How to Setup Free Email Account With Godaddy Domain Name

If you have purchased a domain name from Godaddy, you get some extra benefits also. They are currently offering a free email account with 1GB storage space with each domain names you buy. So you can create one business e-mail address (eg: admin@yourdomain name) without having to purchase additional email accounts from them. This offer is not limited to new domain names. Right now they offer one free email account credit with the hosting also. It is very easy to create and setup free email account in Godaddy. You should note that once you have used full free email credits in your account, you may need to buy professional/personal email/business credits. The procedure to create free Godaddy mail account is listed below.

Steps to Create Free Email Account with Godaddy

  1. Login to your Godaddy account

  2. Go to My Account and Click on Email

  3. Click on Setup button at "Free Email Plans"
    how to start free  business

  4. Now you need to select the features
    Create new with hosting

  5. You must select the "Which account type, size, and region do you want to use? What's my region?" from the drop down menu.
    Select region and feature

    It is important to note that you cannot use two region for two accounts created for a single domain name. For example if I create an  address in Asia region, I cannot create another one like for US region. The second one should use the same region selected for the first one.

  6. Click on Setup after selecting the region and type of your free account.
    Create new

  7. Now you will see "Free email with domain" under email. Click on launch to start creating free Godaddy email account.
    Launch  hosting with free credits

  8. Click on Create
    Create and maintain

  9. Enter the desired address and other details. Click on create to finish the process.
    Create and Change address

    Now you will get the confirmation.
    Process completed

How to Login Godaddy Business Email Account

You can log in to your mail account by using the username and password you created. To login, click on the link below.

If you purchase an expired domain name through Godaddy and if it was previously hosted with them, you may face difficulties in hosting the domain name with them again. To read full details about this issue and steps to fix it, visit the link below.
This Domain is Already Assigned to an Account When I Add to Hosting

When you host your website with Godaddy, there is an alternate method to verify your domain name in Google Webmaster tools. It is by the default webmaster id provided. To learn more about it go to the link below.
Verify Your Domain Name in Webmaster Tools With Webmaster Email Address


List of Best Free LAN Messengers & Download Links

To communicate between computers in a single Local Area Network, LAN Messengers are the best option. Most of them do not need a server and have very easy instillation. Even some of them do not need installation, just unzip and run is enough. We can send pictures, text messages or even large files though them hassle free. LAN Messenger data transfer is limited to a single Local Area Network and no one outside the Local network can access or participate the communication. So it is secure mode of data transfer and most suitable for a small office. this article introduces a list of free best LAN messengers available with download links.

  1. IP Messenger:

    IP Messenger is one of the most popular LAN messengers supports different platforms. We can chat, transfer files between computers in a Local Area Network, desktop capture etc using this tool. To learn more about steps to open the previous chat history, click on the link below.
    How to Create Log Files For IP M Installed on your Computer

    To learn more about this tool and to download, visit the link below.

  2. Squiggle:

    Squiggle is a free LAN Messenger with a feature to bridge different Local Area Networks across a WAN. It also a server less based on peer to peer technology. Squiggle supports chat history, spell check, group chat voice chat etc. Download link is provided below.

  3. Sourceforge LAN Messenger:

    It is a UDP based tool which supports computers in a single Local Area Network. It has simple User Interface, IP blocking feature etc. To download and learn more about it, go to the link below.

  4. Hitmaneidos LAN Messenger:

    It does most of the duties of IM clients like file sharing, chat with people in the same Local Network, facility of private chat room and public chat room, facility to save conversations etc. To read about this program and download, visit the link below.

  5. Portable Peer to Peer LAN Chat:

    It is a server-less peer to peer and to learn more about it, click on the link below.

We have covered some of the important products but the list is not complete. There are many of them which do not need Internet connection and server to start communication between computers connected to a single DHCP. In LAN Messenger communication it is not very important to find the location of your online friend but in Internet chat programs, it is important. To check the location of your chat friend in YM, visit the link below.
How to Find the Location Of YM Online Friend

In Internet Messenger, users can select to be invisible. If one user is in invisible mode, his/her contacts cannot see the user online. However, in YM we have a method to check if a particular user is online or in invisible mode. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
Check If a YM Contact is Invisible or Offline


Disable Shutdown & Logoff Status Messages On Your Computer

If you are a busy type person who does not want to wait for your computer show the status message of  shutdown or logon and logoff, there is a Windows Group Policy tweak to disable them. Once you have disabled the shutdown, logon or logoff message from group policy, Windows will no longer show you the message which reminds users to wait while your computer shutdown or logoff. This Operating system trick is valid only on Windows 2000, 2003 and XP. You can enable system status message at any time by reversing the Group Policy tweak made on your computer and you will again see the shutdown status message while your computer is turning off.

Remove Windows Shutdown and Logoff Status Message From Your Computer

To remove the Windows shutdown and logoff status message from your laptop, follow the steps below.
  1. Type gpedit.msc on Run or Search and press enter

  2. Click Administrative Templates

  3. Double Click System and double click on Remove Boot/ Shutdown/ Logon/ Logoff status messages(on right pane)
    How to Stop logout alert

  4. Select enable to stop Windows showing shutdown and logoff status message on your computer.
    Stop showing logout warning

Steps to Enable Boot/ Shutdown/ Logon and Logoff Status Messages

Go to the Location Administrative Templates> System> Remove Boot/ Shutdown/ Logon/ Logoff status messages and select disable to enable shutdown and logoff status message.

From Windows Group Policy Edit we can change the normal operation of most of the windows features. In case if you want to disable access to certain tools on Windows for other users, you can set policy in Group Policy Edit. Or if you want to stop displaying certain messages or alerts on your Windows computer as we have stopped Shutdown and logoff status alert here, you can do the same from Group Policy Edit. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Cannot Access Control Panel and Enable Entry Using Group Policy Edit

Just like Group Policy Edit another important Microsoft tool is Registry Editor. Registry Editor is also used to stop or manipulate the normal operation of Windows features. As you know, it is not recommended to play with this tool unless you know how to handle it. Certain malwares can disable the entry of user to these tools. If you face such issues follow the solution provided in the link below.
RegEdit Is Disabled By Administrator- How to Unlock RegEdit & Enable Registry Editor

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How to Change Default Size of Ping Echo Request On Your Computer(ping -l)

We all know by default the size of ping ICMP echo request packet is 32 byte. Though the default ping packet size is 32 bytes we can change it by a simple command while ping a destination from your computer. By using -l option, you can decide the size of the echo request packets. The valid value of size of ICMP packets is from 0 to 65500. If you set any value not in the range of 0-65500, you will get error with warning bad value for -l, value range is from 0 to 65500. If you are facing issues with MTU value of ICMP packets send from your computer, changing their size may help you. The format to change the default ping echo request packet size is given below.

ping -l (value between 0 to 65500) [Destination Address]

Practical Example

Here let us check how to use this command to change the default size of ICMP echo request packets. Here I am going to send packets to a destination address with manually configured value. Here I use different values and you can see the result on the picture provided below.

Eg: ping -l 50

Here I have changed the default value of 32 with 50. Let us check how this command changes the size of echo packets send from your computer.
Change value

The above picture shows ping packets send with different sizes. So you have learned the way to assign any size for the ICMP request packets send from your computer. Likewise if you want to change the default number of Echo requests send from your computer, you can do it by following the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Perform Continuous Operation to a Destination Until Manually Stop

Not just the default size of the requests but the TTL value too can be changed from your computer. If you want to change the default TTL value of the ICMP requests send from your computer like you have changed the default size, click on the link below.
How to Change Default TTL Value Set

Sometimes ping packets send from your computer with different packet sizes may bring you certain error messages instead of proper reply from the destination. Most of the time it might be related to some other issues. One of such error message is given below.
Echo Reply Shows Hardware Error Instead Proper Reply

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Do Continuous Ping a Destination Until Manually Stop

If you are worried about the up time of a destination device, you can check it from your computer by performing continuous ping  and analyzing the reply. There is a syntax for continues ping from your computer to any IP address and you have to stop the operation manually in case you don't want your computer to ping the IP any longer. To do it from your command prompt, you can use -t syntax and you must use the combination of keys [Ctrl] and [C] to stop the process. So the complete format of  command to perform continues ping is provided below.
ping -t [Destination Address]


Here we send unlimited number of ICMP Echo requests to a host using the command provided above. You can see the result from the picture given below.

Eg: Ping -t

The above command will send continues ICMP Echo requests to Google until you stop the operation manually by pressing [Ctrl] and [C] buttons. The below screenshot will show you more ideas about the process of continues ping  a destination.

You can use domain name and IP address as the destination to perform continues ping operation. Just like changing the default number of ICMP echo requests and you can also change the default TTL value of ICMP Echo requests send from your computer. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Change Default Time To Live Value(TTL) Set On Echo Packets

Sometimes destination device's firewall is configured in a way to find out continues ICMP Echo requests from a source and terminate it. In that case we will get invalid reply from the destination device. If you receive the error message the connection is terminated by the destination device, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer Before it Could be Completed

In some cases while performing continues ping a destination, you may get  host unreachable error message. It means ICMP Echo requests send from your computer could not find the remote host. If you see this error message while contentiously sending packets to a destination, instructions provided in the below link will help you to fix the issue.
Reasons and Solution For the Error Message Remote Host Unreachable

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Using Google Chrome Browser To Access A Remote Computer

There are many instances where we need to access a remote computer which may be your friend's or office computer to fix some issues. We have many remote desktop accessing tools available now but I recommend one new tool comes with Google Chrome browser. It is a free Chrome extension which lets you to access a remote computer using Google Chrome web browser. This apps is known as Chrome Remote Desktop. Using it we can either let a friend to access our computer remotely or access another remote computer. One of the major advantage of using this app to access a remote computer is its support for various Operating systems. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac PCs. They claim virtually Google Chrome Remote Desktop can access any devices using Web browser.

  1. Login to Google account on Chrome browser and visit the link below.

  2. Click on Plus button
    Add remote desktop access

  3. Click on Add and follow the instructions
    Access remote computer using Google Chrome

This extension is very user friendly and you can learn the working by following the instructions with it. We know Google Chrome offers many feature like Accessing friend's computer with his permission or take full page screenshot using Extensions. Now it is the time to check some of the cool features offered by them. Even we can play various games using their web browser without downloading them. To learn more about it, click on the link below.
How to Play Angry Bird On Your Desktop Without Downloading

Not just advance techniques like accessing a remote computer using  Web Browser, we can have many simple tasks using it. One of them is the simple notepad tasks. We can use it to type and save notes just like in notepad. To use this feature, follow the link below.
Use Browser to Open Online Notepad

Since we are about to go for Remote accessing using Chrome browser, it is better learn basic security threats. For newbie user he may set the system settings to allow access to anyone without understanding the great risk associated with it. Before using features like this, it is important to learn basics of Internet security and this blog has a list of basic security tutorials. One of them is TCP split handshake attack and I suggest you to read it. To learn more about it click on the link below.
What is TCP Split Handshake Attack and How to Prevent It

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