How to Play Angry Birds Game without Downloading

Angry Birds is one of the famous SmartPhone game (mostly famous among Android users ) developed by Rovio Mobile and have millions of fans. Traditional Angry Birds game needs you to download the software to your Smartphone and install it to play. Now they introduced a web based Angry Birds game where you do not need to download any game software but just go directly to the web page and start playing Angry Birds game. Another advantage of this web version of Angry Birds is, you can run the game in most of the browsers. Actually this web version of Angry Birds is a Chrome App but it works on Firefox, Opera and even in Latest versions of Internet Explorer.

How to Play Angry Birds Web based Game

The game is same as traditional Angry Birds and some game controls are listed below. If you want to select a bird, you should click on it (left click) and drag it. To use the special powers of the birds, you should use left click. Key R is used to reset the game level. You can scroll down and up to Zoom out and Zoom in. This zoom feature help you to aim properly to the green pig. To play angry Bird web based game click on the link below.

Angry Birds want to store offline data in user computer

You should click allow if you want to use the Angr Birds details when you are offline.

How to play Angr birds game

Though I successfully played Angry Birds game in Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, I failed to open the page in Internet Explorer 6. I received following error message while trying to load Angry Birds.

angry Birds do not play in Internet Explorer 6

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