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Purchased Samsung N128 Mini Laptop

I purchased a Netbook from Samsung(Samsung N128) two weeks ago and I think it is the time to write a review of it. It is travel-friendly because of small size and nowadays I need to travel a lot. While on a journey, it is difficult to carry my laptop because of its size and that is why I planned to go for a mini laptop. After checking different brands, finally, I decided to buy Samsung N 128. In this article, I would like to share my review of Samsung N 128 netbook. The below picture shows how it looks like.

Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop Configuration
ProcessorIntel ATOM 1.6 GHz Processor ( ID: N270)RAM1 GB DDR-2 RamHard disk160 GB HDDMonitor10.1" Wide LED Screen (Extra bright)
Other Features
Father Ethernet port



Available Ports and connectors on Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop are:
3 USB 2.0 ports,

VGA out,

DC power-in,

RJ-45/Ethernet (10/100),

Stereo headphone/line out,

Stereo microphone in,

VGA webcam,

Kensington lock port.
Total weight of this netbook is around 1.25 kg and it has a…

Open System Volume Information Folder On Windows Computer

Have you ever thought about the location where System Restore points are stored on a computer? System Volume Information Folder stores system restore points on your computer and helps you to recover the previous setting on your computer in difficult times. One important fact about it is its high security and even the user with Administrator privilege cannot take the ownership of the folder directly and open it. Do you want to open it and check how it looks like? Though we cannot do it in straight methods, there is always some backdoor method to perform it. This tutorial explains the steps to open System Volume Information folder by taking ownership of it.

Open System Volume Information Folder
This procedure is to open the System Volume Information folder on the Windows XP computer. To open System Volume Information folder on Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers, read my other tutorials. You can find those tutorials using the Search feature on CoreNetworkZ.
Open My Computer and Click on To…

Google Public DNS Server Address and Configuration Tips

If you are unhappy with the response time of your ISP's default DNS server, there is a piece of good news for you. Google announces Google Public DNS service which is free for everyone. Right now, most of the Internet users who are unsatisfied with the Domain Name System service provided by their ISP use either global or open DNS server on their computers and other devices. Now we have one more option, Google Public Domain Name System. They use easy to remember the address for their server compared to most other free services. This tutorial gives a brief explanation of this new service and tips to configure it on your computer.

Google Public DNS Server Addresses
For IPv4 connections, you can use the addresses below.

Preferred Google DNS Server -

Alternate Google DNS Server -
For your IPv6 connections, use the following addresses.


Important Tips Configuration

If you do not know how to set Domain Name System server on your Windows …

How to Delete / Remove Saved Passwords From Internet Explorer

Have you ever faced the situation where your email username and password auto saved on Internet Explorer browser in a public cafe? One of my friends had such a situation and he didn't know how to remove the saved username and password from Internet Explorer. Comparing to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, deleting stored username and password from IE is little tricky. With IE7 and above versions, it is simple but for IE6 it is not very simple. This guide explains how to delete auto stored username and password of your Internet accounts on IE 6 and higher versions.

Remove Saved Password From Internet Explorer 6
Open Internet Explorer version 6

Click on Tools

Click on Internet Options

Click on the Content tab

Click on the AutoComplete button

Now click on Clear Forms and Clear Passwords buttons
The saved passwords and Forms will be removed now.

How to delete passwords and Forms from Internet Explorer 7
The steps to delete saved passwords and Forms from IE version 7 are:
Start Internet …

My Computer Restarts Automatically - Reasons & Solution

We have discussed many hardware related issues on this blog. This tutorial tells one of the common computer issues, unexpected automatic restarting of a computer. Once I faced this situation where my computer rebooted automatically without providing any warning and I lost every unsaved work. For a week this issue continued and at last, I fixed it. I believe having a guide for those who face the same problem can be very helpful to identify the reasons for the automatic restarting of their systems. If you can identify why your PC is rebooting suddenly without warning, you will be able to solve it very easily.

Reasons for Unexpected Automatic Reboot of Your Computer
Here we check common reasons for the issue. Some of them are software conflicts, hardware issues, and virus infection. Let us check carefully why should a computer restart without giving any warning.

Software /Driver Conflicts

When your PC acts strange, first verify the last installed software or driver on your computer has no…

I Cannot Boot My Computer in Safe Mode

Yesterday was a tough day for me because of my old desktop computer. I couldn't boot my PC in safe mode but it was working fine in normal mode. This tutorial is written based on my efforts to bring back safe boot on my PC with some extra tips. The first part of this guide tells common reasons for getting trouble with restarting your computer in safe mode and the second part deals with solving this issue. I have Windows XP on the Desktop computer but the procedure to fix this issue is the same for most Windows Operating Systems. Even if you are using Windows 8 or Windows 7, you can follow the instructions below.

Reasons For Having Troubles to Safe Boot a Computer Possible virus infection

File system error

Software/driver conflict

Some windows files may be corrupted

Windows update error

False settings on the security suite installed on your computer These are some of the possible reasons to prevent a laptop from restarting in safe mode. Now let us check how to troubleshoot the issue, iden…

How to Delete Google Web Search History From Your Account

Many Internet users are confused with the two similar terms 'Internet browsing history' and 'Google search history'. Though both terms look similar, they are different. Browsing history is saved on your web browser and can be viewed by pressing [Ctrl] and [H] buttons together. This key combination varies with browsers. Google Search history is the record of searches you have made while you are logged in your Google account. Internet browsing history will be deleted by clearing the saved history on your browser but Google search history will remain. There is a different procedure to remove it from your account. To see and delete Google search history, you need to log on to your Google account. Here you can see how to remove all previous log details and start from a clean slate.

Steps to view Google Search History
To see it for a particular account, follow the steps below.
Log on to respective Google account

Click on account settings

Click on web history

Sometimes you may b…

Filter Important Emails From Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers because of its reliable service and clean look. It offers a way to arrange the emails we receive according to our requirements. We can decide the fate of an email before reaching the inbox itself. For that, we can use the feature filter to select a certain type of emails according to the guidelines we set and apply the specified fate to them. It can help you to categorize emails in your account by assigning different Labels to them. This tutorial explains how to create a filter with your requirements and how to assign this filer to emails.

Log on to your Gmail account

Click on Settings

Settings tab is ion the right-hand top of the page.

Click on Filters

Click on Create a new filter. Now the filter options window will appear.

Here you can see options to set filters based on the following criteria.

Filter based on from address

Filter based on To address

We can filter a particular subject

We can filter emails containing certain keywords


Safe Browse With Google Chrome Without Storing Any Personal Details

Google Chrome supports browsing without saving third-party cookies or browsing history on PC. This feature is named incognito and is very much similar to the  Firefox private browsing. When we start Chrome incognito window, it will stop storing cookies, visited page history, passwords entered, download logs etc. Once we close the window, all these information will be removed automatically. It means the next user will not find any browsing activity of the current user. This article is about different methods to start incognito window and browse without leaving any history.

How to Start Chrome Incognito Pages
We can start a private browsing window (incognito) of Google Chrome browser by different methods. Most of the important methods are listed below.
By Keyboard Shortcut

It is very easy to start Chrome safe browse using shortcut keys. We have to press the following three keys at the same time.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N]

When you press the above key combination, a new Google Chrome window wi…

Setup D-Link WBR-2310 Router With WPA Wireless Security Settings

WBR-2310 is a popular wireless router from D-Link and this article presents a complete configuration of this device including WiFi security. The first part of this guide explains how to setup WBR-2310 with auto configuration utility and the second part tells how to configure D-Link wireless network with latest security settings. D-link WBR 2310 is an IEEE802.11g router with range booster technology. It supports data transfer speed up to 108 Mbps and works in 2.4GHz frequency. It supports other features like DHCP, NAT etc. Manual configuration of this device is provided at the end of the guide.

Steps to setup D-Link WBR-2310 Wireless router Connect WBR-2310 to your computer

Your computer should be connected to the LAN port of WBR-2310 using an Ethernet cable. Power on the device after connecting it to your PC.

Log on

To log in to WBR-2310 wireless router, type the default IP address of the router on the address bar. The default IP address of the D-Link WBR-2310 router is


How to Change Linksys Router Wireless Channel

Changing the wireless channel is an important step mentioned in many WiFi connectivity tutorials in this blog. This article is specifically to explain how to do it on an Access Point or a router. Here the steps mentioned are based on a popular router model from Linksys. Linksys is one of the popular SOHO product manufacturers. Though the steps provided in this tutorial are based on a specific model, you can use the same procedure with other vendor products. It is because this concept is the same for every WiFi products.

Wireless Channels To Pick

Before changing the current channel selected, you must understand, only three of them are worth to use. It is because others are affected with interference. The channels which are free from interference are listed below.



11 These three are free from interference. If you don't want to enter it manually, you can choose automatic instead of specifying the number. For modern devices, automatic selection is recommended.

How to Change WiFi Chann…

No SSID Broadcast From Wireless Router & Access Point

Yesterday night I faced a strange issue related to wireless connectivity on my laptop. I could not find SSID from my router. First I thought it was my Laptop wireless adapter's issue as there are no other networks. My desktop does not have a wireless adapter so I have no other option to verify whether it is the router issue or my laptop issue. Today morning I went to one of my friend's house and checked whether my laptop is able to see WiFi from his Access Point. Yes, my laptop is seeing it from his Access Point. So it is clear that my laptop adapter is working fine and the culprit is my Wireless Router. The major steps I performed on my router to fix this issue are described below in a systematic order.

The router is Not Broadcasting Signal
Step by step troubleshooting for a Router or Access Point when it is not broadcasting signal.
Check WiFi light

Check the status of wireless light on the AP. If it is broadcasting WiFi, the light is ON. If it is off, you cannot see WiFi netw…

Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has Encountered a Problem and Need to Close

Yesterday night while working on my computer I saw the error message "Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a Problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." My computer froze when I pressed 'don't send report' button. Since I couldn't work anymore, I restarted it but again the same Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger came up with a sorry message. I was unable to do anything on the desktop PC and I started browsing on my Laptop. First thing I did was a search using the error message and found many people were facing the same issue. There are different opinions about the error message varies from system error to possible malware attack. While surfing more, I found it was not malware but a built-in Windows debugger program. Microsoft is using Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger to collect error reports from devices which use their Operating systems.

How to Fix Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger Error Message
As I expected, it is not an essential tool f…

Communication between two APIPA computers without DHCP Server

On the last Saturday, I and my friend are trying to connect two computers directly using a USB cable and start communication between these two computers without the help of any external DHCP server. As I mentioned in my previous post we cannot use an ordinary USB cable to connect two computers directly. It may burn the USB port.

[ To know more about it please follow the link below. ]

In this project, we avoid using the router or any other DHCP servers. As we are not using the Ethernet adapters we cannot set any static IP address. So without the presence of external DHCP server and static IP address our both computers will get APIPA from Windows Operating System.

[ To know more about APIPA please click on the link below. ]

So the IP address our computers got was a 169.254.X.X range. Fortunately, the IP address gained by our compu…

When to Charge Laptop Battery & Increase Battery life and Efficiency

When it comes to laptop battery charging, there are different opinions about the right way and time to do it. This tutorial explains how to manage a laptop battery with right time to recharge and steps to keep remaining charge more efficiently. Lithium based battery is used for laptops and it is better to wait till its charge comes between 20% to 10% to plug it back to power. Most of the experts recommend, never let the battery charge drops below 10% before connecting it back to power supply. In addition to the level of power left, the temperature has a major role in the efficiency of the lithium battery.

The better ways to Charge Laptop Battery
Nowadays we are using lithium-ion batteries for Laptops and they are having a rapid-charging option. It is important to note that when we start using the Laptop for the first time, it is advised to charge it for a long time (attain 100%). To know the exact time period, better refer the Laptop user manual. Never operate your Laptop at higher as…

Can I connect two Computers using USB cable

There are so many methods to connect two different computers and share data between them. Ethernet cables and wireless (IEE802.11 standards) are the most popular modes to connect two devices. However, you can use USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable to connect two computers and use the same connection to share files between them. Though, for this, you must use a special type of cable called Bridged USB cable. If you use a normal USB cord to connect two computers, it may damage the ports. This guide explains the difference between bridged and normal USB cables.

Connecting Two PCs Using Bridged USB Cable

The type of Universal Serial Bus cable which is used to connect two computers directly is called Bridged USB cable. It is available in two different standards. They are USB 1.1 and 2.0. The difference of standard is based on the speed of data transfer. In 1.1 version, the data transfer speed is 12 Mbps and that in version 2.0 is 480 Mbps. It is very important to note that no other Universal…

How to change system date and time in Ubuntu Linux

This weekend was very interesting for me as me and my friends established a Local Area Network in their home. They have a total of six computers and two of them is running on Ubuntu Linux. After establishing the Local Area Network we implemented one propitiatory real-time simulation software on this LAN by installing the software on all these computers. But the software works fine with the integrated data from 5 computers and one computer is not connecting to it or connection rejects. So the techie in our mind got up and we start troubleshooting the issue.

At first, we thought the issue is with the compatibility issue of Ubuntu and the software. But the first Ubuntu computer is working fine with the software and in a careful analysis, it is found that that computer is functioning more efficiently than other Windows-based computers. So it is not the issue with Ubuntu. Then we confused what is the actual cause of the issue. Then I just checked the connection manager of the software and…

How to Prevent Copying Files to USB Drive From Computer Without Disable USB Port

Today early morning one of my friends called me for urgent help. He is working as a System Administrator for a small company and wants to disable copying files from working computer to USB drives (pen drives). I told him to disable the USB port and fix the issue. Then he said according to the company policy he cannot disable it. He wants the computer should read files from the USB drive but no file transfer to it from computer hard disk. So, in a nutshell, he wants to read files from the portable storage drive on his company computers but does not want to copy files from his company computer to the USB drive. He is confused that if it is possible to block writing files to the portable memory storage without preventing the PC from reading it.

I too at first confused with this strange company policy. Then I realize, it is very simple to do. We can enable write protection on USB by GP edit or Registry Edit. If Write Protect is enabled on Universal Serial Bus, the computer can read files…

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