Optimize Blogger Template To Rank Blog Post Title In Search Engine

Achieving more visitors is the primary target of every professional blogger. We know the primary source of traffic (organic traffic) to any website or blog is Search Engines. So to achieve more traffic to our blog we need to achieve better search rank in major search engines. Many professional bloggers (in Blogspot platform) are developing unique quality content and update their site regularly but fail to get a better search result. The traffic count they are getting is less than what they actually deserve. It is because of the reason default Blogspot template is not much search engine friendly. A small tweak can make blogger templates search engine friendly.

Why Blogger Blog Posts Fail to Get Higher Rank in Search Engine Results Compared to WordPress?

You must note that sometimes WordPress blogs outrank Blogger blogs in Google Search results even if both blogs have same PR, backlink count etc. It is because of the difference in arranging post title tag in both WordPress blogs and Blogspot sites. The most important part of a web page to get search engine attention is its title tag. According to Google webmaster guidelines, title tags of each page in your website should be unique. If this tag of your website or blog pages are similar, you are losing the search engine trust. So it is the duty of each webmaster or blogger to maintain a unique title tag for every page or blog post. Now let us check how blogger works.

The title tags of every blogger (default) posts look like

Blog title + Post title

So if you have a long attractive title for a blog, that will repeat in every published post. It is known that only the first 62 characters in this tag are considered by Google and other major search engines. So we are losing the important places here with a nonrelevant [blog's] name. So we need to change the tag structure as shown below (With SEO plugins WordPress ensures Search Engine friendly post title tags).

Post title + Blog title

Now we have the advantage that search engines will see the post title first. To change the Blogspot headline structure we need to edit default blogger template and optimize it.

How to Optimize Blogger To Make Sure Blog post Title Appears before Blogger Title

To make Blogspot post heading SEO friendly by optimizing blogger template as we have discussed(shows blogger blog post headline before the blogger heading for every published post), follow the steps below.

  1. Log on to Blogger account and click on Template

    Optimize Blogger blog Template for better Search rank and traffic

  2. Click on Edit template
    Optimize blogger blog title and blog post title to improve traffic rank

    Find the code below (Press [Ctrl] and [F] and enter the code to find it quickly)


    with the following one.

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

    Save the current template.

Now the title tag will be like

Blog Post Headline + Blog Name

This simple Blogspot template edit will show blog post heading before blogger heading on every published post. By placing post headline before blogger headline on every post ensure more traffic to your blogs. Now onwards you understand the basic reason for the higher Search Rank position of WordPress sites compared to Blogger sites and learned how to rectify the issue. So here is the answer to the question if Blogspot sites or WordPress sites rank high in Google. However, to improve the income from your site, you should be careful in Google Adsense ads placement. Follow the link below to learn more about it.
How to Insert AdSense Ads in between Post Heading and Content

Showing post headline in front of Blogspot headline helps Search Engines to identify the difference between different posts in your site. Another step to improve the unique feature is to set up a custom domain name. To do this follow the steps provided in the link below.
How to set up a Custom Domain name for your Blogspot Site

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  1. Great tips Siju. I'm going to implement it & will post the results.

  2. It will result a hike in traffic.Because, by using this tweak we can better utilize the precious space in the title tag.

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    I was actually looking for a reason why wordpress is SEO friendly than blogger. After reading your article I understand the reason. Thank you brother now my blogger blog is also well optimized.

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  14. so frustrated, no matter what I try it keeps telling me template error, it tells me how end tags should be after "cond" and it stays in error ;(

  15. Please make sure the Check-box before "Expand Widget Templates" is checked.

  16. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Thanks, after swapping the order of blog and blog posts titles, I see a huge difference in traffic.


  17. I am using it on my blog learncpluspluscoding.blogspot.com

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    Nice 1. thanks for your information. coz i still new on blogger.

  19. Can't find the above code in my blogger new contempo template. Please Help.

  20. Can't find the above code in my blogger new contempo template. Please Help.

  21. @ Zaheer

    Blogspot shows the title tags in the correct way on the latest Blogger templates. So you do not need to change the code.

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