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Best Internet Service Providers in Kuwait For Tourists & Gamers

If you are new to Kuwait as a tourist or for a job, the first thing you will look for is to get a good Internet connection. If you produce valid documents required by the authorities, you won't face any issues with getting an Internet connection in Kuwait. Depends on your need, you can opt for either prepaid or postpaid plan. Many service providers issue hassle-free prepaid plans for tourists. If you are looking for DSL broadband plans, service providers may ask you to produce a few documents. Documents required for a new broadband Internet connection in Kuwait are Civil ID Copy of the telephone line owner, MOC Promissory, MOC clearance certificate and the Consent Letter. This article introduces you to the procedure to get a new DSL line, best Internet Service providers in Kuwait, cheapest broadband plans, etc..

Best Internet Plans For Tourists in Kuwait If you are a tourist in Kuwait, you don't need any DSL line unless you are planning to stay here for a long time. It is rec…
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How Much Money Indian Bloggers Can Earn From AdSense Per Month

Blogging one of the new generation jobs which are getting more popular among youngsters in India. In earlier days blog writing was considered as a hobby but very soon it became a profession which helps earn a decent income per month. In this article, we are checking whether blog writing can be really considered as an alternative to boring 9 to 6 jobs in India or it does not provide enough money to cover all daily expenses. In addition to that, we check how much a blog publisher can earn per month from blogs which are mainly getting traffic from developing countries like India and Bangladesh.

How Much Income an AdSense Publisher Can Earn From Indian Web Traffic How much does Google Adsense pay per click in India? In this scenario, we consider a blog which has traffic mainly from India. As we know, Google AdSense does not pay very well for clicks generated from Indian visitors. One of the major reasons for not having high revenue for clicks by Indian visitors is due to the lesser onli…

Stop Redirecting Visitors From ?m=1 Blogspot Pages

One of the most important points to keep the quality of a website is to stop showing duplicate content on it. Google does not like blogs those have different pages showing exactly same content. I am doing my best to maintain each page on this blog unique but recently I noticed duplicate content issues. It is actually not my fault but Blogspot redirects mobile visitors to the mobile version of this blog. The intention of blogger team is good but the problem is the landing web page URL of mobile visitors. An affix ?m=1 is added to each URL and thus visitors can access same content by two different links. This may really attract duplicate content issues. In order to solve this ?m=1 landing page redirection issues, we have to disable blogger mobile view.

Effect of Blogger ?m=1 Pages On Search Results Blogspot redirects mobile users to the mobile version and those page URLs end with ?m=1. That is why you can see page links end with ?m=1 on Google Analytics. Here are the screenshots of my…

How to Become An Income Tax Officer in India

Income Tax Department is the Central Government agency which is responsible for collecting direct taxes in India. IT Department offers various powerful posts for youngsters in India and they recruit key officers through two different examinations. They are the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by UPSC and the Combined Graduate Level Examination conducted by SSC. For those who are looking for Group A post in IT Department, they should opt IRS and for those who are looking for Inspector post, they should opt SSC CGL. This article explains how to join Income Tax Department as an Officer and explains how to prepare for the recruitment process.

Income Tax Officer Selection procedure and How to Apply As I explained before, there are two methods to join IT Department in India. They are:
Join as an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer though UPSC

Join as Inspector of Income Tax or as Tax Assistant through SSC CGL
In order to become an IRS Officer, you should appear the Civil Service E…

How To Unsend Photos You Have Shared On Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular chat platforms used by many today. It is normal for anyone to share pictures with his or her chat friends on Hangouts. However, it would be bad if there is no option to unsend the photos you have sent to someone. It can be risky if the photos you sent are some sort of sensitive or entirely sharing private moments. unfortunately, Google Hangouts offers no direct options to delete photos sent by a user but still, we can do it. This tutorial tells you the step by step instructions to delete any previous images you have sent to your Google Hangouts chat friends.

Delete Photos Sent by You On Hangouts Here I would show how to delete an image you sent to your friend through Google Hangouts in the form of a communication between two hangouts accounts.
Here I am going to send an image to one of my hangouts friends.

I have sent a photo

He just confirmed it

Now it is the time to remove that photo. So that my friend will not see that image again. In order t…

I Cannot Access Some Websites On Reliance Jio 4G Network

For the last few days, I have been facing issues with opening some websites on my computer using Reliance Jio 4G network. My Internet connection is fine but while accessing some websites, JioFi prevents them from opening. I do understand that most of the free movie websites and torrents download sites are blocked in our country as per the directions from TRAI. However, I am facing issues with websites those are accessible through other Internet Service Providers. Anyway, I resolved the issue by myself and this post is based on my troubleshooting steps which helped to access the sites which were blocked before.

Why Do Some Websites Are Not Opening On Jio 4G Network? There are two reasons (mainly) which prevent a website from accessing through Reliance Jio 4G Network. One of them is the TRAI's regulation. For example, most of the popular torrents sites are banned in India as per the guidelines from TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Reliance Jio has to comply with TRAI&…

How to Find Email Address & Phone Number Of Your Google Hangouts Chat Friend

It must be an embarrassing situation when you do not know the email address of a friend who has been in your Google Hangouts contact for a long time. However, this situation is possible under many circumstances. For example, you want to send him an email but cannot find his Gmail address or someone has changed his/her Hangouts display name recently and you are unable to recollect that person. If you can find out the email address, it would be easy for you to identify the person who has recently changed Google Hangouts chat display name.There are some methods to find out the email address and Phone Number of a Google Hangouts friend and we are going to explain some of them.

Find Gmail ID From Hangouts Chat List

If you are accessing your Google Hangouts through Gmail, in most of the cases you will be able to see the email id by simply placing the mouse over the specific chat friend in the contact list. This method works only if you used his email id on your Gmail before. For example, if…