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Deactivate and Get Refund For Automatic BSNL Value Added Services

Yesterday night while reading a book, I received an SMS alert from BSNL on my Phone and the message said the Value Added Service Full Songs was activated for seven days with the cost of 49 Rupees. While checking balance, BSNL cut 49 Rupees for this automatically activated Value Added Service. Actually, I do not even know this FullSongs Service and what this service do. The exact message I received is "Thanks for Subscribing to FullSongs (56060) Service. You have been charged RS 49.0 for 7 days. To Unsub send SMS STOP or call 155223 (tollfree) ". The irony is that I never subscribed for this FullSongs Value Added Service but BSNL had activated it from their end and cut 49 rupees from my balance without my permission. In fact I never wanted any Value Added Service from BSNL but they activated this unnecessary FullSongs service without my knowledge. I send STOP to 155223 immediately and called the same number and followed the IVR menu to confirm the cancellation of FullSongs service and to ask for a refund.

My Experience With BSNL Customer Care

The executive who took my call was initially reluctant to admit the issue and he claimed I only activated this FullSongs Value Added Service. After a few minutes conversation he admitted that it was not the first time he faced this issue and he received many complaints about automatic activation of BSNL Value Added Services. He told me he could understand my feelings but BSNL did not allow him to issue a refund for this automatic FullSongs service activation. When I inquired the steps to get refund for this unwanted FullSongs service activation, he told me the only way to get a refund for cancelled Value Added Services is to contact local BSNL customer Support Center. He also told what I did (cancelled the Fullsongs immediately ) is right as this type of Value Added Service would be renewed in every month automatically and the cost will be automatically deducted from the main balance.

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Check Whether Any Value Added Service is Active

If any of the BSNL subscriber is facing automatic deduction in their main balance, the first thing to check is whether any Value Added Service (VAS) is activated in your account. If any such VAS is active, every month you will be suffer a loss in your main balance. If FullSongs Service is activated in your account, RS 49 will be deducted from your Mobile balance every week. To check which all Value Added Services are active, you must send STOP to 155223 from your number. The steps are:

  1. Type “STOP” and send it to 155223

  2. Now you will receive a message like below which lists all active Value Added Services in your account.

    You are currently active on
    1. FullSongs
    0.To Deactivate All. To Unsubscribe please reply with the
      number of the service (Example: 1)

  3. Reply with the number of the service to Deactivate it

  4. You will get a message like:

    Your request for unsubscription of ****** is accepted and
    will be processed soon

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