How to Port Forward With Cox Cable Modem?

Cox Communications is one of the leading cable Internet service providers in the USA. Cox cable broadband provides fast Internet and streaming TV services for its customers.

Though they provide reliable connectivity, some users complain about issues with opening ports to activate online services. Some customers feel Cox disabled some ports intentionally on their modems to control the upstream bandwidth usage.

This tutorial teaches you how to perform Port forwarding on a Cox modem.

Why Do Cox Blocks Internet Ports?
According to Cox's technical support, they block certain Internet ports to protect their customers against common worms and dangerous online services.

Another reason for Blocking Internet Ports by Cox is to limit the usage of upstream bandwidth. To see the list of Internet ports disabled, visit the link below.

Why Do I Need to Open Ports In Cox Modem?
By default, Cox disabled some ports, which may allow intruders to attack the customers. For example, users with Cox Panoramic WiFi router experience issues with forwarding a port.

However, users may need to open some specific ports to run applications like Online Games and torrents on their computers.

For example, torrent applications use Internet port range 6881-6889 to download and upload torrent files.

If Cox blocks this Port Range for your connection, you cannot run torrent on your computer. Your computer will not upload or download using torrent applications using Cox cable broadband.

If the Internet Port number used by your favorite Online Game belongs to the list of blocked port numbers, you won't be able to play it using the Cox cable Internet connection.

In such situations, your only option is to perform a Port Forwarding.

How to Open a Port in Cox Modem?

Cox provides different models of modems and routers to customers. They support various modem/ router vendors like ARRIS / Surfboard, Cisco, Asus, DLink, etc..

Though the User Interfaces of different models of Cox modems may vary, the procedure to open a port range on them is the same. Let us check how to open the port number range for torrents on your Cox router.

How to Open an Internet Port On Cisco Modem?
If the modem supplied by Cox is Cisco DPQ3925, follow the steps below.

  1. Assign a Static IP Address to your computer on which you want to exclude the Port Issues. To know how to do it, visit the link below.

    How to Assign a Static IP Address?

  2. Type on the Address bar of the browser and press the enter button

  3. Type the Cox modem login username and password. By default, it is admin and admin.

  4. Click on the Applications & Gaming link

  5. Click on Port Range Forwarding

If you want to open port numbers for torrents on Cox modem, fill the start window with 6881 and fill the end window with 6889. You should mention the static IP address of the computer in the next window.

Port Forwarding on Cox Arris Router
Many Cox users have an Arris modem. If you want to forward a port number on Arris modem for Cox cable broadband, follow the steps below.

  1. Assign a Static IP Address to your computer

  2. Type the IP address on the browser address bar and press the enter key. If it is not working type on the browser address bar.

  3. Type admin as the username and password as the password. Click the Login button to continue.

  4. Click on the Advanced link from the top.

  5. Click on the Port Forwarding button

  6. Click on the Create IPv4 button to create a new port forwarding rule for Cox Internet connection

Here you can enter the Port numbers which you want to exclude from the default Cox ban.

How to Open Ports On Cox Dlink Modem?

Let me explain how to open ports on Dlink DCM-604 modem supplied by Cox Cable Internet Service Provider.

  1. Assign a Static IP Address to your computer

  2. Type the IP address on the browser address bar and press the enter key.

  3. In the login window, type admin in the username field and password in the password field.

  4. Click on the Advanced link

  5. Click on Forwarding

  6. On the Port Forwarding window, type the static IP address of the device, both starting and end port numbers.

  7. Click on the Apply button

Sometimes Cox will detect if you have bypassed their Port blocking.

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In such cases, either you need to contact their technical support, or you need a high-quality VPN to override their Port blocks.

How to Do Port Forwarding On Cox Business Modem?

If you have a Cox business connection and want to open a port number on the Cox Business modem, follow the instructions below. For business users, Cox provides Business Internet Gateway.

  1. Assign a static IP address to the device on which you want to enjoy the port forwarding

  2. The default login IP address of Cox Business Internet Gateway is

  3. By default, the username and password fields are both empty. If you have a password and username, you should enter it.

  4. Click on Application Layer Gateway

  5. Click on the Port Range Forwarding tab

  6. You should enter the start port, end port, and the static IP address of the device

  7. Click on the Save Settings button


  1. I contacted Cox support to assists me for opening a port number. Game support told me to contact Cox but they said no one can forward port due to security problems. Thanks for your blog. Now I can do it by myself.

  2. I use panoramic wifi router at home. I will follow same instructions to forward port.

  3. Yang Lee11:50 PM

    Cox blocks port 80 and it is affecting my Play station settings. Sony support says Play station has correct settings. Do I need to forward Port 80 on Play Station to work it or should I contact cox support to forward the port 80?

  4. @ Yang Lee

    If you want to open port 80 on your Cox modem, you should contact Cox support.


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