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Ultimate Trick to Force Google to Index a New Website Manually From Webmaster Tools Account

Are you facing any indexing problem with your website or blog? Sometimes Google spiders may not index our web pages and blog posts irrespective of whatever efforts we do. Google will not show any unindexed web pages in Search results. It is important to make sure Google has indexed all pages on our website. What can we do if Google is not indexing pages on a website? This article explains the steps to force the Google Search Engine to index any pages on a blog or website. It is an unfortunate situation for a webmaster where Google shows no interest in his blog and no longer crawled. Next step he can do is to force the search engine to crawl his blog. How can he force a Search Engine to do it? Is there any manual steps or procedure to force Google to index his blog posts? Webmaster-tools provides a method to submit any pages from a registered domain. If Google has not indexed a specific page or post on our website, we can submit that URL directly using webmaster tools. Spiders

How to Solve USB Tethering Error On Android Phone

As we know, Android phones can be used as a modem to get Internet connection laptop using the tethering feature. The tethering feature converts an Android phone as a wireless modem and shares Internet among other devices. If anyone does not know what tethering stands for, it is a feature which allows share android phone's mobile data connection via USB or as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This article is about a strange issue I faced while trying to use the tethering feature. Yesterday while traveling I got into a strange error. My mobile handset failed to tether. After connecting Android handset to the laptop, it showed the message USB connected and check to tether. Once I clicked tether, it faded out and showed USB tethering error . Then I received a pop up to turn on USB storage. I clicked on the button to turn on USB storage and then it displayed another message you cannot tether while USB storage is on. I turned off the USB storage and then it showed USB connected, check to

Page Rank Sculpting and the Use Nofollow On Internal Links

Google recommends the use of rel="nofollow" to the link to which you do not want to pass authority. Though we mainly use it for external links, many websites using nofollow attribute for their internal links. I do not like the idea of using rel="nofollow" to the internal links. It is because we do not need to prevent the possible authority passing to the other pages on the same domain. This article examines the effects of the usage of nofollow attribute with internal links. Page Rank Sculpting is the reason provided by many webmasters to support the use of nofollow on internal links. Let us check how much truth in this argument. The Concept of Page Rank Sculpting When I started doing SEO for my websites, the concept of Page Rank sculpting was important. According to Page Rank Sculpting, we can channel the PR juice of one webpage to selected links on that page including internal and external links. In those days, Google was treating nofollow attribute as

How to Change Blogspot Blog Address from Blogger Settings

Blogger allows the users to change the current blog address with a different available name. So if you have a Blogspot blog with Blogspot subdomain, and have an address not much related to the topics you write, you can change it always from the blogger dashboard. There is no restriction from the Blogger about the number of times you can change the URL of your blog. So if you think the current URL is not an easily recognizable one or it does not tell the real niche of your writing, you have the full freedom to change it. The point we should remember is this facility depends on the availability of blog URLs. It means you cannot ask for a Blogspot subdomain if it is not available. Blogspot serves first comes basis, and it is better you register the one you want sooner. Steps to Change Blogger Blog Address Log in to Blogger account Click on Settings Under basic settings, you can see an edit button near the blog address. Click edit and change the current URL with the

Stop Blogger Counting On Owners Visits in Analytics

If you have a Blogspot blog, you do not need to install any third party analytics to count the traffic coming to your blog (though I recommend the use of Google analytics). Blogger has a default traffic analyzer which checks the traffic to your website. It can tell you the visitors location, and the top landing pages with popular keywords. One issue with Blogger stats checker is the inefficiency to identify the owner. By default, Blogger stats count the visit of the blog owner too. Though it makes sense, we can tell it to do not count our traffic to our blogs. By telling don't count your visits, you get a clear picture of actual readers. To do this, follow the instructions provided below. How to Configure Blogger Stats to don't Count Your Visits Login to Blogspot Account Click on the Blog listed in the dashboard Click on Stats Click on the link Don't track your own pageviews Select the radio button don't track my pageviews and click on Save

How to Check Backlinks To a Website in Google, Yahoo & Bing Search Engines

If you are a blogger or webmaster, one thing you are always curious to check is the backlink count of your website just after checking your keyword rankings. We all know the importance of backlinks and how do they help to get higher keyword rank for our sites. This article teaches various methods to check the number of backlinks in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing pointing to your and your competitors' domain names. There are various ways to find the number of external links indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here I am not using any third party tools to view the backlink count but the methods provided by the respective Search Engines only. How to Check Backlinks in Google First, let us check the methods to find indexed backlinks to your website from Google. There are two methods to find it. They are Google backlink check command and link list from Webmaster tools account. Google External Backlink Check Command : Type to find th

How to Cut a Video File Using Free Video Cutter Avidemux

Yesterday I recovered a long forgotten video which had taken during my college days. Though an amateur creation, it has many exciting moments which reminds the college days. Since I had no intention to keep that lengthy video, I decided to save an important part. I do not know very much about Video editing but wanted to edit this one badly. So I wanted simple video editing applications. This article is about one free video editing software and how did it meet my needs. I hope this article will help newbies who have genuine copies of movie file but planning to delete it while keeping the best parts of it. You need a free movie cutter to perform this task. This article explains how much one of my favorite free applications named Avidemux can help you. I have been using this free application to edit and cut movie files, and it is a hassle-free video cutter. By using Avidemux, we can cut a film into multiple clips. We can save the edited frames in the formats AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc.

Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Device Setup Guide

We started CoreNetworkZ with the motto of helping people who wanted assistance in setting up SOHO devices. SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office. All home network devices belong to the SOHO category. This tutorial helps to configure and troubleshoot a LAN network in your home or office. This article is dedicated to SOHO products and is a collection of configuration and troubleshooting tutorials. I started my networking career by designing and troubleshooting networks with SOHO products. In this tutorial, you can find links to various guides to configure and troubleshoot routers, modems, switches, adapters, etc.. We have separate tutorials for different vendors like Belkin, Linksys, Cisco, D-link, etc.. Router Tutorials Here you can see a list of router configuration and troubleshooting guides of various router manufactures. 1. Linksys Routers Here is a list of our guides on various models of Linksys routers. Manual Steps to Configure Linksys Wireless Router Steps to

Windows 10 File Access Denied- Need to Provide Administrator Permissions to Move The File

Have you ever encountered an error message File Access Denied 'You will need to provide administrator permission to move this file' while moving one file on your computer from one location to another? Two different reasons are behind this error message. The first reason is when you are in a standard user account without having sufficient permission. The second reason is the wrong security permissions set on the file.  This article explains the possible solutions to fix this error message by analyzing the two common reasons behind it. Let us check the two reasons separately. The first solution is to check the type of user account you are already logged in. You need to login to an Administrative account to move a folder which needs administrative privilege.  If you are already logged in to an administrative account and still facing the same error message, you have to edit the system permission set. By changing the set of rules which restrict the access, you can fix this

Tips to Increase Google AdSense CPC & CTR

Since the beginning of my blogging career, I have been using Google Adsense to monetize my websites. I changed the way of displaying advertisements multiple times by altering the basic facts which affect the Adsense revenue. I gradually developed my AdSense tweak skills from a newbie webmaster level to an experienced level during this period. Though the traffic is the key to AdSense success, there are some factors which improve the total revenue. CPC and CTR are the most important among them. This tutorial teaches you how to improve the CPC and CTR on your websites. High CPC Assures Higher Adsense Revenue In advertisers point of view CPC of Adsense units showing is the amount they pay to display their ads and it is just above the amount bid by the competitor immediate below him (not the maximum amount they bid). According to a webmaster, Cost Per Click of ad units displaying on his website is the amount he is getting when a reader clicks them (amount paid by the advertise

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