Broadband Hack to Increase the Speed of your Internet Connection

It is possible to increase the download and upload speed of your Internet connection without paying extra money to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) On your PC. I believe you are familiar with difference between bandwidth and speed of a connection. An end user cannot improve the ISP allotted Internet bandwidth without their permission but it is possible to increase Internet connection speed by simple broadband hacking. Here we use methods like reducing the reserved bandwidth limit set by Windows and optimizing TCP/IP settings to improve the data connection speed on a PC. Let us check each of these steps in detail.

Improve Upload and Download Speed On a PC
  1. Remove Reserved Bandwidth limit on your computer

    Windows OS keeps 20% of Internet connection bandwidth as a reserve for applications running on the computer. If you remove this reservation, you can add the unused 20% to the current speed you are enjoying. In order to do this, you have to edit group policy edit and change the reserve from default 20% to 0%. Follow the steps below to perform this.

    • Type gpedit.msc on Run and click OK

    • Select Computer Configuration and go to Administrative Templates

    • Click on Network

    • Double Click on QoS Packet Scheduler
      How to hack Internet Speed

      Now the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" Window opens and you can see it as not configured. If you read the note there you can see "If you disable this setting or do not configure it, the system uses the default value of 20 percent of the connection." We have to enable this and change the default 20% to 0%. This will increase your broadband speed of up to 20%.
      Limit Reservable Bandwidth

    • Reboot your computer after closing the window.

    After completing this step, you can see an improvement on broadband speed on your computer.

  2. Perform a Power Cycle

    Synchronization issues between network devices can slow down the entire LAN. To remove any such chances and speedup your network, I recommend a power cycle if you feel you are getting slower connection than you expect. If you do not know how it is done, I suggest you visit the link below.
    How to Perform Power Cycle

  3. Remove Temp files and cache

    It is advised to delete temp files and browser cache stored on your laptop occasionally to remedy slower connectivity.
    How to Delete Temp files

  4. Prevent Unauthorized Users

    If you are using Wireless network, it is better to make sure there is no Internet sharing with unauthorized users. To ensure this you have to use the best wireless key encryption to protect your wireless LAN from hackers and intruders.

  5. Make sure no unwanted Programs consuming Internet Bandwidth

    Many users complained about getting slower Internet connection than the ISP offered. After checking their computer, we found many background programs consuming considerable portion of their broadband bandwidth. One example is torrent (peer to peer software). After denying Internet access to those applications, users feel better data transfer rate.

  6. Make sure Network components are working fine

    Faulty switch, Ethernet cable, modem etc can slow down a network. So you should check your network devices thoroughly and make sure they are working fine.

  7. Make sure no Network worms and malicious programs running

    Malicious programs like network worm etc can consume the bandwidth. So you have to run a periodic security scan to avoid malicious infections.

  8. TCP/IP Optimizing

    Another tweak is to optimize default TCP/IP system settings. There is a third party tool which automatically optimizes system TCP/IP settings. It changes the Windows registry value for the optimum performance. Download link is given below.

    TCP Optimizer works by tuning up all the important TCP/IP parameters (MTU, RWIN,QoS,ToS/Diffserv prioritization). It optimizes the TCP/IP suite for better MTU and so the stateful connections(eg:video streaming, downloads) will be faster.

Check the Influence of The Above Mentioned Tweaks

This picture shows my old broadband speed before following the steps mentioned above.
Broadband hack for slower data transfer rate

The two things we need to notice are download and upload speed.
Download: 0.46
Upload : 0.24

See the difference after following the above steps;

Download: 1.00

Upload : 0.44

By analyzing the result, we can see the improvement on upload and download rate after performing the simple system tweaks. If you are not interested to install any third party tool on your laptop, you may avoid the TCP/IP optimizer and follow the rest of the instructions.

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  1. Thanks for Your information about the increase the internet speed.Its really very useful to increase my internet connection.I check my internet speed in the site www.ip-details.comIts really incresed for Your tips.Thank U.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I saw the site and it is really good. The result is almost right :-)

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    if you wanna optimize your internet performance, i suggest downloading dsl speed, it can boosts internet connection, thereby speeding up your computer

  4. Nice post ...Initially I learned about tcp hacks at but there it was explained using an encrypted file that lies on ISP...but I want to know actually how it happens?

  5. try this .. but u told to change the registry values ... sooo, how can i do it ? plz help ....

  6. We don't need to change registry settings manually for improving the broadband speed. This TCP optimizer will automatically change the registry value.

    Note: I am just introducing this software only. The installation and further result is at your risk only :)

  7. I did exactly as you said . Now I have 30% more broadband speed. Thank you man

  8. really your tips are valuable.i followed your advice,and get a hike in my internet speed.
    thanks a lot.

  9. Anonymous8:32 PM

    can u please tell us wht are all d changes we need to do in tcp optimizer to increase d speed????

  10. Anonymous1:55 AM

    so how do you use the TCP optimizer?

  11. We can download the Optimizer from

    Then install this in our computer. The software itself will make optimum changes in your computer to use Internet connection more effectively.

  12. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Why you in 1st screen use Firefox (slow speed) and Chrome in 2nd screen ("fast" speed) ? We know that Chrome is more faster than Firefox, so I don't trust this program that touch something in my PC !!!

  13. That happened accidentally that I opened the speed test window in a different browser (I never imagined this point while testing the software). Any way in my personal experience, I got a hike in speed (both in Firefox and Chrome). Personally I congratulate you for showing it.

  14. there was a change after i went through with this program of yours.
    at first i thot i must hav done somehting wrong, filled he info wrong, but after readin the whole documentation of the software i went as it was stated in it. then also my speed insstead of INCREASING got DECREASED.

  15. bad i dont see anychange in my speed dont dissapoint us

  16. Anonymous6:52 AM

    If you Tata photon plus is not providing sufficient speed then right click on my computer, go to properties,the click on hardware and then device manager, a device manager window open up and then change port setting by clicking on ports, you will get a port name Huawei mobile connect, just right click on that or those port(s) and go to properties then click port setting and set bits per seconds to 115200 then click ok and restart your computer. You will surprised with the internet speed. ENJOY SURFING.

  17. Anonymous11:26 PM

    It didn't work!!



  18. You should reboot your computer after installing TCP/IP optimizer. Then only you can see the speed difference.

    I tried this software today too, and I got improved speed.

  19. Hey guys, this is all fake, see his pictures when he is using google chrome to check his speed,

    In 1st pic : many tabs + one more google chrome, i think he might be downloading something which made his speed decrease in

    In 2nd picture before taking the speedtest, he already has closed all the tabs + the other google chrome!

    WHAT A LOSER!!!!

  20. Hi Min Htet zaw,

    I understand your doubt is genuine and I will show you more convincing proof. BTW have you tried this software ?

  21. Abdulla11:39 PM

    Thanks Siju. My Internet speed increased 20 percent more than regular speed.

  22. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Thanks considerable change in Internet speed.

  23. Thanks I am seeing an improvement in my Internet speed.

  24. thnx yaa it really works can u post easy method of PC hack

  25. thnx yaa it really works can u post how to PC in a very easy method

  26. Anonymous1:09 PM

    hello sir,
    mine is 10GB monthly data usage plan.
    I'm getting superb speeds untill I complete 10Gb data.After that I'm getting slow download speeds especially in utorrents 3.0. I didnt change anything at all in utorrents.
    Your tcp/ip optimizer also failed in this case.. Is there any better Tweak which can give download speeds especially for utorrents..

    (my avg download speeds before usage of 10 GB is 90kB/s.. after usage of 10GB is 15kB/s)

  27. Hi Guys,

    I have another problem. TCP Optimizer is only showing my LAN/WAN Interfaces but no PPP interface which Huawei Modem uses in Photon+. How to resolve it?

  28. @Anonymous

    It seems your ISP is restricting your Internet speed after crossing the 10GB limit. Please contact ISP and check if there any settings like that from their end.

    @ Sonu

    I doubt this issue is because Photon plus is dial up and connected by a USB port instead of LAN port. I will get back you later after checking the issue.

  29. Anonymous9:33 PM

    duh!!! JUST USE IDM guys..
    Internet Download Manager search on google. :))

  30. If u want tot learn how to hack your broadnamd internet and increase your speed to as much as u want then go to link bellow

  31. plz tell me yaar i didnt feel any different ...
    And tell me how to use it..
    In choose setting what kind of setting to do
    reply me @

  32. If your system settings were default optimized for the max speed, you may not find any difference after running this optimizer. For further information please visit the link below

  33. Anonymous11:26 PM

    hey its wonderful worked for me :)

  34. cochehey i am using ubuntu.....can u tell me an alternative for TCP optimiser.exe ?? can u help plzz....

  35. Please check the link below to have any alternate optimizer for Linux.

  36. Neelam1:43 AM

    I did all the steps you mentioned and after restart I see a change in my Internet speed. I cannot say it is a big change but I feel my Internet is faster than before. Any way thanks for putting some light on this.

  37. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Hey I did the power cycle thing, very impressive now almost double my Internet speed. I know it has not done anything but may be disconnecting and reconnecting the cable did the work. Any way I would never try it if it was not mentioned in your blog. Thanks for pointing this step.

  38. Will this increase my download speed ? I mean can I get higher broadband download speed ?

  39. Rajarshi6:25 AM

    such a simple tweak made a lot of difference..thanks for sharing! :)

  40. Anonymous10:07 PM

    thanks for your information but it is not working on my computer my speed is 300kps before following your instruction my net speed is 32kps and after installing speed is 30kps not exceeding more than this.please suggest me on this.

  41. Siju George12:55 AM

    Which all steps from above you have performed on your computer?

  42. Bro, my internet speed decreased. It was 0.58MBPS before. Now it is 0.39MBPS!!!!

  43. Siju George1:33 PM

    Hi Suman,

    Which all steps you performed?

  44. Shanti3:24 AM

    Hello , That registry trick didn't work for me. But other tricks helped me.

  45. Anonymous1:16 PM

    thanks a lot.after i finished with the tweaking,i opened my browser and the speed was effective but after a while it changed back to normal

  46. Julia Robert3:08 AM

    Thanks for sharing this nice post. Most of the broadband user facing slow internet problem, but through little efforts they can increase internet speed upto 20%.

    < hrf- >Increase internet speed in Windows

  47. Anonymous6:13 PM

    well it did help me. im just wondering if you could pls help me with my problem which is , my upload speed is insanely higher than my download speed.

  48. It may depends on the plan you have from your ISP. What is your upload and download speed as per the plan you opt ?

  49. Anonymous4:01 AM

    ell it did help me. im just wondering if you could pls help me with my problem which is , my upload speed is insanely higher than my download speed. Im using a hack Huwei tru telenet. any idea? -- Gunnery Sergeant

  50. @Gunnery,

    Are you getting the download speed and upload speed as offered by your ISP ?

  51. Would it be possible to have this "trick" ported over to Android? If not, can we alter the router configs for a fixed enhanced speed - either wired or via WLAN? Thanks for this thread :)

  52. You can follow every router related steps in the article on your router irrespective of the client device. If you disable background working of bandwidth consuming apps on your Android phone, you will see an improvement in Internet speed.

  53. it worked on my computer thanks a lot god bless you...

  54. it works i only recieve 1mbps data when i try it i got 14mbps now good job thanks a lot god bless you

  55. unfortunately sometimes slowing(pc).

  56. Take a look at this


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