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Get Noticed When Istalled Applications Change Windows Settings

After purchasing my Windows 7 laptop, the first thing I got irritated was the sudden dim of the desktop while doing some works on it. The same effect can be seen while you are changing the major settings of an installed application and your PC will ask you to continue the operation. Once you click any of the buttons, your desktop will go back to normal. This effect is because of the default Operating System settings which dim the desktop while any programs installed attempting to make changes on the computer. It is one of the security measures from Microsoft to protect users from the undercover working of hidden applications or any malicious programs which make changes on the system without the knowledge of the user.

Noticing the Actions of Hidden Applications
Though this function irritates us sometimes, it has certain benefits. Let us consider a scenario where one malicious application somehow got installed on a computer and tries to perform certain actions without the permission fro…