Kerala Khadi Board LD Clerk Examination Date and Application 2022

Kerala PSC has announced the recruitment for Lower Division Clerk / Assistant grade 2/ Accountant/ Cashier / Clerk-cum-Accountant in Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board. The total number of vacancies reported until now is anticipatory, and it is Statewide direct recruitment. To apply for the LD Clerk / Assistant grade 2 post in Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board (KKVIB), you must visit the Kerala PSC official website and check the notification. KKVIB focuses on providing assistance to Village Industries. Its main focus is the Khadi sector. They occasionally offer special rebates for Khadi products with the support of the Government and help to popularize Khadi products among the public. Exam Date -  You can view the summary of the latest recruitment notification in the chart given below. Notification Name of the Post Type Of Recruitment Last Date to Apply 054/2022 Khadi Board LD Clerk/ Assistant Direct Recruitment 18 - May - 2022 Notificat

Why is My Internet Connection Very Slow?

Are you experiencing a slower Internet connection at your home or office? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. It is not shocking news that most Internet users get a slower connection speed than the actual speed promised by their Service Providers. In this article, we explore the reasons for it. Visit this link if you are interested in a quick Broadband speed Hack for Windows devices . Now let us continue our discussion. While looking for the reasons for a slower Internet connection, we cannot always blame our Internet Service Providers. ISPs may be providing us the speed they promised. But wrong settings from our side might slow down the connection. Let us check the common reasons for a slower Internet connection. 10 Reasons For a Slower Internet Connection in 2022 Number of Devices Sharing the Bandwidth You should check the number of active devices which share the Internet on your LAN. They all must be consuming the available bandwidt

How to Solve USB Tethering Error On Android Phone?

As we know, Android phones can be used as a modem to get an Internet connection on laptops using the tethering feature. The tethering feature converts an Android phone into a wireless modem and shares the Internet among other devices. If anyone does not know what tethering stands for, it is a feature that allows sharing Android phone's mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This article explains a strange issue I faced while using the tethering feature. Yesterday while traveling, I got into a strange error. My mobile handset failed to tether. After connecting my Android handset to the laptop, it showed a message USB connected and check to tether . Once I clicked tether, it faded out and showed a USB tethering error . Then I received a pop-up to turn on USB storage. I clicked on the button to turn on USB storage, and then it displayed another message you cannot tether while USB storage is on . I turned off the USB storage, and then it showed USB conne

Destination Host Unreachable -Fix Ping Error Message

During my network engineer career, one of the common errors I received while troubleshooting connectivity issues is Destination Host Unreachable. This error was the cause of my Internet connectivity problems most times. The same can be true for you too. When you troubleshoot your connectivity problems, the chances of getting this ping reply are very high. If you learn how to resolve this error by yourself, you can fix most of your Internet connectivity problems yourself. In this tutorial, I will explain everything about this error. By the first part, you will learn the meaning of this ping reply. The second part of this article explains the reasons to get the ping reply Destination Host Unreachable. You will learn how to fix the Destination Host Unreachable ping error in the last part. What does Destination Host Unreachable Ping Reply Mean? Before proceeding to the core of this tutorial, let me explain the meaning of this ping reply. The Destination H

How to Link AADHAAR Card Number With SBI Personal Bank Account

The government of India made it mandatory for everyone to link their AADHAAR card to their bank account for getting direct credits of government benefits and subsidies. Let me give an example. You will not get the LPG subsidy unless you link your AADHAAR card number with your bank account. You will miss all Government benefits unless you link the AADHAAR with your personal bank account. This tutorial teaches you how to link your AADHAAR card with your SBI account. AADHAAR card linking is also called AADHAAR card seeding. This article explains the steps to link the AADHAAR Card with a State Bank account. There are four different methods to add your Aadhaar card number with SBI account. They are: Different Methods to Link Aadhaar With SBI Savings Account Send SMS to add AADHAAR card with SBI bank account Online method to link Aadhaar card to SBI account Using ATM to connect your Aadhaar with your SBI account Offline method to link AADHAAR Card to State Ba

TTL Expired in Transit - Reason and Solution

TTL Expired in Transit is one of the common ping error messages you may receive in network troubleshooting. This tutorial explains the meaning of this error message TTL Expired in Transit and how to solve it. Let us check the meaning of this error message at first. Meaning of TTL Expired in Transit In simple words, TTL Expired in Transit tells the Time To Live value set for the ping packets reduced to zero while traveling through the network before reaching the destination. Let us check the reasons for this issue and how to fix it. The TTL value is set on a packet in a way to reduce it by one when the packet passes through each hop in the network. For example, if the Time To Live value on a packet is 3, it will pass through 3 hops. In the third hope, the TTL value reduces to become zero. So, what happens when TTL expires? The packet will not travel to the next hop. This procedure helps to avoid the infinite looping of packets. Let us check the reasons for receiving

How to Show JavaScript or HTML Code on Blogger Blog Posts?

During the first days of my blogging career, I didn't have any practical knowledge about the way codes work on Blogger post editor. One of the major problems I faced was the difficulty in publishing my codes. The problem was very simple. I had to share both JavaScript and HTML codes as part of my coding tutorials. But, Whenever I type codes on posts, Blogger automatically starts interpreting them. I selected the option Show HTML Literally under the Blogger post settings options but failed. So I was forced to show the codes as images rather than in text format. I knew it wouldn't give the readers a good reading experience. So I started looking for a way to show the HTML and JavaScript code literally. Then I found a way to show HTML and JavaScript codes as plain text on Blogger posts. It is a very simple process called parsing. Here we convert the script into a parsed format. In parsed format, we convert certain characters of the code into escape charact