How to View Saved Username and Passwords From Google Chrome

By default Google Chrome will ask you a question "Do you want Chrome to save your password" immediately after you enter the username and password to login to a website. If you want to use Chrome's autofill feature to enter username and password next time( in your personal computer) you should click save password. If it is not your personal computer you should click on the button never for this site. This article is not about the autofill feature of Google Chrome. Here we discuss how to retrieve previously saved usernames and passwords from Chrome browser. Steps to see saved usernames and passwords from Google Chrome are provided below.

Check the saved passwords from google Chrome-Password hack

If anyone click on the button Save password his username and password will be stored in Google Chrome. So to avoid the accidental saving of our important user name and password in Google Chrome we need to click on the button " Never for this site".

View Usernames and Passwords Stored in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser

  2. Click on "Customize and Control" button on Chrome
    Google Chrome password hack guide
  3. Click on Settings
    steps to view saved password of others in Chrome

  4. Click on Show Advanced Settings link on the bottom of settings page
    Crack others passwords in Google Chrome

  5. Click on Manage Saved Passwords link
    manage saved passwords in Chrome

  6. Select the saved password and click on Show button
    read the password stored on Chrome

  7. To hide the saved password on Chrome, click hide button
    hide the passwords on chrome browser

Steps to See Saved username and password from Chrome Older Versions

To view the saved user name and passwords from older versions of Chrome follow the steps below.

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on Chrome settings button It is on the right hand top of the Chrome window and look like as below.
    Tweak Google Chrome password
  3. Now you will get a drop down menu. From the menu click on Options. Now you will get a window like this.
    Click here to see saved Chrome password
  4. To view the saved passwords and usernames in Google Chrome click on the button Show saved passwords.

In this tutorial you have learned the steps to view saved usernames and passwords from Google Chrome browser. If you are looking for steps to retrieve passwords from Firefox, click on the link below
Steps to View Saved Username and Password From Mozilla Firefox

Chrome is a very useful browser and you can perform various tasks other than browsing on it. If you want to take a high quality full page screen shot, Chrome can help you on this. To learn how Google Chrome helps you, follow the link below.
How to Take Full Page Screenshot Using Google Chrome Browser

According to Google, Chrome is the fastest browser available now. If you want to install Chrome on your computer, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to complete the installation process. However, there are alternate installers available for Chrome users who doesn't like Internet access while installing Chrome. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Download Google Chrome Alternate Offline Installer

You can use the above steps for the password recovery on Chrome browser if the username and password you are looking for are already saved. Similarly we can perform password recovery steps in Opera browser also. To learn how to perform password recovery on Opera browser follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Perform Password Recovery on Opera Browser

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ... great explanation with PHOTOs :-)

vasanthg said...

Wow... Thats... Gr8... It helped me lot..

Thanks a lot

Don said...

Doesn't give me the option to view, only to manage in my version. 11.0.695.65

ed said...

Same here, does not show the tweak. just 'manage passwords' and that only shows asterixes

Robin said...

Don: go to manage, select the password you want to see and click the greyed out 'show' button next to it

Chienfou said...

Would be even BETTER if it had a master password to add a layer of security to this feature. As it is anyone can get to your passwords if they can get on your computer, even briefly!

Nandu said...

Why Google Chrome made this feature very easy ? Now how can I say my username and password is safe with Google Chrome browser ?