How to Change The Free Blogspot Blog Address from Blogger Settings?

Do you think the free Blogspot name you chose for your blog is boring? Or do you think you have a better name for your Blogger blog? Do not worry. You can change the current Blogspot subdomain name with the one you prefer. Blogger allows the users to change the current blog address with a different available name. So if you have a Blogspot blog with a Blogspot subdomain and have an address not much related to the topics you write, you can change it from the blogger dashboard. Does Blogger Restrict the Blogspot URL Change? There is no restriction from the Blogger about the number of times you can change the URL of your blog. So if you think the current URL is not easily recognizable or does not tell the niche of your writing, you have the complete freedom to change it. This facility depends on the availability of blog URLs. It means you cannot ask for an unavailable Blogspot subdomain. Blogspot serves first comes basis, and you should register the one

Router Cascading - A Complete Guide

Are you trying to add a new router to your existing home network? Or are you simply trying to extend your existing LAN? Then you must learn the concept of router cascading. It is the art of adding new routers to the existing primary router. Without knowing how to perform router cascading, you will fail to add an extra router successfully to the network. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect additional routers to the current network by cascading routers without having any network issues. This tutorial covers the theoretical concept of router cascading. To read the practical guide, I recommend you read the following article. Connect Multiple New Routers to a Home Network There are two ways to cascade a router to another router. Before configuring the second router for router cascade, ensure that it has no connection to the main router (where the broadband modem is connected). Different Methods to Cascade Two Routers LAN to LAN Router Cascade I

How to Become a CBI Officer in India?

Becoming an officer in the Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI ) is a dream of many youths in India. Though this elite investigation agency is popular among the public, most people do not know the selection procedure to become a CBI officer. This article explains the various criteria, eligibility, exam pattern, and procedure to become a CBI officer. Let us first check the steps to becoming a CBI officer after graduation. How to Join CBI as an Officer? Two different agencies conduct examinations to fill vacancies in CBI. They are UPSC and SSC. You can become a CBI officer either through UPSC or SSC. To become a group A officer in CBI, you must choose the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and become an IPS officer. To join as Sub Inspector in CBI, you must clear the SSC CGL examination. Name Of the Post Recruitment Agency Group A Officer UPSC (Civil Service Examination) Sub Inspector SSC CGL How to Apply For CBI

University Assistant 2023 Exam Notification by Kerala PSC

Kerala PSC has published the latest University Assistant exam notification. Public Service Commission has invited applications from eligible candidates for the Assistant post in various Universities in Kerala. It is statewide direct recruitment, and the minimum educational qualification required is a Degree from any UGC-recognized Institution. To study the solved previous year's University Assistant question papers, visit the link below. Top Rated University Assistant Exam-Based Rank File This article explains the recruitment mode, expected cut-off marks, the number of reported vacancies, starting monthly salary, expected questions with solved previous year question papers, University Assistant job description, promotion chances, etc. The Latest University Assistant Notification By Kerala PSC Check the table below to view the latest University Assistant Recruitment notification by the Kerala PSC. Notification Number Name of The Post Last

How to Download The Latest JioFi Router Firmware and Update?

I have been using JioFi since 2018 to share the Internet among my home devices. Their portable WiFi 4G router helps me in my work-related travels due to its reliable data connectivity. It was fine until recently I faced a few minor problems with this JioFi router. One among them was slower WiFi connectivity with blinking WiFi lights. As a network engineer, I understood the reason for this kind of minor device failure. This device was running on outdated firmware, and that was high time to upgrade to the latest version. The JioFi router needed an emergency firmware update. In this article, you will learn how I downloaded the latest JioFi firmware and upgraded the device firmware. JioFi Version: The Latest JioFi Device Model If you are looking for guidelines to download the latest version of JioFi 4G device firmware, check the instructions below. How to Download the Latest Version of JioFi Firmware & Update? We can upgrade JioFi 4G Router fir

My Computer Restarts Automatically - Reasons & Solution

You read many hardware-related issues and solutions on CoreNetworkZ . Today we are discussing the reasons for an unexpected automatic restarting of a computer. Once I faced this problem, where my computer rebooted automatically without providing any warning, and I lost every unsaved work. I took one week to troubleshoot and fix the problem. This guide is the result of my one-week troubleshooting experience. Automatic restarting is one of the most frustrating computer-related problems you can experience. I believe having a guide for those who face the same problem can be very helpful in identifying the reasons for the automatic restarting of their systems. If you can identify why your PC is rebooting suddenly without warning, you will be able to solve it. At first, we check common reasons for the issue. Some of them are software conflicts, hardware issues, and virus infections. Let us check carefully why a Laptop restarts without giving a warning.

View & Clear Saved Username and Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

Have you forgotten your Instagram or Facebook password? Maybe you do not even have a password manager on your device, but there is a chance to recover forgotten passwords from the Firefox on your device. Yes, Firefox saves the username and passwords to sign into your online accounts in Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. By default, Firefox prompts you to store the user credentials unless you select the button NO . Firefox Autofill feature asks you to remember the username and password by default. Look at the screenshot below to understand how your Firefox browser stores the username and password of your Instagram account while signing in. When you click the Save button, Firefox will save the login for Instagram. In the future, anyone with access to Firefox installed on your computer can view and edit the Instagram username and password. You will learn from this guide how to access and view the saved username and password from the Firefox browser. Find Save