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I Cannot Access Some Websites On Reliance Jio 4G Network

For the last few days, I have been facing issues with opening some websites on my computer using Reliance Jio 4G network. My Internet connection is fine but while accessing some websites, JioFi prevents them from opening. I do understand that most of the free movie websites and torrents download sites are blocked in our country as per the directions from TRAI. However, I am facing issues with websites those are accessible through other Internet Service Providers. Anyway, I resolved the issue by myself and this post is based on my troubleshooting steps which helped to access the sites which were blocked before.

Why Do Some Websites Are Not Opening On Jio 4G Network? There are two reasons (mainly) which prevent a website from accessing through Reliance Jio 4G Network. One of them is the TRAI's regulation. For example, most of the popular torrents sites are banned in India as per the guidelines from TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Reliance Jio has to comply with TRAI&…
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How to Find Email Address & Phone Number Of Your Google Hangouts Chat Friend

It must be an embarrassing situation when you do not know the email address of a friend who has been in your Google Hangouts contact for a long time. However, this situation is possible under many circumstances. For example, you want to send him an email but cannot find his Gmail address or someone has changed his/her Hangouts display name recently and you are unable to recollect that person. If you can find out the email address, it would be easy for you to identify the person who has recently changed Google Hangouts chat display name.There are some methods to find out the email address and Phone Number of a Google Hangouts friend and we are going to explain some of them.

Find Gmail ID From Hangouts Chat List

If you are accessing your Google Hangouts through Gmail, in most of the cases you will be able to see the email id by simply placing the mouse over the specific chat friend in the contact list. This method works only if you used his email id on your Gmail before. For example, if…

Setup Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router

Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router is one of the popular router models from Netgear which supports three wireless bands. This guide explains how to manually configure Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router and troubleshoot any problems you may face while setting up the device in your home. We also explain how to use the wireless bands( two 5 GHz bands and one 2.4 GHz band) in your home network to get maximum benefits and secure both the device and the home network. At first let us check how to manually setup this device and enable the most basic security on it.

How to Manually Configure Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router Connect an Ethernet cable between LAN ports of your PC and the router. Power on the device.

login to Nighthawk X6S AC4000

Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter key

You will be prompted to enter the username and password. Default username of Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router is admi…

Enable Free HTTPS Certificate On Blogspot Blogs With Custom Domain Name

Finally Google has decided to provide free HTTPS certificate (SSL) for all bloggers who are using custom domain name with blogspot blogs. By enabling this free SSL certificate, all those who run blogspot blogs with custom domain names will be able to project more professional blogs with higher trust level before their readers. Another advantage of activating SSL certificate in the SEO point of view is the chance of getting higher ranks in Google organic search results. It is because, SSL is considered as a factor which decides search engine rank in Google. Now let us check how to activate free HTTPS availability offered by Google for blogspot blogs using custom domain names.

How to Turn on HTTPS Encryption On Blogspot Blogs With Custom Domain Names To turn on Free HTTPS Encryption feature with Custom domain blogspot blogs, follow the steps below.
Login to Blogger Dash board and choose the blog on which you want turn on SSL

Click on Settings

On Basic Settings page, you can see HTTPS A…

My 4G Phone Is Not Showing 4G LTE Networks

This post is on response to an email send by one of our readers to correct issues with picking up 4G signals on a 4G mobile handset. He is using a mobile phone with 4G features. Though his phone supports 4G LTE network, he could not access 4G network on it. By default, those handsets which support 4G LTE can pickup the signal automatically and access data through it. However, there are occasions where your 4G Phone fails to show 4G signals and access 3G or 2G networks instead. In this article I will explain how to enable 4G network on a supported Phone and access Internet on it.

Reasons For Not Showing 4G Networks On Your Handset Here is a list of common issues which prevents your mobile phone or tabs from connecting to 4G or 3G wireless networks. They are:
Your Phone Does not Support LTE

Wrong APN Settings

Incorrect Cellular Networks Settings

Problems from the side of your Cellular Service Provider
Solve Troubles to Access 4G Network On a Supported Device Make Sure Your Device has Correc…

Kerala Administrative Service Exam Notification 2018

Kerala Administrative Service (KAS) opens door to class 1 state service for eligible candidates. Those who are selected will be appointed to second gazetted posts in 29 government departments including Land Revenue, Finance, State Lottery and Secretariat services (plus common category posts in every departments). Public Service Commission is looking for young professionally trained qualified candidates who are able to serve as middle level managers in government service and those will be promoted to IAS later. This article explains why KAS is very important, exam pattern, number of vacancies and the promotion chances for those join Kerala Administrative Service.

Importance of Kerala Administrative Service Recruitment Many IAS vacancies in Kerala State Cadre are already vacant because of the absence of eligible candidates in state service. Only source available to fill those vacancies is deputy collector post, as these vacancies cannot be filled by UPSC, but the number of them is very…

How to Sell Delisted Company's Share in India

Since the demonetization in India, the number of people willing to invest in shares and mutual funds has been increasing. Though it is helpful for our country, in investors point of view there are certain risks associated with investment in shares. Here we are explaining one of the rarest of such risk; delisting of a company from stock exchanges. If one company is delisted from stock exchanges in India, shareholders are no longer allowed to sell or buy securities of the company though stock exchange. In such situation how can a shareholder sell his delisted shares in India ? This article teaches small investors to protect themselves from such a situation and guides how to cash their delisted shares legally in India.

What is Delisting by Stock Exchanges ? We can say a company is delisted when securities from the company is prevented from trading through stock exchanges. It can happen in two ways.
Voluntary Delisting
Here the promoters of the company decide to buyback shares from minori…