Atom N470 processor From Intel with 1.83GHz Speed - Faster Atom Processors

Intel Introduce Faster Atom processor for netbooks with more energy efficiency compared to other processors by its special architecture. The processor code is N470 with a higher speed of 1.83GHz compared to the processor speed of 1.66GHz of current Atom N450. By comparing the two popular processors from Intel family, Core 2 series and Atom series we can see the differences. Core 2 is always looking for performance and Atom on the other hand more energy efficient by compromising the efficiency. Now by the introduction of high-speed Atom processor N470, Intel shows its plan to promote this single core processor too in the series of high-speed single core processors. But the energy consumption of Atom N470 is very less compared to the energy consumption of Core 2 series processors. But I am sure Intel will not introduce high-speed Atom processors which can match the speed of core 2 series processors. It is because Intel cannot let the sales of core 2 processors down due to this Atom processors. Still, no idea about the actual price of Atom N470 and I am waiting for that.

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