How to Solve Destination Net Unreachable - Ping Error Message

Destination Net Unreachable is one of the common ICMP error messages you see when you ping a remote IP address as part of a ping test in network troubleshooting.

This tutorial explains the meaning of the ICMP error message Destination Net Unreachable and teaches how to fix it.

The first part of this tutorial explains why do you receive Destination Net Unreachable error while you ping a web address. The second part of the tutorial explains how to solve this error.

Let us check what does the error message means?

What is The Meaning of the Ping reply Destination Net Unreachable?
This error message tells the ping request from your computer failed to find a route to the destination network.

Reasons for the ICMP echo Destination net unreachable
The ping packet couldn't find the destination network due to any one of the following reasons.
  • Packet Routing issue

  • The destination network path might be down

  • An outdated Routing table on the default gateway with no route to the destination

Technical Explanation of Destination Net Unreachable Ping Reply
When you ping an IP address from your computer, the ping packet goes to the default gateway. The default gateway will send the ping packet to the destination address.

However, if the default gateway does not know the path to the desired network, your computer will get a Destination Net Unreachable message.

Have a look at the screenshot I uploaded below. I send ping packets to the global DNS address from your computer.

However, the process went wrong and received the ping error Destination net unreachable on the command prompt.
How to solve Destination Net Unreachable

Let me explain why I have received the reply from the IP address when I send ping packets to

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\sijugk>ping Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from Destination net unreachable. Reply from Destination net unreachable. Reply from Destination net unreachable. Reply from Destination net unreachable. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), C:\Users\sijugk>

Here I pinged the IP address from my computer. The ping request went to the default gateway.

The default gateway in my network is a modem. The IP address of the modem is

The modem failed to find a route to the destination network and replied to my computer with the Destination net unreachable message.

How to Fix the Ping Error Destination Net Unreachable?

I explained the reasons for the ping error Destination Net Unreachable in the first part of this tutorial. Now, let us check how to fix this problem.

I have created a troubleshooting guide for this purpose. I recommend you to follow the steps in the order provided below.

  1. Power Cycle the Network:
    A proper power cycle will refresh the routing table entry and fix loose connection problems. Follow the instructions provided below carefully.

    • Switch off the devices on your network
    • Disconnect power cables from Modem and Router
    • Disconnect the Ethernet cables from Modem, Computer, and Router
    • Reconnect the power and ethernet cables
    • Power on the Modem and Router after one minute
    • Check for the issue. If you still receive the same ICMP error, follow the net solution.

  2. Delete the Local Hosts Entries
    Third-party applications and malicious programs like viruses can rewrite the local host file on your Windows computer. A faulty entry on the local host file can prevent your Windows PC from accessing the Internet and results in Ping errors.

    Let us check how to fix the Destination Net Unreachable error on Windows 10 computer by clearing the local host file.

    • Go to the location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    • Right-click on the hosts and open in a Notepad
    • Delete the entries and save the file
    • Now ping a remote IP address and check for the issue

  3. Disable the Firewall
    Security Applications installed on your device can cause ping error Destination Net Unreachable especially when you access the Internet over a VPN or Proxy.

    To check whether the Firewall on your device causes ping errors, you need to disable it. To disable the inbuilt Firewall on Windows 10 and Windows 8, follow the instructions.

    • Click on the Windows Start button
    • Click Control Panel
    • Click Windows Firewall
    • Click the Turn Windows Firewall on or off option
    • Click the Turn off Windows Firewall radio buttons both under the Private network settings and Public network settings under the Customize Settings
    • Click the OK button to save the settings

I hope this tutorial has helped you to resolve the Destination net unreachable ICMP Error on your computer.

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  1. Nice explanation...

  2. Siju George11:02 PM

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hi.. Can you please help me to configure my router. It's TP Link WR740N Every time i use my router and ping the default gateway. it says Destination net unreachable. Im using a Broadband Connection. Please help me. Thanks..

  4. Admin8:22 AM

    I recommend you to perform a power cycle on your modem and router.

  5. Anonymous4:07 AM

    If pinging a FQDN which resolves to an ip (a.a.a.a), why then would the ping results show a different reply ip address (b.b.b.b) with "destination net unreachable"?

    This also happens when I try pinging the resolved ip (a.a.a.a) directly, it replies from the ip (b.b.b.b) address with result "destination net unreachable"..

    BUT, if I ping the ip address (b.b.b.b) directly, I get a good response..

    *scratches head confused*

  6. Alex George5:10 AM


    It is exactly the way Destination Net Unreachable works. In your scenario you ping a.a.a.a

    (say an external IP address like

    Here b.b.b.b is the gateway address (like

    If the gateway does not know route to the external ip address a.a.a.a , you will get destination net unreachable error message from gateway address (b.b.b.b).

  7. Time Warner email started having a stroke, and I did a PING which resulted in, "Request timed out." I did a TRACERT which resulted in, "13 * * reports: Destination net unreachable." A cold reboot of modem and router did no good. A chat with TW blamed my Outlook, which I interpret as the old Down The Primrose Path treatment. So, with no Network Status Information from TW, what would be my next step for concrete answers? I'm contemplating going to ARIN with the last IP and calling the results, except they may be the NSA.

  8. With no network status information from Time Warner means, do you have issues with connecting to Internet ? Could you give more information about the issue ?

  9. Thank you. I turned off the firewall and the problem solved.


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