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Windows Setup API Process Consumes Too Much CPU Resources

I have an Acer Aspire laptop which often hangs in the middle of my work. When I started checking the actual reason for this, I found a few processes which consumes too much CPU resources. So, most of the time, my laptop CPU usage is 100%. One of the main culprits is a process named Windows Setup API. This article explains the process Windows Setup API and how to prevent it from consuming too much CPU.

My Acer Aspire laptop runs on Windows 10 Operating System. I started Task Manager to check the reasons for the continued freezing of my Acer Aspire laptop. The below photo is a screenshot of my Task Manager.

The screenshot shows how much the Windows Setup API process demands CPU resources.

While at the time of taking the screenshot, Windows Setup API was consuming 57.2% of the total CPU usage. But most of the times, it demands more CPU usage and let other processes suffer.

Another point I have noted is the 100% Disk usage.

How to Solve Windows Setup API High CPU Usage Problem?
You ca…

How to Check All Unaccepted Facebook Friend Requests I Sent

Facebook offers an unparalleled way to connect with your friends. It helps us to search and connect with our friends from our school days to the most recent days. It is easy to send a friend request, and if your friend accepts it, his name will display in your friend's list. This tutorial teaches you how to check all the friends request you sent remains unaccepted and who rejected your Facebook friend request.

More than one methods to check those who have not responded to your friend request on Facebook.

How to Check All Pending Facebook Friend Request I Sent?
Facebook provides a method to check all pending friends requests you sent which are not yet accepted. To check all the unaccepted friend requests you sent, follow the instructions given below.

Log in to your Facebook account

Click on the link provided below.

Here on this page, Facebook shows all the currently pending requests you sent to others. You can eith…

Varkala Papanasam Beach Review For Travel and Stay

If you are planning to visit Kerala, one of the must-see places is Varkala Papanasam beach. It is a popular tourist place as well as a religious pilgrim center. Major attractions are the clean beach and a cliff. You can have a wonderful view of the beach from the cliff. Varkala beach is well connected and just 45 KM from Trivandrum International Airport. There are many shops and tourist homes at the cliff and which add the beauty of the beach.

If you look at the beach from the cliff, the view will be like this. The cliff is a bit high when compared to the sea level. No other beaches in Kerala can offer a cliff view like Varkala beach offers.

There are many restaurants and shops on the cliff. So, you won't find any difficulties to have food and drinks. If you are planning for a stay for daily as well as a monthly basis, you can find it easily.

There are many star hotels as well as budget hotels at Varkala. Many lodges and small hotels offer budget stay for single and family. You w…

How to Change Registered Mobile Phone Number & E-mail ID With Kerala PSC

Kerala PSC allows candidates to change the registered mobile number and e-mail address at any time. It is important to keep the working e-mail address and mobile phone number in Kerala PSC profile to get the updates. Kerala Public Service Commission will send updates on the latest announcements about the deadline for the confirmation of applied examinations, informing the availability of hall tickets, etc. If you have not pressed the confirmation for writing a coming examination, PSC will not allow you to appear it.

So, it is important to receive updates and notification from Kerala PSC on the registered mobile phone number and e-mail address. This tutorial teaches you how to change the current e-mail address and mobile phone number registered with Kerala PSC.

How to Change Your Registered Mobile Number On Kerala PSC Portal
You must ensure that the current Mobile Phone Number registered with official Kerala PSC website is a working one. If the number registered with KPSC no longer wo…

How to Delete Junk Files In Windows 10

Junk files accumulated in Windows 10 over time can reduce the overall performance of your computer. Either Windows or third party software applications running on your PC create junk files. They are temporary Internet files, log files created by applications installed on your PC, thumbnails of pictures and video files, delivery optimization files, temporary files created by running applications, etc. This article teaches you how to delete Windows 10 junk files created on your computer safely.

If you feel the temporary files created on your Windows 10 computer is too much and consuming a lot of space, you can delete them by following the instructions below.

How to Remove Windows 10 Temporary Junk Files
Type settings on the search bar and click on the Settings app

Under Windows 10 Settings headline, click on System

You need to click on Storage on the left-hand side menu

Click on the link Free up space now

To remove all junk files stored on your Windows 10 laptop, select all checkboxes.

You n…

How to Check JioFi Data Balance Left

It is important to have a look at the remaining data balance left for the day on your JioFi daily limit before starting downloading any large file. It is very simple to check the JioFi 4G data used and the balance left on your account. This article explains the different methods to check JioFi 4G daily data balance left on your account. You can check your JioFi data used on from either MyJio App or Jio website.

How To Check Data Already used From MyJio App
To check the daily JioFi Data left on your account from your Mobile Phone, you need to install MyJio App. If you have MyJio App on your Smart Phone, follow the instructions below.

Click on MyJio App icon on your Mobile Phone

Once login, you can see how much data remains from your daily data limit. You can see the time left to renew the limit.
How to Fix a Slow Jio 4G Internet Connection

How to Check Reliance Jio Data Balance On Desktop Computer
Reliance provides an option to check the data used on the day from your computer also. Yo…

Kerala PSC University Assistant 2019 Exam Notification and Mark Tips

Kerala PSC has published the latest University Assistant exam notification. Public Service Commission has invited applications from eligible candidates to the post of Assistant in various Universities in Kerala. It is statewide direct recruitment, and the minimum educational qualification required is a Degree from any UGC recognized University. This article explains the mode of recruitment, expected cut off marks, the number of reported vacancies, starting monthly salary, expected questions with solved previous year question papers, etc..

Submit your Confirmation
KPSC wants the candidates to submit their University Assistant exam confirmation from 23-03-2019 onwards.

Those who failed to submit the confirmation will not able to attend the examination.

The selected candidates shall be on probation for a period of two years on duty within a continuous period of three years during which they should pass the Secretariat Manual and Accounts test. The below chart shows the Kerala State Univer…

Enable Metered Connection For WiFi Networks On Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10 is very popular for its ability to keep the device with its updated version. Microsoft releases the OS updates very frequent, and whenever your Windows 10 computer connects to a WiFi network, it will start the update. Many other Apps installed on your PC follow the same routine. Though it is helpful, you will find your computer very busy due to the background process started by all the automatic downloads.

The best solution to avoid this automatic software update is to set your WiFi and Ethernet connection as Metered Connection. Once we set a network as Metered network, Windows 10 understand the network has a data limit.

Windows 10 will reduce the data usage by restricting the background processes which use a lot of data bandwidth. It will limit the automatic download features of other Apps including Microsoft Apps installed.

Let us check how to set a WiFi network as a metered connection on your laptop.

How to Set WiFi Connection As Metered connections in Windows 10

How to Prepare For Tamil Nadu Police Sub Inspector Examination (TNUSRB)

Tamil Nadu State Police Recruitment Board is responsible for the selection of Police Sub Inspectors (SI) to the Tamil Nadu State Police Service. Candidates with a Degree from any University or Institution recognized by the UGC can apply for the SI post in Tamil Nadu. This article explains the details of the selection process of SI in Tamil Nadu and the number of reported vacancies. We also give detailed exam syllabus, Police Sub Inspector starting salary, date of publishing rank list, and solved previous year question papers.

Tamil Nadu State Police Sub Inspector Selection Procedure
TNUSRB has a three-stage selection procedure for a candidate before putting a candidate in the rank list. Details of Each stage:

Written Examination
The first stage in the selection of SI in Tamil Nadu Police Department is a written examination. Candidates must go through an objective type test containing 140 questions each carrying half mark. Time duration is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Study Materials


How to Speed Up a Slower Jio 4G Internet Connection

Reliance Jio 4G is one of the most popular LTE mobile data service providers in India. Though they provide 4G data service at a cheap rate, many users find fluctuations in the data speed.

JioFi hotspot users also face the same problem. This tutorial investigates the major reasons for slower Jio 4G Internet connection on a mobile handset and JioFi Hotspot.

We also explain how to fix the Jio 4G connection speed issues.

What Is The Reason For Getting Slower Jio Internet Connection?
Reliance Jio 4G has decent network coverage, but it is not free from signal drops and slow data transfer speed. Let us check the common reasons for the slow JioFi network speed.
Poor network signal strength
The most common reason for facing lower data transfer speed is the poor signal strength. You should check the signal strength on your mobile handset. On JioFi, you should ensure that the network indicator is green.

Number of Active Users Under the same Jio Tower
If too many active Jio users are in your t…

Delete Recently Accessed Folders and Files History On Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 offers quick access which shows frequently opened folders and files in File Explorer. This feature allows you to access the most interested files quicker than the traditional folder navigation method. Microsoft has done a wonderful job by displaying the auto-updated list of frequently accessed folders and content when you open Windows File Explorer. This auto-updated list helps you keep track of your computer usage history too. However, some users do not like it.

This article explains how to delete the auto-listed computer usage history shown by Windows 10 Operating System. A simple process can delete the folder and file history displays on the Quick Access window.

Follow the instructions below to delete the shortcuts of the files you have accessed recently on your Windows 10 device.

How to Delete Windows 10 File Explorer History
Type File Explorer on Search Tab

Click on File Explorer icon from the search results

Right click on Quick Access, and click on Options

Click on the…

Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here - You Seem to be using an Unblocker or Proxy

Due to several reasons, many websites are unavailable for visitors from different geographical locations. Reasons include political, hosting company's Terms of Services, court order, etc.. For example, some popular video streaming sites have this geographical limitation. Visitors from excluded regions cannot watch videos from those websites. Using Proxy/VPN is the best solution to bypass such restrictions. This article explains one of the error message associated with the use of VPN -Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here.

You may have experienced the error message Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here and the site refused to give you access. This tutorial teaches you the reasons for getting this error and the possible solutions to this problem.

Reasons For Getting the Message - Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here

If the site you are visiting has a policy of preventing users using Proxy Server, you may see the message Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here instead of the actual web …

How to Remove Background Of a Photo Using Microsoft Paint Application

MS Paint is an inbuilt desktop App available with Windows Operating System. Windows 10 has improved version of Microsoft Paint application with the capability to do normal editing of a picture. If you are planning to integrate a photo into another photo, we need to remove the background of the first picture. This article teaches you how to remove the background of a photo using Microsoft Paint Desktop app on your computer.

Here I am showing you how to cut a portion of an image using MS Paint and integrate that portion into another picture.

How to Remove Background Of a Photo Using Microsoft Paint
Right click on the photo and click Open with and select Paint.

Click on Select and click on Transparent Selection

Select the Free-form Selection to cut the desired portion of the photo in any shape.

With the Free-form Selection feature of Windows Paint, you can select any part of the image without any issues. You must be careful while selecting the outline using the Free-form selection tool.


How to Disable and Restart Windows Update Service On Windows 10 Devices

Windows Update Service is responsible for checking the latest version available for the current Windows Operating System installed on your computer. If Windows Update service is turned off, your PC will not be able to check and download the latest OS update automatically. So it is important to verify the smooth running of this service on any devices running on Microsoft Operating Systems. This article explains different methods to disable and restart Windows Update Service on Windows 10 devices.

Turn Off and Turn On Windows Update From Services Window
The easiest method to check the current status of Windows Update Service is to visit the services page and look for the Status. To learn how to check the status and change the settings of Windows Update service on a Windows 10 computer, follow the instructions below.
Type services.msc on Windows 10 Search window

Click on Services (Desktop App)

Look for Windows Update from the list of services.

Right click on it and click stop

Operating Sys…

Latest Kerala High School Assistant Recruitment Notification

Public Service Commission has announced the latest High School Assistant appointments to the Kerala Government Education Department. PSC will appoint the selected candidates as High School teachers in various government High Schools. Age limit to apply for the post of Government High School Assistant in Kerala for general category candidates is 18-40. This article explains the minimum qualifications to apply, starting monthly salary, mode of application and exam pattern, rank list, the detailed syllabus, solved previous year question papers, date of High School Assistant exam date, etc..

The below chart shows the latest Kerala PSC High School Assistant exam notifications.

Notification Name of the Post Mode of RecruitmentLast Date to Apply 131/2018High School Assistant (Urdu) Direct- Malappuram24.10.2018

How to Apply For Kerala High School Assistant (HSA) Examination
Eligible candidates can apply for HSA through the official Kerala PSC website. After log in to the website usi…

Recruitment For Welfare Officer Grade 2 in Kerala Jail Department

Kerala Public Service Commission has announced the latest Welfare Officer Grade II recruitment. Eligible candidates who have completed the One Time Registration through the official PSC website can apply online for the reported vacancies. Age limit of open category candidates to apply for the post of Welfare Officer Grade 2 in Kerala Government service is 18-36. After reading this article you will understand the Welfare Officer exam pattern, detailed syllabus, solved previous year question papers, study materials, previous year cut-off mark, nature of work, etc..

The chart below shows the notification number and last date to apply for the recent Welfare Officer Grade II exam notifications.

Notification Name of the Post Mode of RecruitmentLast Date to Apply 124/2018Welfare Officer Gr. II Direct24.10.2018
PSC notification number 124/2018 is to appoint Welfare Officer Grade II into Kerala Jail Department.

How to Apply For Welfare Officer Gr. II Recruitment Test
You should log in to…

Assistant Labour Officer Recruitment Notification By Kerala PSC

Public Service Commission has announced the latest Assistant Labour Officer Grade II recruitment to the Kerala Labour Department. Age limit to apply for the vacancies of Assistant Labour Officer Grade 2 is 23 - 36 year. Eligible candidates can apply for this post by log on to the official website of Kerala PSC. This article provides the minimum requirements to apply, download links for the previous year Assistant Labour Officer question papers, updated exam syllabus, date of publishing the rank list, number of reported vacancies, etc..

The chart below shows the latest Assistant Labour Officer Grade II exam notification number and the last date to apply.

NotificationName of the PostDepartmentLast Date to Apply126/2018Assistant Labour Officer Gr.IILabour24.10.2018

How to Apply for Kerala Assistant Labour Officer Gr.II
Visit the link

Log in to your profile using the username and password you created at the time of one-time registration

Click on Notificatio…

Study Materials to Win Tamil Nadu Combined Civil Services Examination

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has announced the latest Combined Civil Services Examination–II (Interview Posts) (Group-II Services) recruitment notification. TNPSC will appoint the selected candidates to the reported vacancies in 23 different Tamil Nadu government department services as group 2 officers. Tamil Nadu Combined Civil Services recruitment is through a three-stage selection procedure. Candidates should undergo the interview after passing the preliminary, main written tests. Examination fee for the Preliminary Test is 100 Indian Rupees.

This article provides the Tamil Nadu Group 2 exam date, cut off marks, date of publishing the short list and rank list, download links for previous year solved question papers, Interview tips, model questions, etc..

The Selection Procedure for Tamil Nadu Government Group 2 Services
It is a three-tier process. It includes an Interview along with written preliminary and main examinations. Minimum marks one should get to pass the Tamil N…

Best Beaches to Visit in Trivandrum With Family & Friends

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Indian state of Kerala is blessed with many natural tourist attractions. While considering the tourist destinations, beaches occupy a prime place. Trivandrum is lucky with the vicinity of a number of beautiful and clean beaches. This article lists the most popular beaches near Trivandrum city. Most popular beaches near Thiruvananthapuram city are at Kovalam, Poovar, Vizhinjam, Shanghumukham, and Varkala. This article will help you to pick the best beach to spent your evening during your visit to Trivandrum.

Shankumugham Beach
Shankumugham is one of the nearest beaches from Trivandrum Central railway station. Have a look at the route map given below.

It is just 8.7 km journey from Thiruvananthapuram central railway station to Shanghumukham beach. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is 5 km away from Shanghumukham.

One of the major attractions in Shankumugham Beach is a mermaid sculpture created by the Kanai Kunjiraman. It is one of the best be…

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