Create Direct Download Link For Older Versions Of Google Chrome Web Browser

We know Google Chrome is the most popular web browser at this point of time. This tutorial is about downloading the older versions of Chrome browser on your computer. If you go to direct download link, you will get the latest version of the browser only. However, by a simple trick we can download any version of Chrome browser. We will get an offline installer of it by simply specifying the version number of the required version of Chrome. We can create a direct download link of it using the last two sessions of required Chrome version. Format of the direct download link of any version of Chrome browser is:

[] + [last two sessions of Chrome version] + [/chrome_installer.exe]

Before using this equation to create download link for any version, you must check all the available versions. Without knowing the exact version number, this formula will not give you download link. Fortunately Google publish log file of all versions on their blog and you can find the required version number from there. To check the available versions of Chrome browser, go to the following blog.

By using the above format, we can create direct download link for any release of Google Chrome web browser. If you find any process running abnormal or not responding, you can kill that process by simply going to Chrome task manager. To learn more about this, click on the link below.
How to Kill Not Responding Processes in Google Browser

Google Chrome asks you to save username and password when you login to a website but you can refuse it. In case if it is automatically saved and you want to remove them, click on the link below. In this link, you can see the step by step instructions to removed saved passwords and username.
How to Delete Saved Username and Password From Google  Browser

This tutorial tells the steps to create direct download link to download and install any version of Google  browser on your computer. This link also uses the same equation but with different intention. This article is specifically for every releases of the browser from Google.To learn more about offline installer click on the link below.
How to Download Latest Version Of Offline Installer


How to Change Default TTL Value Set On Ping Packets

TTL value (Time To Live) tells the life span of the ping packets by setting the number of hops they can cross. When it reaches the hop count set by TTL, they expire. When you ping an address from Command Prompt, computer automatically assign a default Time To Live value which is greater than the hop count between the destination and your computer. Sometimes it may not be enough for the packets to reach the address. In those cases we need to set a different Time To Live value on them. We can simply change this value from command prompt but the manually configured value must be between 0 to 255. If the TTL set is 0, ping packets won't go further from your computer. If it is 1,  they expire when they reach the subnet. From the Time To Leave value in ping reply, we can find the hop count between destination and your computer. Check the below image to learn how to find the hop count between your computer and different websites.
Manually assign

Here you can see the hop counts between your computer and different addresses.

How to Change Default TTL Value When You Ping an Address

To change the default Time To Live value set on ICMP echo packets, follow the command below.
Ping -i (TTL value) Address

Eg: Ping -i 100

Please note that if you set a lower TTL value for ICMP requests than the actual hop count between your computer and destination, they will never reach the address. The below image shows this.
How to limit value

Here I set a TTL value which is less than the actual hop count between my computer and Google server. So the packets expired on its way before reaching the destination and I have received the Time To Live Expired in Transit error message. To learn more about this specific error message click on the link below.
What is The Error Message TTL Expired in Transit

By setting different Time To Live value on ping packets we can troubleshoot many connectivity issues. One of the most common ICMP error message is Transmit failed general failure. To learn more about this error click on the link below.
Reasons and Solution For  Transmit failed. General Failure

Here we have seen the effect of TTL value while sending requests to the destination. If the Time To Live value set is lower than the actual distance between the destination and your computer, ping packets will expire. There is another ping error message when ping packets send from your computer failed to reach the destination host. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Reasons and Solution for Destination Host Unreachable Error Message

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Can't Access Control Panel - Unlock & Block From Start Menu in Computer

Some times you may witness blocked Control Panel (CP) on your computer mostly after a malware attack. Some malicious programs lock this window to prevent you from accessing Control Panel items. Most of the times they use Group Policy or Windows Registry to lock it and it may remain locked even if you remove malware from your computer. This tutorial tells how to unlock disabled Control Panel on your computer with Group Policy and Registry. Even if you are unable to find CP and Control Panel items on Windows Start menu, from Group Policy we can fix it. You can also use the same instructions to lock it on your computer to prevent others from accessing this feature on your computer. Steps to lock and unlock control panel on your computer are provided below.

1. Use Group Policy to Lock and Unlock Access to Control Panel
  1. Type gpedit.msc on Run (Press [Windows] and [R] to open Run window)
    Can't access

  2. On Local Group Policy Editor click on User Configuration

  3. Click on Administrative Template and select Control Panel
    Enable access to prohibited

  4. Double click on "Prohibit Access to the Control Panel" and click on enable to disable it on your laptop. If you select disable, CP will be accessible.
    how to remove from start menu

    1. Select Enable if you want to Remove CP From Windows Start menu and prohibit access to it.
    2. Select disable if you want to unlock Control Panel and its items on your PC

    Do not forget to save settings before closing the window.

  5. Reboot your computer to see the effect

If you select enable radio button users cannot start Control Panel or run any CP items on your PC. More over users will never see it in  start menu. So if anyone is not seeing Control Panel in Windows start menu, you can easily tell them it is being disabled either in Group Policy or in Registry.

2. Unlock and Lock Control Panel From Windows Registry

Once you have done with unlocking CP from Group Policy, if the issue persists, next you have to look at Registry. Malwares can disable Control Panel from there and you must unlock it manually. Before going to change any settings in Registry, I recommend you to take a backup of current registry by following the steps below.
How to Backup Registry On Your Computer

  1. Type regedit on Run and press OK

  2. Go to the location
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer

  3. Select Explorer and right click on the right side to create a new DWORD(32-bit) Value.
    Disable From Registry

  4. Change the name to NoControlPanel and double click on it. Now change the value data to 1. Click OK.
    Enable  from Registry

    1. If the value data is 1, after reboot CP will be disabled on your computer. You will no longer see Control Panel in Start menu

    2. If the value data is 0, after reboot Control Panel will be enabled. You will be able to see it in Windows Start menu

From this tutorial you have learned how to resolve the issue if you are unable to access Control Panel and its items on your computer using Group Policy and Registry. You have already understand the trick to disable ControlPanel on your computer. Like this if you want to disable unwanted startup programs on your computer click on the link below.
How to Disable Unwanted Startup Programs From Your Windows Laptop

Just like Group Policy and Registry another important tool in Windows is WLAN AutoConfig. To learn how to tweak with it, follow the link below.
How to Start WLAN Autoconfig in Windows 7 and  8

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How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry On Your Computer

It is important to take backup of Windows registry on your computer before making any changes in registry keys. If you have done anything wrong with it, those mistakes may prevent your computer from normal working. If you have a backup file of its current settings, you can simply restore it and recover your PC from issues by wrong editing. It is a support tutorial for our other windows troubleshooting articles which touch registry editing. So be sure you have a backup of current registry settings before editing it on your PC. Steps to export registry backup and restore registry on a computer are discussed below.

How to Take Backup Of Windows Registry

  1. Type regedit on Run and click ok.

    Press [Windows] [R] to open Run window.

  2. Click on File in Edit Editor
    import with restoration

  3. Click on Export to backup Windows Registry. It is better save the exported file on desktop or My Documents and the file saved is in reg extension.

How to Restore Registry in Windows Laptop

To restore previous version of reg settings on your laptop, go through the steps 1, 2 and click on import in File.

The above article covers the basics of exporting and importing current reg settings on a Windows computer. It is a better practice to backup current settings before making any changes to it. It will help you to fix any mistakes done accidentally while editing it. We can change the ways Operating system works from registry by changing the keys. To learn how to disable USB on a laptop using this method, click on the link below.
How to Disable USB Ports On Your Laptop

The above link tells Reg Edit to disable USB on your computer. What if we need to prevent copying files from computer to USB drive without disable entire port ? We can do this by a simple reg tweak. Ensure that you have a backup of current configuration before doing any of the steps mentioned in the below article. The link is provided below.
Trick to Prevent Computer From Copying Files to USB Drive

To export the backup file of Registry on your computer we must access Reg Editor. In certain cases we may experience the issue of blocked Editor. So we fail to download the backup. This can be due to change in group policy or malware infection. Certain applications installed on a laptop do this as part of conflict or showing malicious behavior. However, we can remove this restrictions by running a simple simple. In this situation you can follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Enable Disabled Reg Editor On Your Computer

From Windows registry we can decide the time to stop not-responding programs on Windows. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Trick to End Not Responding Programs On Windows Automatically

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Can Guest Blogging Attract Google Penalty ?

Guest blog posting was one of the important method adopted by many link builders to get backlinks to their websites. It has been working fine since the evolution of the idea but the situation is about to change. From the latest responses by Google officials, we can conclude that they are going to check the growing trend of guest blogging to get backlinks. According to Google guidelines any link building process with the intention to improve the search rank of a website is not allowed. The same principle applies here. When someone posts an article, he has to put nofollow to the links in the article pointing back to his website. If he fails to add nofollow attribute, it falls in the category of link building with the intention to manipulate search engine ranking. In this article let us check how does guest blogging affect the Google guidelines and possible penalties.

Guest Blog Owner and Google Penalties

First let us see this in the point of view of site owner who publish articles send by others. If he accept articles totally unrelated to the niche of his website, it can reduce the authority of his website in its niche. Also the quality of the content (send by) is very important. There is a big chance of getting low quality articles and it is a tough job to read and analyses the quality of posts he gets before publishing. If the site owner publishes low quality posts, he can expect Google Panda hit. Factors which can attract Google Penalties are:
  1. Low quality articles
  2. Bad Outbound links
  3. Totally unrelated content with the niche
  4. Copy paste or spam content
  5. Number of outbound links from a published article

Guest Post Writer and Chances of Google Penalty

Google recommends every  writer to add nofollow to the links added in the posts to avoid any future penalty. Is it all ? no, there are other risks too for a guest blog writer. If the link pointing from the article is not related to the content, it can attract Penguin hit. Also, it is important to publish quality article to avoid Google hit on both post writer(writer's website) and blog owner. Always use common sense to avoid the risks with guest post publishing by avoiding overdoing it.

To learn more about the advice to add nofollow to the links in third party content, follow the link below.

Update: Matt Cutts makes it clearer by telling the possible penalties and damages by accepting guest articles from unknown people. You can refer the link below to read more about his view.

Now, it is the time to understand the possible risks associated with publishing third party content and learn how to do it intelligently without clashing with Google guidelines. To learn about the Alexa ranking and it importance in blog reputation read the following article.
Importance of Alexa Ranking and Tips to Improve it

Quality articles on your blog definitely improve the blog authority but without having necessary optimization your blog may not get huge traffic. So you must understand the necessary tips to optimize a blog to gain more traffic. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Optimize a Blogger Site To Get Huge Traffic

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How to Change Link Color On Blog Posts From Blogger Template Designer

High bounce rate of a blog is due to the bouncing back of visitors coming to a post without visiting other pages. It can happen either due to low quality content or there is no way or need to visit other pages (fully satisfied with the information and no need to browse more). In case if the visitor got what he was looking for, there is no chance to hold him without offering something else which attracts him. For that we must project the interesting posts and get the attention of the visitor. Color of links pointing to other pages on your blog(internal URLs) plays a big role here among other factors. If he cannot find the links in the content (identical colors for both text and link), he will not click them. So it is important to give an attracting difference to the internal links. We can change the link color on blog posts from Blogger Template Designer. From Blogger Template Designer, we can change the link color, visited link color and hover color.

Use Blogger Template Designer to Change Link Color On Blog Post

To change the internal URL color on blog posts using Blogger Template Designer follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger Account and Go to Dashboard

  2. click on Template and click on Customize button
    How to optimize internal link color for more clicks

  3. Click on Advanced and select links
    Blogger template designer to optimize external URL color

  4. After changing with right code, click on Apply to Blog

If an internal link placed on an article is eye catching, it can leads to more clicks and page views. So we can reduce the bounce rate of the blog. By eye catching, it does not mean fancy colors. Internal URL color must be professional otherwise users will doubt the quality of the post content. Now let us consider the structure of blogger post URLs. It shows the date of your blog post publishing and there is a way to get rid of this factor from post URLs. To learn about it click on the link below.
How to Get Rid of Month and Year Date From Blogspot  Post URL

This post is about the Blogger Template Designer tips to change the color of Internal links on your blogger blog. It does not say about traffic to a blog. However, if you are interested to know how to transfer traffic getting on one blogger link to another click on the link below.
How to Redirect Traffic and URLs Pointing one Blogger link to Another BloggerURL

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End of Google External Keyword Tool & Free Alternate Keyword Planner

Google is about to stop Free AdWords External Keyword Tool and it is a shocking news for most of the Internet marketers who are using it to fetch keyword ideas for online campaigns. Since we can see the alert by Google about the near stopping of this free Tool, we must find alternate ways to get search phrase ideas for our online campaigns. This feature is helpful not only to get search key ideas but also get the approximate competition and monthly page views of the suggested phrases. Though Google is going to stop the free External Keyword Tool, we can access a modified form of it in our Google AdWords account under the title Keyword Planner. See the alert displayed about the expiration of the current feature and the introduction of new feature.
alternate planner

End Of External Keyword Tool and Alternate Free Keyword Planner From Google

So we can see Google Keyword Planner is going to take over the current attention Google Keyword Tool is getting. The new feature from AdWords seems more effective than the predecessor  in case of potential search phrases suggestion and traffic estimation.

It is necessary to have a feature which gives estimated traffic for every search phrases with average difficulty to rank for it. Without such a tool it is very difficult for a search engine marketer to analyze every search phrases and decide the difficulty to promote a website for that search phrase. Though there are many software products which do the same task either they are paid or not so effective. That is why the news of the end of Keyword tool is a sudden shock for everyone who are in to Internet marketing. However, we do not need to worry much because Google introduces a new product which can do the current job better that its predecessor.

So we all are going to miss this wonderful free key phrase suggestion tool. Though Keyword Planner is free, only users with AdWords account can access and use it. This new Google product is more sophisticated for your AdWords campaigns with necessary details like average traffic of the suggested search phrases, CPC of the search words etc. CPC is an important factor in online campaign and the effect of CPC in online Advertising can be read in the link below.
How to Increase Adsense Ad Revenue by Improving CPC and CTR of Ads

Just like Google External Keyword Tool another popular service from Google is AdSense. External Keyword Tool helps to find the profitable keywords for our online campaign and Google AdSense on the other hand helps to monetize our website. There are some minimum requirements set by AdSense to approve an application and you can read more about it by following the link below.
Keeps Rejecting my Adsense Request Instead of Approving?

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Check The Internet Usage on Netgear Router By Traffic Meter

Latest Netgear Routers like R6300 offers tools to check the monthly Internet traffic through the router. The tools offered by Netgear router to monitor, control and set limit of Internet usage through the Internet port of Netgear wireless router is called Traffic Meter. By using Traffic Meter, you can set the monthly traffic limit through the Netgear router.The limitation with Traffic Meter is that you cannot control the port wise (LAN port) control of Internet consumption by different users connected to the Netgear wireless router. You can only limit the Internet usage as a router but not user wise.

How to Control Internet Data Usage By Netgear Wireless Router

To control the Internet usage through Netgear router by Traffic Meter, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Netgear Router:

    To login to Netgear router follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Login and Setup Netgear Wireless Router

  2. On Setup page click on Advanced button and select Advanced Setup

  3. Click on Traffic Meter
    Control Internet bandwidth using netgear router

  4. Check Enable Traffic Meter and now you will be able to set monthly download and upload limit on Netgear Router

Though Traffic Meter is useful to set monthly Internet usage through Netgear router, it does not have feature to allocate specific Internet bandwidth limit for different computers connected to the router. To check and monitor the Internet usage by different users connected to the Netgear router we may need to use third party tools. To learn how to setup wireless security on Netgear router click on the link below.
How to Setup Wireless Security On Netgear R6300 Dual Band Router

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This Domain is Already Assigned to an Account When I Add to Hosting in Godaddy

Two days ago I purchased a new domain name from Godaddy in the same account where I have hosting too. It is very simple to add the domain name to hosting if both features are in the same account. However, I faced a strange issue when I tried to add this new domain name to my web host account. I could not add the name and got an error message "this domain is already assigned to an account". For me it is brand new name and I contacted Godaddy technical support. Technical support team informed me, this domain name is already connected to a hosting account in their network. Since it is not my hosting account, someone else added it to his hosting. I requested the Godaddy team about it and they removed the address from the previously hosted account and informed me to wait 24 hours to add it to my hosting. Yesterday I added this it to my web host account and now it is working perfectly.

this domain is already assigned to an account in Godaddy web hosting account error

Now I feel I have purchased an expired domain name which was hosted with Godaddy server. His domain name  expired but the hosting is still active. If you are facing the same issue this domain is already assigned to an account either you can call Godaddy technical support or use their online support. If you are using online support (email support) they will respond you back within 3 hours. The link to Godaddy online support is provided below.

If you plan to use Godaddy telephone support, you can use the following phone number to reach them. If you want to use their telephone support, you must use the secret pin you have created while opening account. It is just to verify that they are serving the real account owner.
(480) 505-8877

I have been with this domain and hosting stuff for the past 5 years. I still remember the days I struggled to add a custom domain for my blogger blog. I also faced issues with redirecting non www version of domain name to www version. If I type the non www version of URL to view a blog page, it redirect to the home page. That issue is a strange issue compared to showing 404 error page. To read about how I handled it click on the link below.
How to Redirect Namecheap Naked Domain to WWW Version Of Domain Name


Update Firefox Browser to Latest Version to Avoid Known Vulnerabilities

Mozilla Firefox is one the most popular web browsers today. It is common that the trend to find the vulnerabilities on popular products is very high and Firefox is no exception to it. So it is the duty of a computer user to aware the known bugs and vulnerabilities reported about Mozilla browser and make sure the latest version of it is running on his computer. Firefox responds fast to the reported security vulnerabilities and updates patches for the bugs found. If you have enabled it to look for the updates automatically, you do not need to worry much since your browser will get the patches for the bugs automatically. If you have disabled automatic Firefox update, you must update the browser manually.

Where to Find Reported Firefox vulnerabilities

  1. They publish the reported vulnerabilities of Firefox browser for the awareness of users. You can get the list of published vulnerabilities from the link below.

  2. Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories publish an achieve of known bugs and security flaws reported in the link below. It is maintained in a way the latest vulnerability reported is displayed on the top of the list with tags critical, high, moderate and low.
How to Protect Firefox Installed From Security Vulnerabilities by Manual Update

There is nothing to worry much about protecting Mozilla browser installed on your computer from known security bugs. All you have to do is to ensure version you are using is the latest. To manually update Firefox browser to latest version to avoid security flaws follow the steps below.

  1. Open Firefox and press [Alt] and [H] button together

  2. Click on Help and select 'About Firefox'
    Update manually

  3. Click on Check for Updates button
    Protect from backdoors

  4. Wait till the completion of download.
    Save from Security bugs

    After installing the downloaded updates, restart it.

By the above steps you can manually update Firefox browser installed on your computer to the latest released version. So we can protect our computer from the known security flaws of Mozilla browser. Do you ever try to check the stored details on it ? If not following link tells how to view and fetch the stored information from it.
How to View Saved Passwords On Mozilla Web Browser

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