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Setup Linksys WRT1900AC Router With Cable Broadband

My friend bought Linksys WRT1900AC to replace one of the older routers installed at his home. Reason for the upgrade was to replace the 802.11n network with the 802.11ac network. Though he completed the configuration by following the instructions came with the product, he couldn't go online. The same Internet connection is working perfectly fine with his older device. We troubleshoot the issue together and fixed. Out of the experience with troubleshooting this device, I decided to write a small guide for those who are facing any connection problems with WRT1900AC dual-band 4x4 Gigabit router. I hope this guide will be enough to identify hardware issues, configuration issues etc with it.

Detect Hardware Issues

To detect hardware problems of Linksys WRT1900AC router, we must check the power and Internet lights. Blinking amber Internet light indicates possible hardware problems. If you find any hardware troubles with it, you must immediately contact customer support before the expiry…