MTS MBlaze Data Card Hack to Fix DNS & Speed Issues

MTS is one of the important wireless broadband service (MBlaze) providers in India. This article is about the steps to remove the ISP DNS server configured on the default MBlaze network settings and change it with Open DNS or Google public DNS address. At the end of the tutorial we have provided tips to face any issues with your MTS Internet connection and tells how to contact their technical support to fix the issues. We need this process only when you feel the default DNS of MBlaze is not working up to the expected level and the response time can be improved by using Open DNS or Google public DNS. In most cases MBlaze is fine with the default ISP DNS address. In case if you feel there is a connectivity issues with MBlaze because of the faulty DNS, you can follow this guide to fix it. Steps to resolve any DNS related issues in MTS MBlaze are:

How to Fix DNS Issues in MTS MBlaze Data Card

  1. Open MTS Start
    Connectivity issues in MTS MBlaze is resolved

  2. click on Settings on bottom of the MTS Start
    change MBlaze data card network settings by hack

  3. Check 'Use DNS'

  4. Enter the DNS address on both DNS and Alternate DNS fields
    Mblaze hack to improve connectivity

    The Open DNS address


    Google DNS Address

    Now you should decide which DNS service is suited for your MBlaze Data Card. At the end of this tutorial I have added link to a service which determine the best DNS service for your MTS MBlaze connection. Following links leads to best performing free public DNS services available now.

    1. How to Use Google Public DNS For MBlaze
    2. Steps to Add Open DNS Address

  5. Click on Apply after entering the details.

  6. Disconnect and Reconnect MTS MBlaze

Important Tips and Links
  1. Link to login to your mobile broadband service account:

  2. MTS Mobile Internet toll free Customer Care number: 1800 2081 955

  3. MTS Technical support e-mail address:

  4. Post Paid Bill Payement

    If you want to pay the bill for your MTS MBlaze post paid data plan, visit the link below.

  5. MTS Broadband Prepaid Recharge

    You can do online recharge for your MTS MBlaze data card by visiting the link below.

  6. Speed Issues

    If you face slower connection speed with MTS connection, try the instructions provided in the link below.
    Slower Internet Connection On Your Computer

Now it is the time to decide whether you need to add public DNS address on your MBlaze. You can do it by testing whether changing DNS address can improve your network connection speed. To learn more about it, follow the link below.
How to Find Fastest DNS Server for your Computer


WScript.exe is Infected By Malware and Firefox Opens Harmful Websites

Yesterday I witnessed a script based malware attack on my computer. I strongly believe the malware infected my computer came from one of my friend's USB drive. He double clicked a folder to open in his pen drive but it was a short cut created by a malware. The target location of the folder was the below address. C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c start WScript d3d3\icec.js & Start Explorer.exe "RECYCLER" and I believe WScript.exe is infected by this malware. This script automatically set the home page to "http:// india4you. info/r.asp#" in Firefox. Also the default Search too changed to one malicious URL address. Gladly Avast installed on my computer is able to detect it and stop Firefox from accessing the page.

How to Kill Unwanted Unresponsive Process in Chrome Browser By Task Manager

Do you find Chrome browser installed on your computer works slower than before ? Or do you feel it freeze suddenly ? Some times there are too many background processes running on Chrome that reduce the efficiency. You can kill any unwanted or unresponsive processes in Google Chrome browser by using the Chrome Task Manager. Here you can check the Memory usage of each currently running process along with the CPU usage, Network usage etc. To end a process currently running on Chrome, select the process and click on the button End process. The same steps can be used to kill an unresponsive page on Chrome browser.

Steps to end a process running on Chrome Browser

Here I am going to demonstrate the procedure to perform it. I am planning to kill some unresponsive processes running on the background. It is important to note that as the number of tabs increases, number of running processes increases. You can select the specific process for the tab and kill it.
  1. Click on Customize and Control button on the right hand top of the browser.
    how to open chromium task manager

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Select Task Manager

  4. Select the process and click End process
    open and kill unresponsive page
To measure the memory usage in a multi-process browser click on the link Stats for nerds. By using Google Chrome Task Manager you can kill any page or process. Just like this if you want to open a recently closed tab, follow the link below.
How to Open Recently Closed Google Browser Tab

While checking Chrome Task Manager you can view all the processes including those of Chrome extensions currently running on the browser. You can end any of them by selecting the specific process. There is an  extension which helps you to take full page screen shot by itself. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How To Take Full Web Page Screenshot

Google Chrome is a fast and reliable web browser which is actually more than a normal browser. If you are an android gamer and want to play some Android games on your PC, Google Chrome can help you. To learn more about playing one Android game, click on the link below.
How to Play Angry Birds Android Game From Web

Kill Multiple Unresponsive Tasks

We can kill unresponsive tasks either by one by one or by together. After starting Google Task Manager, we can select multiple tasks by using [Ctrl] button. All we have to do is to select the the task which we need to close while holding [Ctrl] button. Once the selection is complete, we need to press End Process button. All the selected tasks will be closed by now.

The above image can give you more details about it. Here I have selected two tasks at the same time and closed them together.

Important Network Commands, Error Messages and Procedures

To learn how to troubleshoot a network issue, you should understand at least a list of network commands and procedures. In this article I present a list of most important network commands which will help you to figure out the exact reason and location of the network issue. I promise, after reading this article you won't need another one's opinion when you face a normal network connectivity issues at your home or small office network. I start this article with the introduction of very basic network command ping to advance network connectivity troubleshooting steps.