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How to Change ISP DNS Settings On Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router

DNS (Domain Name System) Server resolves domain name you type on the browser address bar into a respective IP address. While configuring a Linksys router, it takes the default DNS server information provided by your Internet Service Provider. It usually works fine but if your ISP owned DNS server is slow, you can edit the Domain Name System entry set on Linksys router by yourself and change it with better server details you want to enter. This tutorial explains how to change the current DNS settings on Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Change Current DNS Details On Linksys WRT54G Router Connect WRT54G to PC Connect your PC and WRT54G using an Ethernet cable and then power on both devices. Login Type on the browser address bar and press enter. Now enter the details below. User Name: --- [No user name] Password : admin Change Domain Name System Server On the basic setup page under Setup, you can see two lines for DNS1 and DNS2. By default, these details a

How to Redirect Namecheap Non-WWW Domain to WWW Version of Custom Domain Address?

Yesterday I purchased a new domain name from NameCheap for my Blogspot blog . The domain name I purchased is . I know, a blog with Blogspot subdomain address does not look professional. A custom domain name will make it look professional and completed the steps to set up the custom domain name in the Blogger account. The Blogspot address successfully redirected to the new NameCheap custom domain name . Soon I realized a redirection issue. Though everything looks fine, I am not able to access my blog using the non-WWW version of the domain name. Whenever I type the naked domain, it doesn't show my blog, but it works fine with the WWW version. There is a redirection issue either with Blogspot or with Namecheap. I must say, I couldn't find enough tutorials to solve this issue and I had to spend a lot of time to identify and rectify the

How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog

For a professional blogger, the custom domain name for his blog is must and this tutorial explains step by step procedure to add it for a Blogspot blog. It also explains how to redirect the root page and other posts successfully to the respective pages in a new address. This tutorial shows a practical example by redirecting a blogspot address to custom address. I am redirecting to . It is a two step procedure. First step is to enter CNAME and a-records in domain (registrar website) control panel and the second step is to enter the new address which you want to point to your blogspot blog. 1. How to Enter CNAME and A-Records For Your Blogger Blog Before set domain name pointing to your blogger site from blogger account, you must enter the CNAME and A-records in the domain registrar's control panel. To do this step, you must log on to registrar's website. Under domain management, you can find DNS (Domain N

The Connection Has Limited or No Connectivity

If your computer fails to make a proper connection to a network, you may receive an error message Limited or no connectivity: The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might be unable to access the Internet or some network resources . In some cases, it might be a false error report and your computer may access the Internet. But in most cases when you see this error message, your computer will not go online. Though this "Limited or no connectivity" error message is common with a wireless connection, you can expect the same even with a wired connection. Fix Limited or No Connectivity On a Wireless Computer In order to resolve limited or no connectivity issue, follow the steps mentioned below. Refresh the network list and try to reconnect : On the taskbar, you can see a wireless icon. Open it and click on view available WiFi broadcasts. Click on refresh and then connect to the available WiFi connections. Make sure you have the correct wireless key in case if

Computer is Online with USB Cable but Cannot with Modem LAN Port

Today I received a call from one of my friends to discuss a strange network issue. He can access the Internet on his computer using USB cable connected to his modem but it is not working when he tried to use Ethernet cable to connect his computer to the modem. His modem has router feature with 4 LAN ports and he decided to use them to connect his second computer. So he removed the USB connection and connected his computer to the LAN port with Ethernet cable. However, his computer failed to access the Internet and he has no clue. This tutorial explains how to deal with such a situation and I tried my best to make it easy to understand and follow. Online With USB Port But Not With LAN Port In case if you have troubles to go online when connecting your computer to the LAN port (Ethernet Port) but can go online with the USB port of the modem, follow the procedure below. Check the LED on your modem And at Computer LAN Port If there is no light on your modem (LED near the LAN Por

Steps to add Open DNS in Ubuntu Linux

Today I faced some DNS issues with my new computer after installing Ubuntu in it. After some basic troubleshooting steps I assigned Open DNS address to my network adapter and the issue is resolved. Open DNS is a smart way to make our browsing fast and reliable. As the name suggests this DNS service is absolutely free and worth a try. Before go to open DNS we need to know a little bit about DNS. As we know DNS is used to convert the domain name of the website to its IP address. For any communication, your computer should know the mac address and IP address of the destination (Here web server). MAC address can be obtained from the ARP table and if the user types the IP address of the web server computer knows both. If the user types the domain name of the website your computer don't know the IP address of the destination and the communication will not happen. Here the DNS server helps. DNS helps to resolve the domain name to IP conversion issue and send the destination IP address to

List Of Working AMI & AWARD BIOS Backdoor Passwords For Laptops

It is not uncommon that you may forget BIOS login password of your laptop and PC. As long as you do not want to change any settings from Basic Input/Output System on your computer, it doesn't bother you. However, for some tasks like changing the boot priority order, you must log in to BIOS and if you do not want to go through the time-consuming process to reset this details (very difficult for a laptop compared to desktop computer), you can use backdoor information set by the Basic Input/Output System manufacturers themselves. Here I have a list of working BIOS backdoor passwords which may help you to reclaim the access. BIOS Backdoor Passwords by Laptop Vendors 1. VOBIS & IBM ----> merlin 2. Dell ----> Dell 3. Biostar ----> Biostar 4. Compaq ----> Compaq 5. Enox ----> xo11nE 6. Epox ----> central 7. Freetech ----> Posterie 8. IWill ----> iwill 9. Jetway ----> spooml 10. Packard Bell ----> bell9 11. QDI ----> QDI 12.

How to Reset or Bypass Forgotten BIOS Password

It is important to prevent others from accessing BIOS(Basic Input Output System) settings on a computer if you want to make it secure. By settings a password for login to BIOS, we can add one more layer of security for our PC. However, one possible issue is you may forget the password you set and prevented from accessing the Basic Input Output System settings. This tutorial explains how to reset BIOS password configured on a computer. There are three methods to reset the data you set for it and they are given below. Using BIOS backdoor passwords set by the manufacturer Using BIOS password breakers (Third-party Software ) Hardware Reset BIOS Backdoor Passwords This is the easiest method to reset Basic Input/Output System information set on a computer. You can use the dummy or preset backdoor login code provided by manufacturers to bypass the BIOS login code you set on your computer. It is important to know that, you must be patient enough to find the correct backdoor co

How to Disable or Enable USB Ports from Registry & BIOS On a Computer

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the important methods to send or receive information from a computer. In order to improve the safety of information stored on a PC, it is good to disable Universal Serial Bus for unauthorized users and it is a simple task if you have admin rights. In this tutorial, I would like to share one method to disable and enable them on a PC from the registry. Since registry editing is a sensitive task, I would like you to follow the steps carefully and strongly recommend you to take a registry backup before proceeding. If you are not the only admin of your computer, I recommend you to follow the BIOS method to block Universal Serial Bus on your computer. Steps to block them from BIOS are listed at the end of this tutorial. Steps to Disable USB Ports from Registry Steps to deactivate them on a PC from Windows registry are: Click on start Type regedit on Run window or Search and press enter. Now the registry editor opens Navigate to the following r

Check Frequency of RAM Module On Your PC With Specifications

While counting the performance of a personal computer, Random Access Memory (RAM) has a very important place. It helps to improve the data transfer rate between hard disk and processor by acting as a buffer. Major portions of processes and files required for software while running on a computer are stored in it and provides them whenever the processor asks for it. So it reduces the time taken to fetch data from slower hard disk to processor while running a program. The speed of Random Access Memory depends on frequency and memory size. This guide explains how to check the frequency of a RAM module installed in a PC. How to Check the speed/Frequency of RAM If you do not know the speed of RAM module installed on your PC, you can find it by any one of the methods given below. From the label From BIOS The first place I recommend you to look for this information is the label attached to it. You will get most of the necessary information like RAM manufacturer, frequency etc. I

Save a Webpage On Google Chrome Browser

Bookmarking helps to save the interesting web pages on our computer for future reference. This feature is very helpful because users can come back later and continue reading the interesting page by opening previously saved bookmarks if they don't have enough time to read right now. You can bookmark an interesting webpage either on the browser itself or on a third party website which supports this facility. This tutorial explains the bookmarking feature on Google Chrome browser and the different methods to remove any unwanted previous entries. How to Save a Webpage On Chrome To save an interesting webpage on Chrome browser, you may follow the steps below. From 'Customize and Control' Click on 'Customize and Control' Button Once you are on the page which is needed to be saved, click on 'Customize and Control' button on the right-hand top. It is important to make sure while pressing this button, you are on the right page to save. Click on 

View and Delete Saved Username and Passwords From Google Chrome

By default, Google Chrome will ask you a question "Do you want Chrome to save your password" immediately after you enter the username and password to login to a website. If you want to use the autofill feature to enter user login details next time, you should click save the password. If it is not your personal computer, you should click on the button never for this site. This article is not about the autofill feature but about how to retrieve previously saved usernames and passwords from Chrome browser. In case if you do not want to keep the user details, you can delete them by yourself. This tutorial explains how to view or delete the autosaved passwords on Google Chrome browser. Auto-saving of Login Details When you enter login details, you may see a message from the browser. The message looks like below. If anyone clicks on the button "Save password", his username and password will be stored. So to avoid the accidental saving of our important user detai

Change Default Windows Logon Background Color from Registry

Which background color your computer uses for the Windows Login screen? If you are not happy to see the default one set on your computer for the Windows login background screen, you can change it with any color you prefer. There is a registry tweak to change the background color of Windows login screen and that is explained in this tutorial. To continue the steps provided in this tutorial, you must log in to your computer using an administrator account. If you are using a different User profile without administrative privilege, you cannot change the settings mentioned in this tutorial. Edit Windows Login Screen Color Open Run Window Press [Windows] and [R] button together to start Run window. On the run window, type regedit and press enter button. Backup Current Settings Before changing any reg settings for the login screen, it is better taking backup of the current registry settings as a precaution to counter any possible mistakes while editing the registry. To lear

My Laptop is Not Getting Wireless Signals and Internet

Today one of my clients called me while I was waiting online for him. He informed he couldn't come online because there are some issues with WiFi connection. He was sitting at a Hotspot but his Laptop failed to get wireless signals and mot online. He knows I am a network engineer and asked me to help him to resolve the issue. It was not a big issue and I fixed that without taking much time. Then I realized, for a nontechnology person, even smaller issues can be big and ruin his day. So I would like to share some tips to troubleshoot your laptop if you are facing troubles with getting signals or Internet connectivity. No WiFi or Internet On Laptop You do not need to go for assistance from expert or hardware vendor in case if your laptop stops receiving signal. You may just go through the guide below and I am sure in 99 percent cases you can fix it by yourself. Wireless Button should be turned on Make sure the wireless button on your Laptop is turned on. If it is off, you

Disable iPod Service On Windows Computer

The iPod Service is a third party service which is supplied by Apple to run iPod on your Windows computer. When you connect an iPod to your PC, it will be detected using it. Its description itself says "iPod hardware management services". It is installed on your computer automatically while you install QuickTime or any other apple products. Another chance is the installation of Apple's iTunes music software. If you don't use this apple device, it is advisable to disable it as it consumes a lot of startup time. Path of iPod Service on Windows Computer is " C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe " but it is highly recommended to don't uninstall it as it is used for the smooth working of other Apple products on a PC. Steps to disable iPod Service On Windows Computer Since the installation is not recommended, you may disable it to fasten the start-up time of your laptop. Steps to disable it are provided below. It is important to note that the pr

How to View & Clear Saved Username and Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

By default when a user enters username and password to login to his online account, Mozilla Firefox prompts the user to remember the details for autofill use. If he presses the Remember Password button, it saves the username and password he entered. It is very easy for anyone to find out the username and password he used to login to that online account from Firefox settings. This tutorial tells how to view the saved username and password stored in the Firefox web browser and steps to remove them easily. The first part of this tutorial is dedicated to explaining the reasons to store passwords in Firefox browser and the second part explains different methods to delete them. If you press the button Remember Password, the username and password you have entered will be stored. Now let us check how to view the stored username and password you have entered. How to See The Saved username & Password From Firefox Settings Start Tools menu by pressing [Alt] and [T] buttons togeth

Some crazy DNS issue by My ISP

Today I faced an interesting DNS issue with my Internet Service Provider. The issue is very simple I can go online but ping request to open DNS server returns request timed out. It is very interesting, right? The complete story is like below. While browsing I suddenly went offline and as usual to check the connectivity I ping to global DNS address. I got Request Timed Out message. So desperately I tried other open DNS addresses like and but they too failed to get a valid reply. Then I just ping and it gave me to reply and my browser can go to Screenshot of my ping operation is attached below. After the result, I again ping and got Request Timed Out message. Meantime I can browse to any website without any issue. I called the ISP and asked what is the actual reason for this issue. After some escalation (Normal procedure :-) ) they told me it was their server mistake and it is corrected now. Solution to DNS

RPC Server is Unavailable While trying to Renew IP Address

Yesterday I faced a strange issue while trying to access the Internet and I failed to go online. There was no connection to the wireless network and I started troubleshooting the issue. When I type ipconfig on command prompt as the first step in every network troubleshooting, I received the IP address instead of a valid IP address. I tried to renew the IP address by typing ipconfig/renew but failed with the following error message... "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has media disconnected. An error occurred while renewing interface wireless network connection. The RPC server is unavailable ". So the process was like this 1. Check the IP address on command prompt by typing ipconfig Result. IP address ----> 2. Renew the IP address by ipconfig/renew Got the error message which says RPC server is unavailable. The steps to fix the issue RPC server is unavailable The reason for this error message "The R

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