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The Security Certificate has Expired or is not yet Valid - Reason and Solution

Security certificate is an important way to find a website is genuine and trusted. At the e-commerce age, any website without proper security certificates cannot be trusted because security certificate includes website identification and trust level. This tutorial explains a situation where you get the error message "The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid" while trying to access secure web pages from your computer. Some times you may get different but similar type error messages for the same issue like Secure Connection Failed. This can happen due to multiple reasons and some of them are listed below.
Domain uses an invalid security certificate

Connection between website and your PC is untrusted

The security certificate has expired or not yet validated

Different time set on your computer and server
Examination of security Certificates Errors
When your computer finds the website is no longer trusted by examining the certificate, it will show you any one of the …

How to Perform Port Forwarding in BSNL Modem

BSNL supplies modem with default firewall which prevents traffic through uncommon ports to ensure the security of devices connected to it. Sometimes it can be annoying because certain applications need some of these ports to work properly and the firewall settings prevent these applications from running properly. Port forwarding requires to fix issues with playing online games, online conferences or messaging, establishing a VPN connection through the BSNL modem. If you have installed online camera on your network, you may need to open certain ports to it access through Internet. Port forwarding for certain applications are already defined on BSNL modem and all you have to do is just enable them. For other applications you should make sure you have the correct port number and the protocol type (UDP/ TCP) before starting the process. You can get this number either from the specific product manual or from their technical support.

Steps to Open a Port On BSNL Modem Login

Type …