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Showing Older Blogger Posts First By Reversing Order

Today morning one of my friends called me to review his blog. Though he is newbie, it is an awesome blog. After that, he asked one simple question. He wants to display his oldest blog post first and the latest articles at last. He wants to know how to do it in blogger and also curious to know whether it will ruin Search Engine Ranking in future. I thought it is a simple task and must have an option on the dashboard. However, when I check blogger settings, there is no option to show older posts first. The only option I saw is changing the order of Blog archive and set archive in a way to show the last published article first. I searched in Google community and their experts say till now blogger does not add a feature to rearrange blogger posts in a way to show last published articles at first position. They also discourage webmasters to tweak the blogger code to alter this by warning them about possible issues in the future. Though Blogspot does not provide any option, we can arrange …

Cannot Access Internet After Installing New Wireless Router

One of the common methods to extend a home or office network is to add routers to the existing network. Modern router installation is very easy and rarely needs assistance from experts. However, some face issues with accessing Internet after adding them to the network. They were online when the PC was directly connected to the modem but disconnected from Internet after installing brand new router. This article explains the major reasons for this issue and step by step instructions to troubleshoot it. Steps are common for all manufacturers like Belkin, Linksys, D-link, Netgear etc.

Reasons To Get Disconnected After Adding Router Possible connection issues

If you have connected devices in the right order, computers connected to the network will not face troubles to go online. You should double check the cables connecting the devices and ensure that the connection is as follows.

The WAN Port/Internet Port of Modem should be connected to WAN/Internet Port of Wireless Router

The computer shoul…

Steps to Deal With Malware Spreading Websites

The Internet is so big and so the threat is. We cannot trust every website are made for helping people by giving genuine information or service. There are many websites which are designed and hosted for a single purpose, spread malware products. They are infecting computers of many innocent users. As a responsible Internet user, it is your duty to join the activities of organizations against badware and malicious websites to make sure these bad websites are blacklisted. Your information will help these organizations to create a complete list of attacking websites and publish it for general users. If you are willing to help these organization, this article will help you to make right move.

I found an Attack website, What Should I Do?
Inform Google

The first step you should take after discovering a malware-spreading website is to inform Google about this. Google is the most popular search engine and by blocking a malware-spreading website in Google, you can save many users. You can infor…

Faster Website Loading and Proxy Features of Opera Turbo

I was not aware of the real use of Opera Turbo until today morning. Yesterday I had one issue about one of my client's website is blocked by BSNL connection. I failed to open the website in Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc. Accidentally today I enabled Opera turbo and I am happy, the blocked website is here. So thanks to Opera turbo to solve one of the problem (Though actual problem remains ) I have been facing since yesterday morning. So now I understand Opera Turbo is not just improving the speed of browsing but also act as a proxy to bypass some of ISP restrictions. According to team Opera, Opera Turbo compresses web page to lower size and help to transmit more data in available bandwidth. It is like opera compress the website which is requested by the browser in Opera's server and make sure that the size of downloaded data to the computer is less than normal mode(when Opera Turbo is not enabled).In Opera website, they claim Opera Turbo mode can load web pages up to five times f…

Cannot Access A Website in BSNL Connection

I can surely say today is one of my bad days because I didn't understand the real reasons for blocking one of my client's website in my office. I could even ping this e-commerce website successfully but not able to open it on any browser (I tried Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE). I spend hours to troubleshoot this issue without any results. I am unable to access one website via BSNL Internet connection but all other domains are fine. At first, I thought it is my computer which is blocking the website and I wasted a lot of time by troubleshooting without knowing the actual reason. The error message we are getting while trying access this website via BSNL connection is "403 Forbidden -You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request ". We are facing this issue only on BSNL connection and we can access the same site via Tata broadband and Reliance conn…

Check Last Facebook Login Details With Location, Browser, OS

Facebook is one of the favorite places of hackers to pick confidential information from users by Social engineering, phishing etc because of its popularity. It is our duty to ensure the safety of our social network accounts due to its importance in our real life. If someone gets access to our social networking accounts, he can ruin our total public image. One of my friend's email ID got hacked by some unknown persons and they send fake information to his business clients. We were celebrating our weekends that time but fortunately, one of his friends called him and inquired more details about the email. Then only my friend understood the activities of a third person in his email account. Though we informed police about this issue we couldn't find the actual person behind the act. We strongly believe he lost his password by signing in to his email account on a computer where rootkits were installed.

We find the above case immediately after the hacker send emails to my friend…

Difference Between Static (WEP) and Dynamic (WPA) Wireless Encryption

Wireless LAN reduces the physical work needed to connect each device in an office using Ethernet cables. All devices with WiFi feature can directly connect to the Wireless router or Access Point. WLAN is easy to set up and maintain compared to traditional LAN. However, with the introduction of WLAN, need of higher security arise. This article explains two important types of Wireless encryption; static and dynamic. WiFi works on the second layer of the OSI reference model. So wireless encryption is also done at the data link layer. Wireless data transfer is in the form of frames and both static and dynamic WiFi security works data link layer. Here we are not going in the details of data frames but we discuss the differences between both static and dynamic technologies by comparing WEP and WAP. WEP is an example of static encryption but WPA uses dynamic encryption.

Static WiFi Encryption

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy ) is a static Wireless Encryption to protect WiFi from intruders. Here…

Adobe Flash Player has Stopped a Potentially Unsafe Operation

Today morning I have seen one email send from the reader of about informing me of the presence of a potentially dangerous application running on our blog. He says whenever he visit my blog, he is getting an error message from Adobe saying "Adobe Flash Player has Stopped a Potentially Unsafe Operation". I decided to check if he is correct about the infection. I opened this blog in my favorite browser Firefox without any issues. I checked again in Opera, IE and Google Chrome. Oh yes! he is right. Google Chrome shows the same alert about CoreNetworkZ and Adobe Flash Player has stopped one risky process. You can see the message displayed by Chrome about this below.

According to the window, a local application on my computer is trying to communicate with an Internet-enabled location " ". What does it mean? Does Infolinks start hosting risky malware applications? No, it doesn't mean that because Infolinks is a trusted online …

Advantages of Using Wireless N over Wireless G Standard

802.11g and 802.11n are two important IEEE wireless standards. G standard operates in 2.4GHz frequency with maximum 54 Mbit/s data transfer speed. Wireless N standard is an improvement over its predecessor with the help of additional antennas. This additional antenna improves the data transfer rate up to 600 Mbit/s. Another advantage of the 802.11n standard over 11g standard is its capability to work in two different frequencies. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. This article explains both WiFi standards and compares the features.

Advantages of 802.11n over 802.11g
802.11n is based on Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas and have relatively higher throughput than 802.11g. 11g is working on 2.4 GHz frequency but 11n can work in 5 GHz band and2.4 GHz. This dual-band working of n helps to reduce interference. It is because most of the interference is due to devices like a cordless phone or microwave oven which work at a 2.4GHz frequency. If you are using these devices at …

Throughput is Halved by WDS in Repeater Mode

Wireless Distributed System (WDS) is a system that makes the interconnection of Access Points by supporting wireless cascading. Before the introduction of it, there was no way to connect two Access Points with wireless. As we can see, this new technology limited the size of a WLAN. So we can say this feature helped a lot to migrate offices from using traditional Ethernet cable based LAN to IEEE802.11 networks. WDS is necessary to interconnect two wireless networks (IEEE 802.11 standard) and the working of Wireless Range Expander is based on it. This article tells the advantages and drawbacks of WDS including how throughput is halved by each retransmission.

Advantages of WDS Preserve client MAC Address in Wireless frames

Wireless Cascading of two routers is possible with WDS
Wireless Distributed System enables cascading of two WiFi devices and makes WLAN easily. If one device does not support WDS, it cannot offer WiFi cascading feature. So this feature is the major player in Interconnec…

Is Submitting Same Article in Multiple Article Submission Directories a Good Practice ?

Article submission is one of the most popular SEO strategies to acquire backlinks to a website. Everybody has been doing this method to improve the backlink profile. However, recent changes like Panda updates, SEO experts are not so fond of this technique. The good days of getting valuable links from Article Directories are over and some even fear the links form them may hurt as well. This tutorial explains the risks associated with submitting the same posts to multiple submission sites like Ezinearticles, Goarticles etc.

Remember the golden days where, as long as we provided high-quality content, we got quality dofollow links. It was a win-win situation where Google spiders and submission directory got new quality content for a backlink to our blog or website from relevant pages of a trusted domain. It was a good method to promote our websites both in terms of Search Rank position and traffic. These days no longer exist. Google Panda punished domains having duplicate and low-…

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