Destination Host Unreachable -Fix Ping Error Message

During my network engineer career, one of the common errors I received while troubleshooting connectivity issues is Destination Host Unreachable. This error was the cause of my Internet connectivity problems most times. The same can be true for you too. When you troubleshoot your connectivity problems, the chances of getting this ping reply are very high. If you learn how to resolve this error by yourself, you can fix most of your Internet connectivity problems yourself. In this tutorial, I will explain everything about this error. By the first part, you will learn the meaning of this ping reply. The second part of this article explains the reasons to get the ping reply Destination Host Unreachable. You will learn how to fix the Destination Host Unreachable ping error in the last part. What does Destination Host Unreachable Ping Reply Mean? Before proceeding to the core of this tutorial, let me explain the meaning of this ping reply. The Destination H

How to Link AADHAAR Card Number With SBI Personal Bank Account

The government of India made it mandatory for everyone to link their AADHAAR card to their bank account for getting direct credits of government benefits and subsidies. Let me give an example. You will not get the LPG subsidy unless you link your AADHAAR card number with your bank account. You will miss all Government benefits unless you link the AADHAAR with your personal bank account. This tutorial teaches you how to link your AADHAAR card with your SBI account. AADHAAR card linking is also called AADHAAR card seeding. This article explains the steps to link the AADHAAR Card with a State Bank account. There are four different methods to add your Aadhaar card number with SBI account. They are: Different Methods to Link Aadhaar With SBI Savings Account Send SMS to add AADHAAR card with SBI bank account Online method to link Aadhaar card to SBI account Using ATM to connect your Aadhaar with your SBI account Offline method to link AADHAAR Card to State Ba

TTL Expired in Transit - Reason and Solution

TTL Expired in Transit is one of the common ping error messages you may receive in network troubleshooting. This tutorial explains the meaning of this error message TTL Expired in Transit and how to solve it. Let us check the meaning of this error message at first. Meaning of TTL Expired in Transit In simple words, TTL Expired in Transit tells the Time To Live value set for the ping packets reduced to zero while traveling through the network before reaching the destination. Let us check the reasons for this issue and how to fix it. The TTL value is set on a packet in a way to reduce it by one when the packet passes through each hop in the network. For example, if the Time To Live value on a packet is 3, it will pass through 3 hops. In the third hope, the TTL value reduces to become zero. So, what happens when TTL expires? The packet will not travel to the next hop. This procedure helps to avoid the infinite looping of packets. Let us check the reasons for receiving

How to Show JavaScript or HTML Code on Blogger Blog Posts?

During the first days of my blogging career, I didn't have any practical knowledge about the way codes work on Blogger post editor. One of the major problems I faced was the difficulty in publishing my codes. The problem was very simple. I had to share both JavaScript and HTML codes as part of my coding tutorials. But, Whenever I type codes on posts, Blogger automatically starts interpreting them. I selected the option Show HTML Literally under the Blogger post settings options but failed. So I was forced to show the codes as images rather than in text format. I knew it wouldn't give the readers a good reading experience. So I started looking for a way to show the HTML and JavaScript code literally. Then I found a way to show HTML and JavaScript codes as plain text on Blogger posts. It is a very simple process called parsing. Here we convert the script into a parsed format. In parsed format, we convert certain characters of the code into escape charact

Asianet Dataline Cable Broadband Modem WiFi Connectivity Issues

I have been using the Asianet Cable broadband connection for a while without any issues. Everything was fine till the last week. Last week I faced connectivity problems on my computers connected to the Asianet WiFi network. I was a little disappointed while checking up for help tutorials because there are not many resources available. Ironically I received no help from their technical support. Every time I received either a busy tone or no answer. They provide Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Residential Gateway as a modem, and it has both routing and WiFi features. Fortunately, I could fix the issues by myself without extra information. This tutorial explains the steps I performed to fix the Asianet Broadband WiFi connectivity problems. Configure Asianet Fiber Broadband Modem With Correct Settings Login Asianet Cable Modem The Login IP address of the Asianet Cable modem (Cisco DPC2320) is . There is no username and password set on Cisco DPC2320 by d

How to Stop Redirecting Visitors From ?m=1 Blogspot Pages?

One of the most important points to keep the quality of a website is to avoid duplicate content on it. Google does not like blogs that have different pages with the same content. Not only Google but also other search engines demand unique content from a blog. They do not like a website/blog that offers the same content through more than one URL. I am doing my best to maintain each page on CoreNetworkZ unique, but recently I noticed duplicate content issues. This duplicate page issue is not from my side but is from Blogger's side. Blogger automatically generates different post URLs for mobile users. The intention of the Blogger team is good, but the problem is the landing web page URL of mobile visitors. Blogger adds an affix ?m=1 to each URL. So, the visitors can access the same content through two different links. It attracts duplicate content issues. To solve this ?m=1 landing page redirection issues, we have to disable the Blogger mobile view. ?m=1 mobile pages

How to Fix The Ping Error Request Timed Out?

When someone faces problems with network connectivity, the first thing he has to do is to ping the destination address to check the connectivity. Ping is a network utility available in every Operating System. On a Windows computer, you can run ping utility from the Command Prompt. When you ping a destination address, your computer sends echo requests to the destination and wait for the reply. If the network connection is fine, your computer will receive a reply from the destination. If there is a problem, your computer will not receive the correct ICMP reply from the destination address. Instead, you will get one of the many ICMP error messages. Request Timed Out is one of the most common ICMP error messages to a failed ping. Let us check the meaning of this ICMP Echo Reply. The ICMP error message Request Timed Out explains your computer waited for replies from the destination host for a reasonable amount of time but received none. If you are not familiar wi