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Setup Linksys WAP300N Wireless Access Point in Different Modes

If you are looking for a perfect SOHO device to extend your home wireless network, Linksys WAP300N Wireless Access Point is a good choice. WAP300N offers dual-band support which means you can use either 2.4GHz or 5 GHz. Another plus point is the ability to convert Linksys WAP300N into different modes like Wireless Bridge, Access Point, Wi-Fi Media Connector and Range Expander. This article explains how to use this AP (Access Point) into different modes and setup this device to utilize in its maximum efficiency.

Login to WAP300N Wireless Access Point Setup Page Before starting configuration on WAP300N AP manually, you need to access the device setup page. Follow the instructions below to login to Linksys WAP300N settings window.
Connect both the AP and computer using an Ethernet cable. Make sure no other devices are connected to the computer and switch on both devices

If no other devices are providing an IP address to the PC, type on the address bar of a browser and press ente…