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Setup Siemens SpeedStream Modem With Bell PPP DSL Internet

Many Internet Service Providers like Bell Internet ( Sympatico) supports Siemens SpeedStream Modems and Routers for their customers. There are different models like SpeedStream-6520, 4100, 4200 series, etc.. Technicians from ISPs will configure it at the customers' house and support all the necessary cable works. However, customers may need to reconfigure the SpeedStream modem once a while as part of the regular troubleshooting. This tutorial teaches you how to setup Siemens SpeedStream Modem by yourself.

How to Configure Siemens SpeedStream Modems and Routers Before configuring the SpeedStream Modem with your DSL Internet, you must connect it properly with your telephone line. There are two types of telephone connections - Standard and Wall-Mount.

How to Connect SpeedStream Modem With Bell DSL Internet Line
Illustrations provided below will teach you the procedure.

For Wall-Mount Filter, you need to remove the telephone and connect the wall mount filter to the wall plate. Then re…
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How Can I Migrate Google Plus Comments to Blogger Comment Fields?

Google has decided to shut down Google Plus, and this decision has an unexpected effect on blogs running using Blogspot. Most of the Blogger bloggers enabled Google Plus comment feature on their posts. Since the Google Plus feature is going to its end, Blogger has no option to show Google+ comments. This change will not affect the Blogspot bloggers who have not activated Google+ comment feature, but for others, it is a piece of bad news.

This article checks the scope of migrating the Google+ comments to Blogger Comments or retain those comments under the blog posts.

Look at the screenshot below. It is the warning I have received from the Blogger team today.

According to this warning, Blogger will remove all Google+ button integrated with Blogger themes. Any custom made themes with the Google+ button will not work even if the button remains.

This message says that the support for Google+ comments will be turned down, and all blogs using Google+ comments will be reverted back to using …

How to Make JioFi Wireless Network Invisible From Others?

JioFi Hotspot is one of the most popular WiFi Hotspot available in India. Though the WiFi signal has WPA2-PSK encryption protection, we can do a little more. One of the extra precautions to avoid unauthorized access to your JioFi network is to hide them from other devices. Which means, no other devices will see your Jio Wireless broadcast while scanning for all available networks. This tutorial teaches you how to make JioFi WiFi invisible from others.

Let us see how to make Jio WiFi invisible from the public and hide from potential hackers.

How to Hide JioFi Wireless Network From Others
It is very simple to make Jio Wireless Network invisible from other devices and prevent them from connecting to it.

All you have to do is to disable the SSID broadcast from the GUI of Jio WiFi Hotspot. I suggest you connect JioFi router to your computer using the USB cable to perform it.

Once you have connected PC and the Jio router using a USB cable, follow the step by step instructions provided belo…

How to Analyze Windows 10 Local Hard Drive Storage Allocation?

You might have faced low storage space issues at least once in your life. In most cases, it is the junk files which consumed a large portion of your local hard drive space. Windows 10 provides an easy way to recognize the junk files which consumes a lion share of local hard disk space on your computer. All you have to do is to check the Local Storage Usage feature. This tutorial explains how to use Windows 10 Local Storage Usage feature.

How to Find JunkFiles Taking Storage Space On Windows 10 Device?
By Running Windows 10 disk space analyzer tool on your laptop, you can find the Apps and Files which consumes storage space.

To run Windows 10 Local disk space analyzer tool on your PC, follow the instructions below.

Click on Windows Start Menu and Click the Settings button.

Under the Windows 10 Settings window, you should click on the System.

Under the System, click on the Storage.
Once the Windows 10 Storage opens, you can click on the Local Hard Drive to inspect the space allocation for…

How To Fill NEET Application Form Without Mistakes

NEET( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ) is the Medical Entrance examination conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for candidates who wish to study medical courses including MBBS and BDS in Medical Colleges in India. Medical aspirants can apply for NEET examination by submitting the online form available on the NTA website. National Testing Agency conducts this all India Medical Entrance examination every year. This article explains how to register for NEET examination and how to fill the NEET Application Form.

How to Register For NEET?
If you are a student whose upper age is below 25, you can apply for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test by filling and submitting an online application form available on National Testing Agency website.

Students belong to SC/ST and OBC category have five years upper age relaxation. Persons with Disabilities too have five years upper age relaxation.

To download and fill the NEET online application form, visit the link below.


How to Avoid Idea Prepaid SIM Number Monthly Rent by Re-enabling The Lifelong Validity

Due to the tough competition from other mobile networks in India, Idea Cellular Ltd has made huge changes to the current prepaid mobile plans. Because of the better talk time plans from competitors, many Idea network subscribers kept their Idea number only to receive incoming calls without recharging. This trend forced the Idea Cellular Ltd to change their current prepaid plans. Now Idea prepaid mobile subscribers are required to recharge a minimum amount to keep the outgoing call facility.

If you want to check the current minimum rechange plans offered by Idea Cellular network for prepaid customers, visit the link below.

On this page, you can see the all available Idea Cellular prepaid plans. Under the headline Unlimited, you can see the Active plans which include unlimited talktime, daily data limit, and SMS.

Currently the minimum expenditure, Idea allows is the 35 rupee plan. Under the 35 Rupee plan, the prepaid custo…

Minority Student Scholarship By Kerala Government For Civil Service Exam Preparation

Kerala Government has invited applications from minority candidates who prepare for Civil Service Examination for financial aid under the scheme of Civil Service Fee Reimbursement (CSFR). The Civil Service aspirant should belong to anyone the religions Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddha, Parsis, Jains community. If they are studying in Government approved Civil Service Coaching centers, they can apply for the financial aid to cover the Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee. You can read more about the amount of financial aid and the qualifying conditions in the next paragraphs.

The chart below shows the latest Fee Reimbursement offered by the Kerala Minority Welfare Department. The Scholarship amount may change every year.
Tuition Fee20,000 Indian RupeeHostel Fee10,000/- Indian Rupee
Eligibility to Apply for Minority Scholarships For Civil Service Exam Preparation
To apply for the Scholarship offered by the Department of Minority Welfare, you must qualify the below requirements.

The Civil Service asp…