Windows Can't Communicate With The Device Or Resource (Primary DNS Server)

Today I faced a strange network issue on my laptop while trying to access Internet. My laptop failed to go online and while checking Network and Sharing Center there is a red cross symbol displayed between my computer and Internet icons. It means there is no connection between my computer adapter and Internet. While running Network Diagnostics, Windows showed and error message Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (Primary DNS Server) with two options to click either Explore additional options or Close the troubleshooter. Screenshot of the error message is shown below.
Windows can't communicate with the device or resource

I opted to click Explore additional options to find if there any Windows remedy to the issue. Result was not much helpful.
Cannot Communicate to Primary DNS Server

So I decided to troubleshoot the issue by myself because the automatic Windows diagnostic tool failed to fix it.

Windows Can't Communicate With The Device Or Resource(Primary DNS Server)

By analyzing the error message, it is clear that my laptop is not online because of its failure to start communication with the DNS server configured on my computer. I have been using default ISP DNS server details on my laptop by choosing the option Obtain DNS server address automatically under TCP/IP properties. I have changed the option to use the DNS address added manually on my laptop. Soon after changing the option to use the DNS address I have added (I used Open DNS address), the issue got resolved and my laptop started accessing Internet. If you want to know how to change the default DNS settings on your computer, visit the link below.
How to Manually Assign DNS Address To Your Computer in Different Ways

In case if you see this message on your computer when you try to go online, I recommend you to follow the below procedure.
  1. Assign Google DNS or Open DNS to your computer

  2. Reboot your computer

  3. Power Cycle your network. You can follow the instructions provided in the link below to perform it.
    How to Power Cycle a Home Network

  4. If the issue persists, follow the instructions in the link below.
    I Cannot Access Internet On My Computer

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