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Airtel DSL Broadband Connection Optimization

Airtel provides high speed broadband connection for users with attractive plans. We have been using it for our office for the past two years without having any problems. They provide almost steady connection by keeping the promised data transfer speed. Their unlimited packages comes with a limited number of free calls and for some plans they offer a free DSL wireless modem. D-Link DSL -2730U modem is installed by them in our office. This tutorial explains how to setup Airtel broadband modem with WiFi feature and share Internet connection and WiFi among multiple computers. Next portion of this tutorial covers how to make customizations for your connection in case of speed, security etc.

Configure Internet On Airtel Broadband Modem
  1. Connect LAN port of modem to computer using an Ethernet cable

  2. Type on the address bar of the browser and press enter.

  3. Enter the default login username and password for Airtel modem

    • Username : admin
    • Password : admin

  4. Click on Advanced Setup
    default login

  5. Click Add button

    Now we can configure airtel DSL ATM Interface with right VPI and VCI values.

    Remove all previous configurations using remove button before click add button to setup new one.

  6. ATM PVC Configuration

    Now we are at the major step in configuring airtel broadband access. Enter the following values on this page.

    • VPI : 0
    • VCI : 35
    • Select EoA as DSL Link Type because we are configuring airtel modem in PPPoE
    • Select Default mode as the connection mode
    • Encapsulation Mode : LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING
    • service category : UBR Without PCR

    Choose strict priority for IP QoS Scheduler Algorithm. After entering all the details provided above, click Apply button.

  7. Reboot

    Once the configuration is completed, you should click on reboot link from the left hand side menu under Management.

    Click reboot button.

Setup Wireless & Security

Once the Internet connection is configured, we need to setup wireless and wireless security on Airtel modem. Follow the steps below to enable WiFi and security.
  1. Login to setup page

  2. Go to Wireless

    To enable WiFi, you must select "Enable Wireless" checkbox. You can create custom name for Airtel WiFi network by deleting current entry at SSID and type the name you want. It will be the name of the WiFi network.

    • Restrict Number of WiFi Clients using Max Clients entry

    • Make your Wireless network invisible by selecting Hide Access Point

    • Create Guest Accounts by enabling Guest Access Points

    Don't forget to save the changes using the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Enable Wireless Security

    1. Go to Security page under Wireless

    2. Select the Wireless profile from SSID

    3. Select Network Authentication

      You can choose open network (no security), WEP (less secure), WPA Personal and WPA Enterprise from Network Authentication. I am using WPA-Personal to secure office wireless network. Save the changes once it is completed.

  4. MAC Filtering

    You can block a specific device from joining your Wireless network by banning the MAC address of that device. For that you must enable MAC filtering.

    1. Go to MAC Filter under Wireless

    2. Select MAC Restrict Mode

      1. To disable a MAC address from joining your network, you may select Deny mode and enter it's MAC address

      2. If you want to allow selected devices only to join your network, you may choose allow and enter the MAC address of the devices which are allowed to access your Wifi

  5. Wireless Disconnection & Lower Data Transfer rate

    If you are facing troubles with Airtel mobile wireless network, you may follow the steps provided in the link below.
    Disconnection Issues With Wireless Connection
Modem Tweak Tips
  1. Change Modem Password

    1. Click on Management

    2. Click on Access Control

    3. Types Of Users

      Airtel supplied D-Link DSL-2730U model as modem for my office. This device supports three types of users. They are

      1. admin: User with full privilege who can change any previous configurations made

      2. Support: : This login id is provided to airtel technicians. Those authorized technicians will examine and run diagnosis test while your Internet connection experiences issues. This ID too can update device software along with admin id.

      3. User: Though user with this ID can view settings and update software, he cannot change any previous configurations.

    4. Change Default Password

      Type the username (from the three) and old password first and then type the new password. After confirming the new password, click Apply button.

  2. Change Local Network Settings

    The default login IP address of airtel modem is but we can change it to different one by following the procedure explained below.

    1. Click Advanced Setup

    2. Click on LAN

      Here we can change the default login IP of the device by changing the IP address specified at "IP Address". If you want to enable IGMP snooping, you must check the checkbox at "Enable IGMP Snooping". The same window gives options to either turn on or disable Firewall protection. If you don't want to share Internet with multiple computers, simply select "Disable DHCP Server" radio button.

      After making necessary changes, don't forget to click Save button at the bottom of the window.

  3. Block Certain Websites

    By using the feature Parental Control, we can block any websites for users sharing broadband. This feature is configured on MAC address of the browser's laptop. to setup this feature to block unwanted websites on airtel broadband connection, follow the steps below.

    1. Click On Advanced Setup

    2. Click on Parental Control

    3. Click Add button

      Here you can enter the restrictions by following the Parental Control rules.

  4. Firmware Upgrade

    It is necessary to update the current firmware of Airtel modem with latest release. To perform firmware upgrade, follow the steps below.

    1. Download Firmware

      To download latest firmware of any models of airtel modems, visit the link below. Save the downloaded file on your desktop. It is important to download the firmware for the right model.

      Right now they have listed firmware for Beetel Wi-Fi DSL CPE 450-TC1 and CPE 450-BX1 with Binatone Wi-Fi DSL CPE Model DT845W. If you cannot find firmware for your model, you may search vendor website.

    2. Login to Modem setup page

    3. Click on Management on the left side menu

    4. Click on Update Software

    5. Click on Choose file button to select the downloaded firmware

    6. Once the downloaded file is selected, click "Update Software" button.

    7. Once the process is finished, modem will restart. You need to wait at least one minute.
Useful Links
  1. Test Download Speed

    If you doubt the actual speed of airtel DSL connection, you can test it here. You may click the link below to test your current download and upload speed.

  2. Where to Pay bill

    You can pay airtel DSL broadband monthly bill online by following the link below.

  3. Get extra Speed

    Airtel offers extra speed for their DSL users with extra payment. To learn more about it, visit the link below.

    If you are not planning to pay extra for higher speed, I recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Increase Broadband Speed For Free

  4. Register complaints

    If you are facing issues with Airtel DSL broadband connection, you may use the following information to reach their technical support division.

    • Customer Care Number : 121

      To get the exact broadband hub technical support number (for states and cities), visit the link below. Here you can find the technical department number exclusively for your state or city.

    • Airtel Customer care email address:

    • Get Bill Summary Information: 12113

    • Last three bill payment details : 12114

    • To get the current bill plan information: 12117

  5. Internet Usage and Bill

    You can check your current Airtel DSL Internet usage and bill by login to your account by following the link below.


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