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How to Solve Destination Net Unreachable - Ping Error Message

In this tutorial, we discuss another important ICMP error message, Destination Net Unreachable. The ICMP error message, Destination Net Unreachable tells, the ping request from your computer failed to find the route to the destination network. When you ping to an IP address from your computer, ping packet goes to the default gateway. It is the duty of the default gateway to send a ping packet to the correct destination. However, if default gateway does not know the path to the desired network, your computer will get "Destination Net Unreachable" message. This can happen in two cases:
  • If the route to the specific network is down
  • No such network address is listed in default gateway's routing table

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Whatever the reason if the default gateway cannot find a route to the destination network, you will get the following reply as ping reply. The following reply received when I ping to the global DNS address.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.
Reply from Destination net unreachable.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),


The ping error Destination net unreachable is shown on command prompt
How to solve Destination Net Unreachable

What is Destination Net Unreachable

Here I pinged to the address from my computer. The ping request went to the default gateway (Modem Modem failed to find a route to the destination network and replied to my computer "Destination net unreachable".

Reasons for the ICMP echo Destination net unreachable

Reasons for getting the Ping error message "Destination Net unreachable" are:
  1. The ping packet couldn't find the destination network
  2. Packet Routing issue
  3. Destination network path might be down
  4. Outdated Routing table

How to troubleshoot the error Destination net unreachable

Troubleshooting steps for the ICMP error message "Destination Net Unreachable" are:
  1. Power Cycle Modem:
    I don't think it is a standard solution but it worked for me. When we power cycle modem, the old routing table saved will be erased. To know how to perform power cycle, click on the link below.
    How to Power Cycle a Modem

  2. Make sure the local host is configured correctly

  3. Check the default gateway

  4. Disable  Firewall and check for the issue

  5. Refresh routing table information and ping again

In most cases by following the troubleshooting steps provided above can resolve Destination net unreachable ICMP Error. Some other important ICMP echo messages and their solutions are:

  1. ICMP Error Request Timed Out

  2. ICMP Error Destination Host Unreachable


Nice explanation...
Siju George said…
Thanks for your comment.
Anonymous said…
Hi.. Can you please help me to configure my router. It's TP Link WR740N Every time i use my router and ping the default gateway. it says Destination net unreachable. Im using a Broadband Connection. Please help me. Thanks..
Admin said…
I recommend you to perform a power cycle on your modem and router.
Anonymous said…
If pinging a FQDN which resolves to an ip (a.a.a.a), why then would the ping results show a different reply ip address (b.b.b.b) with "destination net unreachable"?

This also happens when I try pinging the resolved ip (a.a.a.a) directly, it replies from the ip (b.b.b.b) address with result "destination net unreachable"..

BUT, if I ping the ip address (b.b.b.b) directly, I get a good response..

*scratches head confused*
Alex George said…

It is exactly the way Destination Net Unreachable works. In your scenario you ping a.a.a.a

(say an external IP address like

Here b.b.b.b is the gateway address (like

If the gateway does not know route to the external ip address a.a.a.a , you will get destination net unreachable error message from gateway address (b.b.b.b).
Time Warner email started having a stroke, and I did a PING which resulted in, "Request timed out." I did a TRACERT which resulted in, "13 * * reports: Destination net unreachable." A cold reboot of modem and router did no good. A chat with TW blamed my Outlook, which I interpret as the old Down The Primrose Path treatment. So, with no Network Status Information from TW, what would be my next step for concrete answers? I'm contemplating going to ARIN with the last IP and calling the results, except they may be the NSA.
Alex said…
With no network status information from Time Warner means, do you have issues with connecting to Internet ? Could you give more information about the issue ?