How To Reset Microsoft Notepad To Default Settings?

Microsoft Notepad is a default text writing tool in Windows Operating System. Though it is a helpful app, people don't give much importance to it if they have Microsoft Office installed on their PCs. Even though Microsoft Office and Open Office tools offer many features, they cannot replace the Microsoft Notepad. People understand its importance only when they cannot use it. The same happened to me too. Yesterday night one of my friends played his computer skills on various software products installed on my computer. By the end of his experiments, the Microsoft Notepad failed to work. He said that he didn't remember the changes he made. At first, I thought it was not a big deal because a simple reset can restore the default settings. I tried to reset the current configuration using the reset button. Sooner I found out that there was no such option. Now I learned the bitter truth there is no direct reset option in notepad. The only way to reset the Microsoft note

Windows Task Manager Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator

Windows Task Manager is a Microsoft utility that monitors active applications and processes on your computer. The same tool helps you to kill any unresponsive applications. You can start it by pressing the keys [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] together. However, sometimes you may receive an error message Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator when you press these three buttons. In the first part of the guide, you can see different methods to start this utility. The second part of this tutorial explains how to disable and enable Task Manager on your Laptop using Windows Registry Editor and Group Policy Editor. Here I explain four different methods to open Task Manager on a Windows PC. Different Methods to Start Task Manager Press [ Ctrl ] + [ Alt ] + [ Del ] buttons together Press [ Ctrl ] + [Shift] + [Esc] buttons together Right-click on the taskbar and click Start Task Manager Type taskmgr on Run and press the Enter key What if none of the a

Village Field Assistant in Kerala Revenue Department - Examination Date & Rank List

PSC has notified examination for the post of the Village Field Assistant in the Kerala Revenue Department. Village Field Assistant is the new name given to the post of Village Man in the Kerala Revenue Department. It is one of the few posts where PSC conducts direct recruitment to the Revenue Department. It is a golden opportunity if you are trying for a direct entry to the Kerala revenue department. The Public Service Commission conducts different examinations for each district. Kerala PSC prepares a shortlist for the main exam for the post of Village Field Assistant from the tenth level preliminary examination. Each district will have a different rank list based on the Village Field Assistant examination cut-off mark set for that district. Since it is a district-wise examination, one can apply to one district only. The Number of Village Assistant Vacancies PSC has not revealed the exact number of vacancies available at this moment. So we do not kn

How to Port Forward With Cox Cable Modem?

Cox Communications is USA's one of the leading cable Internet service providers. Cox cable broadband provides fast Internet and streaming TV services for its customers. Though they provide reliable connectivity, some users complain about issues with opening ports to activate online services. Some customers feel Cox disabled some ports intentionally on their modems to control the upstream bandwidth usage. This tutorial teaches you how to perform Port forwarding on a Cox modem. Why Do Cox Blocks Internet Ports? According to Cox's technical support, they block some Internet ports to protect their customers against common worms and dangerous online services. Another reason for Blocking Internet Ports by Cox is to limit upstream bandwidth usage. To see the list of Internet ports disabled, visit the link below. Why Do I Need to Open Ports In Cox Modem? By default, Cox disabled

Resolve Getting 169 Invalid IP Address Range (APIPA) On your PC

Have you ever seen an IP address similar to 169.254.X.X on your computer? If yes, your computer runs on an APIPA. The 169 IP address is also called an invalid IP address. In this article, I will explain the concept of APIPA and how to fix it. Let me explain the APIPA concept first. When a Windows computer fails to receive a valid IP address from a DHCP server, OS will automatically assign an Automatic Private IP address called APIPA. This automatic Private IP address is in the range to APIPA = Automatic Private IP Addressing Problems With APIPA Addressing Since APIPA (169.254.X.X) is a private IP address, your computer will not communicate to any other devices with a valid IP address provided by a DHCP server. In other words, your computer has no connection to a real network. A Device with a 169 IP Address range can only communicate with another APIPA device. To communicate with other devices, you must change the 169.254.X.X I

How to Configure a BSNL Broadband Modem Manually?

BSNL is one of the most popular Internet Service Providers in India. They provide different models of DSL modems to their customers. Some of the popular BSNL modems are from D-Link, Teracom, Netgear, etc... Though they supply different modem models, the procedure to configure them is very similar. Let me explain the procedure to configure a DSL modem with your BSNL broadband connection with an example. Let me pick a Teracom modem to explain the setup procedure. To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on the Teracom modem, we don't need to run the setup CD. We can manually set up a broadband Internet connection on a Teracom modem if you have the Internet Username and Password provided by BSNL. In the manual configuration, we should log in to the Teracom modem by typing the modem username and Password(Teracom username and password are not the same BSNL Internet account username and password ). Since BSNL is a DSL broadband ISP, we need to configure the Teracom device in

Kerala Khadi Board LD Clerk Examination Date and Application 2022

Kerala PSC has announced the recruitment for Lower Division Clerk / Assistant grade 2/ Accountant/ Cashier / Clerk-cum-Accountant in Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board. The total number of vacancies reported until now is anticipatory, and it is Statewide direct recruitment. To apply for the LD Clerk / Assistant grade 2 post in Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board (KKVIB), you must visit the Kerala PSC official website and check the notification. KKVIB focuses on assisting Village Industries. Its primary focus is the Khadi sector. They occasionally offer special rebates for Khadi products with the support of the Government and help to popularize Khadi products among the public. Exam Date -  You can view the summary of the latest recruitment notification in the chart given below. Notification Name of the Post Type Of Recruitment Last Date to Apply 054/2022 Khadi Board LD Clerk/ Assistant Direct Recruitment 18 - May - 2022 Notification Name o