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Different Page Views Report by Blogger Stats and Google Analytics

Blogspot has inbuilt traffic analytics tool called Blogger Stats which helps users to check and analyze the daily traffic to their blogs. It shows leading blog posts which attract more traffic with the most successful traffic generating keywords. Though blogger Stats cannot match with Google analytics, it is enough for an average user to analyze the daily traffic to his blog. With the help of the necessary details supplied by this tool (major traffic sources and keywords which bring traffic), the user can optimize his blog. This tutorial explains how to use this feature to fetch visitor details and the difference between visitor count shows by this feature and Google analytics.

How to Access Blogger Stats It is not hard to access blogger stats. When you log in to your Blogspot account, you will see the summary of traffic to your blog provided by it. Look at the image below to understand it more.

To get a detailed report from Blogger stats, you must click on the Stats link from the contr…

Intel Core i7-970 processor -Six Core Desktop Chip with 3.2GHz processor speed

Intel introduces another 6 core desktop processor with 3.2GHz speed. This chip is termed as Core i7-970. Core i7-970 is mainly targeted at hardcore gamers who always need more computing power and speed. It is the second version of a six-core processor from Intel. First one was Core i7-980X Extreme Edition introduced in March. Price of Core i7-970 is a little bit high. It is US$885 for a single unit.

Specifications of Intel Core i7-970 processor

* Speed of Intel Core i7-970 processor is 3.2 GHz

* Level 3 cache: 12MB

* Current price: US$885

* Includes an Intel DBX-B air cooler for socket LGA1366

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How to Find Login IP Address of a Router or Modem

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might have seen many router and modem related articles. In every such troubleshooting tutorials, it is important to login to the setup page of the device(whether modem, router or Access Point). If you know the default login IP address of the modem, this step is very easy. However, if you do not know the login IP address of the particular model of the router or you have changed the default Router IP address, you need to find that IP before continuing your troubleshooting steps. This tutorial teaches you how to find the login IP address of your modem, router, Access Point etc. The given procedure is the same for every model irrespective of the manufacturer.

Steps to discover Log-in IP address of your Router
Connect the Device to Computer

You need to connect the device to the computer using an Ethernet cable. LAN port of the Router/Modem/Access Point should be connected to the LAN Port of your computer. Power on the devices.

On command prompt…

Mozilla Sniffer - Blocked Firefox Add-on - Security issues

Recently Mozilla team discovered a malicious Add-on and disabled it. Name of the blocked add-on is Mozilla Sniffer. According to their blog 'Mozilla Sniffer' is uploaded to the Add-ons list on June 6th and almost 1800 times downloaded this Add-on. Fortunately, Firefox team find out the malicious behavior of this Plugin and added to blocked Add-ons list. So all Firefox users will be prompted to uninstall this addon from their browser.

Security issues by Mozilla Sniffer

According to Team Mozilla, this Add-on collects the login data submitted to any website by the user and send it to an unknown location. Exactly the same behavior of a backdoor program set on your computer. S there is a chance that those who have downloaded this addon are in danger.


Mozilla team recommends all Firefox users who installed this Add-on to change their passwords (login passwords) as soon as possible. It is because there is a chance to have access to them by the owner of this malicious …

How to set Google Search Results open in New Window or New Tab

Google is the leading Search Engine today and I really doubt anyone knows the Internet can spend a day without using any one of the Google services. This article deals with one of the popular toolbars knows as Google toolbar and tells how to use this tool for better user experience. Some users like to go through more than one results without opening and going back to the same result page. If you want to open each result shown in Search on different tabs, this toolbar can easily help you. All you have to do it to tell it the way you want to open search results.

Update: This article is obsolete because Google no longer supports this Toolbar

Open Search Results in New tab or window

To implement this feature you should have Google Toolbar installed on your computer. Here I assume you are using Firefox browser on your PC and have installed this toolbar. If you do not have it on your computer, you must download and install to begin the steps. To download the toolbar, visit the link mentione…

Setup Netopia WiFi Router 3347 With DSL Connections Like AT&T

Netopia WiFi Business Router Model 3347 is a recommended wireless router from AT&T for its business users. To share the DSL Internet connection from AT&T modem among multiple users, you can use it. It has ADSL feature and some DSL ISPs don't ask you to buy another modem. The configuration of Netopia 3347 is via a telnet connection. So to Setup Netopia wireless router, you should have a telnet software running on your computer. If you try to access the setup page using a web browser, it will fail. This tutorial explains steps to configure Motorola Netopia 3347-02-10NA ADSL2 Wireless router for At&T broadband.

Start Telnet connection
First, connect your computer to the LAN port of the Netopia router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure the device is on. If you are using a Windows computer, it is easy to access the setup page using the telnet connection. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.
Click on Start

On Run Command type telnet

Now the Netopia teln…

View Saved Passwords in Opera Browser - Password recovery

There is a way to see the already saved passwords in Opera browser. As in other browsers (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox ) Opera too ask the question whether saving your password or not while entering the user name and password to login to your online accounts. If you press the save button, your user name and password will be stored in Opera. Normally it is not available to general users but using some freeware tools we can retrieve the saved passwords stored in opera.

If you are looking for a way to recover stored password from Firefox, click on the link below.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox

How to View Saved User Name and Passwords in Opera

Unlike Firefox, Password recovery is not straight in Opera. you should download a freeware called OperaPassView from OperaPassView is an executable file which will show saved passwords in Opera Browser in your computer.

See how the stored password display:

Here you can see my Gmail user name and password st…

Setup Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 Series for Local Cable Broadband Service

Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 Series is one among the recommended cable modem by COX communications, a leading cable broadband service in the US. Configuring cable modem is not like a traditional DSL modem. Most of the time we don't need to login to the cable modem to set up an Internet connection in it. In order to set up your Motorola Cable Modem with your Local cable broadband service follow the steps below.

Steps to Setup Motorola Cable Modem SB5100 Series for cable broadband

Important points we need to remember before connecting the Internet to Motorola Cable Modem are:

1. Proper connection with computer

2. Registering your modem with cable broadband service

Connect Motorola Cable modem with a computer

There are two ways we can connect Motorola cable modem to your computer.

i. By Ethernet cable

ii. By USB port

For more information about the connection check the image below.

Set Internet connection to your Cable modem

To set Internet connection to your cable modem, you should si…

Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check ) and Can't Read from Disc

Today while copying a file from one of my old disc (CD) to my computer I have received an error message and copying failed. The error message is Can not copy [file name]: Data error (cyclic redundancy check ). When I click OK button, the message window closed and informed copying failed. I tried to copy the same file from the CD again but as I expected the same warning came and the operation failed. This tutorial explains this error with a remedy. The below image shows how the message looks in case if you are not familiar with it. I was trying to copy a file named AVSEQ02 from the CD to Hard Drive when I got this warning message.

What is Data Error - Cyclic Redundancy Check
Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is an error detecting code used to check whether the data stored in the storage device is corrupted or not. In my case, it is an old CD and probably corrupted. So PC failed to read the necessary file and the copying process failed.

Reasons For This Message
When your computer is trying …

16 Useful Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

I have written multiple Windows 7 tutorials for and I think it is the right time to club them together or make an index to view each of them easily. It would be very much useful for readers to read every one of them if I publish a post with links to all those tutorials. This post is a summary of most of the Windows 7 related articles published in For the convenience, you can find the links to respective tutorials at the end of each summary.

Most Recommended Windows 7 Tweaks Set default User logon image to all users

If you are the system admin of a big company, there is a Microsoft feature which lets all users view the same logon image. To read more about this feature visit the link below.
Set default logon image to all users

Turn off Security and maintains alerts

It is a disturbance to see security alerts for minor reasons while you are on a critical work. you can follow the instructions provided in the post below to fix it.
How to turn off Security an…

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