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MAC Sublayer Defined in IEEE 802.3

During the development of IEEE Ethernet, IEEE divided Data Link layer into two. They are MAC sublayer and LLC sublayer. MAC sublayer functions are performed in hardware and are the bottom part of the data link layer. MAC sublayer is defined in IEEE 802.3. MAC sublayer defines how data is transmitted in an Ethernet environment and defines framing, MAC address, etc. Let us check the functions of MAC sublayer in the details below.

Major Functions of MAC Sublayer in IEEE Ethernet
  1. Defines how information is transmitted in an Ethernet environment

  2. MAC Sublayer defines framing

  3. This Sublayer defines the working of Ethernet and MAC addressing

  4. CSMA/CD works in MAC Sublayer

How to Differentiate Ethernet II and MAC Sublayer Frames

We know Ethernet has two versions and it is important to know how to differentiate both versions of Ethernet. The major difference between Ethernet II (developed by DIX) and IEEE 802.2/3 is the frame value. If the frame value is greater than 1500, the frame is of Ethernet II. IEEE version of Ethernet use frames with a value less than 1500. DIX version of Ethernet (Ethernet 2) does not have sub-layers for data link layer. To read more about LLC Sublayer, visit the link below.
LLC Sublayer (IEEE 802.2 )

Without studying the OSI Reference Model, you cannot start computer networking. To read about the OSI Reference Model and its seven-layered structure, visit the link below.
OSI Reference Model

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