Blogger Social Sharing Button is not Showing

Right now professional bloggers cannot avoid the impact of Social network and media sites to bring traffic to their blogs and websites. So adding a social sharing button on a website is necessary now a days. We can see many third party tools which offer the facility but now Blogger is also offering an official social sharing button for blogs in blogger platform. It helps to share the blog posts in social networks like Twitter,Google plus etc. Sharing blog posts in Google is very easy now by using this new inbuilt feature. This tutorial explains this new Google feature and how to utilize it to bring more traffic. How can we integrate this social share button on blogger blogs? It is as simple as to check the show Share button on page elements in layout.

How to Show Share Buttons in Blogger Blog

If you like to activate this inbuilt future, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger

  2. Click on Layout
    How to add Google plus

  3. Click on Edit link in "Blog Posts"

  4. Check "Show Share Buttons" and click on save
You can specify the location of Share button in blog post by arranging the gadget position by drag and drop method.

What Can I do If It is Not Working

For some templates by just checking the "Show Share Buttons" is not enough to display the Blogger official share button. If you are using older templates, you cannot activate this feature by simply following the steps mentioned above. In that case you need additional tweaks to bring this feature on every posts automatically. In the last blog post, we discussed how to enable Blogger official Social Share button on blogspot blogs. However, at least in some blogs this trick is not working. Even though we enable the Show Social Share feature in layout, it is not displaying under blog posts. So let us check what we can do if this feature is not showing up on a blog. The best option is to add the share button (including Google plus) code manually in blogspot template just below the posts. Before jumping to this, it is better you read the previous article about steps to enable share button. Link to that post in provided at the end of this tutorial.

Manually Add Social Share Button On Blogger Blog
  1. Logon to Blogger account

  2. Click on Template link

  3. Click on Edit HTML
    Official Blog Share button is not showing

  4. Click on Edit template

    Now Search for the following code

    <div class='post-body entry-content'>

    Note: You should press [CTRL] [F] buttons together to open Search

    Below it, paste the following code
    <div class='post-share-buttons'>
      <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

  5. Click on Save Template

Add Social Share Button in Old Blogger Template

  1. Logon to Blogger account
  2. Click on Template link
  3. Click on Edit HTML
  4. Click on Proceed
  5. Check Expand Widget Template

    Manually adding blog share button

    now find any one of the following codes using browser Search Feature([CTRL] and[F] )

    • <p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
    • <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
    • <data:post.body/>
  6. Now paste the following code just below it.

    <div class='post-share-buttons'>
      <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

    Now Save the template

Now onwards Social Share button will be displayed under every blog posts. Just like adding this feature, it is important to own a custom domain name for your blogger site. To do this click on the link below.
How to Setup Custom Domain name for My Blogspot Site

After adding custom domain name for my blogger site, I faced one issue. Links without WWW prefix of my  blog were not redirecting to WWW version. I fixed this by following the steps listed in the link below.
How to Redirect  URL without WWW to WWW Version of Address

Adding Social Share button under blog posts will increase the chances of post sharing by blog readers. It is automatically improve the traffic to the blog. So the next step we need to do is placing Google Adsense code at the right places on your blog template. To do this follow the link below.
How to Insert Google Adsense Code in Between Post Title and Content

Sharing published posts in social network sites with author account gives more credibility to your blog. Having a unique favicon instead of default blogger favicon will provide additional credibility. To do this click on the link below.
How to Show Custom Favicon for Blogspot Blogs

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Consider Replacing Your Battery Alert on Battery Icon in Taskbar

Today morning, I have seen one new notification in Taskbar. It is a warning with a message "Consider replacing your battery" and the description with this warning is "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly". In addition to this error message I see one cross mark on the power cell icon and noticeable reduction in its life. To learn more about this new error, I opened Windows Mobility Center but there too the same message displayed. To launch Windows Mobility Center. follow the link below.
How to Access Windows Mobility Center

According to Windows support, if Power Cell is working with less than 40% of its original capacity, we will see this warning. Other possible reasons for the warning "Consider Replacing your Battery" are:
  • Laptop is not Designed for the current Windows version

  • Power cell full charge capacity is less than 40% of original capacity

  • Wrong Power Cell Settings in your computer

  • Possible BIOS error in reporting charge capacity
Consider Replacing in Taskbar

Fix for "Consider Replacing your Battery"

I have been using this laptop for more than 3 years. So I know it is the time to replace the laptop cell. However, I searched for any possible fix and found one solution (but this solution didn't work for me) especially for new laptops. According to that solution wrong laptop battery settings in Windows may invoke false alerts about its life. In order to fix this false alerts, we need to remove the battery from laptop and hold power button for one minute to reset the default settings. Then insert it back and check for the issue. Other possible solutions for the warning are:

  1. Windows Update:

    Update Windows to fix incorrectly reported message. To learn more about this, go to the Microsoft Kb

  2. Upgrade BIOS firmware:

    To get the latest firmware you should go to BIOS manufacturer's website.

  3. Reset the power cell settings saved on your computer

  4. Change the Battery with new one

To improve the battery life, you should know when to charge it. We must know the nature of Lithium based cells to keep it healthy. Most of the notebook cells are lithium based. To know more about how to keep it healthy for a long period follow the link below.
When to Charge Laptop to enhance it's life

If you forget the BIOS password and looking for a way to reset it, follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to Reset BIOS Password

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Show Post Summaries on Blogger Blog Home Page

Just like what we see in WordPress blogs, blogger also supports showing summaries of published posts on home page with"read more" links to the original post. When I started blogging, I was confused whether I should show multiple posts on home page or single post. That time Blogger had not introduced the "After the Jump" feature. So showing multiple articles on home page was not a good idea at that time. The jump feature lets you display the summary (or the first paragraph) of published articles on home page. The major benefit of this feature is the non requirement to change any HTML changes by yourself. All you need to do is, just select the position of jump in text editor (in content) and the article part till that jump will be shown in home page. To read content after this jump position, reader should click on "read more" link displayed below the summary.

Steps to Display Post Summaries on Home

To display the published articles summaries on blog home page, follow the steps below.
  1. Open blogger Post Editor

  2. Select the position in content where the jumper set by placing mouse there

  3. Click on Jump break
    How to set

    Now you can see the jumper set there.
    Shows multiple

  4. Update/ Publish the work

The major use of this feature is, you can display more posts on home page by showing just the first paragraph of each one. Showing summaries of your recent posts will ensure more user friendly view for readers. In case if you are looking for additional step to improve your blogger blog traffic, follow the link below.
How to Optimize Blogspot Site for More Traffic

If you are planning to save the blog or changing the blog platform, you should know how to backup it. To backup your blogspot blog, click on the link below. Even if you are not planning a migration soon, it is always better have one copy of your work in your personal computer.
Steps to Backup Blogspot Database

If you are looking for a way to show last posts first in your blogger blog, this post is for you.
How to Show Last  posts First in Blogspot Site

If you are a professional blogger, you should know the average CPC of your each posts. To do this click on the link below.
How to Calculate CPC of Ads Showing in your Blog

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How to Configure Idea 3G on Android Phone

When you activate Idea GPRS or 3G Internet on your Android phone, your phone will receive the automatic settings. However, sometimes you may need to configure the Access Point and GPRS settings for Idea (both GSM second and third generation) connection manually on your Android phone. In case if you delete the previous configuration, it is better know how to setup the same settings again by yourself. A wrong Access Point Name can stop you from accessing their mobile broadband service. Otherwise after deleting the existing APN for Idea 3G or GPRS you may need to re-insert the SIM again to get automatic settings from them. If you know the manual configuration steps, you can avoid that hardware procedure. If you are looking for the steps to get maximum speed from Idea 4G, you may click the link below and follow the instructions. The below hack will increase the Idea 4G data transfer speed.

Steps to Configure Idea 2G/ GPRS/ 3G in Android
  1. Click on Applications

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Wireless and Networks

  4. Click on Mobile networks

  5. Go to Access Point Names (APN)

  6. Create New APN (you can get this option by pressing left button)

Now we can see a list of parameters which we need to fill in order to activate 3G or gprs. The values for Idea GSM connection are provided below. It is a must step to activate Idea Internet on your Android phone.

Name Idea gprs
APN internet
Proxy < - not set - >
Port < - not set - >
Username < - not set - >
Password < - not set - >
Server < - not set - >
MMSC < - not set - >
MMS proxy < - not set - >
MMS port < - not set - >
MCC 404
MNC 19
Authentication type none
APN type default, supl

Important Tips
  1. Steps to Activate Idea 3G on Android

    This is the manual settings every types of mobile broadband connections. If you are looking for steps to activate data connection, follow the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Activate Mobile broadband on your mobile phone

  2. How to Recharge Idea 3G on a Handset

    To recharge Idea 3rd Generation data plan on your Mobile handset, either you can recharge with the specified amount or you can recharge for your data service from your existing balance. To recharge from your existing balance, follow the steps below.

    Dial  *150* 107#  to get 300MB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 199#  to get 600MB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 249#  to get 1GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 348#  to get 1.5GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 448#  to get 2GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 30 days
    Dial  *150* 595#  to get 2GB 3G Bundled Usage valid for 60 days

    PS: Idea may change the tariff plans and to get the correct plans, click on the link below. If you are not using the latest plan to recharge, they may send invalid request error.

  3. How to Check The Remaining Idea 3G Data Balance

    Idea often don't send alerts of remaining data balance and it is possible to continue the Internet usage even though the data balance is over. In such cases, Idea 4G deducts money from the main balance. To avoid this situation, you must check the remaining data balance irrespective of Idea 4G, 3G or 2G. To check the remaining data balance ..

    Dial *125#  

  4. Just like what we did for Idea gprs, to configure BSNL gprs on your Android phone, click on the link below.
    How to Configure BSNL GPRS on Android Phone

  5. Here we discussed the steps to configure Idea 3rd Generation Internet on your Mobile handset. Do you want to know what is the difference between 2G and 3G ? To know the difference between various GSM technologies, follow the link below.
    Speed differences in 2G, GPRS and HSDPA

How to Activate Idea 3G Broadband and Get Latest Plans

For Idea to migrate from 2G to 3G, we do not need to change the SIM. All we need to do is activate 3G and get Internet setting from Idea. To activate 3G broadband on Idea, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure Your Mobile Phone supports 3G

    If you are not sure whether your handset is 3G compatible, type "CHECK" and sms to 12345 (without ""). This number is toll free number.

  2. Send SMS "ACT3G" to 12345 (without "")

    Now you will get a confirmation message from Idea about the status of the 3G activation process.

  3. Configure 3G Internet setting from Idea in handset

    To configure Internet settings in your mobile phone, type "SET" (without "") and sms to 54671 (toll free number).

How to get latest 3G Idea Internet Plans

To get latest 3G Internet plans, dial *147# and follow the instructions provided by Idea.


A Runtime Error has Occurred. Do you Wish to Debug ?

"A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug ?" is an Internet Explorer error message you may receive while opening certain websites in it. Along with this error message you may see the line number where this error happened and the nature of the error. This error message can come due to following reasons.
  1. Bad Website programming
  2. Hardware of Software issues in your computer

How to Enable Flow Control on Network Adapter

In some Network Adapter and Connection related troubleshooting we need to either enable or disable flow control property of the adapter. This article is a supporting article for our other network troubleshooting guides. Before going to the steps to change flow control property of the adapter, let us define what is flow control. If a Network Adapter receives input frames more than it can handle, without flow control enabled option, you may witness frame loss/ packet drop. It is because sender is not getting information about the possible frame loss and it will not stop sending packets. With flow control enabled option, your Network Adapter will be able to send pause frame which tells the sender (sender of frames to our NIC) to pause the transmission until its buffer is free. So if your NIC is not a high speed one, while connecting to high speed network, you may need to enable Flow Control property to avoid packet loss.

How to Change Icon Size and Font Size in Windows 7

Depends on the resolution and screen clarity, you may need to adjust the icon and font size in Windows 7 for the better view. Some times the default text size may be difficult to read and you may need to increase it to overcome this difficulty. In low resolution screen you may need to reduce the font and icon size to fit the entire page on screen. Some times to make it easier to read what on screen you may need to increase it. This article tells how to adjust the font and icon size in a Windows 7 computer. Though it is a Windows 7 tutorial, you can use the same set of instructions for Windows 8 laptops.

Steps to Adjust Icon and Font Size
  1. Click on Start

  2. Click on Control Panel

  3. Click on Display
    how to make text and file fit

  4. Select the size

    If you are facing issues with reading text due to its smaller form, select the radio button near medium or high. If you are facing issue to fit items on screen, you may need to select smaller measurement. I means if the text is small and you are facing trouble with reading it, you must change it to big. It is easy to convert a smaller text to bigger and vice versa.
     not readable

After this, you should log off your computer to see this change in effect. To know about how to stop installing unwanted programs and applications, follow the link below.
How to Stop Installing Unwanted Programs

In this tutorial you have learned how to convert a smaller letter on screen in to bigger one by adjusting its measurement. It will definitely help users with issues with eye sight. For those who cannot view smaller text properly, this trick will let them change the smaller text to bigger. Similarly CoreNetworkZ explains simple but very useful Operating System tricks in simple language. For example if you don't know how to assign DNS server address, follow the link below.
How to Assign DNS Server Address

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The Last Address Book Operation Did not Succeed due to a Server error (Error code: -40402)

I am not using Yahoo Messenger (YM) very often but at least keep a relation with my old Yahoo chat contacts most are from my college days. This time I ended up with a failure message while trying to delete an old chat contact to update his new chat ID. The error message I received while trying to delete Yahoo messenger contact is "The last address book operation did not succeed due to a server error (error code: -40402)". I tried to log out and login to check whether the contact was deleted from the address list. It was still there and the delete operation I did is a failure.

Reasons for Code 40402

In support forums many users say error 40402 occurs when you attempt to delete a contact, which had been added in yahoo email, from messenger. Another reason for "The last address book operation did not succeed due to a server error (error code: -40402) " is actually that address already deleted but some how shown in messenger contact list. So when you attempt to delete a contact from YM which is actually not present, you will get this failure code. Another reason found from their support blog is when they are doing maintenance or upgrading server, users will receive the same message.

The Last Address Book Operation Did not Succeed due to a server(code: -40402)

So the possible reasons are:
  1. Address is already deleted from address book and waiting for server synchronization

  2. Yahoo team doing maintenance on their server

  3. Contact is added by yahoo email instead from YM

Solution for Error code 40402

They suggest, try to delete the user from the yahoo mail first. Then come back to messenger and do the same. If the issue persists the possible reason is the server maintenance process. So it is better you wait for a reasonable period of time and try to delete the address again. So I am listing you possible troubleshooting steps to fix this failure.
  1. Log off and log in back

  2. Log on to email and delete the ID

  3. Come back to YM and check whether the user is removed fully. If it is still there try to remove

  4. If all the three steps mentioned above failed, wait for a reasonable period of time (say 3 hours)

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Common Reasons For Google AdSense Application Rejection

Yesterday I have seen one comment from a reader asking the procedure participate Google advertisement program. He is trying hard to get AdSense account for his blog but Google rejects his applications every time. Most time he gets different reasons from them and he is not sure what is the exact reason for this continues denial. Every time after applying for AdSense account, he receives an email telling him his application is rejected due to following reasons "Insufficient Content" , "After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria" "Page type" etc... Though I am not a PPC guru (still trying hard to understand the working of this PPC system) in my best of understanding one website should have following qualities before applying for AdSense.

Tips to Get Your Website Approve By Google AdSense
  1. It should be updated regularly

  2. Quality unique content

  3. Reasonable domain age

  4. Genuine website(not MFA [Made For AdSense] website)

  5. Potential for decent traffic in future

  6. In AdSense compatible niches

  7. Avoid any black hat SEO methods to bring traffic

  8. Google loves content, make sure your website is content rich

  9. Having an about me page with sufficient blog owner details and privacy policy may help

For publishers from third world countries like China, India etc, Google needs your website at least 6 months old to participate this program. It is because of Google's continues efforts to avoid MFA sites from joining. To build decent traffic and quality content, webmasters need at least 6 months. So I feel Google's decision about domain age is fair. Another common reason for rejection is the niche of the blog. Google will not support certain niches and you can get more details about it from their TOS. I do not think current traffic is not a big deal while applying for their Ads program but they may consider the potential of your blog to get traffic in future. Google should feel you are a genuine webmaster and doing business with you is mutually benefited. One more thing, even if your application is rejected keep building your website and apply again later. It is better wait for one or two months after a rejection and use the time to build more quality content. After all, ads cannot bring any revenue if the blog doesn't have enough traffic. So build content and traffic to your blogs in the mean time.

To read my previous article about earning from adsense click on the link below.
How much traffic needs to earn $100 Per Day

Tips to earn more from your HubPages.
How to Increase Ads Revenue from HubPages

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Backward Compatibility Check Of 802.11a/b/g with 802.11n

Today I received an email from one of my blog reader asking if Wireless G Router is backward compatible with wireless N Access Point. He is planning to purchase a new IEEE802.11n Access Point to expand his home network. Right now he is using IEEE802.11 G router but it is unable to transmit signals to his computers situated at different floor. He knows without using a range expander or AP, he cannot extend the signals to different floor. From range expander and AP, he selects AP because of its extra benefits. He is attracted with the higher speed of n standard but it is costly compared to 802.11g AP. He is worried because even if he spends money to by 802.11n Access Point, will it work properly with devices in his network. Right now most of the devices in his network are 802.11g standard.

Wireless N is backward compatible with wireless G

802.11n is backward compatible with its predecessors. Wireless n works properly with 11a/b/g standards. Right now let us examine the g and n standards. Both IEEE standards work in the same frequency( 2.4GHz). However, there is a drawback. If you connect one n device with g device, the maximum speed of data transfer between them is 54Mbps because wireless g supports maximum 54Mbps data transfer speed. If you do not care the speed difference, you can use both technologies in a single network because both n and g standards are backward compatible. It is true for 11b standard too. However, IEEE802.11n standard operates in both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands. If the 11n device operates in 5GHz band both 11g and b devices cannot work with it. In that scenario, you can say both 802.11g and a standards are backward compatible because 11a works at 5GHz.

Practical difficulties between Wireless N and G

Though IEEE 802.11n and 802.11g are backward compatible, some practical difficulties are there.
  1. Wireless n supports MIMO but g, a and b don't.

  2. 11n can operates in 2.4GHz and 5 GHz but 802.11g and b supports 2.4GHz only.

  3. Data transfer rate of IEEE802.11n standard is between 54Mbps to 600Mbps but the maximum data transfer rate of 11g is 54Mbps.

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Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not Made because the Modem was not Found

Yesterday accidentally I received an error message while connecting to Internet from my laptop "Error 797:A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found". It happened when I connect USB modem from one of my Internet Service Providers and clicked connection shortcut of another Service Provider. I am having both Photon and Netconnect modems. I connected Photon to my laptop and clicked the Netconnect connection wizard. The error message I received looks like the one in the image given below.

Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made

Reasons for Error 797: Modem not Found

The major reason for the error code "Error 797: A Connection to the Remote Access Server was not made because the modem was not found" is your computer failed to find the modem to establish connection to the ISP. You will get the same error message if modem is not correctly installed on your computer. Another reason is the port issues where the connected port is not responding or faulty. Now let us list all possible reasons to get this alert.
  1. Driver is not installed

  2. Device failure

  3. Connection issues like loose connection, faulty Ethernet cord etc..

  4. Computer issues

Solution for Error 797

The first step you should do is to ensure if the modem/adapter installed properly in your computer. If your computer is not detecting modem, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the correct connection shortcut is clicked

  2. Power Cycle

    If you have USB modem, you may Unplug and replug it. Otherwise you just turn off the device and turn it on after one minute. Now check if you receive the same alert.

  3. Disable and Enable the adapter

    If the issue is related to the NIC, you have to disable it and and turn on back. To disable and enable adapter, follow the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Enable and Disable Adapter

  4. Update driver

    Driver compatibility issues may invoke this alert. Most models doesn't need any specific driver but some require it. If the modem you are using requires a driver and if the current one if outdated, you must update it. To update the driver software, click on the link below.
    How to Update Driver installed

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My Android Phone Boots in Safe Mode

Few days ago I rebooted my Android phone and after that I see a label "Safe Mode" on the left hand bottom corner of the screen. After reboot, it starts operate in safe mode but I never noticed an option to select safe mode while rebooting the device as we have in desktop computer. In Android discussions some users say safe boot is designed to disable the working of third-party apps on Android to make troubleshooting easy. If your handset has a lot of third party Apps installed, they might cause incompatibility with each other. In that case your handset may show many troubles. However, it is a mystery how come my phone get in to it because I never did anything intentionally.

Reasons to Work my Android Phone in Safe mode

In some technology communities, users mention a way to safe boot Android device by pressing menu button while restarting the device. I do believe I might pressed the menu button when I rebooted my handset and as a result now it operates in safe mode. This method is confirmed while reading a few user-manuals about the effect of holding the menu button while booting a mobile handset. However, depends on the models and version, the steps to bring Android in different boot mode varies. You cannot safe boot Samsung Galaxy with the procedure to start HTC handset in safe mode. The same procedure may not work with LG or Motorola handsets.

How to Recover Android Phone from Safe Booting

In safe mode none of the third party apps works. So it might be annoying to continue in it. To recover your mobile phone, press power button and restart it. After a proper restart, it will be back in to normal mode. When it backs to normal, you will face no troubles with running third party applications on it. If you read the mobile handset user manual carefully, you may find other steps too. Anyway I have found a way to boot my Smartphone in safe mode though I didn't intend for it. So if you want to boot your Smartphones in different booting orders, you can refer this method.

Other Android Articles

We can always connect our laptops to mobile broadband if we have a supporting handset. Latest mobile handsets support modem feature. If you want to learn more about this new feature, visit the link below.
How to Convert handset in to a modem

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Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be Completed

Today while trying to access Internet, I received a message " Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed". My computer was prevented from going online. This message window has two buttons redial and cancel. When I clicked redial button, I received the same error message. To close the window I had to click the cancel button.

Reasons for Error 628

While searching for the reasons of this issue, experts say it can happen due to following reasons.
  1. Modem driver issues

  2. Signal loss

  3. Faulty Firewall Settings
In mobile broadband connection there is a chance of signal loss and it can leads to the Error 628. Other tow important reasons are faulty firewall setting in user computer and outdated modem driver.
628: Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed

Solution for Error 628: Connection was Terminated

Now let us check how to resolve this issue. The solution for Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed is given below.

  1. Check the modem Connection

    • Check the signal strength shown in modem access manager

    • Check whether modem is connected properly

    • Unplug the modem and replug

  2. Check Whether the Driver is installed properly

    If the modem driver is not installed properly, you may receive "Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be completed". To check if the driver is installed properly, follow the steps below.

    • Click on start

    • Click on Control Panel

    • Go to System and Maintenance

    • Go to Device Manager

    • Check for Modem

    Now check the status of the device. Make sure the driver is installed properly.

  3. Update Driver

    The most important solution for "Error 628: The Connection was Terminated by the Remote computer before it could be started" is update the modem driver installed on your computer. To learn how to do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
    How to Update Driver

  4. Make sure no applications block connection

    If Firewall is installed, make sure it is not blocking your Internet connection. You can check this issue by disabling firewall for 10 minutes.

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How to Update Driver Software Installed on your Computer

This is a supporting article for our other major troubleshooting guides related to Internet connections and modem issues. Many Internet connection issues arise due to the use of outdated modem driver installed in user computer. In rare cases, latest automatic Windows update may shows some compatibility issues with already installed modem driver. In both scenarios only solution is to upgrade the installed modem driver in user computer. To get latest modem drivers you should check it on modem (Adapter etc)manufacturer's website.

Ping Request Could not Find Host. Please Check the Name and Try again

If your computer faces any DNS related issues, one of the major Ping error code you may receive while ping to any domain name is Ping request could not find host [website Name]. Please check the name and try again. This error message says your computer could not find the domain name because it failed to resolve the host name to IP address. This DNS issue blocks your computer from accessing any domain names by typing the website addresses on browser.

Different Methods to Assign DNS Server Address To Your Computer

Domain Name system (DNS ) is used to resolve domain names to IP addresses. In Internet, every communication is based on IP address but it is difficult to remember the 32 bit IP address for a normal user. DNS server is resolving this issue by assigning a unique name for a particular IP address. Every computer connected to the Internet must have Domain Name system information to communicate other devices connected to Internet. If your computer faces any DNS issues, one of the important solution is to assign Open/ Google DNS server addresses to your computer. In our many troubleshooting guides we suggest this solution and it is necessary to write a supporting article, with steps to assign specific server addresses to your computer, for other troubleshooting guides.

How to Assign DNS Server Address To Your Computer

To assign this details to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista computers, follow the steps below.

1. Click on Start

2. Go to Control Panel

3A. Control Panel in Category view
  1. Click on Network and Internet
  2. Click on Network Status and Tasks
  3. Click on Change Adapter Settings

3B. Control Panel in Large icons/ Small icons view

  1. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click on Change Adapter Settings

4. Right click on the Network icon

5. Click on Properties

6. Select Internet Protocol version4 (TCP/IPv4)and Click on Properties

7. Select Use the Following Domain Name system Server addresses

How to Assign

You can use one of the following addresses as primary and secondary DNS server addresses.

OpenDNS addresses are:

Primary OpenDNS :
Secondary OpenDNS:

Google Public DNS Addresses are:

Primary Google DNS :
Secondary Google DNS:

How to Assign DNS address To a Linux Computer

To add this addresses in Ubuntu Linux computer, follow the steps provided in the link below.

How to add Server address in Linux PC

If you face any DNS issues with Tata Photon Plus USB modem /Huawei Access Manager, follow the steps provided in the link below.

How to Fix issues in Photon USB Modem

How to Assign DNS Address To Windows XP Computer

  1. Click on start
  2. Go to control panel
  3. If your control panel is in classic view click on Network Connections
  4. Right click on your respective Local Network or Wireless network icon
  5. Click on properties
  6. Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
  7. Click on the properties button
  8. Now select the following option" Use the following DNS server address"

    Assign to Windows XP
  9. Click OK

How to Configure DNS Address From DOS Prompt Using Single Command

We can set it to a computer from the command prompt by a single command. The command is:

netsh interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" static

Where the interface is Local Area Connection

The IP address is

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