12 core processor from AMD - AMD Opteron 6100 series

I think the old furious processor war between Intel and AMD resume soon. In AMD official blog they claim, they on the way to deliver new 8- and 12-core processors with high performance. If it is right, let us wait and see another episode of processor war which held a few years back. They say AMD 6100 series (12 core processor) processor for cloud environments and a little expensive as more than $1000.

It is announced that Acer will be the pioneer using AMD's Opteron 6100 serious in their systems. Technically speaking Opteron 6100 series consist of 10 chips with either eight or 12 cores. Each core offering clock speeds ranging from 1.7GHz to 2.4GHz. John Fruehe, AMD's Director of Product Marketing is very optimistic about the new product. He is saying "The big thing we will be doing is delivering more cores and more memory for less money". AMD claims their Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 can support up to 16 cores per CPU. Anyway, let us wait for the release of a new 12 core processor from AMD and its equivalent competitor from Intel family.