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Asianet Dataline Cable Broadband Modem WiFi Connectivity Issues

I have been using Asianet Cable broadband connection for more than a month without any issues. They provide Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Residential Gateway as modem and it has both routing and WiFi feature. Everything was fine but very recently I was facing connectivity problems on my computers which are connected to the Asianet WiFi network. I was a little disappointed while checking up for help tutorials because there is not much resources available. Perhaps I called at wrong time, whenever I called the technical support, it said either the user is busy or no one is picking the call. Fortunately I could fix the issues by myself without extra information. This tutorial tells the steps I have done to fix the Internet connectivity problems I faced with a normal guide about how to manage the Asianet Cable modem hassle free.

Asianet Broadband Hack To Improve Speed

Login Asianet Cable Modem

Logon IP address of Asianet Cable modem is and by default there is no username and password…

There Is No Hibernate Option In Shut down Menu On Windows 8 Desktop PC

If you are looking for Hibernate option in Start shutdown menu on Windows 8 and 7 PC, you may wonder, there won't be such an option.  It is because Hibernation is disabled on desktop computers running on Windows 7 and 8. Instead, there is another power mode named hybrid sleep is enabled by default. This is a special mode can be placed between sleep and hibernation mode.  Meanwhile, Hybrid Sleep is disabled on on laptops by default. This tutorial explains how to display hibernation option on Start shutdown menu on a Desktop PC having Windows 8 or 7. At the end of this guide, I have listed some differences between these two power modes. Look at the screenshot of shutdown menu on my computer. There is no hibernate option.

How to Turn On Hibernation in Shutdown Menu
If you do not see hibernate option in shutdown menu, it is because hybrid sleep is enable by default. In order to enable hibernation, we must disable hybrid sleep first and then enable Hibernation. Steps are listed below.