View & Clear Saved Username and Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

Have you forgotten your Instagram or Facebook password? Maybe you do not even have a password manager on your device, but there is a chance to recover forgotten passwords from the Firefox on your device. Yes, Firefox saves the username and passwords to sign into your online accounts in Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. By default, Firefox prompts you to store the user credentials unless you select the button NO . Firefox Autofill feature asks you to remember the username and password by default. Look at the screenshot below to understand how your Firefox browser stores the username and password of your Instagram account while signing in. When you click the Save button, Firefox will save the login for Instagram. In the future, anyone with access to Firefox installed on your computer can view and edit the Instagram username and password. You will learn from this guide how to access and view the saved username and password from the Firefox browser. Find Save

Optimize Blogger Template To Rank High in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo

Professional bloggers always look for more traffic to their blogs. They implement different methods like Social Media Marketing, E-mail marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising to gain more visitors. A successful blog is the result of the implementation of the above methods. Which is the best method to bring more visitors to your blog? Organic traffic is the best. Organic traffic means visits from Search Engines. How can we generate more organic visitors to our blogs? We can do it by gaining better search rank in search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yep, etc. This tutorial focuses the Blogspot bloggers. Many professional bloggers (in the Blogspot platform) are developing unique quality content and updating their blogs regularly but fail to get better search results. Why do you think many high-quality Blogspot bloggers fail to generate more visits? It is because the default Blogspot template is not much search engine friendly. But a few tweaks can ma

How to Setup Free Email Accounts With GoDaddy Domain Name?

GoDaddy is one of the most reputed names in the domain registrar and hosting business. They always excel with their unique gifts to customers while purchasing a domain name or hosting space. For example, if you buy a domain name from GoDaddy, you will get free business Email credits. They are currently offering a free email account with 1GB storage space with each domain name you buy. So you can create one business Email address ( example: admin@yourdomain name) without purchasing additional email accounts from them. A professional email address like will help you boost your business. This offer is not limited to new domain names. GoDaddy offers one free email account credit for users purchasing hosting space. You can easily set up a free business email address with your free GoDaddy email credits. You should note that once you have used full free email credits in your account, you may need to buy professional/personal email/business credits.