What is webmaster_755527@wmt.secureserver.net in Google Webmaster tools

While checking Google Webmaster Tools account for my company websites, I found an additional verified user with email address "webmaster_755527@wmt.secureserver.net". This unknown email address was also a Google webmaster verified user for my company website without my knowledge. I unverified this user suddenly and started checking whether it was legitimate one or not. There might be a chance of misusing username and password provided to other company employees. More than one users share the login details of webmaster tools account because it is our company owned website. However, I am sure those sensitive information is not shared with irresponsible staffs. More over I was wondering who owns the domain extension @wmt.secureserver.net. Another concern is how safe Google Webmaster account if an unknown email address could register without the permission from account admin.

I started checking for this issue in major forums and saw the complaints by several users with same problem and none of them knew the reason behind it. I found an interesting article in a website which covered a little bit details about it. They says it is the Google webmaster account registered via GoDaddy account. Since my company websites are hosted in GoDaddy server (domain registration too with them), they might registered my office website automatically. Email address with which Go Daddy register Google Webmaster tools is with an extension @wmt.secureserver.net. I confirmed the details by contacting GoDaddy support and there is no need to worry if you see another registered webmastertools user with email address webmaster_755527@wmt.secureserver.net. The below link leads to a tutorial which explains this very thoroughly.


Though it is confirmed that the unknown registered user is GoDaddy, I don't consider it as good thing. Why should they register my website with Google webmaster tools with the permission by me or any other company staff who are authorized to give permission? If it is an automated service from GoDaddy, I need to disable this feature soon as I don't want to share our website details with a third party.

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Make Sure your Computer and Network are Safe and Secure

Network security is always a hot topic due to the various news about recent network intrusions and DDoS attacks. CoreNetworkZ team is always in our best efforts to teach our readers how to stop and prevent common cyber attacks. We have many useful articles which tell the nature, common techniques etc used by intruders and how to secure your computer and network from them. This post will guide you to our previous security related articles in various niches like computer security, network security etc.

Web Security Articles

Below you can see a list of articles related to web security.
  1. How to Check a Website Safe to Browse or not

  2. How to Check my website is virus infected or not

  3. The Security Certificate has Expired or is not yet Valid - Reason and Solution

  4. Don't Get Fooled by MacDefender, a Fake Anti-Malware Program

  5. Steps to Deal With Bad Malicious Malware Spreading Websites

  6. Getting Warning This Site May be Compromised in Google Search Results

  7. Can we really Trust SSL (https) Certificates Shown While Connecting to a Website ?

Browser Related Security Posts

List of our previous browser security articles are provided below.
  1. How to View Saved Passwords from Google Chrome

  2. How to View Saved Passwords from Mozilla Firefox

  3. Set Firefox Check Web Server Certificate Mandatory to Ensure Security

  4. How to View Saved Passwords From Opera Browser

  5. How to Delete Saved Passwords From Internet Explorer

  6. How To Delete Saved Passwords From Chrome Browser

Security related to Internet connectivity

Some of the Network Security articles are listed below.
  1. How to Increase the Speed of Internet Connection

  2. Denial of Service attack (DOS)

  3. What is Smurf Attack and How to Prevent it

  4. What is TCP Split Handshake Attack

  5. What is The Difference Between DOS Attack and DDOS Attack

Computer Security Articles

Here is a collection of articles related to computer security.
  1. WScript.exe is Infected By Malware and Firefox Opens Harmful Websites

  2. How to Enable Disabled Task Manager From Group Policy Edit

  3. The Requested Operation Requires Elevation (Run as Administrator)

  4. Hide a Folder and content by Redirecting it to My Computer

  5. Windows Password Recovery Tools

  6. How to Unlock Secret Windows Vista Admin Account

  7. How to Reset Windows Admin Password using Third Party Tools

  8. Code to Delete Content of C Folder

  9. How to Bypass Windows Vista Admin Password using ER disc

  10. Secure your Folder by Redirecting to Recycle Bin

  11. How to Redirect a Folder to Control Panel

  12. Usage of Netuser command

  13. Trojan Horse an Introduction

  14. Double click on Folder is not working

  15. How to Change Windows Vista Boot Screen

  16. How To Reset BIOS Password

  17. List Of BIOS Backdoor Passwords for Laptops

Articles Related to Wireless Security

  1. Set and Display Wireless Filters On Your Computer From Command Prompt

  2. How to Secure Local Wireless Network from Hackers

  3. Difference Between Static Wireless Encryption and Dynamic Wireless Encryption

  4. How to Delete a Wireless (wlan) Filter From Command Prompt

  5. How to Connect to An Ad hoc Wireless Network

  6. How to Start WZC On a Computer

Stop Install Phones, Camera, Flash Drive On Windows Computer

By default we are permitted to install any devices on a Windows computer if we have the right driver software. However, it is possible to prevent a hardware unit whether it is a PC part or external units like phones, camera etc if we change the default Group Policy enforced. This tutorial explains various options to prevent the installation of external devices on a PC run on Microsoft Operating Systems. To continue the steps, it is important to log on to admin profile. We can change the default Microsoft policy about adding hardware devices to a PC by accessing "Device Installation" in "Local Group Policy Editor". It is important to note that any wrong settings on Local Group Policy Editor can seriously affect the smooth working of your computer. So, follow the instructions written here carefully.

Restrict The Installation Of Devices

We can use "Device Installation Restrictions" feature under "Device Installation" to enforce the custom rules created by us to reject the external equipments by specifying their Unique Device Identifier (UDID). For example if we add the UDID of a Smart phone on Device Installation Restriction, that phone will be rejected by the laptop while trying to connect it.

  1. Type gpedit.msc on Run and press enter or type it on Search bar

  2. Go to Following location in Group Policy Edit

    Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates > System >Device Installation

    Here you change the behavior of your computer while adding a new equipment like digital camera or smart phone. Let us check some of the tweaks we can do using these policies.

    • Found New Hardware Balloons

      By default when a new hardware is detected, we will see a balloon saying "Found New Hardware". If you do not want to see this message while connecting a USB drive or Android phone, you can disable this balloon from the Turn off "Found New Hardware" balloons during device installation.

      Double click on it and select Enabled radio button.

      Do not forget to click apply. Now onwards, you will not see alert which says the presence of a new equipment.

    • Allow Remote Access to USB Interfaces

      Group Policy edit enables us to grant remote access to plug and play interfaces on your laptop. To grand  your friend  remote access to plug and play interface, double click on Allow remote access to the plug and play interface.

      Choose Enabled radio button and click apply.

  3. Click on Device Installation Restrictions

    Here we can see various types of restrictions we can create to block a hardware from getting added to the computer. Let us check each of them separately.

    • Prevent by Analyzing Driver

      We can block a peripheral equipment like flash memory stick or iPhone by blacklisting the driver. To use this feature, you must double click on Prevent installation of devices using drivers that match these device setup classes.

      Choose enabled and click on show button to operate it.

      Click apply button.

    • Turn off installation using Device ID

      Devices can be blocked from getting added to a laptop by using their IDs. To activate this policy, double click on Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs.

      Choose enabled to activate this policy and use show button to add the UDID. If you add the UDID of a USB stick, it will not get detected by your PC.

Can I Change UDID Of a Device ?

One of the readers of www.corenetworkz.com asked me if he can change the current Unique Device Identifier. According to various sources, it is possible to change the current UDID but those methods are different for different products. For example, we can use the following command to change the current UDID of an iPhone. Mostly people need jailbreak app to change the current one to a different one.
nvram wifiaddr=ma:ca:dd:re:as

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How to Improve HubPages Score & AdSense Revenue

I have been actively participating HubPages for the last three years and successfully made a few dollars using AdSense from it. Before start making earning from HubPages earning program, we must learn a few points. Of course the first point is to create high quality hubs with unique useful information. To apply for HubPages Earnings Program, we must acquire a decent HubScore. First part of this tutorial explains how to improve Author HubScore and the second part explains potential Ads revenue including earnings from affiliate programs and Google AdSense. It is important to have a high author HubScore because links in low ranked hubs will have nofollow tag ads may be disabled on them.

How to Improve HubScores of Your Hubs

HubPages never revealed the actual algorithm to calculate the HubScore. The points explained below are from my point of view supported by my experience with this program.
  1. Time

    As you can see a new hub or author starts with lower HubScore but it increases with time. So definitely there is a relation between time and HubScore.

  2. Original content

    HubPages are very careful about the content of each hubs. They need you to write original content and copy pasted hubs will be penalized with lower score. Since the score is low, advertisements will be disabled automatically.

  3. Size

    The word count is really an important factor which determine your HubPages score. Write a long hub and usually it will achieve higher HubScore compared to shorter hubs.

  4. Number of hubs created by you

    As you can see, a trusted old Author will be rewarded with higher HubScore compared to the hubs of a new author. So Author HubScore is also an important factor which determine the Score of each hubs.

  5. Amount of traffic attracts

    HubPages like hubs which attract traffic. If you can bring traffic to your Hubs, it can improve the overall Score. To calculate the relation between number of visits and earning, visit the link below.
    Traffic To Get $100 Per Day

  6. Revenue potential

    Experts say, the revenue potential of a hub really matters while calculating the HubPages Score. To calculate the Cost Per click, visit the link below.
    How to Calculate Cost Per click

  7. Backlinks

    Backlinks to your hubs help them to achieve higher search rank in Google search results. It will lead high traffic and revenue.

  8. Votes and Comments

    You should make sure your Hubs are getting vote ups and comments from other HubPages Authors. It really influence the net score.

  9. Number of Outbound links

    If your hub has many outbound links, usually it will end up with lower HubScore. In the same way HubPages like you to link your Hub to other Hubs.

  10. Link out to quality resources

    You should link out to Quality resources like Wikipedia and other trusted sources. It can increase your reputation and increases your Author score and individual HubScore.

  11. Participate with other Hubs

    While by commenting and voting on others hubs you are in a way to increase your Author HubScore. So I encourage you to read and participate others Hubs.

Tips to Increase Revenue from HubPages

I do not know about your luck with this program. May be you are a guru in making AdSense money with HubPages or a newbie who is just writing and waiting for his reward. In either way HubPages is a nice place for writers who want to share their ideas with others and a place for Google AdSense revenue share. However, you may vigilant against the possible cut from the total earning by them. Rules to improve ads income from HubPages and a blog is same. Always write unique quality articles with useful information to readers. Try to get more visitors. Important points you need to care are written below.

  1. Always include high paying AdSense keywords

  2. Avoid writing topics which are banned by Google AdSense

  3. Try to participate with other authors and create a huge followers list

  4. Always use optimized Title

  5. Always make sure your first paragraph is big. It will let HubPages to add 336x280 and 300x250 AdSense ads. They have better CPC and CTR.

  6. Blend your ads with surrounding and avoid border.

  7. Try to make your Hubpage Capsules bigger

  8. Always Try to improve your HubPages Score

  9. Use Images wisely and it can improve CTR of a Hub

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Pop-Ups Come When a New Chat Message Receives in Gmail

If you are chatting with your friends in Gtalk, even if you have minimized the window, it will inform you when you get a new message. However, in Gmail, by default there is no such option. If you minimize the window or start working on another tab, you will not see any alerts about new text messages or emails from your chat contacts. You may even miss the urgent messages from a friend due to this default settings. If you want to see notifications about new chat or email messages from your chat contact, you must enable Gmail Desktop Notification. This tutorial explains how to set desktop notification.
people's alert

Steps to Activate Gmail Desktop Notification

At this time only Chrome supports Gmail desktop notification feature. I hope in near future Desktop Notification will be supported by other major browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. To activate this feature follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings on Right hand top of your Gmail Account
    How to know when you get a new gmail message

  2. Enable Desktop Notification under General settings
    Disable alerts

  3. After enabling notifications, you should click on Save changes.

Now onwards you don't need to worry even if you have minimized chat window and fully concentrating on your work. You will receive a pop up alert which tells who send you the new message with the content itself. This feature also power you to set this pop ups for the type messages by specifying priority. By using priority inbox, you can avoid getting pop ups for every messages but you can assure you will never miss important messages.

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Network did not Assign a Valid IP address in a given time and No Connectivity

Today morning when I try to go online from my laptop, I received an error message "the network did not assign a valid ip address in a given time . you may not have connectivity to network". From the message it is clear that my laptop doesn't receive valid IP address from the DHCP server. It is a wireless laptop which receives IP address from a WiFi router. Despite of my personal experience, this article explains the particular error message and possible troubleshooting steps. Now let us examine the error message.

This message is straight forward because it says the reason for this error message. Here either adapter or the router failed to do its job. Normally the DHCP server may be a wireless modem/router and most of the time client computer try to connect to the server via WiFi connection. If it is wired connection, we need to check the quality of the Ethernet cable too. If it is a WiFi network, wireless key you entered might be wrong. As a result computer failed to connect to the WiFi network and there is no connection established between DHCP server and computer.

  1. check the Wireless Key entered

  2. Clear saved networks and try to reconnect

  3. Re-seat the WiFi adapter (only for USB adapter)

  4. check if static IP address is enabled

  5. Reboot the computer

There are some other steps we can do to fix the error message the network did not assign a valid ip address in a given time . you may not have connectivity to network. However, certain steps we can do on desktop PC don't work on laptop. Likewise the steps specifically for laptops do not work on desktop PCs. Here I give a list of steps you can do on a laptop. Though the steps are specifically written for laptops, some of them will work on desktop computers.
My Laptop is not getting Signals and Internet

Another important point we need to check is the status of WiFi monitoring utility we use. It is always better use Windows default wireless utility to manage and connect your computer to the networks. If you want step by step instructions to perform it, I suggest you to visit the link below.
Wireless Keep Disconnecting

If you have access to the router or Access Point, I strongly suggest you to conduct a power cycle. It is better power cycle the full network and check for the issue. Sometimes Router cache is full and needs a refresh to allot IP address for a new client. A proper power cycle can clear the router cache and refresh the DHCP function. To learn more about the steps to do it in the right way, visit the link below.
How to Perform Power Cycle

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Check Keyword Rank In Different Country For Free

If you are a professional webmaster, it is important to check the keyword rank of your site in every potential countries. This tutorial explains two different methods to track the keyword rank of a website in multiple countries for free. First section of this guide explains a free tool called Rank Tracker. This tool is released by Link Assistant and helps to track the SERP in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Second part of this guide explains the use of Google Toolbar.

1. How to Use Rank Tracker to Check Keyword Position

Link Assistant Rank Tracker is accurate in finding your website's keyword rank in Bing, Yahoo and Google. This section explains the operation of this tool.

  1. Start Rank Tracker

    Open Rank Tracker to check your domain's keyword position.

  2. Enter the URL of your website

    Here I am going to find the keyword rank of http://www.corenetworkz.com

  3. Select the Country and Search Engines

    You can see a list of countries here. Pick the required country to check the Keyword rank position. Here I finding the keyword position of my blog in US Search Engines. So I select USA as my country and Select Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  4. Enter the Keywords to Check Rank

    Here I can enter multiple keywords in US Search. There are many tools which help to get ideas about right keywords for a website.

  5. Click on next to find the Search Rank position of my blog for these two keywords.

  6. Click on Finish to see the detailed report. In this report we can the keyword search position of my blog in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To download link assistant rank tracker, click on the link below.

2. Using Google Toolbar

Update: This tutorial is considered expired because it uses Firefox addon which is no longer supported.

There is an easy method to check the keyword ranking of your website in different countries. Google toolbar has an option to select the default Google search engine for any country. For a search engine marketer it is very important to know the Search Engine Result Position(SERP) of his website in major countries like USA,UK ,India ,Australia etc. There are so many tools available to check it but Google Toolbar is easy and free. Make sure Google toolbar is installed in Firefox browser. If not, you can download it from the link below. It is a Mozilla Firefox addon and you must visit this link with Firefox browser.

Click on the install button to get it installed on Firefox. After successfully installed, you can select the default country on this Toolbar. If you have selected UK as your country, you will be directed to Google UK instead of your country.

Set Google Search for any Country

Now let us check how to change the current country using this tool. After installing and restarting the Firefox window, follow the instructions provided below.
  1. Open Firefox browser

  2. Click on Tools
    SERP Checker

  3. Click on Add-ons

    Now the Firefox add-ons window will be opened. Here you can find all installed Firefox add-ons including Google Toolbar. On Toolbar follow the steps below.

  4. Click on Options

    Now options window will appear.

  5. To use the option to set search for any location, you should select the country from 'Use Google site' drop down menu.
    UK Keyword tracker

    If you want to set your default Google search result for US, select United States of America (.com) and for Britain it is United Kingdom (.co.uk). For Indian search result you should select India (.co.in) and for Australia it is Australia (.com.au) respectively. This toolbar has the option to pick numerous countries.

This toolbar is really helpful for an Internet marketer especially if he is targeting the audience of another country. Since different country searches have different SERP system, none can predict the correct keyword rank at audience location by searching for the keyword position at his location. This tool helps him get nearly accurate search result rank of a keyword in his audience country by setting his home country as the audience country. For example if an Internet marketer in India or China wants to track the rank of his website in USA or UK, he can use this tool.

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How Much Traffic Needed to Earn $100 Per Day From Google Adsense

Before the introduction of Google AdSense program, it was not so easy to earn from a website without getting direct ads from sponsors. Since that time earning from website had been tough for small webmasters. Only big guns enjoyed the benefits of getting direct ads from potential clients. It is AdSense which proved even small webmasters and bloggers can earn decent amount of money from their online presence and showed them a new path in their career. But how can a blogger or webmaster determine, Google AdSense is the right program for their website to earn money? It is better for them if they can get a rough idea about how much money they can get from AdSense program. We can calculate the average daily AdSense income from a blog by analyzing the possible available traffic to it. In this this article you can get a rough idea of possible AdSense income from a website by calculating the amount of traffic that website gets per day. In this article we calculate how much visits required to achieve $100 from a website per day.

Let's Check the Minimum Traffic Required to Earn $100 Per Day from Google AdSense

The simple calculation provided below will give you an idea of required traffic to earn $100 per day. Here we assume that you are getting quality traffic (traffic from Search Engines) and ads are placed at right positions.

Average traffic to get $100 per day

Here we go...

i. Our target is $100 per day.

ii. Average CTR = 1.5% (It is normal CTR for a website)

iii. Average CPC = $0.2 ( Depends many factors )

  1. CPC = Cost Per Click
    To read more about this follow the link below.
    What is CPC and How to Calculate it

  2. CTR = Click Through Rate
    To read more about it follow the link below.
    What is CTR and How to Calculate it

iv. Page Impressions = 1.5 X { Unique Visitors (Traffic) } ----> Again normal calculation as an ordinary visitor visits 1.5 pages on a website.

Formula to Find Potential Google AdSense Income From a Blog

Here we check the potential AdSense income from a blog. So to find the required traffic to earn $100, formula is:

Clicks * CPC =Income   Where clicks = CTR * Page Impressions --->Where CTR is in percent

Here Clicks = 100/ 0.2

= 500

CTR = [Clicks /Page Impressions] * 100

1.5 = [500/ Page Views ]* 100

=> Page Views = (500 * 100 )/ 1.5

=> Page Views = 50000 / 1.5

=> Page Views = 33333.33

Now to earn $ 100 per day with CTR 1.5 and CPC 0.2 we need 33333 Page views. In our assumption Page Views is the multiple of 1.5 * Visits (traffic).


Traffic = Page Views / Pages visited by unique visitor

= 33333 / 1.5

= 22222

So the required traffic to our website to earn $100 per day is 22222 visits.

If you have any doubt in above calculation please comment it.

PS: It is my personal calculation and it does not ensure that 33333 page views will get you $100 from Google Adsense. To get more income from AdSense it is the webmaster's duty to apply different strategies to improve the CTR and use more high paying keywords to increase CPC.

Predicting the AdSense Income From Your Blog

So this calculation tells how important to get more traffic to earn from Google Adsense. If you are looking for a simple tweak to improve the blogger blog traffic, follow the link below.
How to Optimize Blogger Template for More Traffic

Even if you are getting high traffic to your website, without an AdSense account you won't get any benefit. Below link tells the important criteria to get a new Google Adsense account (fully personal opinion).
Most Common Reasons for Google AdSense Application Rejections

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How to Turn Off Google Personalized Search Result

Google uses personalized effects while showing search results for its users. Due to this Personalized effect, Google users see the search result based on their previous searches and visited sites. Though it is helpful to see the usual websites you visit often, you are prevented from seeing any neutral results. If you are looking for a global search result without any personal customization, this new algorithm change is hurdle. Though personalized effect is enabled globally, you can neutralize its influence on your computer. To do this you should turn off personal search customizations on your PC.

Turn Off Google Personalized Search Result

Before cancelling the personalized influence, you must understand how it works. Google says the Personalized Search customization is based on the Cookie entries on your computer which stores the past browsing information like any queries you have typed on SE. If a user is logged on to Gmail or other Google service, his search pattern will be stored and it will affect his future searching while he is logged on to the same account. Now let us check how to disable personalized effect.

  1. Sign out from Google account

    If you are currently logged on to Gmail, first step to disable personalized effect is to log out from it.

  2. Remove Cookies and History

    To get neutral search results, any previous cookies that carries previous browsing details must be removed. You should either delete cookies stored on the browser or start private browser. However, private browsing may not free you from the previously stored details. So the better method is to delete all existing cookies. It is equally important to delete all previous browse history from your browser.

    1. How to Clear Cookies in Firefox Browser

    2. How to Safe Browse With  Chrome Browser

  3. Disable Customization based on Search Activities

    We can disable any customization based on previous Google browsing history. To do this, follow the steps provided below.

    • Go to Google.com

    • Click on Web History

    • Disable Customization

      Click on Disable Customization based on past browsing Activity. We should make sure that the link should change to enable before leaving the page.
      custom effect

  4. For Logged in Users

    For a signed in users, they need to turn off Search History to avoid personalized effects on his computer. To know about it and how to disable this feature on a laptop, click on the link below.
    Disable Google Searching History

The above four methods are enough to free your computer from getting results with past browsing influences. To get more information regarding how to disable Personal query customizations, go to the link below.

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Add Google Web Search On Windows Start Menu

Every computers running with Microsoft Operating Systems have default Windows Search to look for the information stored in it. You can use this feature to find the programs and files stored on that device.  It would be nice if this feature extends its assistance to find files from Internet if it couldn't find the same on the device. Actually we can do it. This tutorial explains how to change this default Microsoft search  to one level up. We are going to add a new feature 'search on Internet' using a selected search engine(SE) if the desired information couldn't retrieve from the PC without installing any extra software products. For example you are looking for a particular file on your laptop but Windows failed to find it. Once the Internet search is activated, you will get one more option to continue the same operation on Internet using default browser and SE. In this tutorial I am using Mozilla Firefox and Google.

Add Google Web Search On Windows Start Menu

If you like to add Google or any other SEs like Yahoo or Microsoft Bing to Windows start menu, you must enable Search Internet Link in Group Policy Editor first. To enable this feature on Windows 7 start menu, follow the steps below.

  1. Type gpedit.msc on Run and press enter

    If you cannot find run box in start menu, you can type gpedit.msc on Microsoft search box. Click on the gpedit when it is displayed.

    If you want to enable RUN on a PC where it is disabled by default, visit the link below and follow the instructions written there.
    How to enable Run Command On Windows 7 Start Menu

  2. Open Group Policy Editor

    Now you are at Group Policy Editor. We need to reach 'Start Menu and Taskbar' to add the extra feature to Windows Start menu. To reach there, follow the path shown below.

    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

  3. Double Click on Add Search Internet Link to Start Menu

Here you need to check Enable and save the settings. Now Search the Internet Link is enabled and you can get one more option to look for the file.

If you click the link, it will open results on your default browser. Now onwards if you type the name of a file or application on the Start window, Windows will start looking for it on the PC. If it couldn't find the item, you will see the option to look the same on Internet. All you have to do is to click the link. Google (or Bing or Yahoo as you have configured) will be opened on the default browser installed on your PC.

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SEO Tips to Promote Real Estate Websites in Google and Bing Search

Real Estate is a very competitive business field and we can see the competition in Google Search too. Now it is important to have an online presence for the success of any company to improve their business or at least survive the tough competition from competitors. Just having a website cannot bring potential clients from Internet. We must do proper SEO for the success of a real estate website and it must be optimized properly to be listed in the top positions in Google Search results. With the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, we must be very careful in optimizing and building backlinks to real estate websites. Let us check how to optimize a real estate website for major search engines ( Google, Bing and Yahoo ) and how to safe guard them from Penguin and Panda updates.

Step By Step Procedure to Optimize a Real Estate Website For Google Search
  1. Analyze Competitor Real Estate Websites

    It is a wise strategy to analyze your competitors and check which methods are adopted by the top players in your area to attract potential clients to their website from Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many online tools available to analyze your competitor web pages.

  2. Find High Traffic Keywords

    Before starting optimizing, we must conduct a detailed study of potential keywords to bring traffic. It is also important to check which keywords bring most traffic to your competitive websites. If your website is new and in no way to compete the big players, you must choose medium competitive keywords. You must be creative in finding right keywords to optimize a real estate portal.

  3. Index your Website in Local Business Directories

    Since Real Estate business is a local business, you must index your website URL in local business directories. Penguin update will not consider links from local business directories to your web page as dangerous because it is natural to have a real estate website link in a local business page. So by listing URLs in local business directories, you can improve backlink count without fearing Penguin updates.

  4. Add Your Business in Bing & Google Places for Business

    You should add your Real Estate website in Google Local Business Center.I recommend you to add it in both Yahoo and Bing Local Business listings too to utilize the potential clients using these two Search Engines.

    • To add your Real Estate Service in Google Places, visit the link below.

    • To Add to Bing Local Business Place, visit the link below.

  5. On Page Optimization Tips For your Real Estate Website

    Just like any other websites, title tag, meta tags, header tags etc must have right keywords. You must write title tag naturally and never display it like optimized for keywords only. If your real estate website has images, make sure you have added proper alt image tags. You must make sure your website has static URL structure with no broken links.

  6. Avoid Content Farm Effect to Safeguard From Panda Update

    Many real estate websites have been affected by Panda update due to the low quality copy paste content by including multiple duplicate pages. It is difficult to avoid pages with similarities on a real estate website but to recover from Google Panda update, your website must have quality unique content.

  7. Backlink Building Strategy For a Real Estate Website

    After Google Penguin update it is very important to ensure no low quality backlinks pointing. While developing backlinks to a real estate website, limit your sources to:

    1. Participate Real Estate forums and get dofollow links from them

    2. Submit your website in Real Estate Directories

    3. Submit articles in Article Directories (Article should be Related to the same business)

    4. Get links from Other Real Estate Websites
Calculate The Relation Between Traffic & Revenue Of a Real Estate Website

There is a relation between potential earning and traffic to a normal website. Since real estate websites are offering services, not all traffic can bring revenue or profit. We need to bring right customers. Though not much related, the calculation provided in the link below will help you to find the earning potential of a webpage.
How Much Traffic Needed to Earn $100 From Google AdSense Per Day

Tips To Improve Alexa Stats Of Real Estate Websites

In many local business directories, they sort business websites according to many factors like Google Page Rank, Alexa rank etc. In order to get top position in Local Business page, Alexa stats of your website must be good. However, it is not very easy to boost your current ranking if you are getting very low amount of traffic. It is also important to note that the users with Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser are counted. To improve the Alexa stats, visit the link below.
How to Boost Current Alexa Stats Of Your Website


Samsung Galaxy 3 Specifications , Reviews and Price

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a popular android smartphone from Samsung with more battery life compared to Samsung Galaxy 5. This smartphone is with Practically unlimited call record memory and 256MB RAM. Samsung Galaxy 3 has 3.1 MP Camera with auto focusing, Geo tag, face and smile detection features. It is using Android V2.1 and can be upgraded to Android V2.2 Its processor speed is 667 MHz. Samsung Galaxy 3 support following wireless technologies.

3. 3G
4. 802.11b/ 802.11g/ 802.11n (Wireless LAN )
5. Bluetooth

Reviews of Samsung Galxy 3 with its price and features

Battery backup for Samsung Galaxy 3

Company officially declare the following details about the battery backup time. In stand-by state Samsung Galaxy 3 will work up to 620 hours in 2G network. If you are in 3G network it will reduce to 510 hours. Talk time battery backup for Samsung Galaxy 3 is up to 15 hours 30 min in 2G network. In 3G network it reduces to 7 hours and 15 minute. Though it is the official stand of Samsung, many users are complaining about the battery backup time of Samsung Galaxy 3. One reason pointing out for the apparently low battery backup is the running of unwanted applications in Samsung Galaxy 3. If we close theses unwanted applications, we can extend battery backup time.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - Camera features

Samsung Galaxy 3 has 3.15 MP camera. It is having auto-focusing feature. It also having face and smile detection feature plus Geo tagging.

Other Tips

In some forums I saw some tips to improve the efficiency of Samsung Galaxy 3.

1. Use of Opera mini for faster browsing

2. Close all unwanted applications to improve efficiency and battery backup

3. Upgrade to Android v2.2

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End Not Responding Programs Automatically By Terminating Hung Process

We hate to see not responding programs in Windows 7 which take a long time to respond. Many times those applications waste our valuable time. There is a registry tweak in Windows 7 to end hung applications automatically on a computer. We need to enable auto end task feature for non-responding programs and set time out for hung programs. By setting the value high, we give enough time for those processes to back working. If we set the value low, after crossing the time limit, those applications will close automatically. It is my duty to warn you as it is a registry tweak, it is better you take a backup of your current registry before changing any values.

Automatically Terminate Hung Programs

To enable auto end for hung programs in Windows 8 and 7 computer, follow the steps below.
  1. Start Run

    Press [Windows ] + [R] to get Run. If you want to enable Run in Windows 7 Start Menu, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Enable Run in Start Menu

  2. Open Registry Editor

    Type regedit on Run and press enter. Now the registry editor will open.
    close hung application automatically

  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

  4. Change values

    Now we need to add the following new values here. Please note that if some keys are not present we need to create new keys with the name and value provided below. You can change the values here if you require different timing for closing hung processes on your laptop. Time is calculated in Milli seconds.

    • "WaitToKillAppTimeout"="2000"
    • “AutoEndTasks"="1"
    • "HungAppTimeout"="1000"
    • "LowLevelHooksTimeout"="1000

    kill hung

    If you cannot find the keys in the list you can create new keys with the value provided above. Please note that the time value is in Milli seconds.
Now onwards Windows 7 will automatically kill the programs which take long period to respond.

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  3. How to Open a Port in Microsoft Firewall

No: Recent Posts
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Add More Locations in Send To Menu
Destination Net Unreachable
Disable or Enable USB Ports from Registry & BIOS
Getting Error Code 0x80070424
How to Check Your Tata Photon Plus Internet Usage
Make Sure your Computer and Network are Safe
Don't Get Fooled by MacDefender a Fake Anti-Malware Program

Get Customized Favicon For Your Blogger Blog

Favicon or also called 'Favorite icon" is the small picture with pixel size 16×16 pixels displays on left of address bar of  browser when you open a website. Usually it is in ico format because all major browsers support ico format. If you have blogspot blogs, you can change the default favicon displayed on your blogs. It gives a unique look for your blog and it is not hard to upload it on your blogger blog. While choosing a "Favorite icon" for your blog, make sure it is unique and different from others. It is one way to show your readers your blog is unique and different from other blogs. This tutorial explains how to upload favicon for your blogger blog.

Adding Favicon to Blogger Blog

With the new blogger template we do not need to edit the HTML code of your blog. They offer a straight method to upload unique favicon.

  1. Login to Blogger account

  2. Click on Layout
    Upload Blogger custom favicon

  3. Click on Edit link near favicon

  4. Upload custom Favicon by using browse button
    Upload custom blogspot favicon

Make sure the file you are uploading is less than 100KB and in the right format as blogger specifies.The major advantage is you can directly upload the file to blogspot server rather than storing it in third party image hosting servers.

Where to Generate This icon

favorite icon is the small image displayed on the left of address bar when you open a website. Favicon is the short form of favorite icon. One of my favorite tool is http://www.favicongenerator.com/ It is very simple to use. If you like to add more changes to your favicon, I suggest following tools.
  1. http://favicon.cc

  2. http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/

  3. favicon.co.uk
  4. http://antifavicon.com/

  5. http://www.iconj.com/

There are many other quality tools available. You can just search in Google by typing favicon generator.

How to Change Blogger Blog Favorite Icon In  Classic Template

Blogspotr classic template does not have any straight way to remove default blogger favicon and add custom file. Here you should upload your favicon in your hosting place or any image hosting sites (Some major image hosting sites do not support ico format) and use the location link to display it on your blog. Below steps will explain this procedure.

  1. Login to your Blogspot account

  2. Click on Design tab
    blog top right small picture
  3. Click on Edit HTML

    Now Paste following code on the blogspot header (for more details look the second image below).

  4. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE

After performing the above steps, you can see the unique small picture you have uploaded on the left hand side top of your blogspot site. You can use either one of the methods I have explained but I strongly suggest you to follow the first method because that is simple.

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