Activate Disabled WiFi On BSNL Wireless Modem

BSNL is the leading Internet Service Provider in India. They offer wireless modem with routing capability for their users. Since the modem has DHCP server, users can connect multiple computers to it both by using Ethernet cable and WiFi. This tutorial explains how to manage BSNL WiFi by tweaking it. Issues like disabled WiFi and weak network security are addressed in this guide. It also explains the steps required to enable disabled WiFi functionality on a BSNL modem and strengthen the protection by preventing unauthorized people from accessing it.

Steps to Manage Wireless in BSNL Wireless Modem
  1. Login

    Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

    Now you need to enter the user name and password set for your BSNL modem. By default it is:

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. Click on Wireless Network

    Here you can manage basic settings of WiFi. You can either turn off or turn it on  from this page by selecting the right button. If you want to change the WiFi name, all you have to do is to delete the current entry at SSID and type the desired name.

    Procedure to Configure BSNL Wireless
  4. Prevent Unauthorized Users

    By default BSNL WiFi is unsecured and anyone can join it and share the broadband connection without your knowledge. You can prevent this by enabling protection. BSNL supports WPA and WEP. You can choose the suitable one from the list below. Do not forget to take note of the key generated because now onwards, you cannot join the network without entering the key.

Filter Based On MAC Address

If MAC address filtering is activated on BSNL Modem, users will find issues with joining Wireless network even though they have the right username and password if MAC address of their devices is not in the white list. If anyone face issues with connecting to your network, you must go to the setup page and check under MAC filtering. Here you check the status of MAC filtering. If MAC filtering is activated, you must turn off it to resolve the issues with accessing BSNL WiFi network. It is important to note that BSNL modem supports two types of filtering, white list, and blacklist. If you have added a particular computer under blacklist, that computer will not be able to access the network. If you have enabled white list, only computers which are under white list are allowed to join the BSNl wireless network.

Wireless Channel

Another point we must check while facing connectivity issues is to change the current Wireless Channel. We can use channel 1, 6 and 11 for the best connectivity. If you are using channel 1, I recommend you to try channel 6 or 11.

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