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Add More Locations in Send To Menu

To transfer one file to another location on a Microsoft PC, we usually right click on the mouse after selecting the file. It will show us a list of places to where we can send the file using the 'Send to' option. This feature is available in all latest releases of Microsoft Operating systems and is known as Context Menu. This tutorial is for beginners who are not much familiar with Microsoft shortcuts. Here you can learn how to activate Extended Context Menu using keyboard and mouse. Normally if you right click on a file and select Send To option in the menu, you will find the following options: 1. Compressed (Zipped ) Folder 2. Desktop 3. Documents 4. Fax recipient 5. Mail recipient 6. Removable Drive These items are available in normal send to menu and are known as Context Menu. However, it is the entire list. We can have more options if we expand the 'sent to'. Next paragraph explains how to do it. How to add more options to Send To Menu It i

Easily Find Out Malicious Short URLs In Firefox By Displaying Real URL

Nowadays it is not rare users use shortened URLs in their emails and Tweets. Most of the shortened links are short of genuine non-malicious links but some are not. So when you get a message or email having shortened URLs, we must ensure that they are genuine and does not lead to suspicious websites before clicking it. If you are using Firefox browser, there is an add-on named Long URL Please to determine the original address before clicking it. So we can easily see the real destination of the shortened URL and determine whether it is safe to click. This tutorial explains how the Firefox add-on Long URL Please helps to find the real destination website address behind the short form and helps to identify potentially dangerous links before we click on it. See the Real Link Without Clicking Shortened URL Here I am explaining the importance of this add-on to find the destination address by seeing the short form of the link. To explain it, I have shortened one of my blog post links

Check Reliance Netconnect Usage Bill & Support Links For Internet Issues

Last week one of my friends purchased Reliance Netconnect from a local dealer. Reliance NetConnect is a wireless broadband Internet service from Reliance which offers download speed up to 3.1 Mbps. Reliance USB modem installation and activation are done by the technician from the local dealer and offered their assistance in any future issues too. In the ads, Reliance offers 3.1 Mbps speed but we are not getting speed more than 1 Mbps. Though it is less than the speed they actually promised, we know the real download speed depends on multiple factors like a total number of Wireless Internet users, distance from the mobile tower etc. Here I collect some of the useful information for Reliance Netconnect users. Useful links and details for Reliance Netconnect Users Netconnect Customer Care : Reliance Netconnect Customer Care number: 1-800-3000-5555 (Toll-Free Number). Reliance Wireless Broadband customer care email address: and netconnect.broad

Capture Full Web Page ScreenShot Using Firefox Browser

Consider, while browsing you have landed on a website which interests you very much that you want to take a screenshot of an entire web page for future reference. How will you save the entire webpage by taking the screenshot of it? If you are using Firefox browser, you can use webpage screenshot add-on to help you to capture the entire webpage with a single click. Here I introduce one Firefox Add-on which I have already installed and using on my computer. This extension is called FireShot. After installing FireShot on Firefox browser, you will not face any issues to take full page screenshot of any website. You can get this webpage capture add-on by following the link below.  Take Webpage Screenshot in Firefox Without Adding Add-on If you do not want to install any Add-on on your browser to take web snapshot, you can use online web services to capture the entire page without installing any third party tools on your compute

Wireless Network Keep Connecting and Disconnecting On my Computer

Have you ever faced the issue where your computer keeps connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network (IEEE802.11)? It is like you can see the WiFi available in your area with full strength but while trying to connect, it is disconnecting right after made a connection to the network. This tutorial will help you to fix such WiFi connectivity issues. Here we can analyze the common reasons for such an issue with proper solutions to resolve the issue. Here I assume you can see the WiFi on your PC and having issues to make a successful connection. While following the steps provided in this tutorial, you must ensure that there are no other devices which uses IEEE802 signal with same frequency like Microwave oven etc. If you have any such device which is using a signal with the same frequency, I recommend you to turn off before proceeding to next steps. Resolve Frequent Wireless Disconnection Issues Check If you can see SSID If you are not seeing IEEE802.11 Networks on you

How to Create New Fonts for free - Design your own fonts

Are you looking for a different Font for your website or document? What about creating a new font which actually meets all your requirements? If you think creating a new font is not an easy task, that is over. Yesterday I found an interesting web service which helps us to create our own font for free and let us download it to our computer. The only thing we need to do before using their service is, we should register in their website. Registration is free and will take less than two minutes. Steps to Create Your Own Fonts To create your own fonts, you should log in to fontstruct , an online service which provides an editor to create your own font. Font editor looks like: Here on the font editor, you can write your fonts for all possible characters and save the font in a name specified by you. To get this service go to the website below. Other Topics 1. How to communicate two APIPA computers 2. I forgot my Laptop Password and cannot ac

Disable Firefox Browser Automatic Virus Scan On Downloaded Files

Mozilla Firefox automatically scans all download files right after completing the download. It is to ensure the downloaded files are safe and free from malicious codes. Automatic virus check by Firefox improves the security of our computers from malicious programs by preventing the chances of downloading virus codes into our computers through downloaded files. Though it is a nice feature, if you have installed an AntiVirus software on your computer you don't need to waste time for waiting for the completion of automatic virus detection by the browser on downloaded files. If you do not want to wait for automatic malware check by it, you can disable this feature. Steps to disable default virus scan on downloaded documents by Firefox are provided below. How to Disable Firefox Virus Check On Downloaded Files Steps to disable automatic virus scan on downloaded files are: Open browser Type about:config in the address bar and press enter Now you will see a warning window.

Change The Name & Location Of Computer Hard Disk Drive

By partitioning, we divide the single hard disk drive into primary and secondary drives and the secondary drive into a number of logical units. So while opening the My Computer icon, you will see a number of units named C, D, E etc. By creating smaller units improves the efficiency by reducing the size of Master File Table (MFT) for a smaller partition. This guide tells how to change the name of each partition and assign a different path too. For example, if you want to change the D drive name to H, it is possible. However, we cannot change the name of the drive where OS is installed. Assign Different Letter to Computer Hard Disk Drive Partition To assign different drive letter by removing the current one, follow the steps below. Right click on My Computer Click on Manage Click on Disk Management Disk Management is under Storage. Now you can see all the drives in your PC. Right click on a unit and click on Change Drive letters and Paths Note: You cannot change t

UTStarcom WA3002 -G1 ADSL BSNL Type 2 Modem Configuration

UTStarcom WA3002 -g1 ADSL Modem belongs to BSNL type 2 modem category. BSNL type 2 modem means you can connect your computer to a modem using both Ethernet cable and wireless. WA3002-G4 has inbuilt router feature and you do not need to purchase an extra router to connect and share Internet among multiple devices. This tutorial explains how to configure Internet access and wireless security on this modem without setup disc. We also discuss how to manage this device including setting WiFi encryption, firmware upgrade, repairing common problems, Opening ports, recovering password etc. Setup BSNL Type 2 ADSL Modem WA3002 -g1 UTStarcom Connect to computer Connect the LAN port of WA3002 to the computer using an Ethernet cable and power on it. Login to Setup Page Login IP address of UTStarcom WA3002is While pressing enter key after entering the IP address on the browser address bar, provide the below information to log in. Username: admin Password: admin

Slow Internet Connection - Reasons and Solutions: Troubleshooting Steps

Many times we may face slower Internet connection issues and not getting the Internet speed which offered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There might be many reasons behind this other than the ISP issues. Most of the time you may get the actual speed promised by your ISP but some faulty settings in your network or programs running on your computer may waste your bandwidth. So here I am writing a step by step guide to troubleshooting slower Internet connection issues. Troubleshoot Slower Internet Connection Issue Follow the steps below to find the actual reasons behind slower Internet Speed. 1. Check Internet Speed by your ISP The first step is to check whether you are getting decent Internet speed from your Internet Service Provider. To check the Internet speed we have many free tools available. To know better click on the link below. Check your Internet Connection Speed Power Cycle the Network Most of the slow Internet Connection Issues will be fixed after doin

Change Default Firefox Browser Email Application

Every browser has a default email application set on them. Default Email application set in Firefox browser is Outlook Express. Though it has Outlook Express as the default email application, we can change it to any other according to your convince. We can select any email application without discrimination. There is a list of popular applications from where we can select one. It includes Gmail, Yahoo etc. However, certain users want their own tool which may not be available in the list. For them, Firefox has an option to pick any another tool according to user's requirements.  This tutorial explains the procedure to change the default email program set on the Mozilla browser. Steps to Change default Firefox Email application To change the default mail software set on Firefox: Open Firefox browser Click on Tools Click on Options Now the Firefox options window will be opened. Click on Applications tab Now select mailto Click on mailto drop down menu to s

ASUS Eee PC 1201PN With NVIDIA’s ION2 Chipset

ASUS Eee PC 1201PN is a netbook from ASUS with NVIDIA’s second generation ION GPU and Intel Atom N450 processor. Its screen size is 12 inch compared to a traditional netbook screen size of 10 inches. It is pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System and it supports HD video. Nvidia Ion 2 chip in ASUS Eee PC 1201PN really plays a nice role in playing HD video. It has 2GB RAM and 250 GB SATA Hard disk. Now let us check the details of this model. ASUS Eee PC 1201PN Mini Laptop Configuration It is better to start with the processor and processor speed. It has Intel ATOM N450 Processor with 1.66 GHz frequency. You do not see any difficulties with running high definition videos on 1201PN due to NVIDIA’s second generation ION GPU. It is HD capable and runs most of the high definition videos. Now let us check the storage it supports. It has 250 GB SATA Hard Drive with 5400 RPM. If you purchase this model soon, you may get a promotional offer of 500GB of online ASUS web

How to Recover Router Password

I had been working for a router manufacturer company's tech support for one year. Most of the time in SOHO customer care service, I was receiving calls regarding issues with lost router password. The complaints were like customer forgot router password, she could not log in to her wireless router or the password she set for the router was no longer working, etc.. Most of the time customer set a different password for their wireless router by changing the default password, and later they failed to recall the password from memory. They need a way to recover their lost router password. How to recover Lost Router Password Unfortunately for Routers belong to standard Small Office Home Office devices category, there is no lost password recovery procedure like on high-end routers. So practically we cannot recover the lost password and save the current router settings. However, we have a process to follow in case of lost modem/router password. To learn the right steps to follow while

How to Reset a Router or Modem - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

In many instances, we need to reset router or modem as the part of troubleshooting steps. Before explaining how to reset your router, you should understand what is reset. By resetting your Router / Modem, your device will go back to the factory default settings and again you may need to configure it. So before resetting your router, you should better learn how to reconfigure your router or take the backup of current device configuration. When should I reset my router? There are some situations like your router or modem stops responding or configured the device incorrectly, you may need to reset your device. Sometimes after upgrading to the latest router /modem firmware, you may need to reset your router/modem as instructed by the manufacturer. In rare cases, if you forgot the router login password, you may need to reset the modem to set a new password. So the major reasons to reset a modem or router are: To reset incorrect Router/Modem settings Malfunctioning of Modem or

Enable Copy Paste Feature On Command Prompt

By default, we cannot select or copy content from Command Prompt to notepad because it is disabled. Similarly, we cannot paste script or text from notepad to DOS Prompt which is very important if you are performing troubleshooting by reading a guide. It is required to run the script or commands noted in the guide on MS-DOS to complete the troubleshooting. It would be very much helpful if you can directly copy the command from notepad to DOS prompt. However, defaults settings do not allow this feature. If you try to select a particular text from it, your mouse fails and no copying will be performed. 'Select all' option in Command Prompt too will not help but a little change in its properties settings will allow us to select and copy content to the Windows clipboard. This tutorial explains how to enable copying and pasting feature on DOS Prompt. Copy Text from DOS Window Here we are going to change the default settings on MS-DOS to enable copying text from it. The same se

Can Wrong Keywords in Domain Name Affect Google Search Rank?

Update: This Article lost its relevance after Google's EMD, Panda and Penguin updates but still recommendable to read . This article deals with two questions most webmasters ask. Both of them are ; Can a wrong keyword in domain name affect the ranking? Why does my site lose ranking for certain search phrases? After the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, Google reduced the impact of keywords in domain name. However, many SEO professionals feel following disadvantages are possible with a domain with wrong keywords. Gives false information to Search Engine Spiders While reading the domain name of your website, Search Engine spiders may get a false impression about your business and there is a chance of ranking well for the words which you never intended to rank well. Inbound links without anchor text can harm your ranking in actual keywords Do you know why inbound links without anchor text harm your ranks in actual keywords? It is because as long as there is no anch

How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode

To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on Teracom modem, we don't need to run the setup CD. We can manually setup broadband Internet connection on Teracom modem if you have the Internet Username and Password provided by BSNL. In the manual configuration, we should log in to the Teracom modem by typing the modem username and Password(Teracom username and password is not the same BSNL Internet account username and password ). Since BSNL is a DSL broadband ISP, we need to configure Teracom device in PPPoE mode. If we configure BSNL Teracom modem in PPPoE mode, we can connect more computers to it and share the Internet. If we configure it in bridge mode, only one computer can access the Internet. Configure Internet Connection on BSNL Teracom Modem Login Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter to access the modem login page. You will be prompted to enter Teracom modem username and password to access BSNL modem. Default BSNL Teracom modem username a

Steps to Enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

I have installed Windows 7 on my desktop PC and it impressed me a lot. It has a very attractive interface and most importantly faster than Vista. Though I am happy with the performance and the interface, I really miss one of my favorite features from the Start menu. It is Run command and I use this feature very often. We all know the importance of RUN command in our daily computer usage but due to some mysterious reason, it is not available in Windows 7 Start. Though it doesn't hurt much because of the capability of Windows search to perform almost every task that run does, I really miss the Run. There is a way to bring back Run command in Windows 7 Start menu by activating it in Start menu properties. To learn more about it, follow the instructions provided below. Steps to Bring back Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu It is not very hard to bring this feature to the start items. All you have to do is to change the menu properties and customize it. You can simply do it by

Setup Wireless and Security On Teracom Router For BSNL DSL Modem Connection

My previous article was about setup Internet connection on Teracom router. Now it is the time to configure WiFi and WiFi security on Teracom router with BSNL DSL Connection. BSNL provides Teracom modem with routing facility. So, though it is a modem we can connect multiple computers to it if DHCP server is enabled on the configuration page. Setup wireless in Teracom wireless router is as simple as selecting the radio Wireless Network . In Wireless settings page we can select the proper encryption to secure its WiFi network from external intruders. This device has the facility to enable MAC Address Filtering to provide additional security. Let us check step by step how to setup WiFi security on this device. BSNL Broadband Configuration -Part 1 Setup Teracom Router Wireless security With BSNL 1. Login to BSNL Teracom Wireless Modem Please note that default Login IP address of Teracom Router is but if you change that IP address, you should use the new IP address to

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