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Facing Connection Issues With Tata Photon & Increase Lower Speed

I have received many comments on my previous tutorial Tata Photon Plus review and most of them are related to Photon connection issues and frequent disconnections from Internet. Majority of Tata Photon users are satisfied with the Internet connection speed and services but some users are not. This article covers the major reasons for getting slower connection speed from  products like Tata Photon Plus, Whiz, Photon 3G,  3G+ and Photon Max. In addition to the speed issues, some users get the error connection terminated when they connect Internet using  USB modem. Some users get other error messages with error codes like error 633, error 769, error 777, error 718 etc.

Reasons For Tata Photon Connection Issues No Coverage at Your area

Having Obstacles like Buildings, Thick Walls etc

Too many users at your area

DNS Issues cut down the speed

Issues on your computer like software conflicts, compatibility issues etc

Long distance between you and Tata  tower
How to Solve Tata Photon Connection Probl…

Port Forwarding On Belkin Router & Fix Issues With Opening Ports

Belkin router has inbuilt firewall which protects the computers and other network devices connected to the router from external intrusions. However, certain applications like online games, FTP etc won't work properly with its inbuilt firewall. In that cases we need to forward certain port numbers to make sure these applications work properly. In this tutorial let us see how to open specific port numbers in it to avoid firewall blocking. This tutorial also explains the procedure with allowing certain blocked game with step by step instructions.

Belkin router Port Forwarding Tutorial Login

Use the IP address to login setup page. To learn more about the procedure visit the link below.
How to Login To Belkin Router & Configure It

Click Virtual Servers under Firewall

Forward Port Number

Enter the numbers you want to forward on it and check enable. After entering the  details including  numbers, type of number (TCP or UDP) etc, click Apply Changes button.
Examples of Port F…

How to Check If NAT Feature Failed On Router

Two essential features of a Small Office router is NAT and DHCP feature. NAT (Network Address Translation) feature converts single public IP address from Modem in to a number of private IP addresses and helps multiple computers connected to the router to access Internet. Yesterday one friend called me to check his LAN because only one computer connected to the router was able to access Internet. The reason for other computers failed to access Internet was the NAT failure on his Router. NAT feature on his router is no longer working and  it is no longer converting Public IP address provided from ISP to private IP addresses. All the computers in the LAN are getting unique IP addresses because of the DHCP feature but no more sharing of Internet connection.It can be tricky for an average user when all the computers are getting valid private IP address but just one computer is getting Internet access.

Verify Whether NAT Feature is Damaged On a Router As I said before, it is difficult for a p…

Resolve Belkin Router DNS Issues By Changing DNS Settings

DNS (Domain Name System) address is very important in Internet because it translates domain names in to corresponding IP addresses. By default, Belkin router is receiving default ISP DNS settings. In most cases ISP Domain Name System works fine but rarely users face issues with less consistent service provided by their Internet Service Providers. In that case we must use more reliable Domain Name System settings on Belkin router to resolve all DNS related issues. In this tutorial you will learn how to change Domain Name System settings on it and fix any issues which prevent you from changing current settings in it.

Steps To Change DNS Settings On Belkin Router Login  Setup Page

You can login  setup page by using the IP address and by click on Submit button.

Click on DNS under Internet WAN

You can find this link under Internet WAN on the left hand side of the page.

Uncheck check box near Automatic from ISP

Enter the DNS address you want to set on Belkin router

To enter Google …

Check If Huawei Modem Is Connected To Internet & Setup Properly

Huawei is a popular brand which supplies modems and routers for many Internet Service Providers(ISP). It is currently the largest company which produce telecoms equipments. Configuration of Huawei modem varies with different ISPs but we can check whether it is configured properly and connected to Internet. In case if you cannot access Internet from a computer which is connected to it, first step is to ensure if the modem is connected to Internet. It is not hard to check, if you have the login details. To check if it is connected to Internet, follow the instructions below.

Check Whether Huawei Router Is Connected To Internet Login to Setup Page

Type and type username and password as admin(if you have set different username and password, use that).

If you cannot login to the setup page using the above login IP address, you may want to find the correct login IP address. Many users forget the fact that they changed the default login details in past and try to access the setup p…

Create System Restart Shortcut Button On Windows Desktop

Would you like to restart your Windows computer without going start menu and select the option Restart in traditional way ? I am not talking about the keyboard shortcut but to create an icon which reboot your PC automatically. You can create system restart button and place it on desktop. When ever you need to reboot your computer, you can do it by simply using the custom button you have created. To create a custom restart shortcut button on your Windows desktop, follow the instructions provided below. The procedure is same for Windows 7 and  8.

Steps to Create Custom Restart Button On Windows Desktop Right Click On Desktop and select New

Click Shortcut in the new menu

Here we can select the location where you want to point by the icon. Here you must type shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Click next to continue after entering the string.

You must name the shortcut. Here I provide the name Restart for the newly created icon.

By clicking finish button, a new shortcut button for restart will be display…

What are the Advanatges of USB 3.0 Over USB 2.0 Devices

We cannot think about a computer without having USB(Universal Serial Bus) ports because of the nonparallel use of them. Age of USB 2.0 is over and most of the computer systems and devices have started migrating to USB 3.0 standard. Though both standards are backward compatible, USB 3.0 connector is physically different from 2.0 connector due to additional pins. We can connect a Universal Serial Bus 3.0 device with  2.0 connector but then you can expect only Universal Serial Bus 2.0 performance. Here let us check the major advantages of USB 3.0 over USB 2.0 devices. Major advantages of 3.0 version over  2.0 are higher speed, better Power efficiency, better data buffering etc. Let us check the differences between these two standards one by one.

Differences Between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Speed Difference Between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

Universal Serial Bus 3.0 is very much faster than  2.0. Data transfer speed of Universal Serial Bus 3.0 is about 4.8Gbps compared to 480 Mbps data transfer speed i…

Manually Sorting Emails In Gmail To Appropriate Tabs By Moving

With the new Gmail user interface, users are blessed with the auto-allocation of emails(according to the nature and sender) under appropriate tabs by Gmail. With the introduction of three tabs (with two additional disabled tabs)and automatic placement of emails under those tabs are very useful for Gmail users to select the important emails without opening them. All personal and important emails will come under primary tab and Social updates like Facebook, Twitter etc will come under Social and all promotional and ads comes under Promotion tab. We can always enable other two disabled tabs -updates and forums. I really like the new look and the user-interface provided by Gmail.

Now let us consider a scenario where automatic placement of emails by Gmail is not according to our taste. What can we do in this scenario ? Fortunately Gmail allows users to manually sort them under preferred tabs by moving each one with an option to follow the same settings for future too. Let us check how to …

How to Block Websites Using D-Link Router In Home & Office

If you want to block users accessing certain websites in your office or home, D-Link router can help you. D-Link router has website filter which can deny access to specified websites from all computers connected to it. This website filter feature of D-Link can help you prevent your kids in home or staffs in office from accessing unwanted or dangerous websites. Unwanted list includes  adult websites, Social network sites like Facebook or Twitter, Chat websites or even Google.

Manual Setup Guide For D-Link Wireless Router

Enable Web Filter On D-Link Router To Block Facebook, Twitter etc By simply enabling website filtering with exact domain name, you can block users connected to DLink Router from accessing any time wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter etc in your office. You can also use the same feature to secure your kids in home from accessing unwanted websites. Steps to enable website filtering on D-Link Router are:
Login to D-Link Router by using the IP address and use…

Recover Forgotten D-Link Router & Access Point Login Password

Today morning I received an email from one reader asking assistance to recover his lost D-Link Router login password. He was about to change wireless settings on his D-Link router but couldn't proceed further because of its lost password. Hi Alex, my brother has a D-Link Wireless Router which is working fine and has so many custom configurations. Now we have a problem. We want to upgrade our wireless security enabled in the D-Link router from WEP to something more secure. Exact problem is we cannot login to wireless setup page because of authentication failure. He has no idea which password he set for the D-Link router and he completely forgotten it. Can you help me to recover the forgotten D-Link password and change our current wireless security settings.

Now the million dollar question, can we ever recover a forgotten  router login information ? The answer is no but we can follow a list of D-Link router password recovery procedure. This procedure is completely based on guess a…

How to Reset BIOS Settings On Your Computer In 3 Different Ways

BIOS or Basic Input Output System is a built in software stored in motherboard performs POST (Power On Self Test) and Loading OS to boot computer. Traditionally BIOS was stored in ROM(Read Only Memory) but now it is stored in Flash Memory to make it possible to update BIOS. In this tutorial let us check different methods to reset current BIOS settings to factory defaults. It will help you to recover your computer from any faulty Basic Input Output System settings related issues by clearing current configuration.

Different Methods to Reset Current BIOS Settings to Factory Default There are three manual methods to perform it. They are give below.

1. Soft Reset Using BIOS Setup Utility
Restart your computer

Press the key provided by your system vendor to access Basic Input Output System

Eg: In most computer systems either [F2] or [Del] button is used to access BIOS. If you do not know the exact key to access Basic Input/Output System settings on your computer, you may need to refer your com…

Getting GOM Default Player Check Message When I Open Video Files

GOM Player is one of the leading media players which can run media files in various formats. Most common video formats like AVI, SVI, DIVX, ASX, ASF, WMX, WVX, WMV, MPEG, MPG, VOB, MP4,MKV, MOV etc can be played by it. Sometimes when you launch this program, you might receive a message to choose GOM Player as the default playback software for common video file formats. The message looks like Default Player Check: GOM Player can be set as the default playback software for common video file types.... You can click either yes or no buttons shows in this message. In case if you are OK with choosing it as the default media player on your computer you can click Yes and you will not receive this message no longer on your computer. If you do not want to set GOM Player as the default tool on your computer and find the continues alerts (Default Player check) as an annoying issue with it, you can disable it.

Look at the image below to see how this alert looks like. As long as this program is no…

Check Computer Memory Problems Using Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

It is always better check for any possible memory defects on your computers and laptops before showing Random Access Memory error symptoms. Windows has an inbuilt tool to detect any possible RAM issues on your computer. This inbuilt device is called Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. It checks for possible Random Access Memory problems on your computer and which will help you to report the issue successfully to hardware manufacturers. In case if Windows detects any issues with RAM while running, it will automatically open Memory Diagnostic Tool and let the user to run it. You can also run this feature manually to ensure there is no problems with RAM modules on your PC.

How to Start Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Manually To run this feature manually to check possible RAM problems on your computer, follow the steps below.
Go to Control Panel and select view by large icons

Click Administrative Tool

Click Windows Memory Diagnostic

Double Click on it and now you will get an option to run Windows …

Check Computer Performance Using Windows Performance Monitor

I am sure you are interested to check how the software programs installed affect the overall performance of your computer. We can check it without installing any third party tools. You can check your computer real time performance using default Windows Performance Monitor. You can also check the past performance by checking its log details. This tutorial tells how to open Windows Performance Monitor and get log files to check current and past computer performance. It is one of the handy tools which helps a technician to understand your PC better once it is under servicing. This log file tells the activities of installed applications including past failures.

Open Windows Performance Monitor On Your Computer To start this feature on your PC, follow the instructions provided below.
Click Start and Go to Control Panel

Click Administrative Tools

Click Performance Monitor

Select Performance Monitor from left hand menu

Now you can view your computer's efficiency graph.

As the name suggests…

Tell Packets to Don't Fragment While in Ping Test (ping -f)

While in Ping test if the packet size is higher than the size your network can handle, it will be fragmented and reassembled at receiver. So even if the packet size we specified is invalid, we will get reply from the destination. This situation is not good because it fails the actual objective of the ping by giving reply from destination though the packets we send are having invalid size. So it is important to disable fragmentation of packets send from your computer to ensure you are using optimum packet size. We can use ping -f syntax to stop fragmentation of ping packets.

How to Stop Ping Packet Fragmentation Let us explain it by an example. Here we send packets to global DNS address with size 1480 bytes. See the difference with and without the ping syntax -f. By using this syntax, we prevent the packets from dividing and try to reach the destination address with actual size. To change the original packet size, you must use another ping syntax -l. Use of this syntax is explained at t…

Remove a Following Blog From Blogger Reading List to Stop Receiving Updates

Blogger has a feature to subscribe all our favorite blogs by adding them to blogger reading list. From it, we can read the feeds of our favorite blogs which we subscribed. Tastes of people changes over time and that applies to reading too. In case if you feel you have added too many in reading list or certain blogs are no longer your favorite blogs, you have the option to unfollow them. This guide tells you how to unfollow an already added entry in your blogger reading list.

How to Stop Following a Blog In Blogger Reading List Login to your account and click on settings wheel(gear wheel) opposite to Reading list

Now you will be redirected to a page where you can manage all the blogs you have added. Here if you want to add a new entry, you can simply use the Add button and enter the domain name or feed address.

Click on settings link opposite to the blog you want to delete.

Select the account you have used.

You may be asked to re-enter your password to proceed further.

Click on settings…

Packet Needs To Be Fragmented But DF Set -Reason and Solution

While testing the correct MTU size of your current network, sometimes you may receive the error message "Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set". In this tutorial let us check the reason and solution for this error message. If the MTU size you have set on ping test is too high, you will get this message. Let us check this by an example. Here I am testing whether the MTU value 1480 is the proper value for my network. The ping command to perform this test is:

ping -f -l 1480
Here is the ping test destination

-l is used to switch the default ping packet size. You can learn more about it by following the link below.
Use -l to Change Default Ping Packet Size

-f ensures the packets send are not fragmented.

See the test result below.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\sijugk>ping -f -l 1480 Pinging [] with 1480 by…