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How to Create Guest Access in Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys Wireless Router has a new feature called guest access to its wireless network for your guests at your home or workplace. As the name says, it gives limited privileges to them even though they are connected to your wireless network. Guest wireless access lets the users share the Internet and browse but they cannot join the main Linksys Wireless network. Since they do not have entry to the main network, they cannot access the computers connected to the main wireless network. So your main network is secure.

How to Setup Guest Access in Linksys Router There are two methods to create limited entry accounts on Linksys Wireless router.
Create Guest Access by login to the web-based setup page

Create Guest Access using Cisco Connect
Setup Guest Account using web-based setup page

1. Connect LAN port of  Router to Computer using an Ethernet cable

2. Type on the address bar of the browser

3. Enter the user name and password as follows

Username: [Leave it blank] Password : ad…