Getting DNS Error While Accessing Modem Setup Page

One of my blog reader asked a question last day about getting DNS error while trying to access his modem setup page. He said his modem's default IP address is but when he type this IP address on address bar of browser, he gets DNS error message. Though it was a comment, I think it is better post the troubleshooting guide for all readers.

steps to fix DNS error while accessing modem

Some of the practical solutions to fix this error are:

1. Make sure you have the right modem IP address

Many users make the same mistake by trying different IP address (not the original modem IP address) to access modem. So the first step is to ensure the IP address you are using is the right modem IP address.

2. Check the connection

Make sure modem and computer are connected properly. It is recommended to unplug the Ethernet cable and reconnect it.

3. Power Cycle the modem

A proper Power Cycle can fix many modem related issues. To know how to perform power cycle, follow the link below.

How to Power Cycle a Modem

4. Clear the browser cache or use different browser

Some times browser may cause this type error. So it is advised to clear the browser cache and check for the issue.

5. Disable Firewall in your computer

Some times firewall installed in your computer can prevent the connection between modem/ Router and computer. So you may turn off the firewall and check whether you get the DNS error again while trying to access modem setup page.

6. Reset the modem

Reset make sure modem is back to its factory default settings. This step is not recommended if you do not know how to configure the modem.

How to Reset Modem

These are the common troubleshooting steps for the given issue. However, you can always try for firmware flashing if you are aware of the process.

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Modem Reboot Error: Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

Today morning my BSNL modem showed a new error message after rebooting. The error message is Web Server: Failed to obtain write lock on IM with the time in seconds. All I did was some changes in wireless settings of the modem. After changing the settings I rebooted the modem as prescribed by the modem user manual. However, I reached to the error/warning page instead of configuration page. The error message is provided below.

Modem Reboot Error: Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM

Solution for "Failed to Obtain Write lock on IM"

Unfortunately I couldn't find much information regarding this error message. So all I did was to perform a proper power cycle and check the modem. After power cycle modem came back to the normal stage.

If you are looking for steps to perform power cycle, follow the link below.

How to Power Cycle a Modem

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