Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here - You Seem to be using an Unblocker or Proxy

Due to several reasons, many websites are unavailable for visitors from different geographical locations. Reasons include political, hosting company's Terms of Services, court order, etc.. For example, some popular video streaming sites have this geographical limitation. Visitors from excluded regions cannot watch videos from those websites. Using Proxy/VPN is the best solution to bypass such restrictions. This article explains one of the error message associated with the use of VPN -Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here.

You may have experienced the error message Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here and the site refused to give you access. This tutorial teaches you the reasons for getting this error and the possible solutions to this problem.

Reasons For Getting the Message - Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here

If the site you are visiting has a policy of preventing users using Proxy Server, you may see the message Anonymous Proxy Detected, Click Here instead of the actual web page. I have listed some of the most common reasons.
  1. Your Proxy is not that good.

  2. They already know the IP address you are using belong to a Proxy Server.

  3. Some applications installed on your device revealed your real IP.

  4. Multiple access from same IP address

The number of web services implementing VPN detection has increased. Chances of getting the message "Streaming Error: You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy" is high when you visit the website using a proxy.

Popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar, etc.. are not open to viewers outside the whitelisted Geo locations. Due to this policy, they do not allow any proxies to access them.

How to Prevent Anonymous Proxy Detected Error
If you are not using any proxy and still receives the message Anonymous Proxy Detected, you must inform your Internet Service Provider. They will issue a new IP address which has no history of association with proxies.

If you are using proxies and see this error, try the solutions given below.
  1. You must close all other applications before using Proxy

    Some software products installed on your device may ruin your privacy even if you use a proxy. You must know the characteristics of applications based on Java and Flash. Java and Flash Apps can bypass the proxy.

    So the remote server can detect the original IP address. It naturally exposes the use of the proxy.

  2. Clear Browser Private Information

    Make sure you are using Private browsing (incognito mode). Clear Cookies, cache, etc..

  3. You should try your luck with different proxies

    If you are planning to use VPN to access a portal, you should use a quality one. Most of the free proxies available have limited capabilities. Chances to get caught by the web server is high with them.

  4. Setup Your own Proxy

    The best solution to avoid detection is to set up your own proxy using the unique IP address you own belongs to a region which is allowed to access the web portal.

If you use an IP address to access a web service which has a history associated with VPN, the chances of detection are high.

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Another problem is the number of users using the IP address issued to you by your VPN service provider.

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If multiple users are trying to access web services with the same IP address, the chances of detection are high.


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  4. Well, It would've been a lot better if you use a VPN rather than proxies, Because a VPN uses high-end 256-bit encryption to protect users data from ISP Spying and government surveillance. I would highly recommend everyone to use Ivacy VPN as it is super-fast, highly secure and costs very affordable.

  5. Thank you for helping to solve showbox anonymous proxy detected message on my Android Phone.

  6. Thanks for your advice. I received it when I unblock USA Netflix content. Netflix USA is not available in my area, and I used a VPN to unblock this Netflix geographical ban. I had succeeded for a time though.


  7. @ Unknown

    Netflix is very strict about its content broadcasting and filtering. Most of the proxy applications fail before it.

  8. If you see this message, your proxy is not good. Try to use a different proxy or VPN


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