Website Down Due to NameCheap DNS Server Issues

Today I saw one strange redirection issue with, where its bare address is not opening or redirecting to the WWW version. At first, I thought it might be an issue with my Internet Service Provider, but their support team said that everything was working fine at their side. My next move was to check the Blogger settings. However, detailed research on popular webmaster forums revealed that the issue was not with Blogger custom domain name settings.

As a last resort, I contacted the live chat support of my domain registrar.

I have registered with NameCheap, one of my first choice domain name registrars.

While troubleshooting the issue with the support person, he informed me that it was due to DDoS attack against their default DNS server and they might want a little bit time to resolve it.

He suggested me to change the current DNS server I selected for my web address to backup DNS System.

Though changing the current DNS server may help to escape from DDoS attack, it can take up to 24 hours to see the result.

To see the updated news about the DDoS attack on NameCheap DNS system, follow the link below.

If you are a NameCheap customer and facing issues with redirecting naked domain address to WWW version, you may follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

I have checked the status of CoreNetworkZ with various online tools. See the screenshots below.

There are no problems with the WWW version.

I have also received a warning in Google Webmaster Tools account.

How to Change Current NameCheap DNS Server
You can change the current NameCheap DNS Server with a better performing one for your website.

To change the current DNS settings of your NameCheap domain name, follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Login to NameCheap account using the link

  2. Go to Manage Domains from 'My Account'

  3. Click on Switch to DNS System v1 under General in the left-hand side

  4. Now you need to check the checkbox at Transfer your domain to DNS System v1

  5. Click on the Save Changes button

  6. Now you will see the DNS status update message

  7. Make sure the Domain name servers are updated

Problems With a Change in the DNS System
According to NameCheap, most of the features will work properly after changing the DNS Server.

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But if you have set a 301 Redirection [URL Redirect 9301 ] instead of URL Redirect, it will become a plain URL Redirection.

You will see troubles with email forwarding for a few minutes after the NameCheap DNS change.

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They also warn about the time delay to see the results of the changes. Depends on the Internet Service Provider, a time delay between a few minutes to 24 hours possible to see the result.

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Though these limitations are really annoying, it is better to use the backup Server until the DDoS attack is over.

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Six months ago I faced a similar issue with Blogger. All blogger sites with custom URL failed to open for a day. If you like to read more about those issues, visit the link below.
Are These Websites Down Or Just Me?

Where Can I Find Solution For NameCheap DNS Problems?

You can find solutions for the DNS server issues from their Status Update page.

If the issue you are facing is a global NameCheap server issue, you can find the details from the following page.