How to Download The Latest JioFi Router Firmware and Update?

I have been using JioFi since 2018 to share the Internet among my home devices.

Their portable WiFi 4G router helps me in my work-related travels due to its reliable data connectivity.

It was fine until recently I faced a few minor problems with this JioFi router. One among them was slower WiFi connectivity with blinking WiFi lights.

As a network engineer, I understood the reason for this kind of minor device failure.

This device was running on outdated firmware, and that was high time to upgrade to the latest version. The JioFi router needed an emergency firmware update.

In this article, you will learn how I downloaded the latest JioFi firmware and upgraded the device firmware.

If you are looking for guidelines to download the latest version of JioFi 4G device firmware, check the instructions below.

How to Download the Latest Version of JioFi Firmware & Update?

We can upgrade JioFi 4G Router firmware by two different methods.

  1. JioFi Firmware Automatic Upgrading

  2. Download and Manually Upgrade JioFi Firmware

For a beginner, I recommend following the first method. Jio network automatically updates the Jiofi device whenever it releases a new version of the firmware.

All we have to do is to make the necessary adjustment to the device.

If you are from a technology background, you can manually upgrade the firmware using the Firmware Management feature on the Jio GUI.

How to Set JioFi to Trigger Automatic Firmware Upgrade?

If you want your Jio 4G Router to upgrade its device software automatically, follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Charge the Device to 100 Percent

    The automatic Jiofi firmware upgrade will take a lot of time, and you do not want the device to turn off in the middle of it.

  2. Hard Reset the JioFi Router

    To trigger an automatic firmware upgrade, you must hard reset the device first. Different models of JioFi (like JMR540, M2 Black, M2S Black, Jiofiv4, and JioFiv3 ) have unique methods for a hard reset.

    • For JioFiv4 and the Latest versions

      1. Press the Power button and WPS button together.

      2. Hold for a few sends till the device starts rebooting.

      3. Wait till the lights come back to normal.

    • For JioFiv3 and the Older Models

      1. Open the Device.

      2. Press the reset hole near the battery using a paper clip for a few seconds.

      3. Release the paper clip when the device starts rebooting.

  3. Keep the Wireless On to Avoid JioFi Sleep mode.

    Keep the WiFi on to avoid the device going into sleep mode. You can do it by disabling the WiFi sleep mode. Jio GUI has this feature.

    • Connect the JioFi to your PC using a USB cable.

    • Visit the link http://jiofi.local.html on a browser.

    • Click on the Login link.

    • Enter administrator as the default username and password.
      Download site for JioFi Firmware

    • Click on the Settings tab.

    • Click on the WiFi.

    • Select the disable option for sleep mode.
      Which is the latest Jio Router Firmware?

    • Click on the Apply button.

    Since the WiFi won't go into sleep mode, your JioFi router will be active during the firmware update time.

  4. Keep the Router On for a night.

    Now you have done your part. All you can do now is wait till the Jio server updates the device with its latest firmware.

    You can check the version number on the Firmware Management page tomorrow. I tried this method, and it worked.

Manual JioFi Firmware Update

You can update the device software to the latest version using the Firmware Management feature on Jio.

The only problem with this method is to have the latest stable version of JioFi firmware.

Get the New JioFi Software

Currently, Jio does not provide a direct download link to download JioFi firmware for regular customers. However, if you want to flash the Jio 4G router with the latest system software, you can approach the Jio tech center.

You can get the latest JioFi firmware from them.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned where to download the latest Jio 4G device firmware. I suggest some similar tutorials for you to read.

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