How to Stop Redirecting Visitors From ?m=1 Blogspot Pages?

One of the most important points to keep the quality of a website is to avoid duplicate content on it. Google does not like blogs that have different pages with the same content. Not only Google but also other search engines demand unique content from a blog. They do not like a website/blog that offers the same content through more than one URL. I am doing my best to maintain each page on CoreNetworkZ unique, but recently I noticed duplicate content issues. This duplicate page issue is not from my side but is from Blogger's side. Blogger automatically generates different post URLs for mobile users. The intention of the Blogger team is good, but the problem is the landing web page URL of mobile visitors. Blogger adds an affix ?m=1 to each URL. So, the visitors can access the same content through two different links. It attracts duplicate content issues. To solve this ?m=1 landing page redirection issues, we have to disable the Blogger mobile view. ?m=1 mobile pages

How to Fix The Ping Error Request Timed Out?

When someone faces problems with network connectivity, the first thing he has to do is to ping the destination address to check the connectivity. Ping is a network utility available in every Operating System. On a Windows computer, you can run ping utility from the Command Prompt. When you ping a destination address, your computer sends echo requests to the destination and wait for the reply. If the network connection is fine, your computer will receive a reply from the destination. If there is a problem, your computer will not receive the correct ICMP reply from the destination address. Instead, you will get one of the many ICMP error messages. Request Timed Out is one of the most common ICMP error messages to a failed ping. Let us check the meaning of this ICMP Echo Reply. The ICMP error message Request Timed Out explains your computer waited for replies from the destination host for a reasonable amount of time but received none. If you are not familiar wi

Kerala PSC High School Teacher Recruitment 2021 Notification

Public Service Commission has announced the latest High School Assistant (Teacher) appointments to the Kerala Government Education Department. PSC will appoint the selected candidates as High School teachers in various government High Schools. Any candidates with required educational qualifications between the ages of 18 and 40 can apply. Those who belong to SC/ST and OBC category can avail of upper age relaxation. This article explains the minimum qualifications to apply, starting monthly salary, mode of application and exam pattern, rank list, the detailed syllabus, solved previous year question papers, date of High School Teacher (Assistant)exam date, etc. Kerala Government Higher Secondary School Teacher Recruitment How to Become a CBI Officer? The below chart shows the latest Kerala PSC High School Assistant exam notifications. Notification Name of the Post Mode of Recruitment Last Date to Apply 203/2021 High School Teacher (Social Science

Destination Host Unreachable Ping Error Message

During my network engineer career, one of the common errors I received while troubleshooting connectivity issues is Destination Host Unreachable. This error was the cause of my Internet connectivity problems most times. The same can be true for you too. When you troubleshoot your connectivity problems, the chances of getting this ping reply are very high. If you learn how to resolve this error by yourself, you can fix most of your Internet connectivity problems yourself. In this tutorial, I will explain everything about this error. By the first part, you will learn the meaning of this ping reply. The second part of this article explains the reasons to get the ping reply Destination Host Unreachable. You will learn how to fix the Destination Host Unreachable ping error in the last part. What does Destination Host Unreachable Reply Mean? Before proceeding to the core of this tutorial, let me explain the meaning of this ping reply. The Destination Host U

How to Point Custom Subdomain Address To a Blogspot Blog?

Blogspot is a free blogging platform provided by Google suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers. Anyone can create a free blog with this platform by creating an account on using a google account. The free blog you create with will have a Blogspot subdomain address. However, if you have a domain name, you can point it to this free Blogspot blog. You can set a custom domain name for your free Blogspot blog using the domain name you purchased. For example, is a free Blogspot blog. I have explained the step-by-step guide to set a custom domain name to a free Blogspot blog in my previous tutorial. You can read that article by following the link provided below. How to Set Up Custom Domain Name For blogger Blog? In this tutorial, I am explaining a different thing. You can create a subdomain on your custom domain Blogspot blog. In other words, you can point your subdomain address to a Blogspot blog. Poin

How to Solve Destination Net Unreachable - Ping Error Message

Destination Net Unreachable is one of the common ICMP error messages you see when you ping a remote IP address as part of a ping test in network troubleshooting. This tutorial explains the meaning of the ICMP error message Destination Net Unreachable and teaches how to fix it. The first part of this tutorial explains why do you receive Destination Net Unreachable error while you ping a web address. The second part of the tutorial explains how to solve this error. Let us check what does the error message means? What is The Meaning of the Ping reply Destination Net Unreachable? This error message tells the ping request from your computer failed to find a route to the destination network. Reasons for the ICMP echo Destination net unreachable The ping packet couldn't find the destination network due to any one of the following reasons. Packet Routing issue The destination network path might be down An outdated Routing table on the default gateway with no route to t

How to Become a CBI Officer in India?

Becoming an officer in the Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI ) is a dream of many youths in India. Though this elite investigation agency is popular among the public, most people do not know the selection procedure to become a CBI officer. This article explains the various criteria, eligibility, exam pattern, and procedure to become a CBI officer. How to Join CBI as an Officer? Two different agencies conduct examinations to fill vacancies in CBI. They are UPSC and SSC. To become a group A officer in CBI, you must choose the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and become an IPS officer. To join as Sub Inspector in CBI, you must go through the SSC CGL examination. Name Of the Post Recruitment Agency Group A Officer UPSC (Civil Service Examination) Sub Inspector SSC CGL How to Apply For CBI Sub Inspector Post? To become an Officer in CBI, you must pass the Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGL ) conducted by Staff Selection Commission