Configure Automatic IP Addressing From Command Prompt & Adapter Properties

Without a layer three address(IP or logical address), your computer cannot communicate with other devices in the network. You can either assign a static IP to your computer or configure it to obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server. For smaller network, it is easy to assign Logical addresses manually to devices connected to the network but it is not practical for a big network. For bigger networks it is better use the option to get automatic IP configuration from DHCP server in the network. This tutorial explains different methods to configure a Windows computer to receive IP address automatically.

DOS Prompt Command to Set Automatic IP Addressing

If your computer is not ready to receive Internet Protocol address automatically from DHCP server, you can fix it by a Command Prompt trick. Follow the instructions to configure your computer to receive logical number automatically.

  1. Open Command Prompt As Administrator

    Click Windows Start menu and right click on Command Prompt. Click run as administrator. To learn more, visit the link below.
    Run Command Prompt As Administrator

  2. Type the command

    netsh interface ip set address "connected adapter name " dhcp and press enter.

The DORA will start now to get logical address from DHCP server. To learn more about DORA process, visit the link below.
DORA Operation In Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Obtain an IP Address Automatically From Adapter Properties

If you don't want to set your computer to receive automatic Internet Protocol number from command prompt, you can do the same from adapter properties.

  1. Right click on adapter icon in system tray
    How to Set Your Computer to get Internet Protocol Automatically

  2. Click properties and select Internet Protocol version4 (TCP/IPv4)
    Dos command

  3. Click Properties

  4. Select the radio button Obtain an IP address automatically and click OK
    Obtain automatically

Benefits Of Using Automatic IP Addressing

Since DHCP is providing layer three numbers to computers enabled the option obtain an IP address automatically, there won't be any Internet Protocol addressing error. DHCP assigns unique IP address to every computers in the network without having an Internet Protocol address conflict. Another advantage of using automatic addressing is the reduction in network configuration time. We do not need to spent time to assign static layer three numbers to devices in the network if all the devices are set to receive it automatically.

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Network Portal

Check the TCP/IP Configuration of All Interfaces From Command Prompt

If your computer has multiple network interfaces, there might be a chance of confusion while configuring them. It is better understand the current configuration of all interfaces on your computer. While checking the configuration on an interface, you must verify the DHCP status, IP address assigned to the interface, subnet mask and default gateway with gateway metric, Interface metric, WINS Server configuration etc. There is a DOS Prompt command to display all these TCP/IP details of every interfaces on your computer. This tutorial explains the use of this dos command and check the current TCP/IP configuration on all active network interfaces on your computer.

Steps to View TCP/IP Settings On An Interface

For better understanding of the packet flow on a PC we must know the current configuration on every NIC. Steps to view the TCP/IP configuration on an Interface are:
  1. Open DOS Window

    Type cmd on Windows Search and click it or type cmd on Run window and press enter.

  2. On DOS, type the command

    netsh interface ip show config

  3. Now press enter.

If you are using Windows XP, network adapter details will be listed like this.

On Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers, network adapter (Interface) settings will be displayed on Command Prompt like this.

Which All Network Adapter Settings Can be Seen

By using the above command, we can see the following configuration information of every active adapters on a computer.

  • List of All Active Interfaces On the Computer

  • DHCP enabled or not.

  • Interface Metric

  • DHCP server address

  • WIN server status

  • IP Address of Interface

  • DNS Server Information

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  4. How to Open DOS From Any Working Directory

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How to Assign Static IP Address From Command Prompt

No device can communicate over a network without a valid IP address. Usually DHCP server is providing Internet Protocol address to computers connected to the network. However, in certain cases we must assign static IP address to a PC by our self. There are different ways to assign it to a PC but the easiest method is DOS method. There is a DOS prompt command to set static IP address on a Windows computer. This tutorial explains how to configure static IP address from Command Prompt and explain the procedure with a practical example. At the end of this tutorial, you can see how to perform same procedure in MAC.

Steps to Assign Static IP To Any Interface From Command Prompt
  1. Start MS DOS as Administrator

    You must start command prompt as administrator to set static Internet Protocol number on your computer from command prompt. On Start menu, right click on cmd and click run as administrator. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
    Run DOS As Administrator

  2. Type the following command on DOS window.

    netsh interface ip set address name="[Interface Name]" static [IP Address] [Subnet Mask] [Default Gateway]

  3. Press Enter

This is the theoretical explanation of configuring logical address on a laptop without the help of DHCP server. Now let us check a practical example to learn it.

Practical Explanation

Here I am going to assign Permanent logical number to my computer with default gateway and subnet mask
  1. Check current Addressing using ipconfig

    Here make note of the current default gateway and most importantly the Interface name.

  2. Type the command

    netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection 2" static and press enter.

  3. Check the current addressing with the command ipconfig

How to Release Static IP From Command Prompt

You cannot release and renew static IP by using ipconfig/release. There is another DOS Prompt command to release static IP address set on a computer. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
Configure Automatic Logical Addressing From Command Prompt

How to Assign Static IP on MAC OS
  1. Click the Apple menu(upper right-hand corner of the screen)

  2. From the menu select System Preferences

  3. On System Preferences window click on Network

  4. On the Network select the following

    Location = Automatic
    Show     =  Built-in Ethernet

  5. Select manual option for Configure IPv4

Now you can enter the logical number you want to assign for this MAC. After entering the details click on Apply Now button to save the settings.

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How to Disable Firewall on Linksys Wireless Router

If you are connecting your local network to Internet, you must use firewall to protect your network from external intruders. Most of the SOHO routers provide firewall protection and there is no need to add extra one for your home network. However, if you are using multiple devices with inbuilt firewall, it is better disable it on the routers except the first one. It helps to avoid issues with working of online applications like games from being blocked by multiple router firewalls. This guide explains how to disable default Linksys firewall protection.

Configure Firewall Protection On Linksys Router

  1. Login to Setup page

    Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

  2. Login Details

    Enter the username and password on the login page. The default settings are:

    Username : No username and leave it blank
    Password : admin

  3. Click on Security tab
    no security

  4. Configure Linksys Router Firewall

    Under Security tab you can see Firewall. Select enable option to enable it on Linksys router. If you want to disable it, choose disable option and click save button.

Reason to Disable Linksys Firewall

One of the major reasons to turn off firewall is to avoid dual firewall situation. As I explained at the beginning of this tutorial, we do not need multiple firewalls to protect a home network. So if your network is already protected, you do not need extra one. Another reason is to prevent issues with playing online games or running certain web applications through the router. However, in those situations you may resolve the issue without disabling firewall by doing port forwarding. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
How to Perform Port Forwarding Router

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  4. Configure Range Expander WRE54G and RE1000

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How to Start Windows Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC)

If Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) is not started on a Windows computer, it cannot detect any available wireless networks. It is an important Microsoft service which normally starts at boot time and this utility manage WiFi connections. If WZC is disabled on a device, it cannot find and join WiFi networks. So if you are facing any WiFi connectivity issues on your computer, first step is to check whether WZC is enabled. This article tells how to enable WZC on a Windows computer and fix issues related to WiFi connectivity. Here we can see two different methods  to activate this service. You can activate it either by executing a Command Prompt command or by following GUI instructions. These two methods are explained in this article.

Steps to Enable Wireless Zero Configuration
  1. Click on start

  2. Click on Run

  3. On Run window type services.msc press OK

    Now the services windows will be opened. The Wireless Zero Configuration is third service from last.
    wzc 871122

  4. Open the service and click on start button to enable this service.
    in win7

Start WZC From Command Prompt

Here we use a DOS command to start Wireless Zero Configuration. Procedure is given below.
  1. Start Command Prompt

  2. Type the command net start wzcsvc and press enter
Now onwards it is started on your computer and it will work as long as you manually set its status stop. If you are using third party utilities like Dell DW WLAN Card Utility or Linksys WiFi Network Monitor etc, they may set the status of WZC as stopped. As long as they work properly it is not necessary to enable it back but if these third party tools show issues, it is better disable them and start Microsoft Utility.I recommend this because in my personal experience, this built in Microsoft Utility works better than third party utilities. However, you should not use two different network monitoring utilities at same time.

Where to Find Wireless Zero Configuration on Windows 7 & 8

I am getting comments regarding wireless zero configuration on Windows 8 and 7 computers. They want to know where to find WZC in Windows 7 and 8 as they couldn't find it on services page. Actually there is no WZC on Windows 8, Vista and Windows 7. It is an important service on Windows XP and Server 2003 but discontinued on later versions. Instead of using it, they use Wlan Autoconfig to manage wireless network. To know more about this service to find and manage WiFi, visit the link below.
How to Start Wlan AutoConfig Service

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An Error Occurred While Trying To Share Folder Over a Network. Server Service Not Started

In a Local Network, some users face issues with sharing folders over a network. In most cases this issue occurs after running Windows updates or reinstalling Windows. Exact error message while trying to share a folder is" An error occurred while trying to share. The Server service is not started ". In rare cases without any Windows updates, users face this issue. Common reasons for failure in sharing folder are listed below.

Reasons For Getting Error While Sharing a Folder Over Network
  1. Stopped state of lanmanserver service

  2. Disabled Server service

  3. File and Printer sharing is disabled

Solution For Folder Sharing Error Over a Network

To solve the error message "An error occurred while trying to share. The server service is not started. The shared resource was not created at this time", follow the steps below.

  1. Start lanmanserver

    To fix the error "An error occurred while trying to share . The Server service is not started" we need to start the lanmanserver on your computer. The steps to start lanmanserver  are given below.

    1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator
      To learn how to run command prompt as administrator, visit the link below.
      How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator

    2. On command prompt type "net start lanmanserver" and press enter.
      An error occurred while trying to share. The Server service is not started
    After starting the lanmanserver most of the issues with sharing a folder on your computer over a Local Network will be resolved.

  2. Make Sure File and Printer Sharing is Enabled

    If File and Printer sharing is not enabled on your computer, you cannot share folder with other computers in the network.

  3. Enable Server service

    • Go to Services Window
      To learn how to go to services window, visit the link below.
      How to Open Services Window

    • Right Click on Server  and select start.
      How to start server service on a Windows 8 computer

    The same process can be followed to start server service on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer.

Though this tutorial is written for issues where a user sees the warning "An error occurred while trying to share. The Server service is not started", the same procedure can be used if other computers in the network failed to view shared folders on your computer. If File and printer sharing is not enabled, no folder on your computer can be accessed by other computers in the network. The same situation happens if the server service is not started on your computer.

Network Portal

How to Repair IP Address On Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8

Windows prompts users to repair the IP address when it detects IP addressing (Logical addressing) issues on their computers. Situations like limited or no connectivity, duplicate IP addresses, connection issues etc trigger the need of repairing current IP address on your Windows computer. In this tutorial, let us check how to repair IP address on Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP computers. This article covers different methods to repair Internet Protocol address by pressing the repair button on network connection status, repair from command prompt etc...

Method 1: Repair IP Address from Adapter Status

It is one of the easiest method to repair issues with logical number assigned to a PC running on Windows 8, 7 and XP. Adapter status window will show if there any issues with logical address assigned. When your computer faces an addressing issue, on system tray you will be notified to repair it from the adapter status page.

  1. Repair IP address On Windows XP

    1. Double click on the network icon on the system tray

      Now network connection status window will open.

    2. Click on Support tab

    3. Click on Repair button

  2. Repair IP Address On Windows 8 & Windows 7

    1. Go to Network and Sharing Center

      Click Network icon on system tray and click the link Open Network and Sharing Center

    2. Click on Connection type link
      Repair IP address on Windows 7 PC

    3. Click diagnose button to start repair process on Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers.

2. Command Prompt Method to Repair IP Address

Second method to repair layer three number assigned to a computer is from command prompt. This method to repair IP address is same for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers.

  1. Release and Renew IP Address

    • Type iconfig/release on Command Prompt and press enter to release logical number assigned

    • Type ipconfig/renew on command prompt and press enter to renew logical number assigned

    After release and renew, your computer will get new IP address from DHCP server. Most of the addressing related issues will be resolved after performing this step.

  2. Reset and Repair IP address

    • On Command Prompt type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and press enter

    • Restart your computer

    After completing restart your computer will get fresh logical number and all the previous details are deleted.

Without a logical number, a device cannot communicate with another device. So when ever your computer fails to receive a valid layer three logical number, it is isolated. It cannot send or receive packets and totally isolates. In order to avoid the situation we may have to start repaid process. This repair process will check all possible solutions to release and renew the current logical number. After the successful completion of the procedure your computer will get another layer three logical number.

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New Topics

How to Find the IP Address of a Website using command prompt

Once one of my friend asked me how to find the IP address of a domain name. Then only I just understood some steps might be very simple but for some one it might be a new tip. So I decide to write this post. There are so many methods to find the IP address of a website. Many online tools are there for this purpose( OK their main purpose is some thing advanced). The basic tool we need is command prompt. Think if your computer is connected to the Internet and want to find the IP address of one particular website for any reason. You can simply go to command prompt and ping the website.

The Steps to find IP Address of a domain Address are

1. Click on start

2. Click on Run and type cmd Press OK ( In Windows XP)

In Vista use search and type command ,press enter

2. Command prompt Window will open

Find the IP Address of a Domain name

On the command prompt window type

ping [website URL] press enter.

Now you will get reply from the IP address of the website. Some times we may get Request Timed out instead of replies. For that issue click on the link below.

Request Timed out while ping to an Address - Ping Error

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Configure Outlook Express With Dataone Account Email

Outlook Express is an email client from Microsoft which is outdated and no longer supported by them. If we reach Microsoft for any support, they will redirect to with similar features. Though this tutorial is outdated I am still keeping it as a legacy post. This tutorial explains how to configure Outlook Express for BSNL DSL broadband email ID. BSNL is one of the leading broadband service provider and the username provided to the customer is usually an email address. If you want to integrate this address with an email client on your PC, this article may help you.

To configure Outlook Express for Dataone customers with their email ID, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Outlook Express and click on Tools

  2. From Tools click on Accounts and select mail

  3. Now click on Add to add a new mail and select mail

  4. Now enter the display name and click next

  5. Enter the dataone email address and click next

  6. Select POP 3 as the incoming mail server and enter the name of the mail server.

    For dataone it is

  7. Enter the out going mail server (SMTP Server)

    For dataone it is and click on next.

  8. Now fill the account name and click on finish.

Points to remember

Procedure to configure BSNL email address with Oulook Express is very simple. All you have to do is to follow the instructions provided. While configuring the BSNL ID, you may use the following information.

  • POP3 server for dataone account =

  • SMTP server for dataone account =

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How to Enable Disabled Wireless Adapter On Your Computer

If wireless adapter (wireless card) is disabled on a computer, it will not receive signals from wireless router or Access Point. Major reasons to get wireless adapters disabled are software conflicts, Latest windows update etc. This article explains how to enable automatically disabled wireless adapter on a computer. This step by step tutorial first explains how to turn on it from device manager. In most cases this solution works but if it doesn't you can proceed to further steps mentioned at the end of this guide.

Troubleshoot Local network Connectivity

1. Enable WiFi Adapter From Device Manager

This is the first step you must do when your WiFi card is disabled automatically on your laptop. You will get an option to turn on it back.
  1. Start Menu

    • Windows 7 & 8

      To go to Device Manager on Windows 7 laptop, right click on the Computer shown in Start menu and click on properties.
      Enable WiFi Windows 8

    • Windows XP

      Right click on My Computer and click on properties (XP).

      Now the system properties window will appear.

  2. Go to Device Manager

    • Windows 7

      In Windows 7, you can see the Device Manager link here.
      Device turned off

    • Windows XP

      1. Click on Hardware tab on system properties window.
        system properties

      2. Click on Device Manager

        To go to device manager we need to click on the device manager button. Now we can see all the hardware devices connected to the computer. To see the status of our wireless adapter click on network adapters.

  3. Enable Wireless adapter

    • To enable wireless adapter, right click on it and click on enable.

    • Now the wireless adapter is enabled.

In most cases, your laptop will start receiving WiFi. However, rarely some users complain, they face issues with enabling WiFi adapter on their laptop. If you too face such an issue, follow the instructions below.

Cannot Go Online
2: Enable Wireless Card From Network Connections

Another location to turn on disabled WiFi card is Network Connections. Here you will see all the network cards connected to your laptop. All you have to do it to right click on the card and click enable. To do this, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to Control Panel

  2. Click on Network and Sharing Center

    Select the icon view to see Network and Sharing center. Now you will see all the available wireless cards.
    Turn on WiFi card

3: Update Driver

If still the adapter is disabled on your computer, you should update the driver to enable it. To perform it, follow the steps below.
  1. Right Click on adapter in Device Manager

  2. Click on Update Driver Software
    Enable Ethernet card

4: Unplug the Card

If you are using a USB Wireless card, just unplug it and reconnect it after one minute. Sometimes it will enable the disabled WiFi card.

5: Disable Internet Security and Firewall

In many technology forums users complain the role of Internet Security programs like ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton etc to disable the wireless adapter. After uninstalling them, their adapter started working fine. As a troubleshooting step I recommend you to disable the security programs installed and check for the issue.

6: Uninstall Driver and reinstall

If wireless adapter on your computer is still disabled, you should uninstall the driver and reinstall it. It will enable the disabled wireless adapter. To uninstall driver, follow the instructions below.

  1. Right click on adapter in Device Manager

  2. Click on Uninstall After uninstall the adapter driver, download the latest driver software from the adapter manufacturer's website and install it.

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Resolve IP Address Conflict With Another System On The Network

If you see the error message There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network on your PC, you need to understand that two devices on the same network are assigned with same IP address. Since no two devices can share same IP, we need to use a different one for the computer which shows this message. This tutorial explains the reasons for getting this error along with solution to fix it. Mmost commonly, this issue appears on devices where there is no DHCP server to establish the LAN connection. However, we can see it rarely on a network where a router is used. Let us check the reasons for this error first.

  1. No DHCP Server is Used

    If you try to assign static IP to a PC where the same number is already assigned to another computer on the network, you will receive this error. This error message tells us to use a different address for the current computer.

  2. Router is Used

    Rarely we see this issue on a network where every devices are connected to a router. Possible reasons for this scenario are either the malfunctioning of DHCP server or a computer on the network failed to receive new IP assigned and still keeps the old number. Another reason is the use of static addresses in the DHCP range and the router (DHCP Server) automatically assigned same IP to another device without knowing it.

How to Fix IP Address Conflict With another System on Network
  1. Router as the Central Device:

    In this scenario, all computers on the network are getting logical addresses automatically from DHCP server. So you need to follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

    • Open Command prompt and type ipconfig /release and press enter.

    • Type ipconfig/renew and press enter

  2. Some Computers are assigned With Static Address:

    In this case make sure the static IP assigned to computers are not in the HDCP range. If yes, it will again show conflicts.

  3. Static Addresses are Assigned to All Devices

    Here you must manually ensure the unique addressing on every laptops.

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Optimize Blogger Template To Rank Blog Post Title In Search Engine

Achieving more visitors is the primary target of every professional bloggers. We know the primary source of traffic (organic traffic) to any website or blog is Search Engines. So to achieve more traffic to our blog we need to achieve better search rank in major search engines. Many professional bloggers (in blogspot platform) are developing unique quality content and update their site regularly but fail to get better search result. The traffic count they are getting is less than what they actually deserve. It is because of the reason default blogspot template is not much search engine friendly. A small tweak can make blogger templates search engine friendly.

Why Blogger Blog Posts Fail to Get Higher Rank in Search Engine Results Compared to WordPress ?

You must note that sometimes WordPress blogs outrank Blogger blogs in Google Search results even if both blogs have same PR, backlink count etc. It is because of the difference in arranging post title tag in both WordPress blogs and Blogspot sites. The most important part of a web page to get search engine attention is its title tag. According to Google webmaster guidelines title tags of each pages in your website should be unique. If this tag  of your website or blog pages are similar, you are loosing the search engine trust. So it is the duty of each webmaster or blogger to maintain unique title tag for every page or blog post. Now lets check how blogger works.

The title tags of every blogger (default) posts look like

Blog title + Post title

So if you have a long attractive title for blog, that will repeat in every published posts. It is known that only the first 62 characters in this tag are considered by Google and other major search engines. So we are loosing the important places here with a non relevant [blog's] name. So we need to change the tag structure as shown below (With SEO plugins WordPress ensures Search Engine friendly post title tags).

Post title + Blog title

Now we have the advantage that search engines will see the post title first. To change the blogspot headline structure we need to edit default blogger template and optimize it.

How to Optimize Blogger To Make Sure Blog post Title Appears before Blogger Title

To make blogspot post heading SEO friendly by optimizing blogger template as we have discussed(shows blogger blog post headline before the blogger heading for every published posts), follow the steps below.

  1. Log on to Blogger account and click on Template

    Optimize Blogger blog Template for better Search rank and traffic

  2. Click on Edit template
    Optimize blogger blog title and blog post title to improve traffic rank

    Find the code below (Press [Ctrl] and [F] and enter the code to find it quickly)


    with the following one.

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

    Save the current template.

Now the title tag will be like

Blog Post Headline + Blog Name

This simple blogspot template edit will show blog post heading before blogger heading on every published posts. By placing post headline before blogger headline on every posts ensure more traffic to your blogs. Now onwards you understand the basic reason for the higher Search Rank position of WordPress sites compared to Blogger sites and learned how to rectify the issue. So here is the answer to the question if Blogspot sites or WordPress sites rank high in Google. However, to improve the income from your site, you should be careful in Google Adsense ads placement. Follow the link below to learn more about it.
How to Insert adsense Ads in between Post Heading and Content

Showing post headline in front of blogspot headline helps Search Engines to identify difference between different posts in your site. Another step to improve the unique feature is to setup a custom domain name. To do this follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to setup a Custom Domain name for your Blogspot Site

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Check and Solve Software Conflicts and Sytem Crash On Windows Computer

It is not unusual to see compatibility issues between two entirely different software products on a computer. I have seen this many times on my computers and I do not think it is easy to create any programs which do not cause any conflicts with other software tools installed. Anti Virus products are common conflict makers but in reality we cannot assure any tool safe from issues. This tutorial explains different methods to find out the reasons for software conflicts and system crash on Windows computers and some tips to solve it. We discuss clean boot and Windows Action Center warnings to find the product, which is responsible for computer crash.

Clean Boot to Verify If Software Conflicts Cause System Crash

We cannot always blame software conflicts as the reason for recent system crash unless we prove it by  clean boot. It is the procedure to start your Windows computer with essential Microsoft services only. If your PC does not shows any system crash while in clean booting, it is one of the third party products you have installed on your PC is the reason for recent crashes. Now let us check how to clean boot a Windows Laptop. You can follow the same instructions for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs.

  1. Open System Configuration
    Type msconfig on Search and click it to open (or type msconfig on Run and click OK)
    How to check the reasons for system crash

    Now you can access System Configuration Utility
    How to open System configuration window

  2. Click on Services tab
    How to perform clean boot on your computer

  3. Hide all Microsoft services

    Select the check box which says Hide All Microsoft Services
    Disable all third party services on your computer

  4. Click Disable All Button and Click Apply.

  5. Click OK to restart your computer when you are prompted

Check how your PC is working now. Are you seeing any computer failure or freezing ? If not, it was one of the third party tools installed on your computer made all the troubles. We can find the real culprit by enabling suspecting third party services at a time on System Configuration Utility and restart the computer. By repeating this process you can find the problem making software and take necessary actions to fix the issue. Here I check if Avast Anti Virus cause any system crash by enabling just Avast service and boot my PC.
avast safe boot

Avast is not affecting system performance and I decided to keep Avast active and continue the test by enabling another service with Avast service. This procedure may take time but it will find the software which causes software conflicts on your PC.

How to Disable Clean Boot

If you have resolved the problem and no longer needs your computer runs in clean boot, you can disable it. Follow the steps until 4 and click Enable All button. Click apply and restart your computer to recover from clean booting.

Windows Action Center Warning to Find Problem Maker

Now let us check the second method to find the real reason behind third party application conflicts and system crash. Action Center warns all potential issues on your PC and by reading these warnings you can come to correct decision. To view the Action Center warning, follow the instructions below.
  1. Click Control Panel On  Start Menu

  2. Category View

    Click Review your computer's status link under System and Security
    Find reason for Software Conflict

    Icon View

    If you have selected icon view of Control Panel items, click Action Center
    action center

  3. Action Center warning is a good source to find out the programs that are not working properly on your Laptop. See how action center gives proper information about malfunctioning of tools installed on your PC.
    software malfunctioning warning in action center

    Microsoft may have solution for the issues you are facing. You can use check for solutions button to get help from Microsoft to fix Software conflicts issue.

Out of these two methods, I prefer clean-boot procedure because there is a chance Windows has not reported the issues related to two conflicting programs installed. If Windows failed to find two conflicting applications installed and working, we cannot find any warning in Action Center.

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Update Belkin Router Firmware & Resolve Issues With Firmware Update

If your Belkin router does not have the latest version of firmware, it may start showing performance issues over time. Most of the connectivity and performance issues on network devices are due to outdated firmware. In this tutorial let us check how to verify your Belkin router is having the latest version of firmware and if it is not, download and update the latest version released for the specific model. Sometimes you may receive error while this process. You may receive error messages like unable to update router firmware or even software update test failed with error message the update check could not be performed due to network conditions. At the end of this guide, I have provided some troubleshooting steps to identify and fix the issues.

How to Check Whether Belkin Wireless N Router has Latest Firmware Version
  1. Log on to Setup Page

    To know how to log on to the setup page to check if it is having latest version installed, click on the link below.
    How to Access Setup Page and Configure it

  2. Click Firmware Update Under Utilities

    You can find this  link on the left hand side of the Setup page. It is under Utilities.
    Simple step to update software

  3. Click on Check Firmware

    Click on the button Check Firmware to test whether it is having latest version.

    You will be reported by Belkin automatic Firmware checker if the device is having an outdated version. You will get information about the latest version with direct download link to download for your model.
    check driver

Download Latest version of Firmware For Belkin Router

Belkin router firmware checker will inform you if there is an updated version the model you have. At the bottom of this window, you can see a direct download link to download updated version for the device model you have.This direct link help you to download the right software for your model automatically. Before this facility, we manually select the website for the new release. It was time consuming and there was a chance to miss certain major updates.
download latest Belkin software

Now you need to save the downloaded file on your computer desktop.

  1. Click on Download Firmware Now

  2. Save the downloaded file on your Desktop

Steps To Update Belkin Router Firmware

  1. Select the downloaded file using Browse button and click Update
    Update process of Belkin Access Point Firmware

  2. You will be asked if you are sure and want to continue.

    Click “OK” to continue and one more alert will come and click OK.

  3. After updating, device starts rebooting. You keep wait until the power light is steady. Once the power light is steady login to the web based setup page and ensure if the update procedure is completed.

Getting Error While Updating Belkin Router Firmware

Rarely you may see issues and update process may fail. In that case you may follow the tips provided below to identify and resolve the issues.
  1. Check Connection Type

    Make Sure the computer is connected to Router or Access Point using an Ethernet cable. You must never access the device using wireless connection when you are attempting to update firmware.

  2. Make sure you have downloaded the right software for your router model

  3. Make sure you have selected the right file before updating

  4. Perform a Power cycle and try to repeat the process. To power cycle your Belkin router, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Power Cycle A Wireless Router

  5. Reset and Reconfigure

    The last resort is to hard reset the device and reconfigure it before repeating the same procedure. Steps to hard reset are provided in the link below.
    How to Hard Reset A Router

Set Belkin Router To Update Firmware Automatically

Belkin router also has a feature to update firmware automatically when a new version is released. It removes the pain to search the product website regularly for the latest software release. To enable automatic update on a Belkin router or Access Point, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on System Settings under utilities

  2. Select the radio button enable at Auto Update Firmware Enable
    Automatic software Update

  3. Click Apply Changes

If the device is connected to your PC using an Ethernet cable, it is better you select the enable option to ensure the better performance. However, if your PC is connected via wireless, I recommend you to select the radio button disable.It is not recommended to perform this procedure on a device which is not connected with a network cable.

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