Error: Element Style is Missing Required Attribute Scoped

As I progress HTML validation with my websites, I met a new error "Error: Element style is missing required attribute scoped". Validator showed the lines where this error present. While checking the code I found the following lines.

<style >
         clear: both;
         font-style: italic;
         margin-left: 10px;
         margin-right: 10px;
         position: relative;
         border: 0px;
         font-size: 20px;
         line-height: 200%;
         font-weight: light;
         width: 100%;
         font-family: 'Source Sans Pro',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
         text-align: center;

The screenshot of the error message is shown below.

<style> is considered as part of CSS and anything written in it will be applied to the whole document. However, if we use the attribute scoped, the style applies only to its parent element. To read more about it, you can visit Mozilla Developer site using the link below.

Though scoped attribute is very helpful, not every browsers support it right now. At this time only the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox is supporting scoped attribute. But there is a good method to override this defect by using :scope. Using :scope instead of scope we can avoid the risk of applying the special style to entire document in unsupported browsers.


I have fixed the HTML validation error by adding scoped attribute to the style. Once the code is updated, the error message is gone. The new style is given below.
<style scoped>
         clear: both;
         font-style: italic;
         margin-left: 10px;
         margin-right: 10px;
         position: relative;
         border: 0px;
         font-size: 20px;
         line-height: 200%;
         font-weight: light;
         width: 100%;
         font-family: 'Source Sans Pro',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
         text-align: center;

As I explained above, right now this code is error free but will work on Firefox (latest versions) only. For any unsupported browsers, this style will be applied to the whole document. To solve that issue, I should rewrite the code as below.

<style scoped>
    :scope blockquote
         clear: both;
         font-style: italic;
         margin-left: 10px;
         margin-right: 10px;
         position: relative;
         border: 0px;
         font-size: 20px;
         line-height: 200%;
         font-weight: light;
         width: 100%;
         font-family: 'Source Sans Pro',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
         text-align: center;

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Element div not Allowed As Child of Element Span in this Context

Today morning I tested some of my websites using W3 validator ( to check whether they have any HTML errors. They were developed by a freelance HTML developer hired online. One website showed an error - "Error: Element div not allowed as child of element span in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree)". This is one of the easiest error we can fix and it  happen by a web developer who doesn't follow the basic rule of never put block-level elements inside inline elements. While testing the code I found the following lines which created the error.

<span class="mob-menu-toggle" data-target="#navbarCollapse" data-toggle="collapse">
        <div id="nav-icon" >


Here, the block level element <div> is placed inside an inline element <span>


All you need to remember to solve this error message is to never place a block level element in an inline element. If you are not sure which are block level elements and inline elements, follow the chart below. In this chart you can see examples of both types of tags.

List of Block-Level Elements
  • <div>
  • <h1>
  • <h2>
  • <h3>
  • <h3>
  • <h4>
  • <h5>
  • <h6>
  • <p>
  • <form>

List of Inline Elements
  • <span>
  • <a>
  • <img>

Element <div> is a block element which defines a section of HTML as a container. Where <span></span> is used to group inline elements in a document used for text. The principle is applicable when we use ul and span. In webmaster forums, many persons asking similar questions like "Validation error: ul not allowed as child of element span" while they test their website for HTML errors using HTML validators. The answer is same, here UL is a block level element but <span></span> is inline element. If anyone use UL inside <span></span>, HTML validators will show the error.

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Prevent Malicious User Inputs In PHP Form

A professional website always must have a way to receive user inputs either in the form of a comment column or in the form of a user input form. It is a must for  successful websites to receive the feedback from their users but some malicious persons use this option to inject malicious scripts to the website. If the data entered by the user is directly inserted in to database, the situation is very critical. Luckily, PHP has some built in functions to validate the data inserted by a user using user input form. Before explaining those functions, it is better understand the effects of tricky external credentials.

Effects of Malicious User Inputs on a Website

Though a PHP address form is intended to receive user details like name, address etc, it will take every strings submitted unless we don't implement strict validation. If someone enters a script instead of name, it is possible that the form will accept it unless there is a validation. It will be extremely dangerous if we use the same input for any data base query.

Built in PHP Functions To Validate User Inputs Though Form

Here is the list of three important functions which validates data entered through a PHP form.

  1. Trim() :

    Trim() function is used to remove any extra space, new line etc from the form inputs. Every text filed values must be passed through trim() function before taking the input for operations.

  2. htmlspecialchars()

    Htmlspecialchars() function will convert any HTML element in the user string to HTML escaped characters and prevent it from executing the code.

  3. stripslashes()

    This function removes backslashes (\) from the user input data.

By the combined use of these three functions we can reduce the risk of taking user input through PHP form. Now let us check how to implement these three functions in our code.

Implementation of PHP Form Validation In a Code

Let us consider the username received through a PHP form is $_POST["username"];. We need to pass the value to a variable like $user=$_POST["username"]; Right now we do not know whether the input is harmless. So we need to create a custom function by using the three functions explained before.

function validate($x)
   $x= trim($x);
    $x= stripslashes($x);
    $x= htmlspecialchars($x);
    return $x;


Now the user inputs must be sanitized using the custom function we have created. For example we are going to validate the $user using the function validate().


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Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages

The buzzword of the moment is “cloud computing,” and competition is stiff to attract users to the variety of cloud services available. Simply put, cloud computing is the idea of accessing data storage and applications at a remote site over the Internet, rather than from a local network. In this article we look at the major advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing for a company. We cannot avoid the importance of cloud computing and we know it is the future. At the same time we must of aware of the risks in using cloud computing to store sensitive data of a company or institution. Final decision to use cloud computing for a company should fully depends on the detailed analysis on the risks and advantages of this new technology.

According to Gartner, one-third of all consumer data will be in the cloud by 2016, compared to 7% today.1 Microsoft has predicted that 74% of small and medium-sized businesses will use at least one cloud service by 2014.2

Most consumers have had a taste of these services through their email accounts with Yahoo! and Gmail, storing their music on Apple’s iCloud, or adding a book to their Kindle library. Businesses have been slowly testing the waters for their enterprise solutions.

But while each group has experienced some advantages from these services, concerns remain that must be addressed to further the level of acceptance of this technology. Let’s take a look at these issues, from the perspective of both businesses and consumers:

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Among the advantages of cloud computing for both groups are:
  • Cheaper Devices: Devices can be made with less-expensive components, since storage and CPU cycles are offloaded to the server in the cloud.

  • Universal Access: Synchronized, universal access from almost anywhere in the world to applications and data from devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to desktops.

  • Less Data Loss: Backup responsibilities are shared by the cloud service provider (CSP), meaning less data loss due to drive failures.

  • Less-Expensive Applications: Cloud applications can be supported by advertising or make use of a rental model, in which you pay to access an application on a per-use basis. This is ideal when you need an application for only one project.

And specifically for businesses, cloud computing can result in reduced expenses and faster implementation of new projects. The costs of private servers and their management are eliminated; instead, the costs of server hardware and management with other companies are “shared” via the CSP.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

But the flight to the cloud is not without some turbulence. There are certain disadvantages of cloud computing. Most notably:

  • Security: A new level of trust is necessary when someone else is storing and transmitting your data, especially over a public network such as the Internet.

  • Accessibility: What happens to the data on cloud servers when the CSP is temporarily down or is shut down for legal or financial reasons? For example, when file-sharing site Megaupload was abruptly shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice for alleged sharing of copyrighted material, many legitimate users were locked out of accessing their own data files.

  • Privacy: Issues abound, not just from possible hackers but also from the employees of the CSP. Do they have access to the encryption passwords set up by the customer?

  • Performance: Bandwidth constraints can degrade performance. The average Internet speed in the United States is 5 megabits per second (Mbps). A typical local computer can easily move data twenty times faster.

  • Data Caps: Cloud computing means that more data is being transferred over the Internet. Meanwhile, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) continue to lower data caps. This will lead to surcharges and throttling as users exceed their limits more often, especially on the consumer side.

And specifically on the business side:

  • Many enterprise applications have a high degree of interoperability, which gets extremely complicated during the transition phase, where some applications are local and some are in the cloud.

  • Businesses must also ensure that the CSP is in compliance with various industry standards, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Time will tell as to how these services will be adopted and how providers will handle the various issues. Consumers are likely to lead the cloud revolution, because they may be less concerned about security, privacy, and reliability than businesses. But both groups need to think before they jump into the cloud, or they may fall right through – without a parachute.

Gerald Villani
Computer and Networking Administration Instructor
Remington College – Cleveland Campus

About Gerald Villani: Mr. Villani is a full-time instructor in the Computer and Networking Administration program at Remington College in Cleveland, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Youngstown State University, as well as Microsoft and other industry certifications. He has worked in private industry for 25 years, managing hardware, software, and network help desks. He was involved at the beginning of the World Wide Web era, working with the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper and Advanced Publications to launch the first-ever websites for and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, among other sites.

Time and Work -Competitive Exam Questions and Answers With ShortCuts

If you are preparing for competitive exams, one of the sure shot questions in aptitude is time and work related problems. Though the questions asked are simple, without knowing the correct methods, there is a chance of making mistakes. This guide explains various short cuts which can be used to answer the work and time related questions simply with complete solution. For those who are preparing for various government jobs through PSC and UPSC may find this guide helpful. I have solved some of the previous year Time and Work related PSC examination questions at the end of this tutorial. Some of the important concepts a student needs to know while answering Time and Work related aptitude questions are provided below.

Most Repeated Questions in PSC Examinations
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2 PSC Questions in Diseases & Vaccines
3 Important Medical Treatment Techniques PSC Questions
4 Questions & Solutions Related to LCM & HCF

  • If a man completes certain work in 'n' days, work done by him in one day is 1/n.

  • If the work done by a man in one day is 1/n, he can finish the total work in n days.

  • Time and work is always inversely proportional to each other.

  • If M1 persons can do W1 work in D1 days and M2 persons can do W2 work in D2 days, the general formula to find the total work or total time is :

    M1 * D1 * W2 = M2 * D2 * W1

It is important to learn the above concepts to solve Time and Work related aptitude questions. Now let us check how to solve these questions using short cuts.

LDC Examination Syllabus

Solved Examples

  1. If A can finish a specific work in 10 days and B can do the same work in 20 days. Find the time required to complete the work by both A and B together

    Work done in a day by A = 1/(10)
          Work don by B in a day = 1/(10)
         Work done in a day by both A and B together = 
    1/(10)  + 1/(20) = (2 + 1)/(20) =3/20 
    { Here we took the LCM of both denominators. To learn more about it,
     click the link below.
    L.C.M. & H.C.F. For Aptitude Questions   }
    Now apply the  first law provided in this tutorial to find the time needed
     to complete the work by both A and B
    => reverse of 3/20 => 20/3 days
  2. 40 persons make 60 bricks in 3 hours. if 8 persons leave the work, how many bricks will be made by the remaining persons in next 6 hours.

    Here we need to use the formula M1 * D1 * W2 = M2 * D2 * W1 
               Here M1 = 40 M2= 32 W1 = 60 D1= 3 D2= 6 W2 = ?
                       M2  * D2 * W1
         W2 =        
                       M1 * D1
    =>  W2 = (32 * 6 * 60)/ (40 *3) = 96 bricks
  3. If X can do a piece of work in 25 days and Y can finish it in 20 days. They worked together for for 5 days and then X left. How many days Y will take to complete the work ?

    Work done by X in a day = 1/25
    Work done by Y in a day =1/20
    Work done by both X and Y in 5 days = 5 * (1/25 + 1/20) = 9/20  
    Remaining work = 1 - (9/20) =11/20
    Y finish 1/20 work in a day. So to finish 11/20 work, Y needs 11 more days.

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Redirect Emails Received on GoDaddy Domain Email Accounts to Personal Email ID

GoDaddy professional email allows us to use email accounts associated with the domain names we own. I am using their Professional email with some of my websites and overall happy with their performance. However, the problem I am facing is having less time to monitor and manage all the accounts in busy life. It is easy to login and check the account if you have a handful of email accounts but for those who are managing multiple accounts, it is a difficult task. I too find it very difficult to open each email accounts to check whether received any important messages. Luckily there is a solution for this problem. This tutorial explains how to get a copy of the emails received on the GoDaddy professional email accounts to your personal email.

Configure GoDaddy Web Mail to Send a Copy of Every Email Transfer

It is possible to configure GoDaddy webmail to send a copy of every emails (both received and send) to a different email account. Using this feature, we can point our personal email accounts (which we open everyday) as the one to which GoDaddy send the copy. You can configure it hassle free by following the instructions below.

  1. Logon to GoDaddy account using the link below.

  2. Click on Visit My Account

  3. Click on Manage button at Email

  4. Click on the drop menu and then click edit

  5. Once you click edit, you can see the option to enter the email address to which a copy of every communication goes

After saving the changes you should check whether it works or not. Usually it works with in minutes after saving the personal email address. If you are interested to read more of tips and tricks with GoDaddy web hosting and domain registrations, visit the link below.

  1. Point Different Domains to Different Hosting Accounts

  2. There is a Problem With the Information You Provided

  3. Complete Reset on Godaddy Web Hosting

  4. Changing Default MX Records with Third Party Details

Here I have configured every website email accounts with my personal email id as the default. So any one of these email accounts receives an email, my personal address will get a copy of it. So I am assured that I will never miss any business emails.

L.C.M and H.C.F Shortcuts & Questions For PSC & UPSC Exams

If you are preparing for PSC and UPSC exams, one of the important section in quantitative aptitude is LCM and HCF. If you prepare properly, you can get 100 percent from this part. L.C.M. (Least Common Multiple) is the least non-zero number in common multiples of two or more numbers. H.C.F. (Highest Common Factor) is the highest common factor of two or more numbers which means the biggest number which divides each of them exactly. Now let us check some interesting facts and formulas which help you to solve any questions asked in competitive exams by Banks, CAT, state and central Governments etc.
Most Repeated Questions in PSC Examinations
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Division Method to Find LCM and HCF

Before going for methods to solve LCM and HCF questions asked in aptitude examinations, let us check the methods to find these values using division method.

1) Find the LCM of 12, 17, 30 using division method

      2 |  12 , 17, 30
           |6, 17, 15
        2  |
            3 |3, 17,5
                 1, 17, 5

   LCM = 2 X 2 X 3 X 17 X 5 = 1020

LDC Examination
2 ) Find HCF of 24, 40, 64 using division method

      2 |  24 , 40, 64
           |12, 20, 32
        2  |
            2 |6, 10,16
                 3, 5, 8

HCF = 2  X  2  X  2 = 8

Important Formulas to Solve Competitive Examination Questions

  1. Product of two numbers = Product of LCM and HCF of those numbers

    P x Q = L x H       where L is LCM and H is HCF of two numbers P and Q.
    • LCM = (P x Q) / HCF
    • HCF = (P x Q) / LCM
    • P = (LCM  x  HCF ) / Q

  2. Find the LCM of fractions

    To find the LCM of fractions, divide the LCM of numerators by HCF of denominators

  3. Find the H.C.F. of fractions

    to find the H.C.F. of fractions, divide the H.C.F. of numerators by L.C.M. of denominators

Solved examples

1) H.C.F. of two numbers is 2 and L.C.M. is 180. One of the two numbers is 10. Find the second number.

According to our formula,  

     P = (LCM  x  HCF ) / Q   

     so P = (2 x 180 ) / 10  =36


The second number is 36.


  • If you are asked to find the least number divisible by a set of number, all you have to find is the L.C.M.

  • L.C.M. of a given set of numbers must be either the biggest number or bigger than the biggest number in the list

  • H.F.C. of a given set set of numbers would be either the smallest or lower than the smallest number.

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Problems With Receiving Emails On ZOHO Mail

One of my friends is using ZOHo mail to manage his domain based email  to send and receive official messages. Though he configured the service by himself, he failed to receive emails in inbox. However, he can send messages without any issues. He was very frustrated because he lost many important messages due to this problem. Today he came to my home and asked me to troubleshoot it. The issue was very simple- wrong MX records. Everything in ZO Mail part is configured correctly but the actions on domain side is pending. He purchased his domain name through GoDaddy and once changed the MX records, the problem disappeared. Anyone can make the same mistake, so I think it is better sharing the steps to fix email receiving troubles with ZOHO Mail.

Can Send Email But Cannot Receive in Inbox

Zoho Mail has a well documented tutorial to set email delivery for domains purchased from a wide range of domain registrars. The below link will lead you to a tutorial where you can troubleshoot email delivery problems for 1 and 1, Enom, Hostgator, Bluehost etc. Since his domain registrar is GoDaddy, I have followed the respective instructions.

The screenshots provided below explain the basic procedure we have performed.

  1. Logon to the Godaddy Domain Control Panel

  2. Go to the domain control panel of the specific domain by clicking on it

  3. Click on DNZ ZONE FILE and click Add Record link.

  4. We must choose MX from the drop down menu

    Now we must create two MX records with following details.

    Record 1
    • Record Type = MX

    • Host = @

    • Points to =

    • Priority = 10

    • TTL = 1/2 hour

    Record 2

    • Host = @

    • Points to =

    • Priority = 20

    • TTL= 1/2 hour

    Click on finish button and don't forget to click "Save Changes".

  5. Delete already existing MX records

    As we know, any extra MX records will affect the working of mail server. We need to delete them as soon as possible.

    you can see all MX records under the heading 'Mail Exchanger'. You can remove them by pressing delete symbol. Once it is done, every issues related to email sending and receiving by Zoho mail will disappear. If you want more assistance in configuring MX values on GoDaddy, follow the instructions explained in the link below.
    Default GoDaddy MX Records With Third Party Services

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Warning: Invalid Argument Supplied For foreach()

Today while refreshing my programming knowledge (those I left once completed my college), I repeatedly encountered an error message "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()". I was trying to display the items received from a checkbox form on browser using the foreach() loop. I created one HTML form with facility to receive multiple inputs from users using "checkbox" and  pass them to action page using the method "POST". As we know, the multiple inputs create an  array which can be accessed using $_POST["name given to checkbox"] and displayed using foreach loop. However, instead of displaying the user inputs, I received the error message " Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() ". You can see the browser response from the picture attached below.

foreach() works for arrays and if the passed variable is not a valid array, we will get the "Invalid argument' warning. To avoid this warning and makes the program run, we need to make sure the HTML form is passing a valid array to the PHP script on which the foreach loop runs.

Now, let us tweak the code. This part of the PHP code is invoking the above error.
if (!empty($_POST["OS"]))
foreach ($_POST["OS"] as $val)
print "$val"."<br/>";

This code is logically correct, so I decided to check the HTML portion.

(Wrong Code)
<form action="action1.php" method="post">
<input type="checkbox" name="OS" value="Linux" /><br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="OS" value="Windows" /><br />
<input type="checkbox" name="OS" value="Android" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

My logic was correct except the failure to use an array to store the inputs from users. Once I changed the name of the checkbox parameters to OS[], the warning disappeared. The updated code is given below.

<form action="action1.php" method="post">
<input type="checkbox" name="OS[]" value="Linux" /><br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="OS[]" value="Windows" /><br />
<input type="checkbox" name="OS[]" value="Android" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

Tips to Follow When You See This Warning

There might be various reasons which can bring Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() and it is better you learn different approaches to solve it. If you get the same warning, you may simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Make sure it is an array

    As we know foreach() works with array, it is important to check the variable before executing it. You can use the following code to check whether the variable is a valid array.
    if (is_array($_POST["OS"]))
         foreach ($_POST["OS"] as $val)

    Here if the variable is not an array, it won't execute.

  2. Use an Array to Store values in HTML form

    This is the mistake I made at first. Instead of using an array, I used a simple variable to store values.

  3. Use of (array)

    By placing (array) before the variable, we can stop seeing the message from PHP. See the example below.

    foreach ((array)$_POST["OS"] as $val)
    ---- Code------

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HDFC Steals Money From My Account (AMB CHRG INCL ST & CESS )

Update: Today (24/02/15) one HDFC representative contacted me after reading this complaint and explained me the circumstances under which they levied AMB penalty. She explained me, HDFC had send me a post about the change of account status from salary A/C to normal savings A/C but the postal address listed in the bank details pointed to my old office. Unfortunately they changed the office in the mean time and couldn't deliver the post. She also informed me HDFC doesn't intimate customers about account change via SMS but only through post. 

For those who are managing multiple bank accounts may don't recognize the white collar theft by banks in the form of hidden charges and penalties. I have been facing such a situation for the past few months but yesterday I found it. I have one HDFC account which was started as a salary account and then transformed in to ordinary savings account later. At the time of opening the account, they said, it's a salary account and the minimum balance can be 0 rupees. However, after leaving the job, HDFC converted my salary account to a regular savings account automatically. The problem is, they didn't inform me the minimum balance I should keep on the account. According to Reserve Bank guidelines, every banks are required to inform the customer about the minimum charge he should maintain prior in his A/C to levy penalties. Link to the Reserve Bank guidelines for levy of penal charges on non-maintenance of minimum balances in savings bank accounts is provided at the end of this article under resources. Now let me explain my situation.

Step By Step Instructions To Delete Beneficiary in HDFC Bank

Yesterday I logged on to my HDFC bank account to purchase an item from Snapdeal and got confused with the final amount  after finishing the purchase procedure. So I decided to have a look at the mini statement to check last 20 transactions. Everything looked fine until I found small withdrawals in the code name of AMB CHRG INCL ST & CESS. They reduced the same amount in last month also. HDFC is charging 393.26 rupees per month under the same code name.  I was confused about the meaning of the term - AMB CHRG INCL ST & CESS FOR JAN2015- and found that it is the short form of -Average Monthly Balance and they wanted me to keep 10,000 rupees in average a day in a month. So in a month, the net amount I should keep must be 3,00,000 or more. The irony here is that, they could have informed me about not having minimum required balance. Instead of that, they deducted 393.26 rupees in every month. Screenshot of the balance sheet is added below.

According to RBI guidelines, there is no guidelines for making a minimum balance but it is mandatory to inform their customers about the same. You can read the story by visiting the RBI page below.

Though there are strict guidelines, HDFC is taking my money without informing the reason and that is totally unacceptable. They should have at least send me SMS regarding non-maintenance of minimum balance. However, HDFC publishes the minimum required balance for every type of accounts on their website. you can view it by visiting the link below.


  1. RBI urges banks to inform their customers about the non maintenance of minimum balance prior to levy penalty.

  2. Some interesting threads which discuss the same issue.





    • Adding Beneficiary to Start Money Transfer Process

    Started Using Microsoft Office 365 From GoDaddy

    I had been using GoDaddy web mail service for my domain based email server until yesterday. If any of my reader send me a message at, I would receive it on GoDaddy webmail. Today noon, I have migrated my webmail server from regular Godaddy webmail to Microsoft Office 365. The migration was not much painful as I thought. However, I am afraid I lost some emails (fresh emails coming at the time of migration) during conversion time. According to their technical support, it may take up to 48 hours to start receiving emails to Office 365. Anyway, at the end I am happy with this new product and that is why I am sharing my views with readers. If you don't know what is Office 365 and why do GoDaddy migrated their normal web mail service to this one, I recommend you to continue reading.

    Login Link for Microsoft Office 365

    It is easy to find the logon link. all you have to do is to remember the following combination.

    email + . + domain name

    For example, login page for the domain name is given below.

    Type the above address and press enter button to see, following screen.

    Before using it, we need to configure it by simply pressing the button and wait for Microsoft to do it for you. Once the process is done (it may take a few seconds ), you will see the welcome screen.

    For those who are not familiar with Office applications, it might be a little confusing. One of my friend complained me after configuring Office 365 for his domain about how to see the web mails send from his contacts. He was not able to see the messages send from his business contacts after logon to his account. Also it can be misleading while seeing list of items showing on this page.

    How to Access Inbox

    To access inbox, you should click on Outlook.

    Here you can see one test message send from another ID. I do not think, anyone has any doubts on the working of this page. Click on the left hand top to see the menu in case if you want to access any other feature from this page.


    To access Online calender, click on calender. You can create a group of similar minded people by clicking 'Create Group' on the left hand side. You can access the same feature from the 'People' button also.

    Changing Password

    It is easy to change the passwords, subscriptions, users etc from the admin panel. Another method to change password is from Office 365 Settings window. To change current password, follow the steps below.

    1. go to main page (you may click on Office 365 on the top bar) and click Admin

    2. Reset password under Users & Groups

    Online Storage

    To store larger files online, you can use 'OneDrive' by clicking 'OneDrive' icon on the main window. Storage space offered by Microsoft varies with plans.

    Management Tool

    If you want to open excel applications one a device where excel is not installed, you would click on 'Excel Online' on the main window.

    Further Reading
    1. Email Client Side Configuration

    2. How to Use Different Domains to Point single Hosting

    3. There is a Problem With the Information You Have Provided

    WAMP Server Is Offline Due to Internal Error

    After a long while, I have decided to check some personal web projects I did during my college days. Most of them were done in PHP and My SQL. To test them I need to open them either in local server (WAMP server I am using) or  upload the entire files to a web server. Since it takes more time to upload entire project (it includes a lot of images too) to my web hosting account, I decided to check them on Local Host. Though everything looked fine, WAMP server showed offline. Its icon in system tray showed in red color as you can see in the image below.

    I opened the program by clicking on it and tried to put it online by clicking "Put Online'.

    This operation failed and I got an error messages "Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] could not perform service action; The service has not been started" with an OK button.

    So the reason for this problem is revealed. Some of the essential services needed to start this application are disabled on this computer. It is possible that, my PC optimization efforts might disabled them because I do not use phpMyAdmin regularly. To fix the issue, we need to find the essential services and restart them. The essential services which are required for the smooth working of WAMP server are wampapache and wampmysql. We can enable them from services page and once we start them, WAMPSERVER will be back online. Steps to restart stopped wampapache and wampmysql services are explained below.

    1. Type services.msc on Windows search box and click on it to open

    2. On this page look for wampapache and wampmysql. On my PC, both of them were disabled.

      Hint: W is at the last of English alphabet. So you may look at the end of the list to find both wampapache and wampmysql.

    3. Double click on each one and choose automatic for Startup type. If you do not want to slow down the the system while booting, you may choose "Automatic (Delayed Start)". Don't forget to press Apply after selecting the startup type.

    4. Now the start button is activated. You should click on start button to start the service.

    5. You must do the same procedure on both wampapache and wampmysql. Once, both of them are started, WAMP icon will be shown in green color (means online).

    Once the application is online, we can run PHP applications on it. Instead of directly uploading dynamic websites to web hosting space before testing, you may run them on local host using WAMPSERVER and continue all testings. Once the testing phase is over and all errors are fixed, you can upload the files to web hosting space.

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    Setup Linksys WRT1900AC Router With Cable Broadband

    My friend bought Linksys WRT1900AC to replace one of the older routers installed at his home. Reason for the upgrade was to replace the 802.11n network with 802.11ac network. Though he completed the configuration by following the instructions came with the product, he couldn't go online. The same Internet connection is working perfectly fine with his older device. Me and he troubleshooted the issue together and fixed. Out of the experience with troubleshooting this device, I decide to write a small guide for those who are facing any connection problems with WRT1900AC dual-band 4x4 Gigabit router. I hope this guide will be enough to identify hardware issues, configuration issues etc with it.

    Detect Hardware Issues

    To detect hardware problems of Linksys WRT1900AC router, we must check the power and Internet lights. Blinking amber Internet light indicates possible hardware problems. If you find any hardware troubles with it, you must immediately contact customer support before the expiry of their limited time warranty. Normal remedy for this situation is a replacement with new unit.


    Any faulty configuration can make it not working properly as you expected. So I think you must double check this section and ensure that everything you have done are correct. You can setup WRT1900AC by either using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi or you can do it manually.

    Setup WRT1900AC Using Smart Wi-Fi

    If you have both Internet connection and Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (installed on PC), follow the instructions below.
    1. Connect your modem to the Internet port of WRT1900AC using Ethernet cable

    2. Power on the device and connect to the Linksys network name from the PC where Smart Wi-Fi is installed.

    3. Follow the instructions or type on the browser address bar

    4. Here you can decide whether you want to configure it manually or by using Smart Wi-Fi setup.

      If you want to skip the automatic setup, you may choose that option and click next. Else you can follow the Smart Wi-Fi setup. Once you have configured using Smart Wi-Fi, you need to reset the router to see this Smart Setup wizard again. Once the setup starts, you may read the instructions and click next button to finish it.

    5. Once the configuration is completed, you can select the desired item from the menu to configure as you wish. In future, you can access this page by using the string myrouter.local on browser address bar. You must need to use the router password and username(by default admin).

      For example if you want to setup parental control, just click on it from the menu.

    6. Edit Device IP

      To edit default login IP address of Linksys WRT1900AC, click on Local Network under Connectivity.

      By default it is and at the same page you can restrict the number of devices that can connect to the network. I have changed the default number from 100 to 10 here.

    7. NAT

      You can control NAT feature under Advanced Routing (under the main headline connectivity).

    Configure Linksys WRT1900AC With Cable Broadband

    If you are using cable broadband services like Comcast, Cox Communications, RCN etc, you may need to do MAC cloning in addition to the normal steps.
    1. Default login IP address is and you must use admin as both username and password. If you don't like to type the IP to access web based setup page, you can type myrouter.local on the browser address bar and press enter button.

    2. Click Connectivity

    3. Click Internet Settings on the top menu

      You need to check the "Enabled" checkbox at MAC Address Clone. Once it is enabled, you may click on the button 'Clone My PC's MAC' to copy the physical address of your computer to the device. It is important to make sure you are cloning the MAC address of the PC, which is registered with your Cable Broadband Service Provider. Don't forget to click Apply, once it is completed.

    Activate and Run Wireless

    WRT1900AC offers high speed WiFi connection with speed approximately 1300 Mbps. Follow the instructions below to activate and modify wireless settings on it.

    1. Login router using the default IP address and login details

    2. Click on Wireless

    3. We can change SSID, encryption etc of both 5GHz and 2.4GHz band by clicking the edit link under wireless tab.

      Here we have the facility to stop broadcasting SSID by disabling it.

    4. Enable MAC Filter

      In addition to the wireless encryption, MAC filtering can strengthen the security of WiFi by either white listing or blacklisting device MAC addresses. If a specific MAC address is blacklisted, that device will not be allowed to join the WiFi.

      To use this feature you must check the checkbox 'Enabled' first. If we choose "Allow Only" option, no devices other than those, whose MAC addresses are added will not be able to join the WiFi. So choose this feature carefully. If you are seeing trouble with connecting to WiFi network, you may follow the instructions provided in the link below.

      Issues With Connecting WiFi Network

    Getting Slower WiFi connection

    In order to use the maximum wireless data transfer rate, you must use 802.11ac adapter to receive signal from the router. It is important to note that only 5GHz band supports 802.11AC and the channel width must be set to auto. So the points I recommend to check for slower wireless speed on WRT1900AC are :
    1. Make sure the adapter is 802.11ac compatible and choose mixed mode in router

    2. Selected band must be 5GHz

    3. Select channel width as auto

    4. Check for interference from other wireless devices using same frequency

    5. Is there a thick wall or other obstacle between router and PC ?

    Problems with Online Gaming

    It is normal to see troubles with playing certain online games on PC or Xbox behind Linksys WRT1900AC router. In that case you can follow either one of the solutions provided below.

    1. Port Forwarding

      It is the standard solution for problems with playing online games. Linksys firewall may prevent the traffic through certain ports which are necessary for the smooth working of certain games and online applications. If we open those ports on WRT1900AC, the issue will be solved.

      • Click on Security

      • Click on Apps and Gaming

      • If you want to open a single port number, you may click on Single Port Forwarding. If you want to forward a range of port numbers, you should click on Port Range forwarding.

    2. DMZ Option

      If port forwarding is not working, you may configure the device on which you are playing online game as DMZ on router. To do it, click on DMZ under Security.

      Here you need to specify the IP address of the device which you want to be treated as DMZ by the router. It is necessary to assign static IP to the device.

    If there are any issues with accessing certain websites through WRT900AC, I suggest you to go through an old article on listed below.
    Cannot Open Some Websites Through Linksys

    Reset to Factory Default

    If you think, it is necessary to reset and reconfigure Linksys WRT1900AC, you can follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Reset a Device

    My Personal Review Of Linksys WRT1900AC

    There is no doubt, it is one of the fastest wireless routers available in market right now. It is feature rich dual band 802.11ac router with many cool features. However, I feel it is a little bit costly compared to other routers from different vendors having similar features. One of the major advantages I am seeing is the willing by Linksys team to use open source firmware on WRT1900AC. Perhaps it is one of the biggest change in the way of looking on firmware after the takeover of the company by Belkin from Cisco. Though Linksys is ready to allow open source firmware, due to the policies of Marvell (the chip developer) many developers say it is impossible to develop firmware without getting the driver source code from Marvell. I hope Belkin (current owner) will resolve the issue soon and gain the trust of open source lovers. I really love to flash OpenWRT on WRT1900AC and enjoy the maximum benefits from it.

    To upload an open source firmware, you must go to Connectivity page and click choose file button.

    If you are going with the official firmware supplied by Linksys, you may simply click on the button "Check for Updates".