Find and Change Location of Temporary Internet Files Folder On Your Computer

Temporary Internet files Folder stores copies of files a user browsed on Internet. By storing the browsing details in here, browsers do not need to download the same files again when the user is searching for the same information. Many people are confused with the location of this folder on a computer. Its location depends on different versions of Windows. For example by default in Windows 7, it is situated in the following location.

C:\Users\"User name"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\

We can change its default place by specifying a preferred place. In this tutorial we learn how to view and change the location of Temporary Internet files Folder.

View or Change the Location of Temporary Internet Folder

  1. Click on Windows Start

  2. Go to Control Panel

  3. Double Click on Internet Options
    How to move location of temporary internet files folder

  4. Click on Settings below browsing history

  5. Find Location of Temporary Internet Folder

    Now under current location you can find its location.

  6. Change Current Location

    To change the current place of Temporary Internet files Folder click on Move Folder and select the new place.

So you know how to move the Folder in which Temporary Internet files are saved. As a part of many troubleshooting steps you may need to clear the temporary files saved in it. In that situation you can follow the instructions provided in the link below. This step is often used while checking connectivity problems on a PC. When a new router or switch is connected to a LAN, some users face issues with accessing broadband on their laptops. To verify whether their laptops are disconnected from broadband, we need to delete previous browsing data from browsers. You can do it very simply by following the step by step instruction providing in the below link.
How to Delete Data in Temporary Folder

These data have an important role in total effective broadband speed on a computer. To learn more about this read the article in the link below.
How to Improve Broadband Connection Speed On Your Computer

If you use Yahoo Messenger to chat, following trick can make yourself open Webcam without giving permission by the user. To learn more about it click on the link below.
Set Option View Webcam Without User Permission in Yahoo Messenger

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How to Configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G and RE1000)

When we want to extend a wireless network beyond the range of current wireless network, we should use another device called Wireless Range Expander. To increase the range and accessibility of a WiFi network from an access point or wireless router we need to add Range Expander (WiFi Repeater) in our network. Range Expander is a device which extends the WiFi network range as its name mentions. Wireless Repeater/Expander is working by receiving signals from Access Point (Wireless Router) and repeat the same signal. Linksys is one of the reputed Range Extender manufacturer. Two well known models WRE54G and RE1000 are from Linksys family. This tutorial is an update of one of my old guide to install and configure Linksys WRE54G on a network. Now in this new update, we have included steps to setup Linksys Wireless N Range Extender/Bridge RE1000.

Setup Linksys Wireless N Range Extender RE1000 Manually

Manual configuration of Linksys Wireless N Range Expander RE1000 is:

  1. Assign a Static IP Address on your computer

    1. Right Click on Network Adapter on the system tray (right hand bottom of the screen)
      Setup WRE54G v1
    2. Click on Open Network and Sharing center
    3. Click on Change Adapter settings
      configure Linksys RE1000
    4. Right Click on the LAN Adapter and click properties
    5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and click properties
      why we need static to ip configure range expander
    6. Select Use the following IP address and enter following values

      IP Address
      Subnet Mask
      Default Gateway
      configure linksys range booster
      Now click OK
  2. Connect Computer to RE1000 using an Ethernet cable

  3. Type on browser address bar and press enter.   Leave the User name field blank, and type “admin” on the Password field, then click OK.

  4. Enter the SSID and wireless channel of the parent network.
    Setup Linksys Wireless N Range Expander manually

    If the parent network has WiFi encryption enabled, you have to enter the same details here.

  5. Configure WEP on RE1000

    To configure WEP on Linksys Range Expander RE1000, click "Edit security settings" and select security mode WEP and enter the same settings on the parent Wireless router.
    setup WEP encryption on Linksys Expander

    Click on Save settings.
  6. Setup WPA on RE1000 Range Expander

    To setup WPA encryption on Linksys Wireless N Range Extender RE1000, select the security mode WPA Pre-Shared Key and enter the same details on the parent router.
    benefits to add encryption on Range Expander

    Click on save settings.
  7. Power off RE1000 for one minute after configuration. After 60 seconds power on the device.

Steps to Configure WRE54G to Boost WiFi

Steps to configure Linksys Wireless G Range Expander to boost a WiFi network are:

  1. Assign Static IP Address on your computer as shown in the steps above

  2. Connect Range Expander to your computer using Ethernet cable.

  3. On the Address bar of your browser type

    The default IP address of Linksys Wireless Range expander is After this press enter.

  4. Log on to the setup page of WRE54G

    The default user name:
    Default Password : admin

    There is no default user name for WRE54G and log on to the Range Expander setup page.

  5. Configure Wireless on WRE54G:

    Click on Basis setup under setup page and type the SSID (Wireless network name) of the network you want to repeat using WRE54G.
    Log on to Linksys WRE54G range expander

  6. Enable Wireless Encryption on Range Expander:

    Select encryption and enter the security key as configured in the parent wireless network.
    Enable Security on Range Expander

    If the Wireless network is security enabled we need to set the same settings on our Range Expander. After entering the details click on save settings button.
  7. Power off WRE54G for one minute after configuration. After 60 seconds power on

Reasons to Assign Static IP On Computer While Configuring Range Expander

Since the completion of my previous tutorial, I received many queries asking the need of assigning static IP address on computer before configuring Range Expander. The reason is very simple, Range Expander does not have DHCP server to provide an IP address to the computer. So in order to login to the web based setup page of the device we need to assign a static IP address to the computer in the same IP address range. While configuring router we do not have this issue. To learn more about it follow the link below.
How to Setup Linksys  Router

Steps to Reset Linksys Wireless Range Expander

In case if you want to reset Linksys Range expander you can follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
How to Reset Linksys Range Expander

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Remove Date Number (Year & Month Figure) From Blogger Post URL

Most of the bloggers do not care the date information on the blogspot post URL because they treat blog as a web diary. They write about things or facts which are valid only at the time of writing. For example political blogs, news blogs etc are valid only at a specific point of time and the time figure on the published URL makes sense. However, if you are a professional blogger who writes facts or tutorials which are valid for all the time, date figures on the post links make no sense. If you are using WordPress, you can choose the custom URL structure to avoid Year/Month from link but in Blogspot you do not have such freedom. Though blogger does not provide a way to remove the date from the blog post URL, you can choose an indirect method to avoid them from your popular articles without affecting the current traffic and backlink value. In this method you must to create a new page (not post) where there is no digit on the URL and paste the content of your old popular post. Then using custom redirect feature of blogspot, you can redirect the old post URL to the new URL which does not have date figure. If you are looking for a straight method to get rid of digits from blogger published links, currently it doesn't have such a feature.

How to Get Rid of Date from Blogspot Post Links

To get rid of date figure from Old Popular blogger post URL, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger Account

  2. Click Dashboard

  3. Click on Pages and create a new page by Selecting blank page
    remove digits from blog article link

  4. Copy the entire content on the old popular page (post which you do not want to show the data figure on URL) including all the meta tags and paste them on the newly created blogger page and publish it. You should make sure the entire post content including tags (title, meta tags etc) are copied to the new page.

  5. Perform a custom redirect from the old article URL to the newly created page. To do this follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Redirect Traffic and Links Pointing Old Blogger Article URL to New URL

By following the steps described above we can successfully hide the date figure(The Year and Month ) from the blogspot post links. In the same way if you want to display blogger posts in reverse order follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
Showing Last Articles First in a Blogspot Site

Now you can remove the date information from your popular blog posts. To make your blog more unique you should add a customized Favicon for your blog. To do this click on the link below.
How To Use Your Own Favicon for Blogspot Site by Replacing Default blogspot Favicon