Wireless Network Connection Doesn't Have Valid IP Configuration

Today morning my laptop was showing issues with connecting to my home WiFi. While checking for the reason, Windows Network Diagnostic showed an error message "Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration. This laptop was working fine with the same WiFi in last week but today refused to connect to the same. Since there was no proper connection between my router and laptop, Auto configuration IP address (APIPA) was assigned to it. This tutorial is based on the troubleshooting steps I have done today to solve the problem. If you ever face this issue, I hope this guide will help you to fix it. This guide is divided in to two parts where the first part explains automatic Windows Diagnostics. Second part is for those who couldn't fix the problem using automatic diagnostics.

  1. Run Automatic Windows Network Diagnostic

    Microsoft has an inbuilt tool called 'Windows Network Diagnostic', which can automatically detect and fix most of the connection issues. I suggest you to start it before going for any other manual procedure. To start it, follow the steps below.

    • Click on Connection Icon in Taskbar

    • Click on Open network and Sharing Center

    • Click on the red X mark

      Here Red colored X is situated between network symbol (SysToSys) and Internet icon. It shows the connection between your computer and modem is fine but something is wrong between modem and ISP.

    • Windows starts troubleshooting process and try to fix the issue automatically

    • If the process is a success (if you are lucky), you will see a message box like the one below.

    • Click on Close

  2. Manual Steps to Solve Invalid IP Configuration

    If you are not lucky to see the message, Windows couldn't fix the issue automatically, you may need to perform following steps.

    1. Reset TCP/IP and Winsock

      • Run Command Prompt as Administrator

      • Type the following commands and press enter
        netsh int ip reset c:\tcp.txt
        netsh winsock reset

      • If they don't work, use the following set of commands
        netsh int ip reset reset.log
        netsh winsock reset catalog

      • Reboot your PC

    2. Remove Saved Wireless Profiles

      Before doing this step, I recommend you to double check if you have the correct wireless key and SSID.

    3. Assign Static IP Address to Your Computer

      The address should be in the same network range of your DHCP server.

    4. Turn Off and Turn On WiFi Adapter

      Right click on the Wireless adapter on Network and Sharing Center. Choose disable and wait for 2 minutes. Once two minutes are over, turn on it back.

    5. Make sure your PC is Not blacklisted by MAC filtering

      If your computer is blocked by the wireless router by blacklisting its MAC address, you will see connection issues. This step you can do only from the router side. I recommend the following tutorials to learn more about it.

If you are seeing the error "Wireless Network Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration" even after following all the steps mentioned, I suggest you to perform a complete power cycle. Read the article mentioned in the link below to learn more about it.
How to Power Cycle a Connection

Configure Email Client With GoDaddy Webmail

As part of a promotional package, I have received one free email account from GoDaddy while purchasing a domain name from them. Since I have been fed up with remembering a lot of email addresses, I decide to configure the new address with Email Client installed on my laptop. So at least I am sure, I won't miss any important messages. The procedure to setup Email Client with GoDaddy webmail is very simple. However, if you don't understand the terms incoming and outgoing servers, or don't know where to find them, it may be a little bit difficult. If you are one among them, this tutorial can help you. In this tutorial I used eM Client as my desktop email client to download and store messages coming to my GoDaddy webmail service. You can use the same procedure to configure GoDaddy webmail with other applications like Outlook, exchange etc.

Get POP3 and SMTP Information

First of all, we need to find the incoming server (POP3) and outgoing server (SMTP) with standard port numbers. In most cases you will be asked by the installed tool to enter these details to establish connection for downloading mails. To find them follow the steps below.
  1. Logon to GoDaddy account

  2. Go to My Account

  3. Click Launch button at Email

  4. Click on drop down near the address and click Email Setup Center

  5. Here we can see the all necessary details required like GoDaddy incoming and out going server with port numbers to make connection between desktop client application and webmail.

Setup Desktop Email Client With GoDaddy Webmail Service

Since we have all necessary details to establish the connection, let us go to the desktop application and start the configuration. Connection procedure is similar irrespective of the client applications you use.
  1. Start the Email Client

  2. Create a new account

    Interfaces may look different but the procedure is same. In eM Client, click New Account button.

  3. Setup the Account

    You can either use Automatic Setup or manual setup. If you choose Automatic Setup, all you have to do is to click Start Now button after entering the email id and password.

  4. Configure manually

    In case the Automatic procedure fails, you should click on Mail and start the manual procedure.

  5. Enter Incoming server address. In my case, it is pop.asia.secureserver.net with port number 110.

    After entering the details, press next.

  6. Enter the out going server

    For me, it is smtpout.asia.secureserver.net with port number 80.

    If you are not planning to configure no authentication for outgoing server, check the checkbox. Click next button to continue.

  7. Here you can see whether the values you have entered are correct.

  8. Enter the account details.

    Click next button to finish the procedure.

Soon after pressing the finish button, messages will be downloaded from the webmail account to your computer. It may take few minutes to hours depends on the number of messages in your account.

Get a Free License From eM Client and Activate

I am using eM Client as the default email client on my desktop computer. Though it is a paid application, they offer free license for noncommercial users. If you are not a commercial user, you can get one free license key by following the link below.


Now you may follow the steps below to activate the application.
  1. Open eM Client and click on help

  2. Click on License

  3. Click on Activate

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