How to Reset a Router or Modem - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

In many instances we need to reset router or modem as the part of troubleshooting steps. Before explaining how to reset your router, you should understand what is reset. By resetting your Router / Modem, your device will go back to the factory default settings and again you may need to configure it. So before resetting your router, you should better learn how to reconfigure your router or take the backup of current device configuration.

When should I reset my router ?

There are some situations like your router or modem stops responding or configured the device incorrectly, you may need to reset your device. Some times after upgrading to the latest router /modem firmware you may need to reset your router/modem as instructed by the manufacturer. In rare cases if you forgot the router login password, you may need to reset the modem to set a new password. So the major reasons to reset a modem or router are:

  1. To reset incorrect Router/Modem settings
  2. Malfunctioning of Modem or Router
  3. Forgot Router or Modem password. To read more about this scenario click on the link below.
    I Forgot My Router Password and How to Recover It
  4. Reset a modem or router as part of firmware upgrade process

Different methods to reset your router

There are three different types of router resetting.

1. Soft Reset

2. Hard Reset

3. Power Reset

1. Soft Reset

Soft reset is done by selecting the reset options through the router administration page(web interface). Depends on various firmwares and manufactures, this options comes in various forms like reset to factory default , reboot with factory settings etc. You should select the particular option and click OK. Now the router starts rebooting and within one minute it will be back with default factory settings. This kind of reset is known as soft reset.

2. Reset by holding reset button (Hard Reset)

If soft reset is not working for you, next option is holding the reset button of your router for 30 seconds and release your hands after it. You can find reset button usually near power button a small hole which can be pressed by pen tip or pin. Procedure to hard reset your router and modem are:

  1. Hold reset button using pen tip or pin for 30 seconds
  2. Make sure power light is blinking while pressing reset button
  3. Release your hands after 30 seconds and wait for one min(make sure power light is steady).
    Now your router has factory default settings.

3. Power Reset a Modem or Router

If the normal reset didn't work on your router, you can perform hard reset. It is the most powerful reset form for any kind of Small Office Home Office devices(SOHO) like routers and modems. Steps to power reset your router are:

  1. Hold reset button for 30 seconds (make sure power light is blinking)
  2. Unplug the power cable (never release your hands from holding reset button) for 30 seconds
  3. Connect power cable and still hold reset button for 30 seconds
  4. Release your hands now (you are continuously holding reset button for 90 seconds)
  5. Now wait one minute and make sure power button is steady.

It is recommended to perform a power cycle after resetting your modem. To learn how to do this, click on the link below.
How to Power Cycle a Modem or Router

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Anonymous said...

Dear technical assistance:

I need your advice concerning with "BELKIN F5D8231-4 V1000 ROUTER" which I use. I wanted update the program (Firmware Update) with V5000 but it automatically cancelled and said that I used wrong update. After that I cant connect to my computer for going to this( ) address. Also I tried to push RESET button, but it's also didn't helped. How can I restore the program.
After " Firmware Update " it's can't connect to local network and couldnt find it's address ( I tried RESET but its also didn't help and the routers blue light blink all the time. Also I tried to do 30/30/30 hard reset ( I read it in forums) but again no result. How can I return the program?.

Vahe Khachatryan

Siju George said...

I suggest you to perform a power cycle after performing the hard reset to fix this issue. Make sure the power light is flashing while you are pressing the reset button.

How to Perform power cycle

Anonymous said...

Thanks it helped

Mc said...

I need to reset my Nokia Siemens Router 1600. Can you help

Admin said...

You can follow the steps mentioned in article to reset your Nokia Siemens Router.

Anonymous said...

I have a Tata boradband modem. Is it recommended to reset it if I am disconnected from Internet ?

Admin said...

You do not need to reset your Tata broadband modem all time. There might be many reasons for your Internet disconnection. What error message or warning you are getting while trying to access Internet ?

Anonymous said...

tell me please how to reset my bsnl modem to factory settings ? I lost my bsnl password and user name