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I Forgot My IRCTC Rail Connect App Username and Password

IRCTC Rail Connect is a very useful App from Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation which helps to book Indian Railway tickets hassle-free. I had installed this App on my old Android phone which was damaged last week. After installing it on my new Smartphone, I faced a common problem; I do not remember the login details. While clicking on the forgot password option on IRCTC Rail Connect App, I soon realized that I don't remember the username too. Default IRCTC Rail Connect login credentials recovery procedure needs the username, and there is no way to retrieve the lost username.

This article explains all possible solutions to regain access to the IRCTC Rail Connect Android App to book train tickets online.

IRCTC Rail Connect Online Train Ticket Booking App Password Recovery You can reset IRCTC Rail Connect App login password If you remember the username you had created while registering. All you have to do is to click on the Forgot Password link and enter the username…
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Solve AT&T Latency and Connection Issues While Playing Online Games

AT&T is one of the leading Entertainment and Internet Service providers in the United States of America. Though having a faster broadband connection from AT&T, some users may find issues with playing online games or running Internet applications. Some users complain about latency issues while playing games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, etc.. Occasionally users face problems with connecting to the game server. In most cases, a faulty Firewall setting is a reason. Another reason to have latency issues with AT&T connection while playing online games is the passive working of other applications on your home network.

Configure AT&T Router Firewall As I explained before, the AT&T gateway firewall can block many online applications from accessing the Internet. If you think your router firewall is not allowing your computer to connect to the online game server, you may need to open the ports associated with the game you are playing onli…

How to Fix Reliance JioFi DNS Issues

Reliance Jio 4G is one of the leading Mobile Internet Providers in India. Reliance WiFi hotspot called JioFi can share 4G data connection among up to 32 devices. However, just like every Internet Service Providers, Reliance Jio 4G is too not free from default DNS server issues. A faulty JioFi DNS server can make your Internet connection slower or even block many websites. By solving JioFi hotspot DNS issues, we can have a hassle free browsing experience. This article teaches you how to fix JioFi DNS issues.

How to Check If JioFi DNS Server is Fine? Let me explain how to find out whether JioFi DNS server is down or not. If your device having JioFi connection cannot access a website by typing the URL but can connect with the website IP address, is due to faulty Jio DNS Server. A simple example can explain this concept clearly. Consider a situation where you are browsing on a PC connected to the Internet with JioFi Hotspot WiFi.

Consider you have trouble accessing this blog by typing…

DSSSB Primary School Teacher Recruitment 2018 Update

Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) has announced the latest Primary School Teacher Recruitment to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi-run schools. Age limit to apply for MCD Teacher (Primary) is 30 years for general category candidates. DSSSB accepts only the online mode of applications from eligible candidates for MCD Teacher (Primary) recruitment test. This article explains how to apply for the post of permanent Primary School Teacher under MCD, required qualifications to appear the examination, starting salary of a primary school teacher in MCD per month, the number of reported vacancies, cut off marks, status of appointment, etc..

Post CodeName of the Post Date of Notification Last Date to Apply 16/17Teacher(Primary) in MCD 26/06/201830/07/2018
Essential Educational Qualification Required If you are looking for a permanent appointment as a primary school teacher in any one of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi-run schools, you should have the following essentia…

Change JioFi Factory Set Wireless Network Name and WiFi Password

JioFi 4G Hotspot is one of the leading WiFi routers used in India. We can connect up to 10 wireless devices with it and share the 4G data connection. So, by JioFi WiFi Hotspot, we can create a wireless LAN in a home or small office without any difficulties. While creating a home network using JioFi Hotspot, we need to assign a unique name for your JioFi WiFi. This article teaches you how to change the default JioFi 4G Hotspot WiFi name and wireless password. This article also teaches you the importance of changing the default JioFi network name to a unique one.

How to Change JioFi SSID and Wireless Password To change default JioFi 4G Hotspot SSID and wireless key, you need to connect your PC to this device using the default SSID and password. You can find the default JioFi wireless network name and password on the back panel of the package box.

Switch on the Hotspot and scan for available wireless networks, and connect to your Jio SSID. Once the connection established between Jio WiFi…

Reset SBI Profile Password Without Visiting Branch Office

If you are using SBI net banking for money transfer and online bill payments, you know the importance of keeping update the account credentials. To change any details on your State Bank of India online account, you need to login to the profile using profile password. However, it is common that most of the account holders remember just the account login password but forget profile password. Without entering profile password, we cannot change any details like adding a new email address, change NetBank password, etc.. This article teaches how to reset forgot SBI NetBank Account Profile password.

How to Change SBI Internet Banking Profile Password Online To change SBI Internet Banking account profile password without visiting your branch office, follow the instructions given below.
Login to your SBI online account and click on the profile from the left-hand side menu.

Click on Change Password

If you do not remember the SBI profile password, click on the link Forgot Profile Password.

You wil…

Etisalat Broadband Internet Configuration Guide

Etisalat is a UAE based Internet and Telecommunication Service Provider with the presence in 16 countries. They provide both mobile and broadband Internet connection. Al Shamil and eLife are the popular broadband services provided by them. They also have Wi-Fi hotspots for their customers. This tutorial explains how to configure Etisalat broadband modem and router with custom specifications. We also explain how to reset Etisalat WiFi password, enable wireless security, increase the average upload and download speed, unblock banned website, etc..

How to Setup Etisalat Broadband Modem and Router They may supply different modem and router models but the steps to configure broadband Internet connection are same.
Connect Modem with Computer

You must connect the Ethernet port of your computer to the LAN port of Etisalat Broadband Modem with an Ethernet cable. Power on modem and computer.

Log into Setup Page

Default log in IP address of most of the Etisalat modem and router models is 192.…