How to Delete Temp Files and Prefetch files in Windows 7

This is a supporting tutorial for my main articles where most of the time we provide steps like remove the temp files, cache, prefect etc as a part of troubleshooting procedure. In order to avoid writing the same steps again and again in every guides, I prefer to write a detailed guide on removal of temporary files and cache files from Windows computer. Please note that many recommends to delete the below listed files in safe mode for the perfect completion of the task but we can do the same in normal mode too.

How to Clear Temp files in Windows 7 Computer

In order to clear temporary files in Windows 7 computer follow the steps below.

1. Click on Windows Start

2. Click on Run

3. Type temp on Run and press enter

4. Delete files listed

5. Again type %temp% on Run and press enter

6. Delete files listed here

Please note that the files currently under use cannot be deleted and may show an error message.

Empty Prefect Folder

Prefetch folder contain files which tell how the software installed in your computer works. Normally you do not need to delete files in this folder. In case if you want to delete files in prefect folder follow the steps below.

1. Click on Windows Start

2. Click on Run

3. Type prefetch and press enter

4. Delete the files

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bX-oefv42 Error code While Moderating Blogger Comments

Today while moderating the pending comments on my blog, after pressing Publish or delete, it took a lot of time saying saving and received an error message at last. This message says "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.... ". At the end of this message there is an error code something like "bX-oefv42----" and they recommend to provide this code when I report this issue to support. One of the suggestion I received was to upgrade the current interface and I did it. However, no luck. I still see this message when ever I try to publish or reject the pending approval comments. If you are not familiar with this alert, I suggest you to have a look at the picture below.

After searching for this bX error message I found Blogger is already aware of this issue and they are on the way to find the reason behind it. Blogger says some of their users see this bX code while commenting. Since they are studying more about it, they request others to help them with more inputs. What blogger suggests is to report this error in Blogger support group with the exact error code you received.

I am optimistic and I am sure Blogspot will provide the right solution for this issue as soon as possible. It might be some bugs with their existing interface and I hope they will fix it as soon as possible. If you are looking for a way to add your own Favicon for your blog, follow the link below to get instructions. There you can see two different methods to set favicon for a blog.
Use unique Favicon for Blogspot Blog

It is recommended to use latest template for your blog but still some users stick to the classic template. We have some tutorials about tweaking the blogspot template code and alter some features. The following link leads to tips to optimize blogspot template to improve its Search Ranking.
How to Optimize Blogspot for better Search Rank

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How to Show Power Icon and Notifivations on Taskbar

By default power icon is disabled on Windows 7 taskbar but you will see the power related notifications. If you are traveling or not in a position to charge your laptop immediately, it is advised to monitor the power status while doing critical works. If the power icon is shown on taskbar it is easy to monitor the power status easily. In case you are confused about the right time to charge your laptop battery follow the link below.

When to charge Laptop battery

In order to display battery power icon and notification on Windows 7 taskbar follow the steps below.

1. Click on Start

2. Click on Control Panel

3. Click on Notification Area Icons

Notification area for power icon

Now you can see the system icons and their behaviors. Under behavior you can see three options. They are:

i. Show icon and notifications

ii. Hide icon and notifications

iii. Only Show notifications

Select the Power behavior as "Show icon and notifications" and click ok.

How to show power icon on takbar

Now onwards power icon displays on the task bar

Disable Power icon on taskbar

To know how to keep Laptop battery charge for long click on the link below.

Keep Laptop battery charge for long

In case if you want to disable the power icon on taskbar, you should select the option "Hide icon and notifications" instead of "Show icon and notifications".

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