address of posts published in your blogger site? We can do it by simply following a blogger tweak. To learn how to change the URLs of posts click on the link below.
How to Alter the URL and Date Number From Blogspot Posts

We know the true potential of Social Sharing networks to popularize a website. We can use Social network sites to popularize the published posts if we use this facility properly. Blogger has a feature called blogger sharing button which helps us to share published articles in various social sharing networks. To learn how to display this button in our blogger blog, click on the link below.
Social Sharing Button in Blogspot is not Showing

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Stop Blogger Counting On Owners Visits in Analytics

If you are using blogger as your blog platform, to count the traffic to your blog you do not need to install any third party analytics (though I recommend the use of Google analytics). Blogger has a default traffic analyzer which checks the traffic to your website, country from which visitors came, the major landing pages with popular keywords. One issue with blogger stats checker is, it counts your own visit to total traffic. Though it makes sense, we can tell it to do not count our traffic to our blogs. So it will give exact view of genuine traffic originated and help to make our future plans with this true stats by making all your visits to your blog anonymous. To tell how to stop counting our traffic, follow the instructions provided below.

Tell Blogger to Stop Counting Your Own Pageviews in Stats
  1. Login to Blogspot Account

  2. Click on the Blog listed in the dashboard

  3. Click on Stats
    stop tracking my visit to blogspot site and be anonymous

  4. Click on the link don't track your own pageviews
    make your visit anonymous

  5. Select the radio button don't track my pageviews and click on Save
    make your visit to make hidden

Now onwards blogspot will not count your visit to your site. It is not an irreversible change. You can always change the don't track my pageviews option to track my pageviews option by following the steps mentioned above. You know the traffic to a blog is directly influenced by the backlinks it achieves over a time. To check the link count, follow the link below.
How to Check Backlinks To Your Website in Google, Bing and Yahoo

Here you learned how to stop blogger tracking your visits to your blog. Think about a situation you have deleted an old post  but now you want to create the same because of the huge visits and backlinks pointing to that old post. It is not possible to create same link for the new post (blogger ensures unique URL for every posts) but you want to redirect that traffic to your new post. You can simply do this task by following the simple trick mentioned in the article below.
How to Redirect Traffic and Backlinks Pointing to Old Blogspot Post to New Post

By default blogger shows newer post first. When you publish a new post, it will take the first position in your blog. However, you can display the opposite of it in your blog. To learn how to do this follow the link below.
How to Show Last  Posts First in a Blogspot Blog

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How to Check Backlinks To a Website in Google, Yahoo & Bing Search Engines

If you are a blogger or webmaster, one thing you are always curious to check is the backlink count of your website just after checking your keyword rankings. We all know the importance of backlinks and how do they help to get higher keyword rank for our sites. This article is dedicated to various methods to check the number of backlinks in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing pointing to your and your competitors. There are various ways to find the number of external links indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here I am not using any third party tools to view the backlink count but the methods provided by the respective Search Engines only.

How to Check Backlinks in Google

First let us check the methods to find indexed backlinks to your website from Google. There are two methods to find it. They are Google backlink check command and link list from Webmaster tools account.
  1. Google External Backlink Check Command:

    Type to find the external links pointing to a domain in Google. You can use this command to see a few listed links pointing to a domain but it will not show the full list of external references. To see the entire indexed webpages pointing, go to the second option.

  2. Google Webmaster Tools to Check Backlink count:

    i. Login to Webmaster Tools using the link
    ii. Click on your Domain name
    iii. Click on Traffic
    iv. Click on Links to your Website
    Check pointing to your competitor

    Here you can see the list of indexed external links pointing to your domain. The problem is you cannot use this method to display the backlinks pointing to your competitor's in Google.

Check Backlinks in Bing

We can check backlinks in Bing either by using the backlink checker command or by log in to their Webmaster Tools. I hope you have registered your website in Bing Webmaster Tools. Either methods are listed below.
  1. Bing backlink command:

    Type to find the links pointing to a domain name. You can type any website name after inbody: and press enter to see the webpages, mentioned your webpage, indexed by Bing Search Engine. As I said before Bing will not show full list of indexed backlinks to your website by using this check command.

  2. Login to Bing Webmaster Tools:
    i. Login using the link
    ii. Click on your website
    iii. Click on Reports & Data
    iv. Click on Inbound Links
    how to check competitor

    Now you can see the list of backlinks indexed by Bing Search Engine to your website. Same as in Google, this method cannot be used to analyze your competitor backlinks in Bing.

Check External Backlinks in Yahoo

In case of backlink checker command, Yahoo gives more options than Bing and Google. There are two different commands to find links pointing to a domain.

  1. link:Your Website

    This command shows the external webpages pointing to home page.

  2. linkdomain:Your Website

    This command shows the entire list of external links pointing to all pages including the index page. For example
Now you have learned various methods to find and analyze external links pointing to your website. Sometimes Webmaster tools will not show full list of backlinks to your website. Such an incident is listed below.
A Lot Of Backlinks Suddenly Disappeared From Webmaster Tools

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How to Cut a Video File Using Free Video Cutter Avidemux

Yesterday I recovered a long forgotten video which had taken during my college days. Though an amateur creation, it has many exciting moments which reminds the college days. Since I had no intention to keep that lengthy file, I decided to cut important portions only for future. I do not know very much about Video editing but wanted to edit this one badly. So I was looking for simple applications which can edit a video and help us to cut certain part of it. This article tells my efforts to find such a software and how did it met my needs. I hope this article will help newbies who have a genuine copy of movie file but planning to delete it while keeping the best parts of it in hard disks.

You must need a free movie cutter to perform this task. This article explains how much one of my favorite free applications named Avidemux can help you. I have been using this free application to edit and cut movie files. It is a free, hassle free video cutter software. Cut a film in to a number clips using Avidemux is very simple and it is totally free. We can save the edited frames in the formats AVI, MPEG, ASF etc using this application. Below you can see a step by step guide to cut one video file using Avidemux.

Cut a Video Using Avidemux
  1. Start Avidemux and open movie file by pressing open button on the left hand top

    It just takes a few seconds to load the file.

  2. Select the Starting point from which you need to create the video clip using the sliding bar
    how to select

  3. Press A to start cut(When the slider is at the right frame) and press B at the end frame to stop cutting while you slide the film
    start saving

  4. Click on Save button on the top
You can see how simple to cut a clip from a big movie file using Avidemux video cutter tool. It is freeware you can download from their server. If you ever face issues with Windows Debuggers follow the link below.
Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger Has Encountered a Problem and Need to Close

Most of the Internet users know the importance of broadband speed and bandwidth but rarely understand the difference between these two terms. To learn more about it click on the link below.
What is The Difference Between Broadband Speed and Bandwidth

Where to Download Avidemux

If you have not downloaded this free application to your PC, you can do it from the link provided below. Here you will see different versions of this software for different Operating Systems. Depends on the OS on your laptop, you may choose the right version. Right now Avidemux is available for Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions), Linux and MAC.

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File Access Denied- Need to Provide Administrative Permissions to Move The File

Have you ever encountered an error message File Access Denied 'You will need to provide administrative permission to move this file' while moving one file in your computer from one location to another ? This can happen either you are in a standard user account without having sufficient permission or the wrong security permissions set on file. If you are in a standard/guest user account you need to login to Administrative account to move a folder which needs administrative privilage. If you are already logged in to an administrative account and still facing the same error message, you have to edit the system permission set. By changing the set of rules which restrict the access, you can fix this issue. The error message looks like:

 Access Denied

You can change the permission for a user by following the steps below.
  1. Right click on the file

  2. Click on Property

  3. Click on Security tab
    how to change system permission for each user accounts

  4. Select the user and click on Edit button near "To change permission click Edit"

  5. Select the user and uncheck every deny check box. After unchecking every deny box click Apply
After providing the necessary changes in rules, we can move it without any issues. Like this wrong permission settings, certain malware infections too can cause similar error messages like "File Access Denied". To learn more about script malware issues click on the link below.
WScript.exe is Infected By Malware and Firefox Opens Harmful Websites

Here we see how can a wrong user permission setting can cause trouble while changing the file. Similarly we can improve certain settings on the working programs too on your computer. To learn how to change the program responding time and features click on the link below.
End Not Responding Programs automatically in Windows 7 - Terminate Hung Process

Windows has a feature to stop the automatic installation of unwanted programs on your computer. This application lock feature similar to our file permission denial can prevent any unauthorized installation. To learn more about it follow the link below.
Stop Installing Unwanted Programs in Windows -Application lock


Increase Adsense Ad Revenue by Improving CPC and CTR of Ads Displaying On Your Website

I have been using Google Adsense to monetize my blogs for more than 5 years. With this experience, I would like to write an article about the basic facts which affect the revenue from Adsense ads displaying on a website. I hope it will help at least a few newbie webmasters to monetize their website effectively using this program. Traffic is the key of AdSense success but still you should learn other factors which affects total advertisement earning. Though there are many factors affecting the Advertisement revenue I would like to concentrate just two factors CPC and CTR in this article. It is important to note that the tips explained here are valid only for a quality website.

High CPC Assure Higher Adsense Revenue

In advertisers point of view CPC of Adsense units showing is the amount they pays to display their ads and it is just above the amount bid by the competitor immediate below him(not the maximum amount they bid). According to a webmaster, Cost Per Click of ad units displaying on his website is the amount he is getting when a reader clicks them (amount payed by the advertiser minus Google's share). Now the million dollar question, how to improve CPC of Advertisements showing ? To crack down the secret facts of CPC, we should learn the factors affecting it. I recommend you to read my previous article on the secret facts which determine the CPC. Some of them are:
  1. Use of highly Competitive keywords attracts Adsense Ads with higher CPC

  2. Limit the number of ad units displaying on a webpage

  3. Placement of Ad unit on webpage (Ad units on above the fold have higher CPC)

  4. Use Keywords where advertisers willing to bid more

  5. Target visitors from the geographical area where advertisers bid more

  6. Use the better performing unit to increase revenue

To read more about the facts which affect CPC, click on the link below.
Learn How to Calculate and Factors Affecting Cost Per Click

Relation Between CTR and Google Adsense Earning

CTR (Click Through Rate) is the ratio of total clicks on the ads by the total ads impressions and is expressed as a percentage. This equation will help you to find the CTR of PPC Ads displayed on your website.

CTR = (Total Clicks/ Total impressions) X 100

By increasing the CTR, you can improve your earnings. Though there is no optimum Click Through Rate, I believe it is better having between 2 to 5 percent. To increase CTR, you should care following factors.
  1. Ads placement affects CTR and always experiment new positions on your website

  2. Perfect blending of ad units with website can improve it. It means link color, font size, text color etc of Ad unit should match the same on the website.

  3. Get more visitors from Search Engine because organic traffic always increase Click Though Rate

  4. Relevant ad can assure higher CTR
To learn more about the influence of CTR (Click Through Rate) on revenue, follow the link below.
How to Calculate CTR of Ad Units Displaying On Your Website

I know how much curious you are to check the potential of your blog after perfectly optimizing the CTR and CPC of Adsense Ads showing on your website. Following link leads to one of my previous article which tells a way to calculate your possible daily PPC revenue. To learn more about it click on the link below.
When Will My Domain Earn $100 From Google Ads

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